"You are what you think about all day long." - Dr. Robert Schuller?

I think he is right on track and I'm with you. I am a Support for several dozens of people answering questions, referring them to other sources, going out on a limb sometimes to get them what they need, Sometimes I think about it at night too. You are so right!!

what happened to robert schuller and his son and why is he no longer on the show?

According to news reports, the father and son did not share the same vision for the ministry, so Robert A (the son) resigned and joined his son-in-law, Chris Wyatt, in a new venture. In 2009, Robert A. became chairman of Comstar Media Fund, a media investment company. Comstar owns several media companies including cable networks FamilyNet and American Life TV.

Robert Schuller Bankrupts Crystal Cathedral ,how many more false Prophets must the sheep endure?

Hello Steve, To quote the bandito in the Magnificent Seven: Hey Steve amigo! If God did not want these people to be sheered, then why did he make them sheep? Cheers, Michael Kelly

What would you attempt to do if you knew you would not fail?" - Robert Schuller?

bring the gospel of CHRIST to the whole world.

What happened to Robert Schuller the younger?


Who is a good compare/contrast for Robert H. Schuller, the New Age Pastor of the Crystal Cathedral?

What about Joseph Smith? You'll have little trouble finding information on him. He invented the Mormon religion. Ted Haggard might be better to compare with someone like Robert Schuller, though.

Robert Schuller's Crystal Cathedral church in Garden Grove, California is in $55 million debt?

It isn't that big of a church, it can't have that many members. I am guessing their main income is weddings.

who does reverend robert schuller think he is demanding the church donate more money?

At least he meant well, which is more than anyone can or will ever say about a snotty little basement goblin like yourself.

Anyone know what the division was between Robert Schuller and his son ?

Well Ironwood...all I can say is Hallelujah for his son speaking from the bible. Perhaps the relationship between he and his natural father will heal if there is a rift. But it is better for him that he is connected to his Father in heaven, don't upi agree! And in answer to your question...no I don't know what the division was!

What denomination is Robert Schuller of the Hour of Power TV Program.?

he is now bankrupt , his crystal church is up for sale for approx. $50 million u.s.a. he has been fired from the board of directors . but he made sure his family was paid out huge sums of money, the f.b.i. are also involved so don't donate any money .