Andrew Luck & Robert Griffin III are both from Texas?

NCAA: so it's done Robert Griffin III will win the Heisman?

Not done Andrew Luck probably wins it

Who backs me up when i say that Robert Griffin III is one of the greatest college freshman players? ?

I watched him play against OU and i have to say he looked pretty good. I was impressed.

What team will draft Robert Griffin III ?

My money's on Washington

Robert griffin III or Denard Robinson?

One can throw the ball, one can't. So I'll go Griffin.

Just How Good Will Robert Griffin III Be?

It depends on his work ethic, especially with his eating and exercise habits, during every offseason. If Robert Griffin III eats healthy, and exercises by doing a lot of running every day, he will get into better shape, which will greatly improve his chances of becoming a successful NFL quarterback in the future.

Does Robert Griffin III deserve to win the heisman?

How overrated is QB Robert Griffin III of Baylor?

He's not overrated at all? Are you insane? 22 TD to 2 INT. He had more TD passes than incompletions for the first 3 games! And the first game was against TCU, he looked pretty damn good against them didn't he? Hes 142-182 in passing the football. Thats a 78% completion rate. He wasn't even that bad today, he threw 3 TD passes and only got picked off once.

How to Make Robert Griffin III on Madden stats and equipment?

I'd suggest asking someone in the games section.

Thoughts about robert griffin III returning for a senior year?

Smart....theirs a ton of QB's coming out of this years draft including several who will probably be picked ahead of him. Also RG3 can prove once again he's legit and he will earn alot more $ next year.