Why did take that allow robbie williams back?

Williams has had 3 top-5 hits in the last year and a half in the UK; that isn't too shabby, especially for a boy band grad after a 13 year career. He's had more hits than Take That lately. I think they're lucky to have him back.
Edit: Okay here's the hits of his from the last year and a half in the UK:
As Robbie Williams:
"Shame" (with Gary Barlow) (#2 in 2010)
"You Know Me" (#6 in 2009)
"Bodies" (#2 in 2009, #1 in Germany)
As featured artist:
"Everybody Hurts" (Helping Haiti) (#1 in 2010)
If you hate Robbie Williams, that's fine. I am not a fan either. But he is still a better bankable commodity than Take That without him.

Who is Robbie Williams?

Robert Williams is an English pop singer. Williams' early pop career started with the hit boy band Take That. The band was formed in 1990 and proved to be highly successful, with 8 UK Number 1 singles to their credit.
Out of all the members of Take That, Robbie Williams never really seemed to fit in. Roguishly handsome where his bandmates were merely cute, Williams was tougher and sexier than the rest, which made him more distinctive. He also fought regularly with the other members and their management, primarily because he was occasionally adverse to being so heavily packaged. So it didn't come as a surprise that he was the first to leave the band, departing early in the summer of 1995 to pursue a solo career; by some accounts, he was fired from the group. Although he was the first out of the gate, it took Williams awhile to get started.
Williams released his first solo album, Life Thru a Lens, in 1997. The album became a big hit in Britain, prompting his second, I've Been Expecting You, in 1998. The Ego Has Landed, a U.S.-only compilation designed for breaking Williams to American audiences, was released stateside in the spring of 1999. Sing When You're Winning followed in late 2000, gaining success with the video hit "Rock DJ," while a big-band album of standards (Swing When You're Winning) appeared a year later. During 2002, Williams celebrated an enormous new contract with EMI (rumored to be upward of 80 million dollars), but suffered the loss of his longtime production partner, Guy Chambers. Escapology, the fifth Robbie Williams album (and the last including Chambers' input), sold millions of copies in Europe, though it failed to persuade American audiences. As a result, the 2003 concert record Live at Knebworth wasn't released in the States.
In 2002, the UK public voted Williams to be on the BBC's list of the 100 Greatest Britons (at number 77). He was also voted 17th in Channel 4's 100 Worst Britons poll.
For more information on him, please refer to the following links : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robbie_Will... http://www.google.com/musica?aid=KIL_YZI...
List of all 182 songs and lyrics : http://robbie-williams.lyrics-songs.com/
To Watch his videos: http://www.mtv.com/music/artist/williams...

What do you think of robbie williams?

Robbie is probably the best artist and showman we have seen in this Country since Freddie Mercury. There is however no way that Robbie could match Freddie for talent. Love Robbie or hate him I bet you know his songs though not to sure about Rudebox. Saw Robbie in concert in Cardiff, he is without a shadow of a doubt a great showman. I got my money worth and I think everyone else did if not why is his concerts always sold out to capacity and in such a short period of time.

Robbie Williams?

well really no one cares what u think, least of all the millions of robbie williams fans worldwide, myself included, who think he`s very talented & the rightful "king of pop"!!! some statistics:
Aside from Elvis Presley, no other male has had as many number one albums as Robbie.
He has been the recipient of many awards — including more BRIT and ECHO Awards than any other artist in history.
It is estimated that Robbie Williams is the best selling international artist outside North America this century.
He is currently the best selling male artist in the world, for the period 1998-2007, according to the United World Chart, and the third artist overall behind Madonna and Britney Spears.
so, why don`t u f**k off!!!

Why is it that Robbie Williams is not very popular in the US?

Robbie Williams is decently popular, but not hugely popular in the US likely for a few reasons:
- He had his start in the UK & Europe with Take That, which was not very popular at all in the US. Meanwhile, the boyband had multiple #1 hits in the UK & Europe, so Robbie had a core base of fans and notoriety before he became a solo artist. When Take That broke up, it was not even newsworthy in the US
- Robbie has mostly concentrated his marketing activities, concerts & collaborations in England, or with non-Americans (except for that song with Nicole Kidman)
- Americans seem to have taken more to English guitar rock (bands like Oasis, Blur, and now Coldplay in a huge way).. For some reason, Robbie's style of music & sound don't go down as well in the US...perhaps some of it is too pop-py
- Robbie's label (EMI) probably has not done a great job marketing him in the US...although EMI are also Coldplay's label, but Coldplay had a huge hit and the lead singer married G. Paltrow, and American, so he got huge publicity from that. Robbie has not had any major US news around his personal life that would raise his profile. Interestingly, since Madonna moved to England, she has not had a #1 single off of her latest album which has about three or more #1s on it in Europe and the UK - just goes to show that a physical presence can make a big difference in sales success
- So much is being made of him not being successful in the US, that it is now a self-fulfilling prophecy - magazines & talk shows do not want to book him because he doesn;t sell, or put "bums in seats", so to speak, so now his chances of breaking through become increasingly difficult
I think its a shame he is not bigger, as he is no worse than any of the American rockstars, but I guess you can;t always get what you want.

Do you think Robbie Williams is gay? I do...?

Robbie Williams is not and has never been a gay. All his private life that the media exposed has no link with gay life. Only women this guy sleep with but he is such is carefree guy who support people civil rights including the rights for gay freedom.
The media just announced that Robbie Williams has just got a new baby. If you ever see Robbie supporting gay rights then he is one of those straight guys who stand up against people who do not support gay but in actaul fact, he is not a gay or bisexual which means the same thing.
Robbie is supporting Rylan in the xfactor because he feels that it would be good for a gay to win too to encourage other gays to come up with their sexuality and stop hidding. Robbie knows that Rylan can not sing anyway.

Who is better. Robbie Williams or Justin Timberlake?

Robbie Williams totally!
Robbie is so much better then Justin! I mean, Robbie has charisma, and Justin...NOTHING!
But it's hard to say who is better in singing. My opinion is that Robbie is better, because he has a beautiful low, normal, and high voice. (I have 8 CD's from him...i know how he sings!)
Justin is just good at high singing...he reminds me of Mika (who i also really like). And Mika is gay...
So it's just a style thing. Some like Justin, and some Robbie. =)

How many number ones has Robbie Williams had?

as a solo artist....
19 Sep 1998 Robbie Williams Millennium 1 1st No 1 After a slow and difficult transition from Take That member to solo artist, he finally hit the top, and his success grew.
20 Nov 1999 Robbie Williams She's The One 1 2nd No 1 He was now a major star with a massive fan following. From his album "I've Been Expecting You".
12 Aug 2000 Robbie Williams Rock DJ 1 3rd No 1 His second number one in a row. Taken from his album "Sing When You're Winning".
21 Jul 2001 Robbie Williams Eternity 2 4th No 1 His chart toppers were arriving at roughly annual intervals, but he was about to get his second of the year.
22 Dec 2001 Robbie Williams & Nicole Kidman Somethin' Stupid 1 5th No 1 From his crooner-era album "Swing When You're Winning", and in duet with the Hollywood star.
16 Oct 2004 Robbie Williams Radio 1 6th No 1 Robbie gained his first No 1 for nearly three years, during which time he lived mostly in the USA.
and with Take That.....
TAKE THAT (11 No 1s)
17 Jul 1993 Take That Pray 4 1st No 1 Most successful British boy band of the 1990s, which included Gary Barlow and Robbie Williams.
9 Oct 1993 Take That featuring Lulu Relight My Fire 2 2nd No 1 They revived this old 70s disco hit, and provided the veteran performer, Lulu, with her only No 1, nearly 30 years after her first hit (1964).
18 Dec 1993 Take That Babe 1 3rd No 1 Now firmly establish as a major act, each of their eight chart toppers (in the 90s) entered at No 1.
9 Apr 1994 Take That Everything Changes 2 4th No 1 Gary Barlow was now becoming a song writer of note, composing most of their major hits.
15 Oct 1994 Take That Sure 2 5th No 1 The start of a second run of 4 No 1s, after the relative failure of "Love Ain't Here Anymore" which peaked at No 3.
8 Apr 1995 Take That Back For Good 4 6th No 1 Perhaps Gary Barlow's greatest song-writing achievement. Sold 300,000 copies in its first week and made US Top 10.
5 Aug 1995 Take That Never Forget 3 7th No 1 Anthemic track that coincided with the departure of Robbie Williams.
9 Mar 1996 Take That How Deep Is Your Love 3 8th No 1 This Bee Gees song was to be their final single, having decided to split. Gary Barlow had two solo No 1s, and Robbie Williams went on have a major international career.
2 Dec 2006 Take That Patience 1 9th No 1 The 1990s boy-band sensations reformed ten years later (minus Robbie Williams) for a new album, tour and their first No 1 for a decade.
10 Mar 2007 Take That Shine 2 10th No 1 The re-formed boy (now man) band hit the top once again with their follow-up single. Lead vocals are by Mark Owen.
6 Dec 2008 Take That Greatest Day 1 11th No 1 Now well into double figures with chart toppers, their revival continued. Taken from their 2008 album "The Circus".
think thats a total of 6 for him personally, and 11 for Take that = 17
thats the info I can find anyway!
Hope that helps
isn't he just great!!!!!

Does anyone (apart from me) feel sorry for Robbie Williams?

Robbie Williams is a human being just like anyone else and sometimes good sense goes out of the window and stupidity simply kicks in. We all get times when life doesn't make sense and we simply either rebel in some way or hide ourselves away ...... the interesting thing about your concern ( and you are obviously a caring person! ) is that so called celebrities deserve no more consideration than any other person walking down the street. Robbie Williams has enough money to pay his entourage to take care of him ....... the normal person probably doesn't and those are the ones who need our help. So, no, I have no concern whatsoever for Mr Williams .....

Do you like Robbie Williams?

Robbie Williams has a handful of really wonderful songs. Among them, 'Feel' is one of my favorites...
I never used to listen to Robbie Williams when he first debuted, thinking he was going to be boring. That changed when we had gone to a karaoke restaurant-bar years back for my would-have-been fiance's birthday (he died in a terrorist attack) and since he plays the guitar, the crowd wanted him to come up and entertain us. So he picked up the guitar and sang 'Feel' which he dedicated to all of us and it was since then that I really started listening to a selected few songs of Robbie Williams, just to relive those timeless and wonderful memories.