How do I get from Ceiba to Roatan?

Hey! lucky you are in Honduras! Well the fastest way of course is flying from la Ceiba to Roatan. There are some airlines like Taca or Sosa. By boat it's cheaper but takes longer. Flying anyway doesn't cost very much. The planes are old fly machines from the WW2... Unique experience!

What is the deal with inclusivity at the Roatan resort Infinity Bay?

I am not sure...did you try contacting them via email?

What is the most popular city (or place) to stay in Roatan, in Honduras?

The West End is the most popular part of the island and cater to tourists. It has restaurants, dive centres and hotels among others. It also has lots of water sports activities.

Have you ever been to the Iguana Farm on Roatan Island, Honduras?

These links should help.The Iguana farm is located at French Key/French Harbour so you will probably want to take a taxi. Have a great time! If you need any more information you can email me through the link on my profile page.

Does anyone know what living on Roatan in Honduras is like?

I live on Roatan. Good: The climate, low cost of living, friendly, helpful people, the mañana attitude. Bad: The rainy season, the cost of living is going up, some newcomers are not so friendly, the mañana attitude. Ugly: The occasional hurricane, the cost of living is still going up, some of the newcomers and their developments are doing their level best to ruin the ambiance and environment of the island, crime is increasing just like it is every were else in the world.

Are you allowed to catch fish/sealife for food in Roatan?

In the West End Marine Park you are not allowed to take anything except fin fish with hook and line. Otherwise the entire waters of Roatan are open but for Queen Conch. I'm not sure when was the last time you were here, but if it's been awhile, expect living expenses to be much higher than just a few years ago.

what are the best excursions to do in cozumel, grand cayman, roatan and belize?

In Belize the river cave tubing is fun.

What is a good resort to stay at for 10 days on the island of Roatan in Honduras?

I was on Roatan island. The most impressive was Anthony's Key Resort. Have a look and you know why. But it's NOT CHEAP!

What are the best excurions for our cruise to these ports: Cozumel, belize, roatan, and grand cayman?

I am doing this cruise next week! In Mexico or Belize you can go to the Mayan Ruins, in Isla Roatan, the ship docks right next to the beach so you don't have to pay for an excursion(unless you want to) otherwise you can literally walk to the beach. and In the Grand Cayman islands you can swim with the dolphins or go to the Turtle/Sting Ray farms. For my cruise next week, in Mexico I am going to a private beach resort (just because I am afraid of the stories I hear about Mexicans abducting Americans) that has the beach, snorkeling, para sailing and an unlimited food/drink buffet (and yes alcohol and virgin drinks are available), In Belize I am going to the Mayan Ruins, Isla I am walking to the beach (going to save myself some money), and the Grand Cayman I am going to the Turtle Farm that also has a man made lagoon where you can swim in and while it looks like you are swimming directly with sharks, in reality there is a thick separation between you and them. Enjoy your trip!

Does anyone know if there is any place in Isla Roatan to go parasailing?

I live on the island and the only one I know of that offers parasailing is Roatan Sea Safari. Check out or e-mail Sea Safari c/o