Where can I find info and recipes for a small Rival ice cream maker ?

try rival.com if not try allrecipes.com

How do you beat 5 rivals in a fight on Sorority Life on Facebook?

for get that achievement you must destroy (depress) 5 rivals (her confidence to 0 points) .. look at this page in that explain many thing about sorority life :D http://sorority-life.com/ and this one is of my sorority sister :D http://www.sororitysis.com/ good luck :)

Have you ever had a problem wearing your favorite teams sweater in a rival city?

Everywhere I go I get harassed in the streets by people when I wear my favorite team sweater, I just don't get it. http://www.ssb8.net/users/80013/ebay_general_995.jpg Go Hershey Bears!!!

Who were some of Shakespeare's rivals during his lifetime?

Ben Jonson

What's the difference between the Nike Zoom Rival S and IV?

the IV is just the up 2 date version.... like how the jordan's go from year to year. the zoom rivals when they have a new version of the shoe "still look alike a lil but the next one will have better performance" they just name it up.... so get the IV cuz they are the most up 2 date and are the best ones

How do i get the shut out the rival in franchise achievement on madden 09?

Shutting out a rival means holding them to 0 points. Because they scored on you, even though you won by 77 points, you didn't shut them out.

When costantly being attacked by a political rival should a candidate respond?

If a candidate is accused of 'whatever" , and he fails to defend himself against the claim , it will be taken as true . Defending against vile attack , is not another vile attack , if done in a civil way .

Who authorized the Protestant founders to establish rival organizations to Jesus' church?

Some how, they gave themselves authority. I have never figured out how they could be so audacious. It snowballed from the reformation to now. It has gone so far that we have people claiming to be Christian that have the idea that me Jesus and my bible is all there is to the faith. They left the authority of Christ, in His Church and took off on their own, by no authority

How many times has a rival sponsor won a race?

It's happened quite a few times. Usually Gordon would proceed to swig a Pepsi after winning the Coke 600 or knock over Powerade bottles (Coca-Cola product) in Victory Lane. Coke drivers once all drove Coca-Cola themed cars at the Pepsi 400 at Daytona. I'm sure it does make race sponsors feel less than appreciated when the winning driver patronizes the competition. However, that should be a privilege of winning. Winner gets to knock over whatever rival product he wants.

What does it mean " to thwart its rivals to the detriment of consumers"?

How can Edge have 3 rivals in one night?

You must not have been a wrestling fan for too long. The King of the Ring Tournanment used to be one of the Major Pay Per Views in the WWF/WWE and you had to wrestle 3 matches on one show to become the King of the Ring. Edge is a past King of the Ring Winner. Last year, Edge became the first Wrestler to ever wrestle in 2 Elimination Chamber Matches on the Same Pay Per View. Edge lost the World Heavyweight Title in the Smackdown Elimination Chamber Match and then won the WWE Championship in the Raw Elimination Chamber Match. Edge clearly has the cardiovascular conditioning to wrestle multiple matches on the same card. I don't know why you are making such a big deal out of Edge having 3 rivals in one night? Edge is also the 2010 Royal Rumble Winner, which means he won a match that had 30 Wrestlers in it. What are 3 rivals when you win a match that had 30 rivals?

What NCAA teams are the Oregon ducks and Oregon State beavers rivals?

The Oregon Ducks have a huge rivalry with Washington so don't be wearing any of dat purple huskie sh--. HAHA The Beavers are huge rivals against the Ducks... how are her parents fans of both?! LOL And they are also rivals with the Washington State cougars. The Beavers have an emerging rivalry against the USC trojans in football since they keep upsetting them year after year.

How to apply to a rival company and not get fired?

If the community is small, then you must already have contacts at your target employer. Speak to your contacts (not from work) and see if they have any openings AND if they would have an interest in employing you. Let your contact (assuming that it is someone you trust, and why would they be a contact at a rival or partner company if you didn't trust them?) do the heavy lifting for you. For example, they could go to the manager of the area at their company that has the management and hiring responsibility for what you you currently do, and say that they know someone with great qualifications at XYZ company who is looking to make a move - would you be interested? Then take it from there - don't provide a resume OR your name UNTIL you KNOW there is a mutual interest. Good luck!

How do you get rid of Rival Gaming on your computer?

Rival Gaming appears to be adware. Try this: Firstly, boot your computer to the Safe Mode menu screen. You do this by repeatedly pressing F8 as soon as you boot up. Once there, use the arrow keys to highlight Safe Mode with Networking. Continue to boot from there, by pressing Enter. You will now see some drivers being loaded. There will be a pause at some point. This usually lasts for no more than 30 seconds. If that's successful, download and run TDSSKiller.exe from Kaspersky Lab. It's tiny, and takes just a minute to run. It hunts down and kills a specific family of rootkits: http://support.kaspersky.com/faq/?qid=208280684 Now open your browser and copy and paste this link into the address bar, and press Enter. It's a direct download for the free version of Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware (MBAM). Install it, get updates and run a full scan (still in Safe Mode): http://www.myantispyware.com/mbam After this, try rebooting normally. If that's successful, I recommend you run another full scan with MBAM. It will detect malware that wasn't running in Safe Mode. You should now delete TDSSKiller.exe, as updated versions are often made available. Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware can be easily uninstalled, should you wish to do so, but it may prove to be beneficial in the future. Hope this helps.

What exactly do you dislike more your teams rival team or their fans?

yeah rival teams suck but I think fans r worse ..since the Cowboys r hated by all just because they are THE BEST!! I LOVE ROMO!!!!!

How can the Cubs and Cardinals be "rivals" with each other?

Your ignorance of MLB is showing. "How many times have they played each other in the playoffs?" The ONLY way they could meet in the playoffs is if one team won their Division, and the other was a Wild Card. "How can it be considered a rivalry if both teams are so lopsided?" How are both teams 'lopsided'? And the all-time record between the Cubs and the Cardinals is: Chicago 1082, St. Louis 1038. A decided edge for the Cubs. In 2007 and 2008, the Cubs finished First in the NL Central, the Cards finished Third and Fourth, respectively. In 2009, the Cubs finished Second to the Cards. Looks like a rivalry to me. Go back to the 30's and 40's, and check on the NL standings, and you'll see the rivalry there also. Don't make a statement if you don't understand what 'rivalry' means. Sarge

Could the Robocalls political scandal have been perpetrated by Conservative Party rivals?

Electoral fraud just isn't the way the Libs or the NDP operate. The conservatives have already admitted to illegal election spending during the 2008 election. (1) The Liberals and the NDP have better things to do than to make up stupid noise like this. There is too much evidence (as opposed to mere speculation) to implicate the conservative party. (2) (3) Look, the conservatives have a majority (for now) and there are no plans for an election until 2015 (by their measure). With a majority, there would be no reason at all whatsoever for the Liberals and/or the NDP to make up this kind of nonsense.

What are the 4 major reasons why the US and the Soviet Union became Cold War rivals?

Reasons for the Cold War Key word—distrust. Why did the Soviets and Americans distrust each other?  Completely different political beliefs. Soviet Union was com- munist, with few rights and little freedom for its citizens, and a state-controlled economy with no free enterprise. USA was a democracy, with elections and greater freedom for its citizens. It also had a capitalist economy  Each side was convinced that the other wanted to spread its beliefs at the expense of the other  During the early twentieth century the Soviet Union had be- come convinced that the West was happy to see it attacked. For example the West had sent help to the Whites during the Rus- sian Civil War 1918-21  The Soviet Union also thought that the dropping of the atomic bomb on Hiroshima was really a warning to them from the USA  At the end of the War the Soviet Union set up a communist ‘buffer zone’ on its western border. The Soviets said this was a defensive barrier. The Americans saw it as the first step towards communist world domination  Truman was much more suspicious of the USSR than Roose- velt. He was determined to prevent the spread of communism.

Why are Boston and New York City rivals? Why would Boston fight a battle it can't win?

its sports related dating back to the curse of the bambino.. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Curse_of_the_Bambino --abd yes boston can win the battle-they did so when they won the world series last year--even though they didnt eliminate the yanks it was still a victory --but ny got even when they beat the pats in the superbowl

What would be some school appropriate saying to wear in school to insult a rival school?

Maybe something about clipping their wings? Hope this helps!

What's the proper action when a rival store opens near your own and you wish to retain your own sales?

Study the rival really good in order to provide better deals. Train the right employees to provide better customer service. If the rival is too strong, you should close the place, why wait for eventually and switch to a different location.

How can i improve my marks in all subjects of school to beat my rival?

do hard work

What really stirs up the supporters of your rival team?

Telling Port about our 2 premierships to their 1. How they choke. How theyre scum. Theyre broke. Their players want out. Crap coach. They share no connection with Port Magpies. They have no members, Crap attendances, and of course the famous number 119. The list goes on.

How can I play well against my rivaled team in soccer?

*sigh* Just go out there and do your best. After all, that's all you can do. Be relaxed and try to play your position well, always remembering to support your teammates and put a good amount of pressure on anyone in your area of play. Give good first passes, be well-aware of where your teammates are at all time...and most importantly, play smart. Never let the other team see you sweat. Gud luck!

How did the romans benefit from having the carthaginians as rivals?

They gained control of the Mediterranean after defeating them.

What is the correct apostrophe use for "Rivals Neighborhood?

Depends on the story. Does he have one main rival or many. If he only has one, it would be "rival's". If there were more than one rival and they all lived in one neighborhood, then it would be rivals'.

How did Lois Lane and Clark Kent's relationship grow over time from being rivals to being man and wife?

please refer to my other answer to this question. Did you mean to ask it twice? be careful not to use up your points for nothing. 24 NOV 08, 1413 hrs, GMT.

How did Lois Lane and Clark Kent's relationship grow over time from being rivals to being man and wife?

Watch Lois and Clark, a 90's take on the superman storyline. I thought the plot was great, but the show did get cancelled shortly after Lois and Clark were married and Lois knew everthing.

How did Lois Lane and Clark Kent's relationship grow over time from being rivals to being man and wife?

Boy, this is an involved question! To understand it, you have to go way back to the beginning of Superman. He would use his super powers to rescue Lois, but he saw to it that Clark always got the scoop. Because of that, and because he was always running away from trouble looking for a place to hide (to change into Superman) she thought of him as a weakling and coward and couldn't understand how he got the scoops. This went on for sixty years. It was only after the big reboot at DC (mid 1980's) that they finally had Lois develop some respect for Clark. He didn't use his super powers to cheat her out of headline stories any more, but she kind of sneered at him as a hick from Kansas and a 'boy scout' who was always concerned with doing what was right. Eventually, his kind and gentle nature won her over. He was always in love with her, and once Lois got used to the idea that Superman was too busy for her, she grew to care for Clark. Now, with all that, you should go on line and check out "The K-Metal from Krypton". This is a story that Superman's creators wrote but the comic company refused to publish. They planned to have him reveal his secret identity to Lois early on, so they would be partners and have a real romance! But the publishers thought it would spoil the story for little kids who weren't interested in adult stuff. As a result, the ENTIRE comics industry got into the idea of having to hide the secret ID and a nosy girlfriend who was always getting into trouble, and super heroes have had to wait until recent years to have good, wholesome relationships with their loved ones. You can see how the story would have changed history. Anyhow, thanks for asking. Real good question! 24 NOV 08, 1356 hrs, GMT.

Why do people pair up rivals in fanfiction?

First off, It really depends on the pairing. And as someone who likes to pair up rivals in fanfiction, I can give a good explanation "WHY? Why would they want to do that?" Why do harry potter fans like to pair up Harry with Draco? Simple. They want to see them get along after all that fighting. If you were a Harry Potter fan, wouldn't you? And if you can make them get along, why pass up the opportunity for some hot sexy guy on guy action? Next is a less common example. Edward and Jacob from Twilight. I would only understand AU fanfictions of this, so let me explain those. Edward and Jacob might have been friends if Bella wasn't in the way. And if you can make them be friends, why not make one of them confess their undying love to the other before kissing them passionately? Moving away from the yaoi and onto a more unique pairing, Hannah Montana and Mikayla. I really enjoyed the fanfiction where they accidentally kissed on-stage. Yuri fans who watch the show probably wish Hannah was just a little bit more clumsy so that it could really happen, right? Lets push away the common stuff and look at one of my personal favorites: Annie and Lisa from Electric Company. If you watch that show, your probably reading this and thinking 'Oh my god! Are you serious?' Yup. I never really understood my own fondness towards this pairing and my second favorite Lisa and Francine, yes, Francine. Really, I would like to see femmeslash of anybody from Electric Company, Lisa and Lottie, Annie and Francine, Lisa and some random lesbian thats not even from The Electric Company (this is the only time I'm touching a crossover)... I've even thought of Annie and Lottie, but I just can't get into it the same way I like my two favorite pairings from the show, probably because you could make this pairing work well easily (the show never said they weren't friends or anything). Making your favorite rivals get along is NOT easy. And if someone is willing to go through all that work to write a fanfiction that is actually good, and not only that but also gets their favorite characters to like each other, why NOT put in some cute romance too? Rivalry to Romance fanfictions is appealing because its creative and not as easy as making two best friends want to 'experiment' on each-other or two girlfriends finally decide to go all the way in your way-to-easy-to-write yuri fanfictions (friends to lovers can be hard sometimes to. I would know. But its a piece of cake when you compare it to pairing up rivals.) But it all comes down to this: If you can make them get along in fan-fiction, why waste the perfect opportunity for some romance? yadda yadda. I don't know about you, but for me, fanfiction is about making unlikely things happen so we can have fun with it.

How did America and the Soviet Union become rivals in the cold war?

we weren't big fans of the soviet union and communism before wwii, and we in fact had a red scare around 1920. during wwii, however, the american public got a much better opinion of the ussr. this is natural, given that we had a common enemy. there was rivalry between us during the war, but it wasn't too much more than is usually present between allies, and had more to do with imperialism than capitalism vs. communism. what really started the cold war was when, after the war, the americans and soviets looked at each other and said "you know, those guys have a pretty good military..." and decided to make a better one. when two countries try to outdo each other's militaries, you get an arms race, which is exactly what the cold war was. due to intense and prolonged propaganda, the public began to see the war as a fight against capitalism/communism, and it became an ideological conflict.

How can the court require Microsoft to share source code to rivals?

I suspect some of this ruling is due less to evidence at hand than to legacy market practices from MS. I'm not a fan of MS, either, and MS' previous "use us or die" marketing succeeded in stifling competition. I think this is remaining fallout over those practices from 10-15 years ago. That said, I think there's also a keen interest in promoting European distributions of Linux -- particularly SuSE, which is based in Germany. I think there's a political element to this ruling that is also incompatible with objective justice and fair trade practices.

What is Ohio State in the Rivals ladder?

THE Ohio State University is ranked at #10 at Rivals. Unfortunately that "other" team from the north is ranked at #4. I love predictions that are so far off base that Miss Cleo could have made them.

Who is your favorite team, and who would you say is their biggest rival?

I'm a Broncos fan- and like you the Raiders have always been a big rival of ours but lately your Chargers have been our bigger rival, I wont lie I don't look foward to playing the Chargers- we just have a hard time against you guys.

Would you date someone that like your rival team in sports?

I couldn't do it but it depends I'm too much of a fan and follow sports too closely to do it. Maybe if it was a sport like Hockey where I didn't care too much about it. Even the NBA I may be able to do it since I could tolerate Detroit Pistons fans being a Bulls fan. But for me to date a Duke, Yankees, or Patriots fan heck no I could never do that If I liked her enough as a person it could possibly work though. It depends on how serious she takes it too but interests are a big part in dating, and it doesn't match having two rival sports teams. my last girlfriend didn't care about sports which I found relieving in a way since she didn't care for any team/players

Who were some of Shakespeare's rivals during his lifetime?

Rival Playwrights Shakespeare was not the only playwright of his time. There were many others doing the same thing Shakespeare was doing. A number of different theaters were built just for the plays to take place. We will explore four of Shakespeare's rivals; Christopher Marlowe, John Marston, and Beaumont and Fletcher and how they differed from and/or were inspired by Shakespeare. There is more information for us to look at about Christopher Marlowe than there is about Shakespeare. The reason for this is because Marlowe attended a University which means there were records of his existence. Marlowe was born on February 6, 1564 and was the eldest son a shoemaker. He is best known for his works of Tamburlaine, a two act play about a "man of humble birth who rises from victory to victory to the noon or meridian of his fortunes, where the dramatist leaves him a happy warrior and a happy lover" (wilson19), Hero and Leander, The Jew of Malts: Doctor Faustus, and The Massacre at Paris: Edward II. It wasn't until Marlowe and Shakespeare in the 1580's did dramatic poetry begin to appear. At this time the country of England was taking pride in itself and the poets were ready and willing. The actors of that time also had an impact on the beginning of dramatic poetry. The status of the common player was rising and there were more capable actors who were able to interpret these plays. Marlowe was a "man of humble birth, who had already done some service to the State, who knew that to make his way in the world in which he lived he must be both 'a great doer and a great speaker'" (Wilson23). This is portrayed in his theme of 'ruling passion' in his Tamburlaine drama where his character is "a man of action whose eloquence is part of his success as a man of action" (Wilson23). One of the big differences between Marlowe and Shakespeare was in their ideas of comedy. Shakespeare wrote comedies such as Comedy of Errors in a way that Marlowe was never comfortable with. Shakespeare's comedies were of the middle class with a sense of fun without the correction of manners. If Marlowe ever wrote comedies of these sorts, there are no records of them. Marlowe was only two months older than Shakespeare, but died long before he. Marlowe was never able to see the refinement of comedies that Shakespeare developed. Perhaps if Marlowe would have lived longer he would have also developed comedies along these lines, but no on will ever know. Marlowe was one of the great writers of his time, an there is even evidence that Shakespeare imitates Marlowe in some of his plays. A good definition of a satire is, "a kind of non-narrative poetry in which human faults are reprehended, and erring classes or individuals, the later usually under assumed names, are made hateful or ridiculous. Each satire usually attacks a single vice under several different aspects." (Allen84). A satirist of Elizabethan time is John Marston. He was born about 1575 and died June 25, 1634. He came from a good family and was a gentlemen. The dramas that he wrote show a conflict between the "desire to depict lust in striking forms, and a bent towards corrective satire" (Allen9). A list of some of Marten's works are as follows: Pygmalion and Certain Satires, The scourge of Villainy (these were ordered burned on June 4, 1599 because of their immorality, but probably only increased their popularity), Antonio and Melissa, a revision of Histriomastix, Antonio's Revenge, Jack Drum's Entertainment, and What You Will. A response to Jonson's (another playwright of Shakespeare's time) Poetaster was Maston's influence on Kedder's Satiromasix. In 1603, Malcontent was written, and in 1604 the Dutch Courtezan and the Fawn were composed. 1605 brought about the writing of Eastward Ho, and in 1606 Sophonisba was written. Marston was married while he was still writing plays to Mary, the daughter of the Reverend William Wilkes. Later in Marston's life he joined the church and took orders. So 1606 was the last of Marston's literary works that we have in possession. Marston was a great satirist of his time and was in constant competition with Ben Jonson, another of Shakespeare's rival playwrights. Beaumont and Fletcher are two names that go side by side in English literature. They, also, were playwrights during Shakespearean time. Beaumont died in 1616, a month before Shakespeare, and Fletcher in 1625. Together they wrote at least six plays; The Coxcomb, Cupid's Revenge, The Scornful Lady, Philaster, The Maid's Tragedy, and A King and No King. It is thought that separately, Beaumont wrote The Woman Hater, and The Knight of the Burning Pestle. Fletcher was said to have written The Tamer Tamed and The Faithful Shepherdess. Many have argued that Fletcher and Beaumont greatly admired Shakespeare's works and have a tendency to imitate Shakespeare in their work. Other authors and playwrights of t

How much should I sell Sonic Rivals for PSP for?

Defiantly sell it on eBay or another auction site. Don't sell it to Gamespot; they are way to strict on this stuff. It's an old game, though, so i would put a starting bid on eBay around ten or fifteen dollars. Probably closer to ten, though.

Do rivals have children after they marry in Harvest Moon Ds Cute?

Only you have a child in the game. Rivals don't in Harvest Moon DS Cute.

Who is your favorite team, and who would you say is their biggest rival?

I'm a Broncos fan- and like you the Raiders have always been a big rival of ours but lately your Chargers have been our bigger rival, I wont lie I don't look foward to playing the Chargers- we just have a hard time against you guys.

What are some popluar rivals in the past?

Hamilton v. Jefferson Hamilton v. Burr Andrew Jackson v. Henry Clay Robert E. Lee v. Ulysses S. Grant U.S. v. Soviet Union North v. South Republican v. Democrats Federalists v. Anti-Federalists Science v. Religion The Hare v. The Turtle The Fonz v. Mork from Ork Rocky Balboa v. Clubber Lang Steve Austin v. Vince McMahon Steve Austin ($6,000,000 Man) v. Bigfoot Superfriends v. Legion of Doom

What is the rival company to Mitsubishi?

All the others. Nissan, Mazda, Honda, Toyota and Subaru. Depends on the car and price range. alot of comparo's against the Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VS subaru WRX in that way. Subaru is a direct rival for providind a 4wd turbo 4cylinder sedan. But in my country the Mitsubishi version is a 20k dearer than a WRX is not really with pricing. Evo has more tech in it Yawn control and so on. But both are just as quick 0-60mph time of around 6secs.

What are the two rivals in world of warcraft?

The sides are Horde and Alliance. The Good Guys, so to speak, would be the Draenai from the Alliance, while the Bad Guys are definitely the Blood Elves from the Horde. Now, the rest of the people aren't exactly good or evil, though each side sees the other as evil. For Horde, you have Orcs, Trolls, Tauren, and Undead. Alliance has Humans, Elves, Dwarves, and Gnomes. There's a new expansion coming out called Cataclysm, which is going to completely redo the entire world. Horde will gain the Goblins while the Alliance gain the Worgen, who are basically anthromorphic wolves. As for benefits, it really comes down to your play style, so that's a bit of a gray area. As for who you should join, I would suggest Horde, simply based on the fact that, for whatever reason, in PvP they are always well organized groups, while the Alliance runs around as a bunch of powerful individuals thinking they can take on the entire other team alone. It basically breaks down to whether or not you're a team player. If you like working with others, then go Horde. If you like being a loner, go Alliance. Mind you, this is just the most often occurrence from many servers. I haven't been on all, but the ones I have as my alliance characters, I always get ganked by a group of Horde.

How do I set rivals for fantasy football?

Before you make your league, you gotta make divisions. Make it like 4 or 5 teams per division and then you will probably play each team in the division twice. If you wanna play every team but some teams twice then make smaller divisions. good luck

Does anyone know of a romance manga where they start as rivals?

Kaichou wa Maid-sama Beauty Pop Kare Kano

Can an Xbox user and PS3 user register each other as rivals in SoulCalibur V?

No, there is no cross-system online play on consoles. Both are rivals and rivals don't share networks lol

What will be the next Challenge after the Challenge Rivals?

im soo sad :( i ove the challenge rivals .. well on to your question .. that will not be anounced untill after the next real world (real world san diego) if you look online though you should be able to find it half way threw the next real world ....(:

NFS Most Wanted - How do you retake rival challenges versing the rivals themselves?

Once you beat a rival you can't challenge them again, you will have to go through the career again. But it great fun

Have you ever actually rooted for your rivals to win in a game or series?

I'm a Pistons fan and I was rooting for the Bulls to beat the Celtics this year in the Playoffs. The Cavs are also our rivals, and I was rooting for them against the Magic this season. Rooting for them to lose, that is! I'm a Michigan fan, and ONE TIME I rooted for Ohio State basketball this season in the NCAA tournament just so it wouldn't screw up my bracket. I also rooted for MSU in the tournament just so it wouldn't screw up my bracket.

What fashion brands and companys are rivals to the Alexander Mcqueen brand?

Cucci, Louis Vuitton, Prada... basically any big name designer brands. They are rivals because they all sell the same things(shoes, handbags, clothes, etc.) AND they are all top brand designer brands.

How do you beat rivals on facebook sorority life?

you have to terminally depress them, not just beat them. they really should say that b/c its two different things. to terminally depress someone you have to take away all of their confedence within your attacks...it'll tell you either "you went to the spa" which means your confidence ran out "rival is in the spa" which mean someone else already depressed them/or while they were fighting someone else "you have terminally depressed your rival" which you took away all their confedence or "rival has already been depressed" which means somebody else took away all their confidence first.