Do you curl your lashes before of after applying mascara?

I agree. By curling them before, the mascara holds the lashes in place, so they stay curled. I think you should just continue with what you were doing before.

If I rip a HORRIBLE fart while hanging upside down, will my toenails curl?

how the fuck did you come up with this

When i do curls it feels like my bicep is fixing to rip?

yes ur bicept can rip! And it hurts like hell! I done it ounce before! it take a long time to heal too. Don't do such heavy weight. Do sets of 7 or 8. This will help you get bigger and more cut. You were doing sets of 3, this will make you get bigger, but you run the chance of riping your bicepts. Lay off for a month of two and do the sets of 7 or 8. it will let your bicepts heal and catch up. then you can go back to your sets of 3 later on.

How does someone create a label, at a young teenage age like Supra, Rip Curl and Dickie's.?

Create a well known brand like one of your mentioned label, take a lot of time as it has to build up trust and awareness among people. If you can make some samples from your designs, why not try YouTube? If people like, your designs may become famous overnight! Good luck! Cindy

Can someone please tell me how to accurately set my Rip Curl Tidemaster Watch?

It should have come with instructions; but, in any case, the Rip Curl web site contains the manual: This includes instructions for various of their watches, including the tidemasters. (You need Adobe Acrobat Reader on your computer to read this PDF file.)

Do any chain stores sell "surf clothes" (Honolua, Rip Curl, Volcom)?

pacsun, island water sports, zoomies. those are some shops that might be in your are and they all sell those brands. if you cant find any of them near you go to there websites

hows the Rip curl E3-Bomb wetsuit?

Great flex, I owned a 4/3 E bomb, excellent suit.

Which brand: Roxy or Rip Curl?



You don't have to set the moon phase. All you have to set are - the local time - the location (i.e., beach where you want the tides) - daylight saving time mode (i.e., whether or not it is currently in effect) Once the watch knows your time and location, it has all the information it needs to calculate tides and moon phase. Here again is the manual for your watch (in PDF format):

Does anybody know where in Mexico the Rip Curl Pro Search WCT took place?

I have tried to search on various sites, but everywhere it says "somewhere in Mexico". Seems quite strange. I looked up in many of the news articles but to no vain. Try contacting them by email.

where is Rip Curl's store in London?

The link below is a "Store Finder" from Rip Curl's website which gives you all the information about their UK stores, including addresses and phone numbers.

which surfers winning streak started at the rip curl pro at bells beach in 2002?

Andy Irons. He pretty much dominated for a three year span from 2002 to 2004. Of course, you can't keep Kelly Slater down for long and he eventually regained the championship in 2005 and won it last year as well. But for that timeframe, Andy was surfing on such a consistent level.

whats size 5 to Rip Curl's women boardshorts?

A size 5 in board shorts is going to run a small/medium for women's/misses sizes.

Anybody with a rip curl f-bomb suit?

i have the h bomb FING amazing i had the f aswell, but if i where you id go for a xcel instead of a f bomb. your best bet.

where is the rip curl pro surf event in mexico?

Its a secret and they arent telling us where, they have called it La Jolla or something like that, but havent revealed where it is.

anyone know where i can get really good deals for brands like Volcom, Hurley, Zoo York, Rip Curl, Quiksilver?

The outlet malls.

whats the name of the song in the Rip Curl H bomb commercial?

See if it's listed here:

Do you guys know a website (or more than1) where I can find cheaper surf clothing?? Like Rip Curl,Roxy,etc...,?

Should I get a Buell 5/4mm wetsuit or a Rip Curl insulator 5/4mm chest zip wetsuit?

i would get the rip curl personally, but 5/4 is thick! but its good for freezing temps of course

Rip curl has a pod cast out called : An Arctic Adventure - Episode #1- does anyone know who sings at the start

check out on there official website

what is the best day to go to the rip curl pro. is the easter weekend a good time to go?

I'm guess you're asking about the one at Bells rather than The Search in July. The waiting period is from the 18th to the 29th so it can be run at anytime during that window. Best bet is to keep up with the surf forecast and keep checking the contest website to see when they think they will run.

Zipperless Rip Curl Wetsuit 6/5/4?


Does Rip Curl still make surfboards?

I've never seen a rip curl surfboard, but if I did I wouldn't buy it... they're more of a surf clothing brand, surfers know the best surfboards don't come from big companies like rip curl...

Rip Curl Girls Tour 2008 UK (cornwall)?

ok, in order to book a place in this tour you have to call this number: 01637-850737 or, you can email them at:

Rip Curl clothing?

There is one in Glorietta but the store has a different name. They have a few Rip Curl and QuickSilver stuff. I visited it last August. I just did not notice if they have Billabong items. (in case you want to know also)

Rip curl Bathing suits?

They run a little small. I think they're probably most comparable to roxy swimsuits.

Ken done, billabong, rip curl, factory outlets....?

Just near the areas close to the beeches

where to buy billabong rip curl o'neil roxy clothing in san francisco?

Mollusk Surf shop4.5 star ratingbased on 24 reviews Rating Details » Category: Sporting Goods [Edit] Neighborhood: Outer Sunset 4500 Irving St San Francisco, CA 94112 (415) 564-6300

Can't read anything with light on. Rip Curl ATS watch?

It sounds to me like this watch has probably been on display in the store, and it's been used possibly as a demonstration, so the battery may be low. I would look at getting a new battery fitted to it, but after that if it still doesn't work, I'd take it back to the store.

where can i find oneill, roxy, and rip curl backpacks?

Pacsun and Sundiego and probably Tillys

A plastic blade that came with my Rip Curl shorts.?

It sounds like a tool for waxing a surfboard. You use it to apply wax to a surfboard to make it more streamline in the water. Cos rip-curl is a surf brand it makes sense, and im pretty sure ive had one come in the pocket of my boardies before.

where to buy a rip curl surfboard?

go to a surf shop that sells surf gear they have lots a designs. where i live we have lots of surf shops as we have like 9 beaches with in 10min drive from each other. edit" the following link is a list of all the surf shops in my area. some just Specialize in surf and body boards and some sell everything and some just clothes and accessories here are some board links that you might like to look at also (has a mix of plain and design) just remember, most of the boards in surf movies have be design specifically for that movie and you cant buy them, as far as im aware.

Where can i find Billabong, Roxy, Rip Curl, and Quicksilver shops in Selangor?

gurl?? haven't you heard of One Utama?? where have you been? it's all in there!!! ROXY's in the old wing if they haven't moved...Rip Curl is in the New Wing, well, on the way to the new wing actually...i'm not too sure about Billabong and Quicksilver...but if i'm not wring...Billabong is in the old wing...ground floor..same level as ROXY...about'll have to look at the map thingy when you get there...if you don't know...the parking there is RM1 for 6 hours...that's more than enough time to shop i'm sure... or if you want to make sure before can always visit Ok..because i'm having a good mood...i've already checked them myself.. Billabong's in the old wing..ground floor Rip Curl's in the New Wing (or if you're coming from the old's on the way to the new wing...second floor) ROXY's in the old wing...ground floor (same as Billabong) Quicksilver is not listed in the directory...but if i'm not's there in 1 Utama...

Does Rip Curl sell surfboards?

No sorry. I like ripcurl too but they don't sell surfboards:(. I put stickers on mine too

Which should I buy Vans or Rip curl?

I'd say Vans because they're more known.


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Who's playing at the Rip Curl Boardmasters 'Unleashed' music festival in 2009?

The Streets are the only announced band so far

which do you think is a better surf brand Billabong, Rip curl or Roxy?

I like Billabong, but Roxy is generally girlier and cuter.

what day is the final of the bells beach rip curl pro 2009?

I think it might be 18 Apr 2009 im not to sure

What are your thoughts about a man with a white rip curl wallet?

surfer guy- it would fit the man. any other guy... did he buy the cheapest one the thrift store had? if not, why does he carry a surfers wallet?

what wetsuit is better rip curl or billabong?

im only 15 but i have surfed all my life and always buy rip curl wetsuits it depends what body shape you are but my brother used to get billabong wetsuits and the seams used to split so he started buying rip curl and he didnt have a problem. but if you fit into a billabong wetsuit better than a rip curl then you buy it. i always here that rip curl is the only true maker of wetsuits. hope this helps.

What would win in a 50m race between a human sprinter and a Renault Clio 1.2 Rip Curl from a standing start?

Fifty miles is a long ways to run. I don't think the Renault is up to the task.

Where can I find Billabong and Rip Curl products in Melbourne?

Not sure about anywhere in east melbourne but u can jump on a train to Flinders st station, and there is a real good surf shop on swanston st just up past little Bourke st...Heading towards the uni

how do i find pictures of someone sponsored by rip curl surfing?

go to

where can i find billabong, rip curl, roxy near petaling jaya, malaysia?

they have the individual outlets in one utama. you can get the pencil case's there in those shops.

rip curl love n surf cross back bikini sizing?

I have the small and that should fit you perfectly. It's extremely adjustable

where to find rip curl products in ontario?

What surfing brand is better Rip Curl or Quiksilver?

rip curl is the best. why? because they sponsor mick fanning who is the best :D its up to you though, i personally prefer ripcurls gear over quiksilver

What should i wear to a job interview at places like pacsun or tilly's, rip curl or zumies?

u should wear jeans heels or flats and a nice top

What should i wear to a job interview at places pacsun or tilly's, rip curl or zumies?

I think they would like it if you wore some of their clothes... Or smart dress as IT IS an interview.. Hope i helped.