old school song with lyrics of ring ding ring a ding dong, something like that?

hi there, Dr. Dre has something along those lines, "Ring Ding Dong" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wWJqt0u_TCs Mike Dennis.

What song goes like "ring a ding ding"?

Jesus built my hotrod by Ministry..check it out first on youtube.

the ring a ding ding song?

random My ding-a-ling by Chuck Berry

what song had the words: "a ring a ding ding ding, a ring a ding ding" in it?

Ring a Ding Ding by Frank Sinatra

Do wind chimes give you the creeps when they ring a ding ding?

No creeps for me, music of the wind is a gift from God

Fallout New Vegas: What happens if I take Benny's deal in the quest Ring-a-ding-ding?

How to finish Fallout new vegas Ring-a-Ding-Ding mision?

Does your heart ever go Ring A Ding Ding when your in love?

Mines stopped doing that a long time ago.

What does it mean when someone says "Well a ring a ding ding, a ring a ding ding"?

Rhea is correct. And it's old fashioned, something people might have said in the 1950s. Guys don't say it now a days, nor do they say, 'ding dong'. They just say, 'she's hot' or sometimes in England, 'she's fit'.


Deebo has it!!!!!!