where to download shugo chara rima clips?

I think that's illegal. The other poster is spamming; it asks for a survey. You can watch the series on dailymotion.

what episode in shugo chara when Rima got jealous of Amu liking Nagi better than Kairi?

Kairi and Nagi have not met each other in the anime. Are you asking when Rima first was jealous of Nagi because Amu seemed to care about him more than she cared about Kairi? Rima's jealousy is first highlighted in season two, episode eleven (overall episode 62).

What happens with Shiki and Rima after Vampire Knight Vol. 10?

After Volume.10 Shiki and Rima get worried when Ichijo doesn't turn up after the battle that recently took place at the academy, so they go out and search for him(this only lasts a couple pages In Volume.11) Then later in Volume.11 they appear again,at the Kuran's mansion, in a little fight about attending the soiree at the Kuran's mansion. Rima and Shiki accidentally bump into a waiter, who they find out is none other than Ichijo and discover he has been taken under the care of the pureblood vampire ,Shirabuki Sara. Again, this only lasts about a few pages out of the book. Unfortunately as Hino begins to go deeper into the series, she doesn't really focus on Shiki and Rima much. The main event she is focusing on now is on Kaname's past, and his (unusual and cruel) relationship with Yuki, and the threatened bond with Zero and Yuki. As Kaname and Yuki seem to drift apart and get more complicated, Zero and Yuki almost seem to grow closer. Hino is also trying to add a little mystery about the death of Shirabuki Sara's fiancee, and also spices things up by adding a new character to the cast known as Kaito. Rima and Shiki don't get much page time unless they are sandwiched into an occasional event. Unfortunately, Vampire Knight pretty much goes downhill after Volume. 10. The rest of the series is nothing more than just boring ramble, and all the characters lose their original personalities. Kaito is just another Shiki. I don't recommend finishing the series. Its not Vampire Knight anymore.

what do you think about the miss usa rima fakih?

She's drop dead gorgeous and it's good to see a nice muslim girl corrupted beyond redemption by the American dream. Hopefully a blueprint for the rest of the Umaah, lol!

She name ‘Rima’ loves me so much & I also. But sometime I fallen love with others. What can i do?

If you are already thinking of other ppl I think that's a bad sign. If you've really decided on her, and you are going to marry her, you have to realize that once you've made a commitment like that you need to learn to ignore your feelings for others. As time goes by, you might see people you like, or be flattered by the attention of other people. The point of being commited to someone is that even if that happens, you know that you shouldn't pay attention to it and stay loyal to the person you are with. If you can't do that...let her go. Marriage is a promise to always stay together. If you marry her and you can't stay with only her, that would make you a liar and a cheater.

Would you like to see Rima Fakih debut on Raw or SmackDown!?

I would like to see me on WWE :) follow me on facebook . com/ officialrimafakih or on twitter @officialRima www.rimafakih.com

"A 'real' sacrifice is like a story that should never end." rima masri?

Without a larger context, it is difficult to determine what it means. Aphoristic philosophies are highly ambiguous, but lets see what we can do with this: Presumably, Masri is saying that a sacrifice must resonate through time in order to be acknowledged as a true sacrifice. That gives the sacrifice deific proportions, however, as the event transcends time. It is not characterized by omnipresence, however, which complicates things a little; a narrative is a cohesive space, and there is no implication of moving outside of that space without deviating into new narratives. I think this is a questionable point. Surely the sacrifice committed should not be verified by its ability to transcend time. What of a short-term sacrifice? Is it any less 'real' if you save a drowning child while sacrificing your life, but then that child later perishes while returning to his village? Nobody witnesses the sacrifice, but that does not mean it did not occur. It also does not mean that it is not a universally relatable matter.

what are ur thoughts on Rima Fahki being a Tough Enough contestant?

What I don't get is why Mercedez Martinez, Joey Ryan and Austin Aries didn't make the cut and she did.

in Vampire Knight who does Rima love?or at least like the most?

If you are talking about the show, Rima is always by Shiki's side, so I would have thought it be obvious. In the end, she is the only one who follows Shiki, choosing to do so instead of Kaname and the other vampires. Rima doesn't have a brother on the show, or none I'm aware of. Yuki has Kaname, and we only discover that link in the end, and she (Yuki) has already said that she loves her brother (pre-revelation). I would image she hates Shiki's dad, Rido, the most, as she was easily able to tell that he wasn't Shiki, and she HATED him possessing him. She showed the most emotion in that scene.

How do u think Rima is doing in Tough Enough?

Well in my opinion she's doing alright Trish Stratus did say that Rima did remind her a lot of her during her days starting out in World Wrestling Entertainment she is one of the front runners to win the Tough Enough competition and Rima holds her own in the ring she makes mistakes however, she learning just give her time.

Rima Fakih and Barack Hussain Obama, the two people representing my country are both Muslims?

So, I guess the only people that should lead this country are Catholics? And by the way, Obama is NOT Muslim.

Who thinks Rima and Shiki's relationship is just a bit beyond a normal friendship?

I've always thought that Shiki and Rima's relationship was special. They seem like two people who complement each other very well. There just seems to be a great understanding between the two.

What is Terza Rima and can you give me an example of how I can right using Terza Rima? Please break it down!!!

Terza rima is the rhyme scheme that Dante used in his Divine Comedy -- stanzas of three lines each, with the rhymes going aba / bcb / cdc / ded and so on and so on . . . It's a tough form for a beginning poet: only the absolute masters (Dante and Shelley, Derek Walcott and James Merrill) can really pull it off. Good luck!

WHY aren't AMERICANS listening to RIMA's research about the FDA and our FOOD?

People are too BUSY drinking lithium water to CARE about THIS.

Where can I find an in-depth analysis of "Rima XI" by Gustavo Becquer?

Here is a good one--in Spanish. I love Becquer. Sorry I could not reply earlier--I just read the question. http://bxscience.edu/ourpages/auto/2009/9/2/40509212/Becquer_Yo%20soy%20ardiente.pdf

What episode does Rima come into Shugo Chara?? Im up to episode 5 of the first season.?

She comes out in episode 27 in the 1st season

This one is Terza Rima with my iambs gone all wobbly. Do you like it?

Yes, Dante, Frost, St Prosper, all stroking right now.

What are your thoughts on Rima Fakih?

I want to bone her: truth.

Muslim-born Miss USA Rima Fakih is against Ground Zero mosque.What do u say and especially muslims?

Muslim-born Miss USA Rima Fakih is against the victory mosque near ground zero, and I support Muslim-born Miss USA Rima Fakih. Extreme Muslims rejoiced the day that America lost 3000 brave souls at the Twin Towers. And now the Muslims want to rejoice again - everyday - in the form of prayer and remembrance - right at the door steps of Ground Zero - right at the door step of the graves of 3000! This is what the Muslims want - and with Obama and Pelosi in power - they just might get it - again. There is plenty of room in New York City for a mosque - as a matter of fact there are over 100 mosques in NYC - but to put one at Ground Zero? You would think that, at least, the President of this country would agree with our sentiment - but, alas, he does not - such a shocker. It is well known that the Muslims build a mosque on the grounds that they conquer - where they have been “successful” in their killings. This is a tradition of the Muslims and it appears that they want to lay claim to their killing of 3000+ Americans and erect a memorial in honor of those Muslims who died in this vicious attack - Obama, the President of the United Sates - has no problem with this. o_O

Should Rima lose her title as Miss USA?

She should never have been allowed in the competition. It just shows that they are more to show tolerance than beauty. Never watch them anymore and haven't for years.

In the manga vampire knight what are the romantic chapters with shiki and rima?

It doesn't really have Shiki and Rima romantic parts because it's basically all abput Yuki, Kaname and Zero. Anyway, I totally agree with you!! Hope this helps!!:)

Can someone give me some good rima and ruka quotes form vampire knight?

check wikia. http://vampireknight.wikia.com/wiki/Rima_Toya http://vampireknight.wikia.com/wiki/Ruka_Souen

What do you think about the new miss USA Rima Fakih?

I think shes really pretty. The pole dancing pics were nothing. Taken at like 8 in the morning at a class were they were teaching woman how to dance and supposedly no pics were supposed to be taken. I was kinda shocked they picked an arab and especially one that wasnt even born in the US to be Miss USA. But more power to her

What type of Rima dapters for miata?

Why would you need adaptors?

Where can I find a site that has inexpencive Mashiro Rima cosplay?

Maybe you need commission. If you have some clear pictures of the costume that you like, you could send them to support@cosplayfu.com to ask if them can make it for you. Their price is not very high. You do not have to worry about this questions. Oh, their homepage is www.cosplayfu.com .

Did Rima Fakih only win the Miss America contest because she is an Arab-American?

Yes coz she is a Muslim.

When did Rima Fakih become a US Citizen?

I looked her up and I couldn't find anything either.

What basis of evidence did the Jewish Internet Defense Force label Rima Fakih as a Hezbolla supporter?

There are many many info media sources that say so, and anyway, here’s the list of some of Miss Michigan USA’s close relatives and cousins and who they are: * Ali Fakih, top official of Hezbollah; * Haidar Fakih, top official of Hezbollah; * Alhaj Mahmoud Fakih (pictured above), a high profile military leader/commander with Amal, who was killed by the Israeli Defense Forces when he tried to foment numerous terrorist attacks on them, if you knew anything about Arabs than you know it's a matter of do (support family) or die.. And anyway what are-is the "Jewish Internet Defense Force" ?

Was the very pretty Rima Fakih named the first Arab Miss America done so out of political correctness?

Interesting thought however in answer to that I would say that Miss Oklahoma probably wasn't chosen because she is pro states' rights. A bias in politics within the judging clearly still is very much in evidence in this pointless flesh tournament and maybe the program has reached its sell by date.

Hello my name is Rima,I would like to start diving business in Cook Islands. Is it possible?

Great place to do business. You may want to start here, http://www.cook-islands.gov.ck/investment.php this is the government website on doing business in thier country You may want to contact thier secretary by click contact us at the bottem of the left hand menu bar.

Is there rules for the amount of syllables in the construction of Tirza Rima poetry?

Shelley's "Ode to the West Wind" is in terza rima. It isn't in Italian. The number of syllables can vary as much as you want, you're as free to gallop As much as you want, like a stallion.

What is the full name of Rima from Vampire Knight?

Rima Toya http://www.absoluteanime.com/vampire_knight/rima.htm

Do you think that Rima Fakih (Miss Michigan) was the right choice for the next Miss USA?

Its very subjective what one person finds attractive another person won't. I did go to a number of right wing political sites like right celeb and a lot of the comments people made complained about her not being American or comments about her being a Muslim. Surely we want Muslim immigrants (and others) to integrate and take on aspects of American life. From speaking English, to giving women freedom. Here we have a Muslim women doing something that is against most Muslim culture showing she is becoming American but the right wingers still complain. They attack Muslims for aspects of their culture and then attack them when they change. The only message that sends is that if you are not Christian or white you can never become American.

Do you think Hikaru Hitachiin and Rima Touya look good together?

they look more like siblings than a couple.

What is the meaning of the poem Rima LIII?

Here is another translation of the poem...I think it can have many different interpretations, but for me it is referring to how time changes and nothing really remains the same. I think it can also be referring to someone he loves and saying how everything around her is changing but his love for her...the others that "love" her will change but his love remains the same. I hope this can help you. THE BLACK SWALLOWS WILL RETURN... The black swallows will return to hang their nests on your balcony, and once again will knock in play against your window panes; but those that stopped their flight and perched to observe your beauty and my good luck, those who learned to know our names... those... will not return! The honeysuckle will return, to climb the walls in your garden, and open once again at evening their even more beautiful flowers, but those blooms that were full of dew where we saw the trembling drops fall like tears of the day ... those... will not return! Ardent words of love will return to sound and resound in your ears; and your heart from the depths of sleep perhaps will wake again; but silent, absorbed, on bended knee, as men worship God at His altar, as I have loved you ... make no mistake, they'll not love you like that!

Is Shiki and Rima from Vampire Knight going out?

No one really knows for sure. They seem to be very close, however. I like the idea of them as a couple. We'll just have to find out when more chapters of the manga comes out.

Is there any chance that Rima will return to the Big Brother house?

lol, whos knows. She may or may not but i duno..cos i mean shes in the actuall outside world with tv, newspapers, radio and people and stuff its not like shes in lock downn....unless she sumhow is while shes in hospital...but who knows maybe big brother will alow her in...exccept a somewhat broekn then dosnt heal that fast, minimum of 2 weeks usually so the moment might pass anyway. but it was shame to see her leave so quickly jsut cos of an acedent, she seemed like she could have really brang somehting more to the house... oh well

What is the main point of Rima IV by Gustavo Adolfo?

Post the poem?

Does Rima Fakih drink alcohol and is she a good muslim?

Shes A Liberal

Whats your reaction to Muslim Rima Farikh winning the Miss USA? does it make you Conservatives RAGE?

What are you exactly referring to? eliminating the concept of european beauty? people win these things from all over the place. And I dont think the muslim issue really comes into play here she obviously isnt a practicing muslim since she won a stripping contest. She is pretty definitely although wouldnt have been the winner to me.

What's the difference between "rima asonante" and "rima consonante"?

Hay dos tipos de rima en la poesía española, la asonancia y la consonancia. En los dos casos, la rima se basa en el final del verso poético desde la última vocal acentuada. En la rima asonante, sólo se riman las vocales, así que "casa" y "drama" se riman porque las dos palabras terminan en a – a. Cuando se describe la rima asonante, normalmente se denotan sólo las vocales: a – a, e – i, etc. A veces no se riman todos los versos; por ejemplo en el romance se riman sólo se riman (en asonancia) los versos pares. En la rima consonante, todos los sonidos, vocales y consonantes, se riman: "casa" y "basa." Cuando se describe la rima consonante, se usa un sistema de letras para simbolizar todos los sonidos que se riman. Por ejemplo, una rima denotada por abba tendrá palabras que terminan de igual manera en los versos 1 y 4, y otras palabras que terminan igualmente en los versos 2 y 3: Hizo matar a su mujer, y habiéndose ejecutado, mandó, a la mesa sentado, llamarla para comer. a b b a Finalmente, la tradición es usar minúsculas para versos de 8 síilabas o menos con rima consonante y mayúsculas para versos de 9 sílabas o más: Hijo, el paterno amor, que nunca cesa de amar su propia sangre y semejanza, para venir facilitó la empresa; que ni cansancio ni trabajo alcanza A B A B

Has Rima Fakih made a good case for banning the burkha?

dude honestly?? im arab and i can say we're gorgeous look up ruby the egyptian singer nancy ajram haifa wehbe cyrine abdel nour mona zaki hanan turk they are the epitome of beauty. wow people

Is it safe to take a small dose of decongestant with the RIMA moclobemide?

When dealing with MAOIs in general with regards to such drugs: Direct Acting Sympathomimetic drugs (eg, Epi, Oxymetazoline) are considered dramatically safer than indirect acting sympathomimetic drugs (eg, Psuedoephedrine). Likewise, topical is much safer than systemic administration. However, this applies to non-selective and selective irreversible MAO inhibitors. I can't answer specifically concerning RIMAs, there are none approved in the US and little information available. Regardless, given the life-threatening consequences of fouling things up, I'd be consulting a pharmacist AND the prescribing physician before using any of these.

what effect does the terza rima rhyme scheme produce?

In a long terza rima poem you can almost see quatrains. a-b-a-b-c-b-... You can already see a-b-a-b, even though the second b goes with the b-c-b It's all in how you look at it. You'll see b-c-b-c as well. The "quatrains" will overlap each other because it's really a tercet structure. You can't read the quatrains separately. It's like a cascading effect.

How long does a terza rima have to be?

three lines and a rhyme scheme: aba bcb cdc Here is a website: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Terza_rima

What happened to Mashiro Rima in Shugo Chara?

You've posted this under hockey why?

How is RIMA group of college in Malaysia for Hotel Management Diploma?

try Flamingo they are Genting subsidiary.

Would anyone contribute a poem to prevent heresy using the TERZA RIMA format?

Who's that? i wish i could help, i do, but i don't know who your talking about, srry!

What chapter does Rima Touya ask Senri Shiki if she could drink his blood?

Chapter 43 page 24

What responsibilities does Miss USA Rima Fakih have to do since she won?

Zip their lips, and keep their clothes on...O.o