What can i do to improve my chances of getting to the rim?

Just practice sprints and running things In high school and higher you need picks because defenders become very fast and physical also help defence is tough to beat by your self so if you drive off a pick or something and ge free there will be two help defenders so you gotta shoot a floater/jumper

How to remove stains around the rim of our pool?

The best way is to invite me over and I'll do the work for you--and then swim for the rest of the day. :-) Here's a pool cleaner which is safe for the tile and the liner: http://www.intheswim.com/Pool-Chemicals/Cleaning-Agents-and-Filter-Cleaners/Tile-and-Vinyl-Cleaner/ It's called In the Swim Tile and Vinyl Cleaner.

How can a slightly scratched chrome rim be fixed?

some polishes can actually fill in small scratches....go to google and type in meguiars car wax and go to the site, they might have exactly what you are looking for...as far as re-dipping the rim, it seems a little extreme for just a small scratch. Try putting more than one coat of wax on there and buff it out each time and i bet that will work just fine. Good luck with that!

How to get pictures developed with a surrounding white rim?

The correct term is border. Many places that produce prints can print in either bordered or border-less. In most cases, without the border is the common way of printing and you have to ask to have the borders on the photo. Any photo can also be placed into a properly sized border in Photoshop and when printed anywhere, the border will be there. steve

How can I find a matching rim for my truck?

If they are not the factory installed rims, then it may be rather difficult to find an exact match. They could be out of production. If you can find a brand name, then see if you can find the manufacturer's web site and inquire from there.

Is it possible to get a bent rim repaired?

From having damaged rims before.. they can be repaired. Check and see what the cost is for repair as it may be cheaper to replace the rim.

What is the speed of the bottom rim of the hoop when it returns to its equilibrium position?

For simple pendulum the ω = √(g/L) For a hoop given in the problem ω = √(g/2R) The speed of the bottom rim of the hoop when it returns to its equilibrium position is v = 2R ω =√ (2Rg) or =√ (Dg) where D is the diameter of the hoop. --------------------------------------- Oscillation of a hoop Point P on hoop; radius R τ = MgR sinθ= -I* (d ω /dt) All mass at radius R, so Icm=MR^2 Substituting and solving ω = √(g/L) =================

What is the standard rim and rim size for a 2006 nissan sentra 1.8s special edition?

Do I need to buy rim together with snow tires? What are the problems if I buy snow tires only?

You don't have to but I would recommend it. This is what I do on all of my vehicles. Separate rims for both sets of tires makes swapping each season much easier. It also saves wear and tear on the tire beads. Winter tires have thick beads to withstand multiple mounts and dismounts but non-winter tires don't. Over the long haul the extra set of wheels might even be cheaper since you don't have to pay to have the tires dismounted, remounted and balanced twice a year. With separate rims you can even swap them out yourself in your driveway or garage. I would recommend steel wheels if available for the winter tires. They are very inexpensive and more resistant to corrosion damage than alloys. If a steel wheel is not an option choose an alloy wheel that is inexpensive and simple in design (ie: relatively easy to clean). Road salt eats alloy wheel finishes alive. Tirerack.com is a great place to find steel or alloy wheels that meet these specs.

How do you determine ifr a rim from one car will fit another madel if bolt holes and rim size is the same?

if the bolt holes match up (say, 4x114.5), then they'll usually fit. the only issue you may encounter is offset - if the rims aren't offset enough, you may get clearance issues with the brakes. if you know the offset of both rims, you can compare and determine if it'll fit, but if you don't you have to mount them and see.