what song of Rihanna contains violin playing at the start ?

"unfaithful" has strings at beginning and throughout, too. sorry, it's the only rihanna song i heard violin in.

What is that song Rihanna sings with a catchy accordion tune?

The only song I know of now with an accordian tune is Stereo Love by Edward Maya

Why is Rihanna still appearing in music videos? Should she be banned for encouraging domestic violence?

She should've been banned a long time ago for making sh*tty music.

What is a song similar to Disturbia-Rihanna which is a good dance track?

I personally like "Get Ur Freak On" by Missy Elliot. It is like Disturbia, sort of, I guess.

What does Rihanna mean when she claims she is Princess of the Illuminati?

Rihanna isn't saying it. It's not like she held up a piece of paper saying 'I AM IN THE ILLUMINATI'. The background with all the writing is meant to be newspaper articles. It's all what the papers and the press write about her.

How do I contact Rihanna to speak at a charity benefit for Domestic Violence?

I doubt that at this time Rihanna would be interested in doing something of the sort. It seems like shes still dealing with whats happening to her and I think everyone should just leave the girl to think.


It being that she is from the same island as me (Barbados) I gotta give her some respect...bless up. She has a fresh new look, with a bit of C'bean flavour which is really hott right now. Wish her all the best.


Did you try ebay.com?


shes pretty hot, she can sing, a little nasal though, but yeah, shes not skank like other ''singers'' i.e. paris yeah i dig her


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