What is your opinion on 50 cent and the rick ross thingy, 50 cent paying?

well rick ross dissed 50 first and he is just retaliating like anybody else would.

Is it normal to get scared every time you listen to a Rick Ross song?

A lot of people get scared by big black bearded men.

Do you think that Diddy is tring to make Rick Ross the next Biggie Smalls?

Diddy actually has taken Rick under his wings and has made him "management" of some sort in "Dirty Money". It's really amazing because without Biggie Diddy would have never made it to where he is today and now he's trying to replace him with Rick Ross...who doesn't have half the talent in his pinky that Biggie had. When Diddy called Rick Ross out on the stage and said they were "partners" I was shocked because he's also supposed to signed to Jay-Z's new label and just came out on a label with that and I'm wondering what is going to happen to that. I just saw a quote that Rick made to Rap Industry.com that quoted Rap Industry.com....funny thing is that he was also on BET today with Diddy and said he is now with Bad Boy and Diddy himself said he holds a "management" type position and something about Ross could be the next "Biggie".... here is what came off the site RICK ROSS TALKS JAY-Z COLLAB Rick Ross recently sat down to talk about his collaboration with Jay-Z, He says he's waiting on the right time to release it. “The majority of the details of the album I’ve been trying to keep under wraps so the fans can savor the music that much more,” Ross said in a recent interview. “I most definitely have confirmed Jay-Z being on the album. The song is like an atomic bomb. I’m just waiting to push the button. Shout-out to Roc Nation. Shout-out to Kanye West… The funny thing is the way the record was done. I followed him to a few Blueprint 3 tour dates. I was chillin’ in the back, smoked out. As soon as he gets offstage, we was chillin’, vibing. His last date, which was in Vegas, he killed the show. We left the show, went to Tao for the after party. It was 30 bottles of Ace of Spades champagne. He left there, went and killed the craps table, the poker table. Then we got in the studio, and he laced me. It was the most phenomenal verse….It’s not ‘Maybach Music 3.’ You could kill the rumors. This is something totally unexpected, and we talking that talk. I’m just excited, man. I’m expecting big things from this Teflon Don project So who is Rick Ross really with? Is he with Diddy or is he with Jay-Z? He's got videos out with both of them? This is interesting to me and I cannot wait to see who he ends up with as his "Master" because someone is going to sign his checks in the end. He CANNOT play two industry masters and Jay-Z is NOT going to share Rick Ross with Diddy...they DON'T get along like that. Another thing to take into consideration is that everyone that has ever moved over to Diddy's side has failed in the end. Diddy is a one man, whirlwind self promotional machine who cares about no one but himself. He made sure Mace failed, when Shine got out of prison for taking the heat for Diddy....Diddy didn't do a thing and Shine was deported and Diddy doesn't give a shyt. Every group Diddy has ever started on TV has failed. He doesn't care about anyone but him and his six kids. Swizz Beatz also came on and said he had joined forces with Diddy and I don't care what anyone says....I like what he has done in the past and think he can do good work in the future...what he did on Alicia Keys latest album was banging. I would warn him to "step away from Didddy". Diddy is just a person who never helps anyone but himself. Just something to think about. I think everyone who signs or goes over to Diddy's side in the end will pay and not in a good way. Peace, Love & Happiness

what is the reason for the diss between rick ross and 50 cent?

supid shit that nobody cares about

What is the name of the Rick Ross song with the lyrics, "living in the ghetto, ghetto, all my ..."?

100 Million?

How is Rick Ross steal rapping after being exposed?

Because the world is fake. People claim to be real but listen to people who are fake. People are concerned about the sound of music and money and not the root or person who is delivering the words. 5o rapped about things real to him...hustling thuggish things related to his life. Ross raps about money and coke but hasn't sold any. The younger generations don't respect certain issues as long as it looks and sounds good. There are people coming out of college and won't play on certain teams because they think the uniform is ugly...really who cares if you have a chance to make it into the big leagues. So Ross is liked better because he caters to what sounds good to people whether it be real or not. In a way you can hate it because it feels like he has no morals or truth and he is fake but at the same time can you blame him because the world is what is making him rich....they are the ones fueling the fakeness....yes back in the day he would not have survived around the Tupac era but the times have changed....Jay-z is slowly but surely fading away...relying on people like Kanye as a crutch...to care him along ...he's not rapping by himself and selling like he used to....

Rick Ross was a correction officer. Is it fair for him to lie to us that he's a thug and not be his true self?

Depends on your definition of a thug. Where you work does not define who you are. There are 1000's of officers that are thugs. They abuse their badge to oppress people, make money from drug trades and the like. I really dont give a *u*k what rappers do on there off time. I only care about how well they express themselves. and rick ross is one of the best. eg. i really dont think lil wayne is a gansta at all. He may have bin a bad boy at around 12 13. but around that same time he was scooped up by cash money and his hood life came tto an end. The most gansta thing about wayne is his syrup syppin. Dont get it twisted though wayne has the game on lock right now and i am definitely a fan.

how did the fifty cent and rick ross beef start?

rick ross seen everybody else was eatin off of beef with fifty so he wanna get attention and money like every1 else. It is gettin old tho, come @ sum1 else! We tired of all the beef hype anyway! Try rappin bout sumthin meaningful. Or would that be too hard?

rick ross?

yeah, i just dig some of his beats. that's all. he's an alright rapper. too much drug scenarios in his raps, but that's his thing. i liked Boss Chevy Ridin' High (the remix with Game) Grippin' Grain For Da Low Holla At Me (off the DJ Khaled album) Born N Raised (off the Khaled album) Hustlin' (remix with Jay Z and Young Jeezy) It's Going Down (Yung Joc's remix...along with Slim thug)

Rick Ross?????????????????????

i been tryna figure that out, i guess its just his hype man to get the crowd ready when they perform