Rick Perry did it again!!!!!!?

Geez, I wonder how many drinks did Rick Perry have before the debate started!!?

Does the liberal media realize they are saying the sames thing about Rick Perry...?

Children, since the adoption of the Presidential teleprompter, EVERY other President has followed this simple process: > Write a speech, or at least an outline for it. > Have professional writers go-over it and refine it > Read it back to familiarize with the changes > Deliver the speech while the prompter roles, glancing at it from time to time to prevent losing your place or accidentally skipping sections Then there's Obama. his process is a little different. > Read word-for-word what someone else wrote > Be wholly unfamiliar with the content even AFTER delivering the speech, so only pre-scripted questions can be taken - with the ANSWERS likewise read word-for-word from the prompter.

Who do you think is the SMARTEST Republican candidate, list from highest to Rick Perry?

Rick Perry's famous speech.?

I guess you get kudos for your display name.

Why is the media making Perry's forgetful memory the "issue" and not the meaning behind of his words?

Why couldn't Rick Perry remember his own platform?

Do we now know why Rick Perry reminds so many Republicans of George W. Bush?

Is Rick Perry a recovering alcoholic like "W" or an active alcoholic?

He definitely has a few drinks before he gets on stage. Either that, or he's just plain stupid.

Does Rick Perry have a problem?