Will Indiana Conservatives defeat the Old Guard GOP in the senate primary?

I still don't understand how our choices for POTUS was John Amnesty McCain last time.... And... Even further Left Romneycare Romney THIS TIME?????? What the H3!! is going on with Washington DC's RNC??????? Moving left is the problem N O T the cure......... † FNS † (he shakes his head in disbelief as he hits submit...)

Has there ever been a Tea Party & democrat alliance before, like with this Dick Lugar (R) battle in Indiana?

Since the Tea Party has only been in existence for 2 and a half years, I gonna go out on a limb and say, there still isn't an alliance nor will there ever be.

Does Lugar's defeat prove once and for all, if you support the US government, you will lose?

Do you think Dick Lugar will pull a Lisa Murkowski and run as an Independent if he loses the GOP primary?

How is Michelle Bachman alligned with the TEA Party?

Will the Lugar - Mourdock Primary battle bring attention to May 8 Romney vs. Santorum INDIANA Primary?

Your question has only a shelf-life of 7 days -- the Primary is a month away Lugar is definitely a walking "Bull's Eye Target" -- he is sort of a Romney type (1% wealthiest -- not even resident of Indiana any more) Mourdock may get endorsement by Mitch Daniels -- that would be quite a brawl if GOP Indiana types fight it out in a public, open air kind of way

If Richard Mourdock wins IN primary will he suffer the same fate as Sharon Angle in the general election?

OH BROTHER !!! That guy was proven to be a crook, in Europe, & he's running for office, in this country ?