can someone help me think of a way to remember these people for my government test? I only know 2 ...?

Read up on a couple of things about each person, and their position, (this will help you link person with position) and of course study.

my name should be off sex offender list what gives?

if your name is on the registry you are assigned an agent and you could easily phone this agent and ask such a question as this. from the attorney generals office every 90 days each registrant is required to verify the Information of your residence, sign the form and return it to the departnment within ten working days. so your 90 days has taken place, april of this year and it's october now and you should have recieved these papers and then you could have followed up with the latest news of your case.

how can I remember these people for a test. Normally I can only remember if there in the news a lot.?

Make visual memory cues with each one. Have something odd that you associate each one with. Something that would easily spark your memory. For example, you could associate "Mary Taylor" with "tax police" or something weird like that. Dick Cheney - "The VP that shot a guy in the face while bird hunting" Bush - Makes weird pronunciations like "Nuc'u' ler" etc. Whatever works for you though.

how long has Richard Cordray been the Ohio State Treasurer?

Since January 2007. He was elected November 2006.