How can I get in direct contact with Sir Richard Branson?

e-mail him on his website

What do you think of this statement by Richard Branson?

The people are a reflection of the company. If the employees are happy and proud of their job it shows in their attitude. If the employees are appreciated they will be more productive. The staff is the first thing any customer sees, and the first impression is most important, good customer relations are the start of long term clients. When an unhappy employee greets a customer that is the beginning of a nightmare for the company. When a secretary is treated like a 'phone answerer and an appointment setter' the boss can really have some bad days and lots of customer relationships to mend. Here is one of my recent situations. It is under duress when I go to this store; they are prone to messing up my prescriptions, ringing up items wrong and to be out of items I need. I walked into a discount store and the greeter scowled at me and demanded to see the bag I brought into the store, then she asked to see my receipt. She didn't like that I didn't have a receipt and told me next time I better have one. There were 3 people working in the return department, talking among themselves. When they finally saw me it looked like I was interrupting a meeting and when one nodded it seemed like the new hire came to help me, then the nodder signed off on my return. At the check out the employee noticed my prescription drugs and told me he wished he got that good a deal on his medicines. He was trying to get another job because the health insurance sucked, with three kids and his wife he needed good insurance and better hours. Their are other stores that have employees with positive attitudes and better service, it makes going to a discount store a better experience.

richard branson?

ooo, can i come too? ever since i saw a special on necker on the travel channel, ive been dying to go.

why do some companies and people have a problem with the Virgin brand and Richard Branson?

I think it is a cultural thing. No one believes in Virgins any more.

When Richard Branson decides to retire, how will Virgin continue without him?

he probably has a board of directors to run the company. he probably has all kinds of options including selling it outright and cashing in with all that money. I bet there is someone out there who would buy it.

How do I contact Richard Branson about a proposed Idea on drasticly reducing greenhouse gasses?

Visit Read the rules under "Terms and Conditions," and if you want, get on their mailing list under "Act Now". They will contact all participants in the challenge as the deadline for submission approaches in 2010.

Richard Branson offers reward for a solution to global warming?

the contest was/is called Virgin Earth Challenge go to then at the bottom push terms and conditions that will take you to a page that has a download entry form. I guess the contest is still going. Good Luck - remember who sent ya there - wink wink

I need a shakespearean selection that can relate to richard branson? doesn't mention any Shakespeare selections. If you mean 'what Shakespeare play might relate to the life of Richard', then search for short descriptions of the plays till you find one that sounds ok.

Can a entrepreneurial female version of Richard Branson ever be possible? Can a women achieve what he has?

I believe Yahoo's CEO is a woman. Yahoo!'s CEO Carol Bartz Abigail Johnson - $650 billion in assets Look in the investing world - there are many affluent women. Richard just happens to be popular. There is one investor lady that gets flown by helicopter each day to work in Houston. /

Richard Branson*?

Stick posters on his trains and planes.