Franchise Player Poll: #1 Atlanta Thrashers?

I take Bogosian in a heartbeat. BQ* I'd wouldn't be suprised if Bogosian got it but I think it'll be Antropov.

Franchise Player Poll: #2 Atlanta Thrashers Re-Post?

I would pick Kane How many times are you going to ask this question?

Thrashers in 1-3 years?

Too bad you haven't gotten more answers. Tuna(not sure if you've seen him in this section as he doesn't come on more) had been preaching last summer about the Kings and the Thrashers.... how they are close to being a playoff team. I for one hopped onto the LA bandwagon at the start of the season believing they were going to make the playoffs and be a contender in the future with their young stars and some older guys they have acquired. Now Atlanta on the other hand I am not sold on. They do have some nice younger talent that has the potential to develop into a good team. the problem is that I don't think management has the insights to take the next step to reach the playoffs and possibly due more. For one, I'm not sold on their goaltender yet. LA has Quick, Chicago has Niemi, Phoenix has Bryzgalov, and Atlanta.... there's a question mark there. I think Atlanta has to bring in a few vets for leadership and to guide these young players, and get rid of some Euros. Antropov, Slava Kozlov, and Afinogenov are not the players who are going to win you a championship. Can't forget a new coach for next season.... the right one can make a difference too. So really, I think Atlanta has potential, but I'm not sold on whether or not they know what to do with it.

Yahoo Fantasy Hockey Strategy Advice?

Its a terrible team to be honest. I can't tell who you drafted in the first two rounds of your draft by looking at your roster. However, you do have the right idea about packing up for the remainder of this season to better your keepers going into next season. Im not impressed with your goaltenders and could stand to downgrade them for an upgrade somewhere else to someone who is still competing for this season. You should double check your free agent/waiver wire list of players for injured stars, etc who will be returning healthy next season and try to stockpile better keepers any way you know how. Trade whoever you can get interest for. You seem like you care enough to compete eventually in this league, so do any and everything you can to upgrade keepers for next year. Good luck!

2011-2012 trade deadline?

The Stars SHOULD have a new owner by that time and free up something like 15million to spend as soon as they get a new owner 30 million to spend next year

Can you please rank my fantasy hockey team?

Centre: 8/10 RW: 8.5/10 LW: 9/10 D: With Markov: 8/10. Without Markov: 6.5/10 G: 9/10 Start: Henrik Sedin, Claude Giroux, Zach Parise, James van Riemsdyk, Christian Ehrhoff, Alexander Edler, Pekka Rinne.

Could the Wings eventually run into a problem with all the player shuffling?

I looked at that situation pretty in depth a few days ago since they will have 16 forwards and 7 Dmen (2 over the roster size) and then there is Cap issues. I am pretty sure they will be within 100K if they do this............. First off- Abdelkader will be sent to Grand Rapids as soon as everyone is healthy except Franzen (which is early March) and he was supposed to be there anyways. So they will be OK cap wise (using LTIR) and still not exceeding the max roster size. When Franzen returns they will have to send Helm down also! He is still waiver exempt (thats assuming EVERYONE is healthy at that point).......... he and Abby would finish the year in Grand Rapids, thus giving us the Cap Space also. Then those two return for the playoffs when their is no maximum roster size or Cap. This would keep the Wings DEEP, without exceeding the Cap or losing any player.

can someone give me the updated ratings for all the bruins players?

Your list looks surprisingly like the one taken from the Bruins web site. On that same web site there is a link to stats. click there and voila. Here it is.

Are the Boston Bruins a poor mans team Canada?

I live in Boston (Im a habs fan) and everyone tells me they hate canada. Funny, because the habs are mostly european or american, while the bruins are infested with canadians. The only american is Thomas.

Should I do this Fantasy Hockey Trade?

i smell leafs fan.... hagman, blake and antropov + kubina (ex-leafs) hard to deny =P

Have you ever met an NHLer outside of hockey?

I met Rod Langway who played for the capitals at a bar in DC. I'm pretty sure i was the only one who recognized him because no one else said anything to him. We talked for a little bit and he is a great guy.

What C should I start and maybe pick up for my Fantasy hockey team?

Patrice Bergeron Vincent Lecavalier Patrik Berglund Jokinen has missed several games the past couple of years. Last season was the only one where he came close to playing the full season, but still he does not resemble the player that he used to be. I would not pick up either one of those centers over what you already have. Lecavalier is getting older, but he is still potent offensively. Gerbe could become an excellent player later this season, but Berglund has the best potential right now.

How are you doing in your fantasy league?

C Travis Zajac C Mike Fisher LW Patrick Marleau (LW Alex Burrows RW Phil Kessel RW Jarome Iginla D Dion Phaneuf D Stephane Robidas D Brent Seabrook D Christian Ehrhoff G Cam Ward G Jeff Deslauriers This is why my team sucks, I'm tenth out of 12

What should I do about my fantasey hockey team?

Try to trade Olli, and give him a week or two evaluate him even though he is past his prime. At that point, you will have a better idea on some possible free agent pickups if they are necessary.

How would this team do in the NHL this year?

They wouldn't do very well at all because there is no arena in Quebec City for them to play in. Also their coaching would suck, with zero games of coaching experience above the peewee level they would get eaten alive in a real game.

how can I improve my fantasy hockey team?

I never like having goalies on the same team u would get more points. your d is pretty solid goligoski is injury prone this year, I had brunette, dumont, and peverley, but got rid of them for better players in waivers. Im in 1st place in 2 league I could really help u if you sent me a link to your league

What's your take on the following?

Peverley needed to get out of Nashville. He wasn't Trotz kind of player. The change of scenery has helped him a great deal as his point totals show. You have to wonder how Nashville feels as they lost him for nothing. Kaberle. Kaberle has been ranked among the top 15 NHL defencemen for close to a decade now. He's finished in the top 10 in D scoring twice...and he's only 31. He's been one of the most highly sought after defencemen, and yet one of the more underrated defencemen as well. If he shot more....everyyone would be happy. Goligoski - off to a great start with the increased opportunity (4 extra minutes a game) and has already tied last year's goal total. He's had a solid career so far and is quite young - something Burke and Wilson have said will be a characteristic of this year's USA squad (which I predicted will medal a couple of weeks ago on this very site!) Del Zotto has been far and away the best rookie in my opinion, he has already played his way into QBing the Rangers top power-play unit (which sucked against Vancouver last night but one could easily blame Dubinsky and Gaborik more than del Zotto) at the age of 20....shades of Brian Leetch and Bobby Orr. Plays a lot smaller than he is, which I think helps him. Would love to see him play more at even strength however. van Riemsdyk has done extremely well with his limited ice time....over a point a game while only averaging 13 minutes. he's a good player....too bad he's a Flyer. There has been quite a good lot of rookies early on when you think about it. O'Reilly and Duchene are playing well in Colorado, Drewiske is playing well in LA, Tavares has impressed me with his offense on the Island, but he's VERY weak defensively, or at least he was against Buffalo, Hedman is playing solidly in Tampa, etc. All this talk about Varlamov and Howard being the cream of the rookie goaltenders has subsided as a lot of people are raving about Gustavsson in Toronto. Only rookie goalie with a GAA below 3, and an SPCT above 0.900 (although these would fall to Rask if he had played enough games)...all on a team that is weak beyond the goal crease.

Jarome Iginla Trade Predictions?

This is like the tenth Jarome Iginla question in the past day. But here we go again; My prediction is that he goes to Boston. Peter Chiarelli doesn't want to offer top prospects in Khokhlachev, and Spooner. If he really does think Iginla will put them over the top then he will go ahead and offer Alexander Khokhlachev, a mid prospect; maybe Torey Krug, and a 2nd round pick. If Chiarelli decides to hang onto Khokhlachev then he will probably offer a late 1st round pick, and a good prospect; maybe Jared Knight. -- That deal you said won't get Iginla, as a matter of fact it has no value. But like I said, Chiarelli will pay if he thinks it's worth it. Read and acknowledge buddy. It also doesn't matter if it's a rental. If a move is worth a legitimate shot at the Cup you go for it especially WHEN you have a deep prospect pool. Sigh..

What's the scoop on Alexander Kocklachev?

Regarding Alexander Khokhlachev: IS HE ANY GOOD? Remember, he won't be 20 until September 9. He is 5'10 inches and weighs 187 lbs. He will have to mature physically in order to maximize his scoring potential in the National Hockey League (NHL). He must also continue to work on his play without the puck. He is a slick puck carrier; a creative passer; and he knows how to put the puck in the net. His defensive work is inconsistent; as a winger he’s prone to losing his man, as a center he struggles to read the coverage. His skating has upside and downside: He has good acceleration, good top-speed, and he can stop on a dime. He is able to shake defenders, but he lacks elite top-speed, and he has some problems changing direction and skating backwards. WILL HE BE PLAYING IN NHL IN 2013? After struggling to find his game in the KHL in 2012-13, he returned to North America to play in the OHL. In the OHL he proved to be an excellent player, and he will look to show that at the pro level next season. He is not expected to make the Bruins in training camp, but he will certainly be considered. He has been named to the Boston Bruins rookie camp roster. If he does not make the Bruins out of camp, he will play for the Providence Bruins in the American Hockey League. DID HE HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH TYLER'S DEPARTURE OR WAS IT INGELA? Neither! There were reports that he was part of the Calgary Flames trade involving Jarome Iginla; however, it turned out that the Calgary Flames captain was traded to the Pittsburgh Penguins instead. It was Iginla's choice. As to Tyler Seguin, the Bruins had some real payroll problems in the summer, and they had to do something. Trading Seguin and Rich Peverley for Loui Eriksson and prospects was the best solution for Boston. Having Khokhlachev in camp did not discourage the trade, but it was not a major factor. Reducing payroll appears to have been the key. DOES HE HAVE ANY STAR POTENTIAL? Yes -- He is a very talented playmaker who can score. If he matures physically and improves on the few problems with his skating (see above). The Bruins like his upside.

Who's better Ovechkin or Toews? ?

Ovechkin is a better goal scorer, no doubt. He's top-3 in scoring ability. He scored 65 goals in one season. The last time someone cracked 60 was in the 1995-1996 season, when both Jagr and Lemieux did it for the Penguins. Right now, he's the only active player to break 60 goals. However, Jonathan Toews is a better complete player. Ovechkin doesn't play defense and isn't a penalty killer. Toews was a Selke Finalist, losing out to Ryan Kesler. Toews is one of the best in the faceoff circle. He's #3 among players with at least 100 faceoff attempts, behind Adam Hall and Rich Peverley. He's tied for 2nd in the NHL in goals (22 goals) and tied for 14th in points (39 points). He has a Stanley Cup and a Conn Smyth. I would take Toews if I were building a franchise over Ovechkin. Toews makes players around him better, while Ovechkin doesn't necessarily have that ability. Toews is a complete player that will do everything for a team.

Atlanta Thrashers?!?!?!?!?

1. it's going to be tough for the Thrashers to make the playoffs as they will be competing with 6 other teams (senators, lightning, rangers, canadiens, islanders and panthers) for 2 spots. (i believe at some point boston will get healthy and right the ship). In all honesty I think the thrash will make the playoffs. the rangers are too soft and injury prone, the habs are too small, have a slow d and are also injury prone, the isles are too young and i don't think there's quite enough talent there yet. that really just leaves the lightning, the sens, and the panthers. I think the thrashers finally have a goalie that they can rely on in Ondrej Pavelic which will allow them to play the uptempo, attacking style of hockey that they want to play. To play this system a team needs offensive talent and they do have a lot of fast, young, up and coming players who can put the puck in the net like Rich Peverley, Tobias Enstrom, Zach Bogosian, Evander Kane and Bryan Little but the main man in Atlanta (and the guy who should lead them to the playoffs) is Captain Ilya Kovulchuk. Kovulchuk is in a contract year so you know he's going to play well to get the big money next year. I also think Kovulchuk is a lot more comfortable now that there are more Russians like Afinegenov and Russian speaking Kazak Nik Antropov playing with him which brings me to my next point: 2. Yes I think Ilya Kovulchuk will stay. All Kovulchuk wants is to play on a competitive team and i think the Thrashers have finally turned the corner this season. I also think he's very happy being around his fellow countrymen and I think he likes the style of hockey the Thrashers are implementing. 3. I think like Kovulchuk, Afinogenov is very happy to be around all the other Russian players (Slava Kozlov is also on the team) and he too is enjoying playing Atlanta's system. I wouldn't quite call him a beast yet as he is wildly inconsistent and can go into long dry spells, but if he can keep this production up for an entire season i would be willing to give him beast status

Who is the Boston Bruins top center?

Depends what you mean by "top center." If you mean in terms of lines, then David Krejci is their top center, with Milan Lucic on the left wing and Nathan Horton on the right wing. Patrice Bergeron is then their 2nd line center, with Rich Peverley and Brad Marchand on the wings. If you're comparing the two, it's really tough to say - Patrice Bergeron is definitely the better of the two as a two-way player, but some could argue that David Krejci is the better offensive player. Personally, I think that both are pretty equal overall. It's a nice luxury to have two centers like that. To answer your second question, I think that you'll be seeing Krejci on the 1st line and Bergeron for the 2nd line barring any injuries. These lines have formed great chemistry, especially in the playoffs last year, and I see no reason why he would break them up.

Hockey pool - Hossa, Peverley or van Riemsdyk?

Hossa. If he gets healthy.

Have you ever met any famous hockey players?

-Dustin Brown (Kings) I met him at his Stanley Cup party this past month -Nathan Horton (Bruins) I met him outside of the TD Garden in Boston, very nice guy! -Rich Peverley (Bruins) Same as Horton -Mark Recchi (Bruins) Mark was the first NHL player I met. He had one heck of a Hummer I can tell you that! -Tuukka Rask (Bruins) Met Tuukka outside of the TD Garden as well -Shawn Thornton (Bruins) Shawn and Tuukka were together so I met them both at the same time. ....and a couple more!

Why are most of the Bruins players so ugly and slow on the ice?

I have seven things to say 1. If you've played hockey before, you would know that it is not a beauty contest. 2. Brad Marchand David Krejci Rich Peverley Tyler Seguin(even though he is not playing) and Patrice Bergeron all have breakaway speed. 3. The Flyers lost 7 - 3. 4. Boucher Sucks 5. Leighton sucks. 6. Bobvrovsky (or however the fuck you spell his name) sucks. 7. It is mathematically impossible for the Flyers to win in 4 games because they lost game one. I hope this helps.

Douglas Murray is a lucky guy!?

2007–08 Pavel Datsyuk and Henrik Zetterberg; 6th+7th round. You know how both of these guys turned out. 2010–11 Tim Thomas and Rich Peverley; 9th round+undrafted. 2011-12 Willie Mitchell and Kevin Westgarth; 8th round+undrafted.

Random hockey questions?

BASICS 1. Toronto Maple Leafs 2. Phil Kessel 3. Boston Bruins 4. Alexander Ovechkin OTHER 1. Several deaths, skates cutting throat (Richard Zednik, Clint Malarchuk) 2. Thongs/Underwear 3. Phoenix Coyotes 4. Rich Peverley/Matt Moulson

Mike Fisher, David Perron, Tim Connolly, Nicklas Bergfors or Rich Peverley?

if its for my habs i would take a healthy connoly or perron but for fantasy go for peverly or bergfors while hes hot

Rich Peverley or James van Riemsdyk?

Rich Peverley

What's up with Rich Peverley?

I had Peverley on my team for a while, then I dropped him. I suggest you drop him, pick up someone from free agency, and check in on him from time to time. If he starts scoring more, then you can just pick him back up (odds are no one in your league will grab him, especially if you keep a close eye on him).