How do you tell difference between the original poster and reprint?

original's marked whit O reprint 1,2,3,....

Is it possible to reprint once the document has already been deleted?

no u cannot do tht but u could look for tht deleted document and restore it if ud like tht :) search online for "delete scavenger" itll search ur entire hard drive for files or extensions u choose and ull b able to restore it but b carefull u have to restore ur file to another partition and not the same as the one u delete it from

Are newspaper reprints different than the original? Does it actually say reprint on them?

In most cases, they will say reprint on them.

is there a difference in the reprint edition of the host by stephenie meyer?

I think it may be because the new paperback has a bonus chapter. So that may be the reprint.

I would like to reprint a whole article in a book. How do I properly cite it to ensure there is no copyright?

Chances are that the articles will have copyrights, but if you have done everything possible to contact any possible rights holders including the newspapers and journalists, then you should be fine. You should also have documentation stating that you received no response, whether it be returned envelopes or even the letters you wrote them, just to be on the safe side. As for citing the articles, on the copyright page of the book/manuscript(are you self publishing?) you should write up a disclaimer stating that you tried to contact the owners of the copyright to no avail. You should probably have your lawyer (or editor) draw something up. Don't be surprised if the right holders show up after the fact.

When it comes to antique books, what is an "archival reprint"?

General Research Guides for Students: http://find Easy to use links that will help with all your research needs, try typing a keyword or two into the search engine and see what happens. http://www.aresearch troy/886... http://www.studentre http://www.chacha. com/ Please note that you have to write these links into your address bar as one word to get the links to work.

Merging labels from excel to word, still have extra room on paper. Do I have to reprint whole list?

You don't have to delete anything. During the merge process there's a way to select or reject specific entries in the database. As I remember, it comes up right before the actual merge process, but you may have to keep your eyes open for it. Use scrap paper until you figure it out exactly. Hope that helps.

How/Where can I load my old photo negatives onto a cd so I can reprint or edit?

If you are going to do a lot of this, get a film scanner or a flatbed scanner with capabilities for negatives. This would include backlighting of the negative and frames to hold the negative flat. Because negatives are small with lots of detail, you need at least 2400 ppi capability. Also be sure that the negative holders that come with the scanner fit the size negatives you have. I have an Epson 4870 and it works great! The current models are the 4490 ($250) and 4990 ($400). They come with software to scan and adjust both positive and negative images. Other manufacturers have some too. If you have not too many to do, a video imaging shop can scan them and put them on CD to load on your computer. They charge a fee for each negative. Good Luck

How do I reprint a fax from memory?

No, the fax is gone. Have the sender resend the fax.

I just noticed a few mistakes on my thesis - should I reprint it?

A few marks can make a big difference. Wished I had not ignored my mistakes. Your mistakes seems smaller though.

how can I reprint something from my printer?

Unfortunately, no ... unless your printer is actually a multifunction device. Then you can scan the document back in and print it a second time. (You could scan it either using OCR software, or as a picture file.)

I am looking to buy a reprint of a painting?

If you mean this G.Herbert you can try the Tate in London. They have a number of his works and a gallery of that size usually sells prints of the works in their collection at the gift shop.

How will i know if the card is a reprint or not?

There are a few things you can do: The easiest is too look on the back. On the very bottom card, on the back, there is the fine print. (it normally consists of the producer of the card, copyright info, and other other). Most reprint cards, I would say 95% actually, have the word "reprint" printed in small text there. It may be small, so look closely. If that fails look at the corners of the back of the card, and you will normally see a number - type the name of the player in on google followed by that number. Click search and you should see the exact card pop up in the first several search. By the price of the card, you should be able to figure out if it is a reprint or not. Also, it might say right in the links that it is a reprint. As far as price goes, a reprint wouldn't sell for more than 5 dollars.

Where can I order the custom size photo reprint? This is the regular consumer version of a fantastic professional lab. You just upload your photo to an album and select the size you need and it's mailed to you super quick. They even have 8x8 for $1.99. good luck!

Do I need to get permission/ how do I get permission to reprint recipes from magazines, cookbooks and online?

This should only require the listing of the source of your material, whether it is from a magazine, cookbook, or a neighbor/friend. That way credit is given to the source of the recipe, statement, etc. that you have used.

Hi does anyone know how much a 96 chrome Mickey Mantle reprint worth?

Invest a whole five dollars in a baseball Becket guide and you'll find out instead of asking a group made up of illiterate 17 year olds who just guess at these questions.

Are they going to reprint Archlord Kristya?

The question is are you good at playing and winning tornaments if so then spending money on kristyta is worth while. In fact i am build a fairy deck at moment or rather krista sworn with other elements. If you have 1 kristya already its not so bad. Otherwise consider a counter fairy deck as they are much cheaper and can be just as good (well at least until kristya gets a reprint which i think will happen next year for gold series 4. Its good they are reprinting such cards. (as i need another fader and need all the others). as i traded my gold dad because it was never drawn unlike the secret). However in some respects i wish they would reprint kristya now because i am still desepratly trying to get 2 more for euros. I wish they would release specieced tins to help archtypes e.g archlord krista, hearld and preparation in one tin. Blackwing vayu. Blackwing Breeze and Blackwing Armour master in another. Drill warrior , Light and darkness dragon and say tyranical princess of carmiles in another. and maybe an x-saber one e.g Emmersblade , Darksoul , Faultroll.

How does one go about if one went to reprint a master piece and sale it?

You are going to have to find the original piece and find out who has the rights to it. Of course, I suppose you could do an illegal reprint and would never be caught.

How would I cite a reprint of a book with commentary from another person?

What I do, and I am in Grad. school for English, is I cite, Galileo says "..." (Hawking 245). I name the original author and then bracket the source. I am not sure if this right but, I have been getting away with it for a long time, so I assume it is. For a works cited, you would just need to cite the source you pulled from or in your example Hawking, as you never looked at or consulted Galileo's work. This is for MLA format. I am not sure for APA.

how do I secure the rights to reprint out of print books?

If you are interested in a specific book, contact the publisher and they may be able to tell you whether they still hold the rights or whether the rights have reverted to the author. If you just want to reprint out of print books in general to make money, I'm not sure how effective this will be, but you can try I guess. Try googling "public domain" and you should find plenty of information.

If you lose the paper for your six flags season pass can you reprint out another one?

If you got it on line, you can re-print it yourself by going back through your email to the page to print tickets. If you bought it at the park, and lost the paper you gave you, then it is lost. It can NOT be reprinted. You will have to buy another season pass or ticket.

how can i tell if i have a 1st print or a reprint of the 1993 superman comics?

You mean like "The Death of Superman" and stuff? The covers are usually different, and non-first printings usually have something like "2nd printing" in the indicia.

If one wanted to reprint and out of print book what is the procedure for doing this?

Go to the library of Congress number in the back of the book. Then to the original publisher and see if they are going to reprint. The copyright date and the author. The author may sign over for a contract for reprint. now do all the searches on your computer. If the author is dead and the date of copyright is so old, then you have to reapply for a copyright under the author's name and yours as publisher.

When will the reprint of moonwalk come out?

Enjoi-the question isnt asking where to buy michael jacksons records from, its asking where to buy moonwalk-his autobiography its supposed to come out soon. a judge granted for reprints to come out but im not sure when. soon i hope, i really want to purchase a copy myself =]

Where can I find a Japanese movie poster Reprint?

They have a repro of the German version here for $13:

If I reprint a new gamestop buy 2 get 1 coupon, can i keep using it?

No they input the code from the coupon and run it through. If you tried they would catch you.

Is it possible to get a receipt reprint if I lost the original?

i belive its too late because they wouldnt have any way of finding the order but if you you have a bank statement that mgiht be accpetable if it menations the store

Do anyone know a photo reprint permission form?

I made a form titled "Permission to Print" Then I describe the CD and images and that a particular person has my permission to print any images on that CD. The form is dated and signed by me with the statement, "Copyright Owner" under my name. I include my name, email address and telephone number. Next I show Walgreen's, Wal-Mart and other local printing labs the form and get them to sign off on its validity and make copies which I include with each Permission to Print sheet.

How to tell if an autograph is actually just a reprint?

Look at the back of the paper. It should bump up a bit where the pen pushed it. If it's totally flat, that doesn't prove much because it depends somewhat on the background, and on the paper. However, if the paper is indented where the lines are, it may still be fake but it's likely that it was done by hand.

How much is a Honus Wagner reprint card worth?

This is a 1980s reprint. Value is one to three dollars, to the right person. Even though it's an older reprint from when the original card it's a copy of might have been worth $25,000 (try at least ten times that today), values are low because there have been numerous reprints of the original card.

Help with a reprint of a very famous painting?

I found this, which is a mixed-method engraving of the subject, but it doesn't state by whom (dated 1864): Here there's mention of an engraving of the painting done by an "unknown artist" (but it's not pictured): "'The Black Brunswicker' by John Everett Millais, Engraving by Unknown Artist c. 1865 albumen silver print 9.3 x 5.8 cm Purchased 1972 National Gallery of Canada (no. 34993.129)" It's also shown in black & white here: And here is another engraving, done by Thomas L. Atkinson (it may be the one shown above at, but the image is reversed): Prints of it can be purchased, and the references underneath the image say: "© Bridgeman Art Library / Private Collection / © The Maas Gallery, London, UK" Here it says: "The picture was very popular as an engraving and an edition of 1864 was subsequently reprinted." And finally, I've found this about the engraver: "Thomas Lewis Atkinson (1817 - c. 1890) was a master mezzotinter in the Eighteenth Century tradition, and The Black Brunswicker after Millais is possibly his masterpiece. Millais's painting was the perfect vehicle for Atkinson, for mezzotint (being the only tooled technique where the engraver works from dark to light, rubbing down to create tones between) is ideally suited for the convincing depiction of texture. The crisp contrast of the girl's satin dress is as good as anything that Valentine Green (1739 - 1813) produced, so good that you can tell that it is satin and not silk, and the polish on the soldier's boots is so shiny it makes you look at your own shoes." Lastly, here there is a pencil study by Millais for his painting, although I don't believe that's what you're referring to:

Can a retail store 9Walmart) reprint a certainreceipt for me?


How can I reprint a shipment label in USPS?

You need to contact USPS for this Technical Problem 800-ASK-USPS

How do I reprint or enlarge (w/o compramising the quality) a index print?

Unfortunately, you can't. Thumbnails are naturally small resolution.

How can I reprint an audit trail using ad manager pro?

click the print button again

How to reprint shipping label on ups website if I payed as a guest.?

Older baseball cards. How can I tell the deferance between origanl and reprint cards?

If what you saw did not say 'reprint' or 'copy', then obviously the seller listed it as a reprint. Sellers should do this if they don't know if a card is original or not. However, many sellers are pushing obvious fakes, knowing there are buyers for them who are not honest and will turn around and cheat other unsuspecting buyers. Being able to tell the difference from images is close to impossible. It takes holding two cards in your hands, plus years of experience, to know if the card stock is correct. You can have all the high-tech printing you want, but the fakers almost never get the card stock right.

how much would a 1829 reprint of a 1716 book written by James Nayler?

Rivertown Fine Books of MacGregor, Iowa, has a copy for sale for $550. It is described thusly: B. C. Stanton, Cincinnati, 1829. Full-Leather. Book Condition: G+. No Jacket. 8vo - over 7¾" - 9¾" tall. Near VG cond hardcover now in archival Brodart, no dj. RARE. Brown grained leather bds w/ burgundy title block on spine, gilt lettering. A little scuffing & bumping to bds, but far less than one would expect. Top 1/8" of backstrip missing. Top 3" front gutter cracked, along w/ corresponding interior hinge. Marbled eps & pastedowns, ffep torn halfway down near hinge. 2 early owners' names in old brown pen on 2fep (Samuel Coate ((illegible)), & John F. Pearson), also more recent name &c in blue ink dated 1974. Mdt foxing throughout, occasional very light dampstaining, pages somewhat stiff w/ age. 740 pp., 2-1/2" thick. Nayler (1618 - 1660) was an early English Quaker leader & evangelist, an early follower of George Fox (though Fox later denounced him). Book is square & straight, binding is tight. Don't be fooled by the flaws, this is a marvelous copy of an extraordinarily scarce book. The question is, how sought after is this scarce book? I don't know. You might phone Rivertown Books. I suspect that it's a very rare book that is hard to sell--and that a dealer might shy away from making a very generous offer because of that reason, but calling the store that owns this and explaining you have one and asking how much interest there has been would be your best bet.

What is a set fee for a reprint of the article?

Depends on the contract and the agency handling it.

Whats the best resolution to reprint photos?

If you don't want a super professional job, go ahead and scan at 300 dpi and print at 300 dpi. I'd like to see you go to at least 600 dpi in the scan, because you are undoubtedly going to have some dust and scratches to deal with and you will want that increased resolution for some working room. If your scanner offers dust and scratch "removal," try that and see if it does the job without killing the details of the final scan. The print you are scanning is probably in the 200-250 range (approximate equivalent), so even going to 300 dpi is more than they started out with. When you view a 300 dpi scan of a 4x6 original, it's going to take you about 8 screens to actually see the whole thing. Actually, I'd say that 300 dpi is plenty unless you are going to try to do some semi-serious restoration work. I just scanned a card that is a little over 4x6 (vertical format) and uploaded it for you to check out. It is a 300 dpi scan. Click "All sizes" and then "original" and I think you'll see that it's PLENTY big enough to work with for basic work.

Can USPS reprint a receipt for you if you lost the original receipt?

Sorry, no. There is no way to reprint a receipt.

Can a reprint of a painting be valuable?

A reprint is valuable based on different factors: 1. How rare is the print? Were a dozen made? Hundreds? Thousands? 2. Is it a numbered print? That is, does it say something like 33/100 on it? (That'd be the 33rd printed copy of 100 total prints made.) 3. Is it a signed print, and are you sure that's an original signature by the actual artist? 4. Is the artist's original work very valuable? 5. Is the print in good shape? 6. Is this a high-quality print, or something cheaply printed for a bargain bin at a discount store? Each of these factors can make a big difference. A biography of the artist -- even an online bio -- may provide clues about his prints and how rare they are. If you live near an art museum or large gallery, you can ask their advice. Your public library's reference department may be helpful. Or, you may find someone doing free art appraisals, online.

Where can I reprint wallet size prom pictures taken from Lifetouch?

YOU CAN'T copy the picture!!!! It is against the law to copy someone else's work without their permission (copyright release). If a place does this they may be subject to several thousand dollars in fines and legal charges. The law is the law, stop trying to steal. Copying is stealing. You must get permission from Lifetouch, check the website or call the number listed.

Any of yall regulars know where I can get a reprint copy of an old Bannerman' catalog?

If any current antique gun parts dealer has a claim to the heritage of Bannerman and Sons, it is surely S&S Firearms. (74-11 Myrtle Ave., Glendale, NY 11385. 718-497-1100. S&S still offers some gun parts and other relics with guaranteed Bannerman provenance, as well as reprints of old Bannerman catalogs and a unique 1880 government surplus ordnance sales catalog with Frank’s handwritten notes in the margins. (copied and pasted) try writing the address listed above, or the S&S email listed here

What is the value of a 1956 reprint of 1768 encylopedia britannica?

The reprint won't be very valuable. Now, if you had an original 1768 set ...

How to tell if an autograph is real or a reprint?

Sometimes you can see the thickness of the autograph signature by looking at the note from a horizontal direction. Also, if it shines or has a duller color than anything else on the paper, it should be real. But I don't see a reason in getting autographs, people have too many successful idols in their life that they get to the point in simply not believing in themselves.

How much does it cost to reprint a textbook?

Varies enormously - colour? photos/other illustrations? hard or softback? number of pages?

How do I reprint my drawings to a bigger frame or paper?

Are they digital files or on paper? Digital files can be printed through a photographic printer with reasonable results, burn them onto cd or transfer them onto a digital camera card and use an instore self-service machine. On paper you can either have them scanned or copied, a scan will need to be done at a high resolution, tell the operator the final size you want them printed at.

Will carmax reprint their offer for my car if I lost the original offer?

Yes they certainly will! I have had them reprint a few for me!


sorry, once it's printed, it's gone. But if the original was on the computer, it should still be there even if deleted. It might be in the recycle bin. If not, there are free recovery programs like PC Inspector which will undelete files if possible. (It won't help if something was written over it.)