What's there to do in Reno? Are there any cool bars independent of the casinos?

well, I lived in Lake Tahoe, Carson City and Las Vegas- LT and CC are very close to Reno and I still have lots of friends in Reno... that being said, as much as there ARE "local" bars and restaurants, loads of locals also hang out at the casinos for a meal or some music and drinks. I always did because I always had musician friends playing at one casino or another. When you get there, ask a couple of bartenders at the casinos where THEY go to hang out and which the best oout of casino bars are- they'll be happy to tell you! While you're there, check out Virginia City and Lake Tahoe and maybe hng out down on the river walk. Have fun! We're going to FL on Saturday (from TN now)

How reliable are the road conditions between Reno and Lake Tahoe this week?

Right now the highway conditions are great. You can get to Reno from I-80 easily. I would be cautious though because it is supposed to snow Tuesday and Wednesday, but not too bad.. Just make sure the rental has 4 wheel drive and youll be fine! Before traveling try this website.. video.dot.ca.gov. It shows live cameras off all major highways.. If going to Reno from I-80 look at Floriston, as it is halfway to Reno from Truckee.. Then also look at highway conditions on that site, and you should be set!

Where is the closest breeder to reno nv that breeds giant african pouched rats?

The closest breeder of Gambian Pouched Rats to your area is in Provo, Utah. This is the Raven Moon Rodentry, and they are about a 9 hour drive from you. They do have shipping, although I know you said you can't afford it. You can contact them at this email: cutelittlecritters@yahoo.com The only other breeder of Gambian Pouched Rats in the United States is Mabuku Rattery in Savage, Minnesota. They also do shipping, and can be contacted at this email address: linberger66@email.msn.com Also, here is a link to a website all about the care and behavior of Gambian Pouched Rats, to help you either affirm your decision to adopt one of these majestic giants, or to help you prepare for owning them. http://www.rmca.org/Articles/giant.htm Good luck to you!

How long does it take to receive a marriage license in Reno, Nevada?

How much do you get paid from Biomat donating plasma in reno?

your first time is 45 after that it is 30 you can donate twice a week

Where is a place in Reno NV that is off the beaten path for an outdoor wedding in spring?

Try searching for wedding venues in Reno. You can also check their tourism site if you are interested in a park or something like that. It should be fairly easy to find something like that in Reno. Reno itself is off the beaten path! Good luck.

What casino in Reno has the best comp program?

I have trouble believing that you have gambled that much and not received any comps, unless you aren't tracking your play. Granted, Silver Legacy doesn't have the most liberal program, but they should at least give you a free buffet for that play. Try the Nugget or the Atlantis-they are very generous with comps.

What is the best budget hotel in Reno, NV?

reno.roomrate.com www.tripres.com www.i4reno.com http://search.ezanga.com/_1_2273UYE045K1MMB__ezanga.main.aff11/search/web/reno/1/-/1/-/-/-/1 http://www.gotahoe.com/ www.rgj.com (local newspaper) Check out this publication for current things happening before you come out. http://www.tahoethisweek.com/ Circus Circus is reasonable and just off the strip. There are all kinds of low budget hotels away from the strip but they are not the best quality either. I would rather pay the extra and stay some place safe. There are a lot of things to do in Reno you just have to search for them. Check out the different large casinos to see who they have playing for entertainment. John Ascuaga's Nugget, The Eldorado, The Silver Legacy, Harrah's, The Grand Sierra (used to be the Hilton). Check out the Montbleu, Harrah's and the Harvey's at South Lake Tahoe also to see who's playing. Make sure you rent a car and take a trip up to Lake Tahoe. Do the trip around the lake. It should be beautiful in October with the leaves changing on the aspens. If you are going to be drinking, make sure you have a designated driver with you. And VERY IMPORTANT if you smoke. DO NOT THROW YOUR LIT CIGARETTES OUT THE WINDOWS, ETC. We have huge fire hazards up here with the pine trees and don't need anymore fires starting.

how much money should I take to reno for a weekend getaway?

400 bucks you never no what might go wrong

Is Reno considered a dusty area for purposes of deciding which maintenance schedule to follow?

As far as a mechanic we follow the severe maintance schedule for the simple fact most people drive in cities with some sort of construction around and if you don't you drive in the country. In your case from what you wrote you should chose the severe. The manufaure really wasn't meaning rather you drive on pavement or not, Plus when it comes to your engine you would rather change it sooner than later