How can ordinary citizens force a public referendum?

Start a petition. Go out and get citizens to sign it. If enough signatures are obtained you will get the attention of the nation. You would have to have a constitutional amendment to change this in federal or state govt. They are very hard to get a sufficient number of citizens to back them.

Why can't Canada hold a referendum to abolish the Quebec Bloc Separatist Party?

A reforendum will unfortunatley not work. Quebec is one third of the population and every one of them would vote no. Then you only need a few more sympathizers in Nova Scotia, Onatrio and New Brunswick to make up the difference. I agree the Block Quebecois is a sty on the Canadian government system, but there's not much that can be done. EDIT: I highly disagree with Cougar that they would go away if their needs were being met. The whole purpose of the Bloc is to get a disproportionately larger share of the pie for Quebec than other provinces. In that they operate more like a provincial government with much larger clout in the Federal government. I think that could be seen as a potential way to get rid of them legally. Investigate their actions to show that they operate as an extension of Quebec’s provincial government and make the case that they do not have the interests of anyone but Quebec in mind and therefore are not a legitimate federal party. Cougar: People don't vote for fairness, they vote on their own interests. To the rest of Canada, that means voting for someone who'll do the best job for Canada. For Quebecers it means voting for someone who'll do the best job for Quebecers. They don't see themselves as Canadians. I live in Shanghai and there's a Canadian consulate here and a Quebec consulate. I cannot go to the Quebec consulate for anything because I'm not a Quebec citizen. No doubt this is the doing of the Block. Now Canada, from federal funds has to pay for Quebec consulates around the world and for what? Big waste of money, but when you have a federal party that only wants to divide Canada and doesn't care about the needs of Canadians, it shouldn't be legally recognized. It's almost certain a real party wanted to pass something important and needed the Block to get it through and the Block said "give us consulates around the world and we'll support it" undermining what's best for Canada as a whole once again. Something should be done.

Is the 2008 election actually a referendum upon the Republican agenda?

More than anything else, this election says there is hope for the United States, after all. I'm so proud to be an American today. The world will again see us as they should.

Should a legislative referendum process be used on the national level of government? Why or Why not?

Most definitely. The people are not getting what they elected their representatives to do, so let the people do it through a referendum. We can start with making our government officials live on social security and no special health plans for them.

USA - Should there be a referendum on wether private property continues to exist or not?

American is a Representative democracy with a written constitution. If Congress passed a constitutional amendment that was then ratified by all fifty states you could abolish property rights. Good luck on that one!

If Greece passes a referendum on the Eurozone bailout, does that mean the stock market will go down?

How did initiative, referendum and recall change democracy in the united states?

the states that allow it let people get more directly involved in government

Should the United States adopt a national referendum process that allows citizens to directly vote?

Yes because it would give us the direct ability to represent ourselves not just an elected politician who will more than likely put a spin on what the peoples real issues and concerns are!


Venezuela....Chavez tried to change it so he could have "unlimited" terms in office. You can go to this link to read more... The people rejected the change so it did NOT pass.


well, referendum means: the principle or practice of submitting to popular vote a measure passed on or proposed by a legislative body or by popular initiative . so I guess it just means that in the US there has always been the right to vote on bills in congress.