If you're a Democratic Boston Redsox fan, what would you say to a Republican Yankees fan?

Ahhhhhh,a rhetorical question... there are no answers. There are Red Sox Dems of course...but none of them speak English...they all speak that Brahman accent..so even if they gave a damn about Yankee Reps..no one would ever know. And of course Yankee Dems exist, and most of them can speak some English....but there is no such thing as a Republican in Boston...so the Yankee Dems would be talking to a wall...a true battle of wits... I never get taken in by trick questions anymore..

What chance do you think the Redsox have in winning the world series this year?

Well, let's break it up into pieces. They first need to make the playoffs. They're currently the favourites for the wild card, and according to CoolStandings (1), they have about a 62% chance of making the playoffs. Being the wild card, they'll only see home field advantage for the first two rounds, and almost every scenario has them face the Angels in the first round. For a quick answer, I'd give Boston a 60% chance of beating round 1, a 40% chance of then beating round 2, and a 60% chance of then winning the WS. Multiplying those together, and I put about a 8-10% chance to win the World Series. For a longer answer, I'd need to go over every combination methodically. I may expand my answer later if there's interest.

Do you think the boston redsox should get rid of Papelbon and keep wagner?

i think that Boston has alot of hard throwers in their system, they might think of trading beckett eventually and bringing one of their babies into the closer role.. but Billy Wagner is not a pimple on the butt of Papelbon. Papelbon is so far and away better than Wagner, its not even worth discussing.

How many yankee fans are on today after the loss and how many redsox fans were on after last night?

"Bay" (first to answer your answer) and I were here last night and we are both proud Red Sox fans, win or lose.

Where can I get the cheapest Boston RedSox tickets?

The main thing is shopping around. If you can, try going to a game during the week as they're considerably cheaper. Here are some sites to try: http://craigslist.com (best for local, in-person purchases) http://ticketstumbler.com (compares multiple ticket sites at once) http://stubhub.com (largest ticket exchange) http://ticketsnow.com (stubhub's main competitor) http://razorgator.com (high-end provider)

Have the Redsox and Rays got a rivlary going?

yes. i wouldn't call it one of the bigger rivalries in baseball, but if both teams remain competetive, it will only get better with time

How to I get a redsox players autograph?

well sometimes at fenway park they have previous redsox players that played way back in the day there signing autographs and baseballs and stuff but if you want current members i dont know im not sure if thats even possible

How long do you normally have to wait in the Redsox ticket waiting room before you can get tickets?

They sell out in 60 seconds. You are too late. Ebay and seubhub is the way to go.

When does the redsox season start and has it started yet?

The regular season doesn't start until April. The first game is against the Tampa Bay Rays at Fenway on April 6.


By the question, i can tell your a Clay Buchholz fan, but im going to have to say no only by the look of the Red Sox rotation. 1.Josh Beckett 2.Daisuke Matsuzaka 3.Jon Lester 4.Tim wakefield (the sox love this man, his knuckler is very deceptive when thinking about everyone in the sox bullpen that can throw 90s) 5. John Smoltz/Brad Penny/Justin Masterson Those 3 are really fighting for the 5th spot. Now, i know Buchholz just had a good start in spring, but youve gotta put into perspective how much the sox put in for smotlz and penny. Also, youve gotta put into perspective all three of those guys are a little more proven than Buchholz. Ive heard rumors of the Sox doing a 6 man rotation only because of how deep they are, and if they do (which i dont see happening) that is the only chance of Buchholz having a chance. Also, pending injuries. If some key people get hurt, Buchholz would then have a good chance. As for who starts in October, it really depends on how people do during the year. This question is really good for later on in the year after you see a lot of production from different players. As of right now, i would say the same i jsut said, but someone is going to get injured and something is going to happen. Guarenteed.