How to clean Bones Reds skateboard bearings?

You just made your bearings worse, wd-40 isn't a lube or a cleaner it leaves a residue that stays behind, making it easier for your bearings to collect dirt and dust and keep it there. The best way is to use 99% isoprople alcohol, kerosine, or mineral spirits. To completely clean them you need to take the rubber shields off and soak in the solution and wipe or air dry clean with a can of air duster. Then lube with a good bearing lube like speed cream or even a cheap can of tri-flow will work good for lube. A quick way to clean is whip clean with either of those three types of solvants and then spray with some tri-flow to relube. ALways relube after cleaning, you won't need to clean very often but make sure to lube at least once a week if you skate a lot or a few times a month if not to keep your bearings in good shape. I recomend you clean all that wd-40 out as soon as possible.

How to clean Bones Reds bearings for skateboard?

To take the shields off Bones Reds, or any rubber shielded bearing, gently pry them off with a razor blade or a small pin. Be careful not to bend the shields. Take your time and work them out by prying all the way around the bearing. To clean them, soak the bearings with the shields off in denatured alcohol for a few hours. Agitate several times during the soak. Do not use water based cleaners, they can rust your bearings. Many petroleum based cleaners can leave a film on the bearings that can attract dirt, or break down the lubricant. Let the bearings dry and lube them with two drops of skateboard bearing lube. Replace the shields. Never use WD-40 on bearings. The lubrication properties don;t last and it leaves a dirt attracting film. Check this out for more in depth instructions

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