How can I get Information about a little red school house located in cherokee, NC?

Best bet is to contact the local Chamber of Commerce in Cherokee. They offer information on local business, tourist information and often have historical information too. There is a contact link there so you can ask that specific question. Cheers!

How Christian is it to lie to your children about a fat man in a red suit breaking into your house and giving?

The popular image of Santa Claus has become completely secular and has nothing to do with Christianity. Santa Claus is commonly associated with St. Nicholas of Myra, in Lycia, in Asia Minor (now Turkey), a fourth century bishop in the Catholic Church. The most famous association is Clement Moore's poem, 'A Visit from St. Nicholas,' more commonly known as 'Twas the Night before Christmas!' St. Nicholas is the patron saint of children. One of the most famous stories associated with him is of a poor man in his church who had three daughters but no money for dowries. When the one was ready to marry, St. Nicholas put enough of his own money for her dowry in a sack and, in the middle of the night, tossed it into the home of the man. Then, as each of the other daughters came of age, he did it again. Today, in some cultures, on December 6th, St. Nicholas leaves a bag of goodies on the doorstep; usually nuts & candies! For more information, see With love in Christ.

How do I open the red toad house by the ghost house in Super Mario Wii world 3? It's not a save toad one.?

Theres a secret goal in the ghost house. When you reach the part with the rope hanging, go under the first moving platform into that brown platform and theres a door inside (you can't see that door unless you go to that brown thing). If you don't get anything im saying, here's a video.

Does anyone have any information on the Green and Red Rooms at the Victorian Parliament House Australia?

I hope this helps.

There's a red house, a brown house, and a green house......?

A "greenhouse" is made of glass, but a "green house" is made of green bricks.

How many babies does it take to paint a house red?

Depends how hard you throw them.

Can people visit the Red Cross House in Anaheim, CA?

Call and find out. I think it's usually called the Woelke-Stoffel Home now, and it's owned by the city. Here's info from their Christmas Tour, there is a phone #, so give it a call: Good luck!

i have a red brick house with white windows and white door and am getting siding and need to know what color t?

I'd stick with a neutral color for the siding (beige, tan or grey) but go something bolder with shutters and door (yellow, red or green). I've got a golden/yellow door myself and it really stands out on my basically tan house. (Limestone)

How can I temporarily house a red iguana?

The best thing that u can do is to try to get a box or suitcase that he can't esape from and put some rocks or grass into it. Hope this helps!

What is the history behind painting the front door of your house red?

In China, it's tradition to paint the front door red before the new year, to invite good luck and happiness. In Catholocism, the red door on a chapel symbolized the blood of christ, and other martyrs, to signify that the ground beyond the door (inside the church) was holy, and a sanctuary from physical and spiritual evils. In Ireland, front doors are painted red to ward-off ghosts and evil spirits. People have been painting their doors red for quite some time. I don't think having a red door would necessarily be out-of-context on an older house. I think there may be other origins of this tradition as well. Russian tradition comes to mind, but I'm not sure...

What authors only detective work was The Red House Mystery?

A A Milne

What color will go best with red orange bricks for our house?


What does it mean when a house is covered with a red tarp and says "deadly poison"?

it means there is free candy inside. go in and run a few laps up and down the stairs. don't stop until you find the candy, even if you start to feel very dizzy....

Are the Rose red mansion and Winchester house the same place?

No, the Winchester Mystery House is in San Jose, CA I used to live right next to it. The Red Rose Mansion is in Home front Canada.

How much might it cost to put a small extension on a Victorian red brick house in SW London?

How South-West? Nearer or further than Wimbledon? Thats what usually makes the difference. Anything further out than Wimbledon will generally be a LOT cheaper than anything further in due to the tube access, and that goes not only for buying homes but upgrading them as well. I can't give you a precise figure unfortunately... but I can tell you that its not something to be taken lightly.

Red Vampires in The House Of Night Series?

red vampires are like vampires. they have vampire needs, but a smaller tolerance. they need to be fed more blood, and get very hurt in the sun, more so than vampires.

Any Exterior Color Ideals for an Red Brick House ?

Since you are trying to decide what different colors would look like on your brick house I have a suggestion. Go to the Sherwin Williams paint site and use their color visualizer. You get to select a house that would remind you of your own house, you select a paint color for the house that would be similar to the brick color of the body of your house and and then you can play around and see what different colors look like on the trim, front door, garage door, and shutters. It is really a lot of fun and a good tool for decision making. Other paint companies might have similar sites. Check it out! Happy painting!

how do i dye my hair red with house products?

peroxide is just like bleach so that could work to dye it blonde but be careful because depending on your natural color it could turn out orange and you could dye it red with red kool-aid

if a red man lives in the red house, a yellow man lives in the yellow house?

A black man - Barack Obama at the moment

painting the exterior house red; is it better to use a gray primer; or the same red primer before putting the?

Use the red primer and use two finish coats. Using the gray primer won't make it cover with one coat. Even if one coat does cover, the second coat will add years of durability to the paint job. After all the prep work for a quality paint job, a second coat doesn't add much labor to the project.

A red house is made from red bricks....?

glass! ^_^ ...and has lots of flowers!

What color siding goes good with Red Brick front of house with White Pillars?

Sage green or a light yellowish color

What are these little red spots on my house gecko?

If it eats fruit flies, the flies bleed. If not it could be mites. If you need anymore help feel free to find some info on the forum, its not just for leos.

How do you find the secret house in Pokemon Red?

HM03, Surf, is found in the Safari Zone's Secret House. In order to reach the Secret House, go to Area 3 from the southwestern-most exit from Area 2. Keep in mind that you only have 500 steps to begin with, so if you went searching for Pokemon, you might not be able to reach Area 3 before you run out. Hope this helped Mip

Is red a good color to paint my house with its part red brick exterior?

No! No red, no brown. White looks good with it, light beige or another light color. You can do small, slim areas of trim with red or brown with the white.

Why dosen't snoopey off of Charlie Brown sleep in the red house?

What makes you think he doesn't? The red doghouse is Snoopy's and he does everything out of there, I don't recall any reference or part of a Charlie Brown or Peanuts strip or show where it shows Snoopy sleeping somewhere else. OR Are you saying that he always sleeps on top of it? Because yes, that is the case that he sleeps on top of it. I think the reason he sleeps on the top of it is so that the inside of the doghouse is kept mostly secret and gives Snoopy more of a cool edge, because we don't know the whole inside of his doghouse.

If a blue man lives in a blue house, a red man lives in a red house, and plants live in a green house,?

a black man

How can we play red house live?

Don't use a capo. Just practice and you'll get good enough at it. Blues are supposed to sound raw anyways. Plus diversity makes a good guitarist. Capo limits what you can do.

There's this joke about a woman who has everything red in her house and has a moral in the end ?

I have it heard it told about a woman who has everything red in her one-story house -- sofa, curtains, walls, etc. Then you say however, the stairs are a different color -- what color are they? The answer is that you said it was a "one-story house", so there are no stairs.

how to get rid of red ants from house?

Buy a anteater

If a red man lives in a red house and a blue man in a blue house who lives in the white house?

lmao obama

What does a black and red striped, 2 inch, construction type ribbon tied around some trees near my house mean?

This most likely means that plot of land will be cleared soon, and if i remember right, the ribbons are tied to the trees that they wanna keep, such as for landscaping and such.

How can I enable red blood in House of the Dead 1 in arcades?

Hold the test button down until the test menu appears, then use the service button to scroll to game assignments and press the test button again. Use the service button to scroll down to Blood Color, then use the test button to cycle through the 4 available options(Green/Red/Blue/Purple)

What color do I house my iPhone 4 white or red?

What has a green house inside od a red house where inside lives round black babies?


What is the best way to get brick colors to match on a existing house w/ red , white, color? Need all red?

The white is usually a coating on the brick. If this is the case, you can pressure wash the white off. You will need at least a 2750 psi pressure washer to do this and depending on the size of your house, it can be time consuming, but works well.

Does anyone know how to get the tone in Red House by Jimi Hendrix?

Dude when i played that in 1972 i used to turn my tone down on my guitar or use my fox fuzz wah wah with the switch on and the pedal pushed down to kill the tone hendrix used several pedal and did a lot of remastering on the old studio equipment sometimes

Could someone please help me choose a color to paint front doors and steps of a red brick house w/white trim??

I'd try to match the brick color for the steps, then paint the door the same color or stick with the white.

I have a red brick house and want to know what accent color?

I also have a red brick house and I'm considering Sherwin Williams' "blackberry" and "majolica green" for my home. I think I'd use the green on the door & around the windows, and then blackberry on the gables.

What are some nice accent colors for a deep red brick house?

I agree with M S. You've made the best choice on your own. Your ideas would make your house much more inviting and give visual order to its overall appearance.

Is there a reason people will paint the front door of their house red when it doesnt match the house paint?

So they can tell their visitors or the delivery;'s the house with the red door...

Whats the best color door for a red house?

Red is difficult when imagining red its hard to see the tone. All colors can have a warm or cool tone to them. The difference being a color of warm tone will have a yellow "base" to it and a cool color will have a blue "base" to it. If your red is 202 then 286 would make a great contrast If your red is more toward 186 then then 143 I would find a mat like A seasonal door wreath would look great

What color siding would go better with a red brick house?

OK, since most of what is on the facade of your house is red or red based in nature (brick, bronze window frames), let's move with a complimentary color also on your house but one I'll bet you didn't even notice. I believe that the brick is the primary visual element of your house, with accents such as doors and shutters being secondary. Holding all those bricks together is mortar...up close, you can see it is a greenish gray. The size of the mortar joints is small however in relation to the size of the house. Knowing this gives us some latitude when picking a siding color to compliment the bricks. Your eye will want very badly to believe that a "putty" type of color matches the mortar. A very nice neutral, not too light and not too dark to go with the brick would be Benjamin Moore's HC-95, Sag Harbor Gray, another would be HC-111, Nantucket Gray. Both will be complimentary to the brick and will show it off. See if you can find a siding that comes close to one of those colors. Then I would steal a note from the brick and paint the door a lucious dark reddish brown as an accent, HC-64, Townsend Harbor Brown. Ordinarily I would pick another color for shutters but in this instance you have enough going on, paint the shutters the same as the siding. Voila! a tasteful and long wearing color scheme with sophistication. You didn't mention your roof color but unless you have a green roof, this will work marvelously with just about any other color. Best, Rodd

how to decorate a horribly red house?

The bathroom is easy.. and a bathroom with red tile should be fun. Do and Asian theme with golds and brushed silvers with black lacquer accents. Play it up with a sojhi screen in front of the tub. Do a 1930's theme with multiple black and white pictures on the wall in with black lacquer frames touched in gold. Go ultra modern with red and white only... Very spa like. Go boudoir Gothic with an over sized chandelier and a floor standing candelabra in black and red Go retro with reds and yellow. As far as the carpet see what is underneath you may luck out with hardwood. Or put area rugs over it for now. Beige's corals, rust, purple, gold, red and a deep green would be the palette of complementary colors to choose from think Tuscany decor.

Should I file a complaint on my neighbor who painted his house red?

You are the problem with this country, jerks like you who want to run other peoples lives and say what they can and can not do with their own property.

Does the red house keep copies of wills made in trinidad?

go to the Hall of Justice and apply for a copy. It will have to be sourced from the offsite storage unit. This is provided that the will was filed. Walk with GGgrand dad name and year of probate.

how to connect two red house wires plus ground wire to an electrical water heater?

If you check the house wires with a voltmeter you should have 120 volts on each wire. Then check the water heater to see that it is 220 volts input. If that is the case then connect one red wire to the black wire and the other red wire to the red wire and the ground to the tank ground.

What is the red house bar on editing mean? Sims Pets 2 for Wii?

That bar indicates how much furniture you can have in your house. If you have to much furniture in your house and the bar is full it wont let you place any more furniture and when you go to play your game again one of your pieces of furniture (randomly) catches on fire! Be careful and keep your eye on that bar when your are buying stuff for your house! The Sims games for the Computer do not have that bar and you can build up to five story houses (on the Sims 2 with a certain expansion pack and on the Sims 3 with no expansion pack needed!). I hope this helps and watch out for that bar!

What will you do if Chinese-Americans plant red PRC flag on top of White House?

There would be a lot of dead Chinese piled high on the White House lawn. This question indicates that you are at best a fool.

what is the flashpoint of a common red house brick?

Every picture I have ever seen of the after math of a fire has the chimney(s) standing tall. No flashpoint. The tempeature at which it will "crumble" is determined by the type of brick. I know from experience that common building bricks will create small explosions and flying brick debri if you try to weld or preheat something on them (don't try it). Furnace liner bricks are obviously manufactured to withstand much more heat.