What are your 5 most favorite songs by Ray LaMontagne?

Trouble All the Wild Horses Within You Let It Be Me *Favorite Song..Shelter

What are some of your favorite songs by Ray Lamontagne?

Just one? I love them all. Trouble You Can Bring Me Flowers Hold You in My Arms You Are The Best Thing Let It Be Me Three More Days How Come Sarah

What is the strumming pattern for Ray Lamontagne's All the WIld Horses?

hey matt i am a proffessional guitar player ,if u want strumming pattern of a song just listen the beats carefully and try to copy the beats on guitar !i know its hard for beginners but dont loose hope !try 10 times until u get success ,u can also take the help of software called guitar and drum trainer 4 to slow down music .believe me it is hard for beginners but if u want to achieve mastery levels u have to do it urself!

What was the Ray Lamontagne song playing on American Idol 2/11/09?

the song is called 'a falling through'....amazing song! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S81fpNSyGAc&feature=related

Where can I find FREE sheet music with lyrics for Ray LaMontagne's Let It Be Me?

free sheet music is illegal 99.9% of the time, unless the artist allows it that violates the copyright laws

Does anyone know if Ray LaMontagne writes lyrics and melody before the music, or vice versa?

I think it's melodey before music I'm a huge fan too!!

Was there a song by Ray LaMontagne at the end of the movie 'The Conspirators'?

On IMDB he is not listed under the Soundtrack section for that movie. They are pretty accurate with their listings. Here it is: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1787464/ Hope this helps!

If you are familiar with his music, what is your favorite Ray Lamontagne song?

Ray LaMontagne - Trouble its my favourite because i can relate to it, i definity overthink/worry and have always felt that way and care to much what people think and read to much into things, and that feeling goes when u meet someone, who makes all that fear, worry.... go away

Ray Lamontagne?

GREAT ARTIST. Enough said. Any one who is reading this and is like...hey...who the heck is Ray Lamontagne, get up off a that thing and put on some of his tunes. Hes a great mellow, chillin in a hammock, reading on a rainy day type of artist. Sorry to say that i do now know when he is going to tour the us, but i am totally going when he does!

What is the strumming pattern of the song Crazy cover by Ray Lamontagne?

I loveeee Ray! I also had some trouble trying to find a proper strumming pattern for this song i can play it fairly well now because of Lottss of practice. Thats all you can do really. Watch some vids of different people playing the song.. try and figure it out ..feel it out.