What two teams do you see going to the Super Bowl?

The Dolts?!!! Are you serious? How do you expect they'll stop LJ this weekend? Even if they do somehow win, how do they stop LT? The Dolts?!!! Too funny!!! Name one big game Peyton has EVER won? He is in fact the worst clutch QB in NFL history. The Dolts have no running game....avg at best, no Run Defense that is somehow going to contain LJ??? Sorry, but the Dolts will once again be home watching the SB this year. The AFC is too hard to guess this season. It's solidly between 3 teams...Chargers, Ravens and the Patriots. One should NEVER count out the Patriots in the playoffs - NEVER! The Patriots biggest weakness is their secondary and slightly thier receivers...if they can actually hold onto the ball, they'd be all set. The NFC is most likely represented by N.O. They are just too balanced for any other NFC to compare. The Bears? Yeah right....what was Grossman's QB rating going into the 4th quarter the other day? Oh yeah....ZERO! But honestly I think the most entertaining SB matchup would have to be Dallas vs N.E. Too many storylines to list in that one. The media would have a blast and that's half the fun leading up to the game.

Who can stop the New England Patriots?

At this point, probably no one. The Patriots are having a remarkable season, and I imagine that they will show up in the Super Bowl.

Was the playoffs from last year one of the best you seen?

Could the Texans or Ravens topple New England in the playoffs?

You said it. The New England Patriots have a very weak secondary and can easily lose possibly prior to reaching the AFC championships (where they would potentially face the Ravens), but the Steelers would play them prior and I believe they could "topple" the Pats if Big Ben is 100% by then. I also think it's absolutely possible that the Bengals beat the TJ Yates driven Texans in the Wild Card Game so I'm not too sure about that, but in the end either the Steelers or Ravens will be the ones to beat the Patriots. As for your questioning the possibility, the answer is absolutely. I think the victor of the NFC however will take it all, so if anyone is going to take out the Saints or Packers it will be either the 49ers or each other. Let it be known though, if it is Packers/Saints vs Patriots at the Superbowl it will be a heck of a shootout. EDIT: Read what Terry said and it is true that the Patriots have outscored their opponents, but the point isn't that they won games cause they did, the point is that their defense has glaring holes that COULD easily be exploited by a Joe Flacco led offense. Let's look at other quarterbacks that the Patriots secondary couldn't stop and you might see the trend. Week 1, Chad Henne threw for 416 yards and 2 TDs, Week 3, Ryan Fitzpatrick threw for 369 yards and 2 TDs, Mark Sanchez threw for 306 yards and a TD, and Dan Orlovsky (that one quarterback who hadn't even won a game in his seven years in the league until recent) threw for 353 yards and 2 TDs against this secondary. The point is, weaker sub-par quarterbacks have done damage to this defense and it's very likely that Flacco, a QB that most would consider top 15 overall, could do the same. Another addition that would play it's part in the possible Ravens vs Patriots AFC championship game (i.e. if the Pats can get through the Steelers in the round before), is the threat of the perennial All-star Ray Rice on the ground. And his statement that defenses don't win games with the example that the Packers don't win due to their defense, that may be true as they do have a very strong offense led by the possible MVP QB in Rodgers. But the only game the Packers have lost this year was against the 49ers, and guess what they win by....

How do I find out which NFL games will be broadcast in my area?

Since you are a Steelers fan you really look into getting a DIECTV satelite system and getting the Sunday Ticket Package. It will cost you like $200 for the season in addition to the monthly costs, but you will get to see every Steeler game that way(unless a game is moved to Friday or Saturday due to a weather problem due to a 1963 law that NFL games can't be televised on Fridays or Saturdays if there are regularly scheduled high-school or college games played in the area). Otherwise this is the answer: Unfortunately the CBS and FOX affiliates in local areas don't really tell what games they will show in advance. Now if your CBS affiliate is in New Hampshire you will get more games on tv than you would if were stuck with Boston affiliates. You can probably check the websites on your local affilates a few days ahead of schedule. Here is my guess on what your Sunday games will be. Week 1 Patroits@Jets CBS 1:00 pm, Eagles @Packers 1:00PM FOX Bears@Chargers FOX 4:15PM Week 2 Buffalo@Steelers CBS 1:00pm Cowboys@Dolphins 4:00 FOX Jets@Baltimore CBS 4:15pm, Patrioits are on NBC night game Week 3 Buffalo@Patriots CBS 1:00pm 49ers@Steelers FOX 1:00pm Giants@Redskins FOX 4:15pm Week 4 Rams@Dallas FOX 1:00pm either Raiders@Dolphins or Jets@Buffalo CBS 1:00 Broncos@Colts 4:15pm CBS, Patriots are monday night game Week 5 Browns@Patriots CBS 1:00 pm Seatlle@Steelers FOX 1:00 pm Chargers@Broncos CBS 4:15pm Week 6 Dolphins@Browns or Bengals@Chiefs CBS 1:00 Eagles@Jets FOX 1:00pm Patriots@Cowboys CBS 4:15pm Week 7 Patriots@Dolphins CBS 1:00pm 49ers@Giants FOX 1:00pm Bears@Eagles FOX 4:15pm Week 8 Giants vs. Dolphins in England FOX 1:00 pm Colts@Panthers CBS 1:00pm Redskins@Patriots FOX 4:15pm Week 9 Redskins@Jets FOX 1:00 pm Bengals@Buffalo or Jaguars@Saints CBS 1:00pm Patriots@Colts CBS 4:15pm Week 10 Eagles@Redskins FOX 1:00pm either Buffalo@Dolphins CBS 1:00pm or Bengals@Ravens CBS 4:00pm Cowboys@Giants FOX 4:15pm Patriots off Week 11 Patriots@Buffalo CBS 1:00pm Redskins@Dallas FOX 1:00 pm either Giants@Detroit FOX 4:15 or Rams@49ers FOX 4:15. If Redskins@Cowboys moved to 4:15 then the FOX 1:00 game will be Panthers@Packers Week 12 Broncos@Bears CBS 1:00 pm either Saints@Panthers or Vikings@Giants FOX 1:00pm Ravens@Chargers CBS 4:15 pm, Patriots NBC sunday night Week 13 Jets@Dolphins CBS 1:00pm Seattle@Eagles FOX 1:00 pm Giants@Bears FOX 4:15pm Patroits on monday night Week 14 Steelers@Patriots CBS 1:00pm Giants@Eagles FOX 1:00pm Browns@Jets CBS 4:15pm. If Steelers@Patriots switched to 4:15 pm then Dolphins@Buffalo will be the CBS 1:00 pm game Week 15 Jets@Patriots CBS 1:00 pm Seattle@Panthers or Packers@Rams FOX 1:00pm Eagles@Dallas FOX 4:15 pm Week 16 Dolphins@Patriots CBS 1:00pm Giants@Buffalo FOX 1:00 pm Baltimore@Seattle FOX 4:15 pm Week 17 since the Patriots play on saturday both affiliates will have 2 games. on FOX 1:00 pm game will be Saints@Bears the Cowboys@Redskins game likely gets moved to 4:15 pm For CBS Steelers@Baltimore likely @1:00pm and either Tennessee@Colts or Bengals@Dolphins gets moved to 4:15(or possibly to NBC at night) depending on playoff situations.

Who do you think will win the superbowl next year?

jets vs bucs bucs can be good if talib doesnt get releasled they need help on o-line and wr but alot of people are going to devolop more so there gonna be this years packers, a redskins fan

What's your favorite NFL rivalry that is still happening today?

I would have to pick the same as you. Patriots-Colts have gone down the final possession almost EVERY game since 2007, I believe, and for those who defensive showdowns and game in which points are at a premium, Ravens-Steelers is the best rivalry out there, however one-sided the results may seem.

Who thinks it will be Packers vs. Patriots by the time the Superbowl comes?

It would be a great Super Bowl. The Packers will be there. The Steelers and Ravens will give the Patriots a run for their money. But I would be very happy with a Patriots Packers Super Bowl.


there are several sites that allow you to watch streaming video online so report that to whoever you want to weenie

Is Brady going to fake an injury before halftime vs. Ravens?

Imo hes done winning super bowls. He's past his prime now.

Is there an NFL playoff scenario where the Patriots would play the Colts in round 2?

you are correct. if the #3 seed defeats the #6 seed, the #3 seed plays the #2 seed and the winner of the #4 vs. #5 seed will play the #1 seed.

Who would make the best Superbowl matchup against the Packers?

I think a Texans vs Packers would be an interesting match up but I don't think the game would be all that exciting. I think the Packers would dominate even if Schaub was the Houston QB. A Packers rematch with the Steelers would be intriguing. And, I'd expect a close hard fought game with a lot of big plays. A Ravens vs Packers game would be brutal. It could be a real slobber knocker with Packers offense going against the Ravens defense. I'd expect some fights. But the match up I'd most like to see would be the Patriots vs Packers. It has potential to be a Super Bowl classic. The 2 best QBs in the league going head to head. I agree it would be a high scoring game. And, I think it would come down to the last drive of the game determining the winner.

What is the most brutal rivalry in the NFL?

Steelers vs Ravens, which makes it remarkable, considering the Ravens haven't even been in Baltimore for that long. If you look at the Bears vs Packers or the Colts vs Patriots you are guaranteed to see a good game, but it almost seems like they are more than willing to let their quarterbacks win the game. With the Steelers and the Ravens, it is hard hitting the whole game, and a spectacular fight in every phase of the game: the OL's, the DL's, the RB's, the DB's, special teams. That is football the way it's meant to be played. I wish Goodell would sit this one out and just let these guys play.

In your opinion is the NFC more exciting than the AFC?

I think the NFC south is the most exciting division to watch in the NFL. I'm in the AFC North and for outsiders there are more entertaining games to watch then a Ravens vs Steelers fist fight that ends 10-7. I'd give the NFC east credit but ESPN, NFL network, CBS, Fox already shove that shh*t far enough down our mouths.

Before the season, what teams did you predict would play in the Super bowl? And who did you have winning?

Saints vs Steelers,are Saints vs patriots, and i thought the Saints would win,i really guessed wrong.smfh

Would a Packers Vs. Patriots Super Bowl be the best case scenario?

exactly right

What would you like to see in each conference championship and in the Super Bowl?

i would like to see the Patriots.

NFC and AFC championships the biggest chokes ever?

Ravens don't win the game if Cundiff makes the kick, you realize. They would have tied it. At best, they could force overtime. At worst, with 3 time outs in his pocket Brady gets New England into field goal range and Gostkowski nails one as the clock expires. And the play by Evans wasn't gift-wrapped...it's not like it was a straight up drop, it was punched out by the Patriot defender. Bottom line, if they're better teams they a.) shouldn't have put themselves in a position where they needed late heroics to win in the first place and b.) shouldn't have made costly mistakes when they're opponents didn't. Personally, I'm glad the Patriots and Giants made it. It's a far more interesting match-up, and less likely to be a boring as hell game.

Who thought the Ravens would of almost won?

We all knew the Ravens had a legit chance, it wasnt a shocker that they were in it to win it. Lots of people even thought of a upset and predicted them to win. I'll stand by my word, Patriots vs 49ers. Throughout the playoffs, every team that has more turnovers will lose. Ravens had only 1 turnover official to Patriots 3. but i counted the miss FG and turnover on Downs as a turnover.

Who to start on defense?

patriots will score a lot and brady wont throw many picks, bills have had two weeks in a row with at least 30 points... i would drop a defense. get the bills if they're available or indianapolis or jacsonville, as they are playing each other and neither has a great offense

Do you think the Texans can beat the Ravens in Baltimore?

Oh yeah, I think the Texans D is perfectly capable of shutting down Baltimore. If Flacco is off, that whole offense is off in my opinion, and Flacco is ehh, right now. Then if TJ Yates can get to Andre early, Arian Foster can really go to work in my opinion. Patriots will win because they capitalize on turnovers, Tom Brady will not play catch-up.... he's not gonna allow Tebow to get off to an early lead. He's going to make Tebow play Brady's role as a passer and not a clutch player, which is basically what Tebow is. As for that defense that everyone is talking about, they give up the most yards, not points. Points win games, not yards. And I dont think Tebow will put up more than 35, which is mandatory if you're gonna beat the Patriots. Giants have a real shot at this, but I think Aaron is too much for them, especially at home. If the Giants want a shot, they have to get to Aaron and early to establish the tempo.

who do you think will play in the superbowl this year?

@the guy that said the niners have 6, you're wrong. They only have 5. Pittsburgh is the only team with 6. Anyway, I think it'll be Baltimore and the 49ers. The Packers defense is suspect, and they'll be exposed before February.

Who should I start this week for fantasy?

i would go with Fred Jackson or J. Jones

Who should i start and who should I sit for my fantasy football team?

I would take Santonio Homes out and start Chester. I would not add Berrian as the charger will blanket him all day Since he is the only real threat. Also, chargers are ranked like 4th in passing. dont do it bro.

Which RBs would you start out of this group?

Jones/Slaton/Pittman Jones has been consistent so far, and Raiders are runable. Slaton has been great and has a great match up. Pittman/Dunn are timeshare backs, but pittman is the goal line expert. Like R. Brown, but vs the Ravens...?

which 2 teams would play a good game today in the nfl playoffs?

Where can I find a live stream of the Raven vs. Patriots playoff game?

Who do you think will win these game?

Dolphins vs. Packers. Im going with the Packers if Rodgers plays which it looks like hes going to. Ravens vs. Patriots. Ravens. Look for Ray Rice to have another great game. Browns vs. Steelers. Steelers. Colt McCoy is starting. Need I say more? Chiefs vs. Texans. Look for the Texans to rebound in this one. Falcons vs. Eagles. Im gonna go with the Falcons. Just a gut feeling. Cowboys vs. Vikings. Tough one since they have both been playing like crap. But the Favre elbow worries me plus the loss of Cedric Griffin. So I'll take the Cowboys on this one. Colts vs. Redskins. I will take the Colts in this one. Peyton Manning is too much for the Redskins in this one. Titans vs. Jaguars. Titans. Their offense will prove to be too much for the Jaguars.

Who has the best chance of making it to the superbowl?

eagles v.s ravens or eagles v.s. chargers

Where can I watch the Patriots vs. Ravens game this sunday online for free, via live stream?

http://finereports.com/watch-sports I watch live here

Which of these superbowl match ups would be the highest scoring?

patriots vs saints it would be 45-38 the patriots win

Which of these pro rivalries would you most like to attend in person?

Coming from a Tiger fan, I would love to see a live Yankee vs Red Sox game just because they have so much history against each other. BQ- I haven't been to a true rivalry game like you listed above.

What are your predictions for next week?

Steelers (very close matchup and an exciting rematch!), Jets (Defense will stop Brady and Running game will keep clock running), Falcons (because they are just better than the packers), Seahawks (Cutler will fail)

Which Super Bowl Matchup would you like to see?

I agree with Ax. I'm pulling for the Ravens now but I wouldn't mind seeing the falcons win. The Falcons and patriots is the one I want to see the least because I think the patriots would dominate that game and I don't want that.

Does anyone else think the Ravens have a chance of upseting the Colts?

Well, yes, of course they have a chance. Every team has "chance" at beating any team. But, no, I don't think they will beat the Colts. It's almost like a pattern, and I think it will continue. Last week was a week of upsets, and I think his week will be all the favored teams beating the underdogs.

Do you the field goal kick was good on Sunday night ravens vs patriots?

Yes.... It was one of the few calls the refs got right on Sunday.

Where can I watch the Ravens vs Patriots wild card playoff game online?


Who do you want to go to the Super Bowl 2012 xlvi 46?

I'm going for Ravens/Giants

How do you feel the rest of the Dolphins season will shape up?

@ Packers - outcome depends on whether or not Aaron Rodgers plays vs. Steelers - outcome depends on how effective Ben Roethlisberger is @ Bengals - hope for win, expect loss @ Ravens - loss vs. Titans - game could go either way, but I'm giving it to the Dolphins because it's in Miami vs. Bears - same as "vs. Titans" vs. Raiders - win vs. Browns - win @ Jets - loss vs. Bills - win vs. Lions - win @ Patriots - loss In fairness, I have to split the outcomes of the Packers and Steelers (1 win and 1 loss). That brings the team to a 9-7 record. They could finish 8-8, or they could finish 11-5. Below 8-8 would be a disappointment. Above 11-5 would be a great surprise.

What was your Super Bowl Prediction at the start of the season? How about now?

Falcons Patriots. Falcons-58 Patriots-46

Who agrees that the officiating in the Ravens vs Patriots game has been the most pathetic we've seen in a?

the game of football is at its worst

Who else sees a Ravens vs Patriots AFC Championship?

Who knows doesn't sound unlikely. I'd take the Ravens.

IF Falcons and Patriots go to the superbowl, who do you want to win?

Is Ravens offense vs Patriots defense really the key matchup of the game?

I agree. I think the Patroits will make the necessary plays to win the game. Tom Brady and the offense will do their part and put up the points and it will be up to the Patroit defense to help seal the win.

Who has predictions for the rest of the playoffs and Super Bowl?

Actually I believe you're pretty spot on but your last prediction is born out of desire and not facts. Fact: The Seattle Seahawks are the HOTTEST team in the NFL. Fact: The Seattle Seahawks have the number ONE defense in the NFL. Fact: No team in the NFL has both an incredible defense and and incredible offense combined. Fact: Seattle is a complete team. They are talented in all arenas and this is why they will not only go to the Superbowl. They will win the Superbowl and gain the respect they so sincerely deserve.

How do the Ravens match up so well vs the Patriots?

In all 4 possible Superbowl 47 Scenarios : Who would you be rooting for?

Ravens vs Falcons = Falcons Ravens vs 49ers = Ravens Patriots vs Falcons = Falcons Patriots vs 49ers = 49ers

We all know New England will win tomorrow. So who wins next week in the AFC championship?

Do you think the Ravens can beat the Patriots or Texans?

I think and hope the Ravens will win

How does the wild card system work?

While all three teams (Dolphins, Ravens, and Patriots) finished with identical 11-5 records, the Dolphins held the tie-breaker in common games to break the tie for the division championship, and the Ravens had a better conference record, to win the tiebreaker for the wild card position. The Patriots thus became the first team since the 1985 Denver Broncos to finish with an 11-5 record and not make the playoffs