Fantasy: I got offered Boris Diaw for Ramon Sessions?


is this a good trade in my fantasy basketball trade Rajon Rondo and Manu4Carmelo Anthony and Ramon Sessions?

it's fair

Should the Bucks leave Ramon Sessions in even after Luke Ridenouer is healed?

Yes, the Bucks should start Ramon Sessions if he continues to play well for the Bucks. Sessions have been great for them since Redd, Bogut, & Rignour went down by injuries. This will also help Session develop more.

Who will be the leader of the Cavs JJ Hickson or Ramon Sessions?

I wish JJ Hickson. But I am afraid it's gonna be Mo Williams.

Describe Mario Chalmers and Ramon Sessions as NBA players in one or two sentences?

Mario Chalmers is a player who should start on the bench. Ramon Sessions is a mediocre player.

Whatever happened to the "Ramon Sessions to Lakers" rumor?

who should I start as my utility player: Mike Conely, JaVale McGee, Ramon Sessions, or Richard Hamilton?

Conely's ankle is an issue right now. Sessions will give you more assists and is the healthies of the 4. Although hamilton and conely with both put up the 3 ball more. I think sessions in Mil is the best pick.

is Ramon Sessions worthy of trading for a 1st rounder?

If that's a high pick then No. If it's a latter pick maybe 24-30 you may get consideration. Hope this helps.

Ramon Sessions should take over as Milwaukee Bucks' point guard role?

yes he's! i very excited when he scored 20-20! 20 points and 24 assist,that's very amazing for a rookie who drafted in 2nd round! oh yeah,and beautiful buzzer beater vs the wizards!

Ramon Sessions will be a star in Cleveland, Trust me?

Maybe they should try to become the WArriors and go with a small backcourt. Sessions showed a lot of promise with the Bucks two years ago. He didnt get any playing time last year because he was trapped under the shadow of Jonny Flyn.. He should get atleast 25 mpg with the cavs. I think hes very capable of big things.

The T. Wolves just signed Ramon Sessions to a 4yr contract and also drafted Jonny Flynn?

My answer to your first question is no. They should not start trying to trade him now. Things may happen and they might need Rubio later. Right now his value isn't too high considering he's not coming to the NBA until 2012 probably. Also, if he improves and plays much better in Barcelona and the Olympics, then his value will be higher. The Wolves could get more for him. Ricky Rubio will come to the NBA as soon as he can. His top priority is the NBA, but he feels like he needs to improve his game first before he comes. While I question the reason Sessions was signed to a 4-year deal, he was signed not only because of Rubio. He was signed to help the Wolves and to help them play a run and gun offense as David Kahn wanted them to do. They can play a solid 2 guard offense now and now have 2 young great passers in Flynn and Sessions. There have been many great NBA players who didn't come their first season including Larry Bird, Drazen Petrovic, Arvydas Sabonis, David Robinson, Zydrunas Ilgauskas, Peja Stojakovic, Andrei Kirilenko, Manu Ginobili, and Toni Kukoc. We shouldn't trade Rubio, especially not to the rumored New York Knicks, who don't have anyone that the Wolves need except possibly Chandler, but it's not worth making that trade. EDIT: However, the Timberwolves might be forced to trade Rubio if he declines to play after 2 years, meaning he doesn't have to be signed to a rookie-scale contract. (The Timberwolves might have to sign him to a lucrative contract, which they don't need). EDIT 2: Robert, if the Timberwolves possibly didn't accept an offer of Battier and Brooks for Rubio, why would they trade him at all? I really doubt that Houston was actually willing to give that much away for an unproven 18 year old rookie.

Why isn't the Knicks pursuing Ramon Sessions?

B Diddy needs to get in game shape asap. Even at less than 100% he'll be better than Douglas.

with the cavs drafting irving and thompson do u think they will trade ramon sessions and j.j hickson?

i see them trading away sessions to some team in need of a point guard and maybe trading J.J. Hickson and/or Antawn Jamison for a SG and/or C (for ex. Rip Hamilton/ Brendan Haywood) *They also have the 14 million player exception

Should I trade ramon sessions and danny granger for yao ming and derrick rose?

No, I wouldn't make the trade. You don't get much value for giving away underrated players to get overrated players, and both Sessions and Granger have more upside toward end of the season. Rose's production will go down with Salmons and Miller getting in the lineup, and Sessions is locked for minutes with Redd out with torn ACL. Look how Sessions exploded when Ridnour was out for couple weeks. Expect the same production if Ridnour or Bell goes down, but he's a solid player regardless. He's the most underrated player this year. Granger might return next week, and I don't think the injury will hurt his production that much. As for Yao, being an injury prone I traded him with some idiot who offered me Andre Iguodala and Jeff Green. Although I'm surprised that Yao stayed healthy this year, I wouldn't exactly say he's a better fantasy player than Granger. Keep your players. Especially if you're in 2nd almost beating 1st without Granger, your lineup should be locked for the season.

Is New York Knicks have any assets to pull Ramon Sessions from Cavs?

Douglas, Bibby and maybe expiring contract of Balkman or Novak.

Should Ramon Sessions go to the Lakers?

Ramon Sessions is "rotting" in Minnesota, in a team who doesn't know the meaning of assists. Kurt Rambis should be starting Sessions ahead of Flynn, Flynn is a turnover machine who only wants to score when obviously the future for the T-Wolves is Al Jefferson (Sessions can easily distribute the ball and pass to AJ) The Lakers would be a great fit for Sessions. He can pass the rock to Kobe, Bynum, Gasol which will boost his assists per game. Besides, when looking at the Lakers future, they could use a replacement for Derek Fisher (hes getting old). Farmar and Brown are PGs that the Lakers have but I dont see them at starter material. If the Lakers do decide to trade for Sessions, they could give up Sasha Vujacic (T-Wolves need a 3 pt specialist) and possibly Luke Walton

Basketball: What type of Point Guard is Ramon Sessions?

He's more of a scoring point guard but he can kick it out and hit the open man. He has a solid jumper as well. BQ: I used to think he would be a good fit for the Lakers because of his knowledge of the triangle offense. Phil has retired but I still believe he would be a good fit because he could take some of the scoring load off of Kobe.

Where will Ramon Sessions be playing basketball next year?

By the way the Bucks are doing business the guy should try to get a good offer from the Knicks. At least New York is working on being a contender in the future. Or maybe he is just cares for money and will take the best offer even if means playing for a team like the Bucks that will be losers for the foreseeable future.

Since the Lakers need a PG badly, why don't they trade for Devin Harris or Ramon Sessions?

The Lakers needed a point guard for years! Remember Van Exel? There are so many PGs in the league that will gracefully join The Lakers. Iverson would be on top of my list.

Are the Cleveland Cavaliers really going to get a first round pick for Ramon Sessions?


Is Ramon Sessions going to be the future point guard for the bucks?

He should be. In April, he averaged 11.5 points and 11.3 assists per game, including a game where he got 24 assists. The Bucks can really be an entertaining playoff team with him at the point runnin' and gunnin'. However, Mo Williams is pretty good too when he is healthy.

Will Ramon Sessions improve this season?

He is obviously a good player, but too bad he went to wrong team, Sessions is known for his ability to drive to the basket or dish it to outside to give his teammates easy wide open shots, and the reason why his stats dropped big time is because T'Wolves isn't really a good shooting/3 points team, unlike Bucks which has Redd, Jefferson, and Charlie V (At that point before all 3 went to another teams)

Do you think the Lakers should trade for Ramon Sessions?

Maybe they will!Sasha,Farmar and Morrison are all free agents after the season!I'm sure the Lakers will address their point guard problem in the off season.

Should the Knicks trade Al Harrington for Ramon Sessions?

1. Jordan Hill is a rookie nad unproven 2. Lee is a FA and may not resign with the Knicks 3. Jeffries isn't worth anything 4. Al Harrington is differant than those three, he spreads the floor because he can actually shoot 5. Ramon Sessions is a Free Agent. They can sign him if they want. 6. Duhon is a good starter but he got tired form overwork at the end of last season

Could Ramon Sessions be a Star with Knicks?

Yeah ,he could... but the Knicks still would suck.

Does any think Ramon Sessions is for real?

He is really real.....he not only scored a career high 20 points and another career high 24 assists last night but he also grabbed 8 rebounds with a block and a steal. In addition, his last 3 games were awesome: Apr 14 vs. CHI 20 pts. 24 assts. 8 rebs. 1 blk. 1 stl. 2 T.O. 44 min. Apr 12 vs. NJN 12 pts. 13 assts. 6 rebs. 0 blk 2 stl. 2 T.O. 43 min. Apr 11 @ BOS 8 pts. 14 assts. 5 rebs. 0 blk 2 stl. 5 T.O. 43 min. Two sum it up, his average in his last 3 games are the ff. 13.3 PPG 17.0 APG 6.3 RPG 43.3 MPG G0t it? Go0d!!!

What would you rate Ramon Sessions' defense?

defensively he has alot to improve so 6.5, he's a very good all-around offensive player & very underrated.

Some days ago, I asked if Ramon Sessions of the Milwaukee Bucks was a draft steal, and I got a mixed response.

I won't discredit the stat line...too much anyways. 24 assists in a game is impressive anyway you look at it. But, tonight's game was completely insignificant because neither team has a shot at the playoffs. In such a high scoring game, you can surmise that the defense was kept to a minimum, because at this point, the game didn't mean squat, so whatever highly inflated stats you see tonight...take with a grain of salt. Mo Williams has a long term deal in Milwaukee and is their starting PG. Sessions will continue to struggle to get minutes in the NBA regardless where he is or goes. If I'm wrong, more power to Ramon I guess. Sorry man, unless there is some strange viral pandemic that wipes out only starting point guards...Ramon Sessions aint starting and averaging more assists than Nash, Deron Williams, or Chris Paul. I guess Ramon Sessions has some shot at putting up numbers should Mo Williams get injured (again) next year for an extended period of time...or unless he comes out of the closet and admits that he is sasquatch and chooses to live freely in the wild with his hairy ass arms.

Should I drop Ramon Sessions for Luke Ridnour?

I think you should keep Sessions in case he gets dealt to a team like the Lakers.

Who is better, Ramon Sessions or Nate Robinson?

ramon sessions is better pg! did you still remember his amazing achiement last year? 20-20 20 points and 24 assists! that's very amazing for a rookie who drafted in 2nd round! nate is good but i think he just can make a dunk! so sessions is better!

So is Ramon Sessions going to start for the Lakers now?

Is ramon sessions the hidden future star player that no body knows about?

person copying me needs to get a girl fast.

Is everybody gonna say Ramon Sessions is underrated or a top 10 PG now?

With a good coach in Byron Scott, he can really develop and improve. He's been under the radar and his improvements are NO FLUKE. You just do not get suddenly better because of a fluke; not at this elite, NBA level. And NO, he is not over-rated. He is young, been in the league only since the '07/'08 season! **note: he is not old like Kobe is! Kobe has been in the league for 15, repeat FIFTEEN years! That is old in NBA years! Think 'dog years' and you get the picture. There are some guys that improve and then there are guys that pick their battles for improvement and Sessions is that type! He just used his stepping stone on the Lakers, and now folks are taking notice. The media hype on him is that he's got a knack for making big statement games against the big guys, with tonight one of those games.

How come Ramon Sessions had more assists than the whole Lakers team tonight?

The important thing is WE WON But Ramon Proved Tat He is Great And REALLY UNDERRATED

What do you guys think of this Ramon Sessions kid for the Bucks?

This kid came out of nowhere. There's no doubt Sessions is the Bucks' point guard of the future. In his seven games as a starter for the Bucks, he averaged 13.1 points, 13.1 assists, 5.6 rebounds, and 1.7 steals per game! That's including a string of strong performances in the final three games. Come on, 20-24 in a game? This kid has some serious potential. What's even scarier is he's only in his rookie season. He could develop into an all-star. The Bucks could even trade Mo Williams for a good player, say a forward, and they might have a surprise season next year.

Who would you rather have at PG: Aaron Brooks or Ramon Sessions?

Sessions. Easily. I could care less about Brooks being fast or how he did in the playoffs. He can't pass or rebound or play D. Sessions can do it all. I had him on my fantasy b-ball team and if it wasn't for Scott Skiles force feeding Ridnor (unearned) minutes I probably would of owned my league. Sessions can score, rebound, pass without turning over the ball... the guy is bada$$. When Ridnor went down with injures I had a field day against whoever I went up against. EDIT: Sessions would have nights or 15pt, 17ast, 7rebs 3 steals... 44pts, 12ast, 5rebs and he did that w/o making or attempting a single three-pointer. Ramon all the way.

Why is everybody a Ramon Sessions hater all of a sudden?

I agree I love Ramon Sessions game and I really wanted the Raptors to sign him. But I agree I think he would be a good fit for the Pacers and would have been a great point guard for the Knicks teaming up with Stoudmire.

How good do you think Ramon Sessions would be if he signs with the Knicks?

ya i think so too. i completely agree with you he is a great passer and will be the "rubio that never came" for the knicks. if there is one area he needs to improve it is consistent outside shooting.

Do you feel sorry for Ramon Sessions or is it his fault?

i think he is a great young point guard but it was his fault he knew that newyork had a lot of capspace the next year and could of made a lot of money plus look at newyork now der on there way to the play offs 7-3 of there last 10 he shud of tookin note of all the point guards in the twolves and etc.

Should i keep ramon sessions or drop him for monta ellis?

I think you should drop him for Monta Ellis Ellis is been great since he came back from injury and is talking over the warriors team he is scoring a lot and getting assissts so i think you should definitely do it Sessions is a good fantasy contributor, but if you dont have anyone worst than him to drop for Ellis then do it for him specially if ur making a run in the playoffs good luck!!

Who would the Cavs want in exchange for Ramon Sessions and Jamario Moon?

LOL the cavs are dead deal with it

Who else thinks Ramon Sessions would be a great PG for the Lakers?

Sure He's good at giving up the ball to his teammates and CAN score about 10-14 points a game. He WOULD be a good fit, yes. But even if the Lakers get him, it WON'T make the Lakers title contenders. He's just a role player, NOT an All-Star or a superstar. Deron Williams or Rajon Rondo WOULD be better fits.

How is Ramon Sessions still a free agent?

By trading the expiring contract on Quentin Richardson to Wolves for 3 expiring contracts in Craig Smith, Sebastain Telfair and Mark Madsen, Clippers are getting more serious to land Ramon Sessions, especially when virtually nobody can sign him via sign and trade unless it is an 8-digit offer. They will waive Madsen shortly (which eventually generates 8 million cap after compounding with the full mid-level exception) and with Smith as the only player they will likely keep to backup Blake Griffin, Bassy is nothing more than a token for future trade. Also note that Clippers have no interest to bring Andre Miller, though a factor to decide the fate of Sessions and Raymond Felton's free agency. It means Clippers simply make themselves a serious contender for Sessions - don't forget a mean owner in Donald Sterling is fairly generous to pay high for signing integral players. With most of the leading teams are out of Tier 1 free agent market, Sessions has limited options in front of him, which include Sixers (if Miller leaves, but the Miller-Chris Duhon swap makes sense as Sixers need cap to re-sign Thaddeus Young), Bucks (though the future is quite dim), Clippers and Knicks (it makes sense if they give up David Lee). We can simply rule out Blazers coz they are seeking a tutor for Jerryd Bayless, while Bobcats may find difficulties to lure him as long as we see how hesitate they are on re-signing Felton. As a result, there are some serious takers out there to sign Sessions, yet if Bucks don't mind to match an 8-digit offer (thanks the desperate Knicks), Sessions will wear the same uniform this October.

Why wasn't Ramon Sessions invited to play in the Rookie vs. Sophmore game?

It was done by voting, remember? He did not get enough votes to qualify to play for the Rookie vs. Sophomore game.

can the heat trade mike miller for ramon sessions?

Can probly do something better then ramon sessions

Is ramon sessions going to start this season?

Yes, he will start. He signed a 4 year-$16 million offer sheet with them, he has to start. Jonny Flynn is good, but he's a rookie. No way, R.W. is going to have a break out season trust me. You should trade Sessions fo Smith.

Is Ramon Sessions going to go back to the bench when Mo Williams comes back?


Wouldn't the Cavaliers wanna start Ramon Sessions AND Mo Williams?

Now that the Lakers got Ramon Sessions should they accept there three way deal?

Ramon Sessions ........?

It's really too early to say and he has 30+ games to prove how far he can go. Should Sessions posts the statline of 15ppg and 8apg, he would be a hot commodity especially for rebuilding teams given 1) none of PG in Class 09 can make an immediate impact (including Rubio) and 2) pass-first PGs are in huge demand (one may argue Duhon was not heavily pursued by teams over the years, but the truth is BD and Monta catch major attention). Do expect Sessions to earn a contract similar to Udrih. Yes re-signing with Bucks is a possible outcome, but it is suspectable for both Sessions and Ridnour willing to split mintues in the long-run. My wild guess is that Sessions will be heading to the West unless Knicks join the chase (yes they can't really land elite PG except if they are willing to package all of their young talents into the same single package).