Is Rahul Gandhi a loose canon who does not have proper perspective,equating Hindu Terrorism to the Muslim one?

their incompetency makes them jokers in front of the world

why is rahul gandhi at 37 years of age still unemployed.and yet promises employment to all ?

Rahul Gandhi cannot be called as a yuvraaj nor can be compared to a prince. In mythology prince used to give their life to save their country and go against parents for the sake of dharma and even teach their parents and seek enemity if the father goes against dharma or the rules of kshatriyas. But his family has brought all foreigners into our country and showered all prowess to destroy the country into their hands. They have all the riches coming from maternal uncles in Italy and this Rahul Gandhi can't do anything but just preach for his party and stand and support his mother who is infact a NRI (Non Residential Italian). Rahul need not work under anybody they have all the wealth for more 5 generations, wealth that has been raised and sought from all foreign countries and half of India's treasury and from bartering this country with many different sources. No wonder the whole family is into politics without any worry of income! As far his educational qualifications once read in a paper that he is a degree holder from some famous college in Delhi.

Rahul Gandhi wants the young 2join politics 4a change or just so that even they start voting for Congress.?

I believe he is genuine... who cares about wealth as long as basic necessities are fulfilled. As a young Indian myself, I am inspired by him. Wish him all the best.

what do you think about Rahul Gandhi?

I don't.

Rahul Gandhi,Raj Thackera are both young politicians, why they not speaked anything while Mumbai attack happen?

they fear both of them targeted by militants

How is Rahul Gandhi's one night stay helping these two.........?

1)Rahul Gandhi himself along with his party Congress. Ans: Elections are Far away, so it might not help congress. But it creates an image, a good image in people's mind on Rahul. But some people see through Publicity stunts... 2)The poor people of where he particularly stayed and starving souls of BundelKhand and Vidarbh. Ans:No use, more over they would have to provide one nights food and make their children sleep on the floor while Rahul would be sleeping on the bed! lol

rahul gandhi has been saying that freeing massod azhar to save 150 innocent indian passengers was a grave sin.?

its all about to hav the power and then everybody will bring there own policies. they will just criticise their opposition and nothing. and by the way 150 lives are more important than 1 life of a terrorist as indian intelligence is not so intelligent to handcuff the whole terror group with the help of just one guy.

Rahul gandhi??

People always dpend on one family for the ruler, if they are used to monarchy. Nehru Gandhi family has not done so much good for the country to deserve ruling it generation after generation. Rahul really needs to show his worth.

Do you think rahul gandhi is doing the right thing by not accepting any office in the new cabinet ?

Like his mother Rahul wants all the powers to do or undo, but wont like to be answerable to anyone for anything. Best of both worlds.

Rahul Gandhi !!!???

He is to inexperienced right now. Give him time and he will be great . Hes going against a lot of grizzled old veterans that like to take advantage of inexperience.