I love protecting the environment. What course should I study for my post grad?

Environmental Sciences, any courses that are related to the environment.

What is the name of that song they used in the commercial for Post Grad?

Show Me What I'm Looking For- Carolina Liar

Whats the song on the movie previews the time travelers wife and post grad?

I think it's Show Me What I'm Looking For- Carolina Liar. That's the only song that I know is in both previews.

Im a post grad about to start my medical degree, how do i go about getting funding?

I'm starting med school in a couple of months too, and filled out the FAFSA first. There are a lot of options in terms of loans/grants. The school I'm going to (Michigan State) gave me a list of different loans and grants available. It's probably best to get this info from your school. Try calling financial aid, or looking at the school website. I'm sure you'll find tons of info there. I'm still deciding between a subsidized or unsubsidized loan. Good luck!

What University in New Zealand offers the best value for money post grad degree in Mgt./HRM?

The Human Resources Institute of New Zealand lists all the relevant courses and has links to the various institutions (including universities and polytechnics) that offer them. (Link to the list of university courses below.) In terms of reputation, Otago's MBA course was ranked 97 in the top 100 MBA courses in the world in 2006. Dunedin (where the University of Otago is located) is also a comparatively cheap city to live in, and is very university oriented. I went to Otago (studied science and law), loved my time there, and highly recommend it. All of the universities in New Zealand (there are only 8) have good reputations, generally, and you should find their qualifications are held in high regard. You may find their fees are very similar (within few hundred or so of each other) - although they are independent from each other, they are competing for the same students, so there doesn't seem to be a huge variation. The cost of living varies from one city to another, though (Auckland tends to be the most expensive, for example) so that may be something you take into account when making your decision. Good luck with your studies :-)

can anybody gimme details abt post grad studies in dentistry in the US?

Hey LADY! Since you want to study in the USA, you will have to search the web for further details. Its difficult to say. I think there is an examination, forgot what it is called. This website should help you out, http://www.educationusa.state.gov as it is website of the government of the USA itself. See if it helps, I think it should. Best of luck babes!

What is the purpose of a post grad year in high school? It seems like it's something private schools have.

Some boarding schools offer a PG (post grad) year. In general, PGs are athletes who want to be recruited by colleges. They benefit from another year of physical maturity, and hope to improve their academics, Sometimes students are unhappy with their college choices and want to improve their academics and study habits. You can read more a PG year here http://talk.collegeconfidential.com/parents-forum/510257-choosing-13th-year-prep-school-sports-instead-college.html If you want to learn even more, go to the Prep School Admission discussion board of College Confidential and search for "PG year."

I am grad from India. What are the tests i do need to clear to get an admission into Oxford for my post grad?

Contact Oxford University and they wil help you through the admission requirements./

What are the best cities for post-grad students?

Major cities that haven't been as hard hit, where the unemployment rate is lower than in most of the US, include Boston and NYC. Boston's unemployment rate is actually a bit lower than that for NYC. Pulbic transit in both cities is very good. Boston is less expensive than NYC, although it's an expensive city. For good schools, you'd want to live outside the cities - not in them. For less expensive living, you'd do the same. Ideally, you want to live on a major public transit line - so for Boston, you'd try to live on the T first, then the commuter rail second.

What is the name of the song at the end of the post grad trailer?

Show Me What I'm Looking For by Carolina Liar. http://www.viddler.com/explore/RockVideos/videos/3/

Where can i watch Post Grad 2009 online free?

You can watch The Post Grad movie online for free at: http://www.watch-online-movie.net/movies/comedy/post-grad-2009/

What are the implications (in life, school, post-grad, relationships etc.) of unidentified giftedness?

Splice us any which way and huge pockets of unused can be found. They have not yet found a human defrag device. It means we are biological machines, with limitations.

Not sure what to do for post-grad. I'm a molecular cell biology major, any ideas on what I should do?

Take both listed exams. You might also take the GRE in case you want to follow the Ph.D. route to a professorship.

What kind of jobs do people get after doing post grad at New York Medical College?

How do i juggle work priorities and my post grad masters program?

Yeah, not like that is a really vague question or anything. Anyways.... 1) Realize what it is that you NEED to do 2) Do that 3) Sacrifice anything that gets in the way of (2)

Im looking for a university to do my post grad in corporate communications. Any ideas?

Just what is "Corporate Communications" supposed to look like? I spent 33 years in corporate environments of one sort or another, and I never saw anything but "top down": they tell you what to do and you do it or else. There IS no upward communications chain, and what you have named is very much like raising mushrooms: you keep the public in the dark and feed them bulls**t. Their idea of a "team player" is that they give orders to which nobody has given a second thought, and you do what you're told and take all the flak when idiocy fails again. There; I have just given you everything you will ever learn about corporate communications, at no charge whatever. Please feel free to spend too much money and time, and work yourself to a pointless frazzle, for a meaningless degree that will put you in debt until the Shah of Iran and Josef Stalin play croquet and tiddly-winks on your lawn, just before sunrise. By the way, my Brilliant But Cynical Daughter has a Master's in mass communications as well as one in History, once ran Easter Seals for two years, and now is Financial Director of a public radio station in a major Western U.S. city What are these classes going to teach you? Advanced Toadying 401? Writing Memos to Placate Your Boss While Leaving the Public In The Dark 557? Advanced Gobbledygook 497? Given today's economic climate, bu**ki**ers are a dime a hundred, and they won't pay more just because your lack of principles has a degree attached to it. . . .

What do i have too look for when applying to post-grad international?

You have selected the most relevant place for you; that is Scotland. There two most famous and top ranked universities: The Aberdeen University and The Robert Gordon University. You have to surf their websites and to collect relevant information that you require regarding your course. I have passed my MSc Computing from RGU. If you go online, you can enrol for next session.

What are the requirements to get into a post grad course in USA?

A BS (Bachelor of Science) degree.

What is the name of the ending song from the Post Grad movie trailer?

It might actually be Show Me What I'm Looking For by Carolina Liar.

What is the quote about eskimo pies in the movie Post Grad?

"Every evil, terrible thing that ever occurs in the world is directly offset, counterbalanced if you will, by the complete utter joy of biting into an Eskimo Pie. It’s the way we maintain balance in the universe." Just finished watching that movie... lol.

What's the difference between diploma, undergrad degree, post grad diploma, and certificate?

diploma is a certificate or deed issued by an educational institution, such as a university, that testifies that the recipient has successfully completed a particular course of study, or confers an academic degree. undergraduate degree (also called first degree or simply degree) is an academic degree taken by an undergraduate. It is usually offered at an institution of higher education, such as a university. The most common type of undergraduate degree is the bachelor's degree, which typically takes three or four years to complete. Post graduate diploma is a qualification awarded typically after a bachelor's degree. A certificate may also certify that a person has received specific education or has passed a test, and is considered below the standard of an academic degree.

Are GPAs cumulative from Undergraduate to post grad?

When you move on to graduate school, you're starting on a new degree. So in the same way that your high school GPA was unaffected by your grades as an undergraduate student, your undergrad GPA should be unaffected by post graduate coursework.

How and where can i get admitted for post grad diploma?

The first thing I would recommend is to go back to your school and discussing possibilities with your old instructors and professors. Your university should also have some sort of department or support program that helps students prepare for and apply to grad programs. They can help you determine what kind of programs you'd qualify for, if any, and what your chances of being accepted are. To start with, be prepared for some tough choices and some hard work. Applying to grad school can be a tough process filled with a lot of weird questions or requirements. There will be a lot of research, and you will be expected to know what you want to get out of grad school before you enter. Be ready for a lot of work, and be prepared to spend some money applying for several schools. Also, don't be afraid to take more courses to round out your education or prepare yourself for further study in case you don't meet minimum requirement for your desired course of study. Good Luck!

What is the best way to switch from Business to Engineering post-grad?

Most universities will require some basic skills as per Rice in Houston (http://ceve.rice.edu/grad.cfm?doc_id=4202): Entering graduate students, regardless of previous degree(s), are expected to have reasonable familiarity with the following basic skills: Principles from basic sciences, Physics, Chemistry/Biology or Mechanics. Mathematics including ordinary differential equations and basic statistics. Computer methods including word processing, graphics, and elementary numerical methods. Any school you apply to will require you to have taken the math, physics and mechanics. Most likely it will be two years of undergrad work if you do not have any math and science courses. Also most schools unfortunately will not consider you for a masters if you do not have a science undergrad degree. My brother had a BS in history and a JD and wanted to get a MS in electrical engineering he ended up getting a BS in electrical and is currently working on his MS. His total time to date is 5 years and he will be graduating in December with his masters. So it can be done. I hope this helps.

How much will a post-grad degree at NYU for a British citizen ?

Do you mean the City University of New York (CUNY)? If you managed to get an undergrad degree I would expect that you are able to find tuition fees on the website of an university: http://www.cuny.edu/admissions/financial-aid/estimating-costs/tuition-fees.html#gradtuition You will be paying out-of-state fees. If you live in NY city you probably have about $2000 a month living expenses. And no, that is not a fancy lifestyle at all. In order to get a student visa you will have to show that you have enough money for at least your first year of study in addition to be accepted at the university. Usually about $50 000 in savings should do it. Don't know what you want to do your postgrad degree in. Some programs have scholarship which give you free tuition and maybe also living expenses. But often only for a few students. So it would depend how good you were in your undergrad studies and whether you did some appropriate extra work like internships or research experience or whatever would be appropriate for your field. But you are not going to be spoon-fed any opportunities. It will be your work to figure things out.

How can I pay for a post grad academy that does not provide financial aid or scholarships?

some companies offer college tuition reimbursement - you could try to find a job at a company that might help pay for some or all of your tuition. if that doesn't work out - there's always student loans.

How much does it cost per year or per Semester for an undergrad or post grad course in one of the Indian IIT's?

There are different costs depending on the university. Contact a few of them and inquire directly./

How competitive is post Grad medicine in Australia?

If you didnt get a Credit average in your undergrad degree (if completed within the last 10 years) you could get the top GAMSAT and still not get into postgrad medicine. You need to be in the top % for the interview, undergrad score and GAMSAT to get into post-grad medicine.

What is the difference between post grad a college graduate?

A college graduate has a bachelors degree. A post grad has a masters degree.

How did you support yourself through post grad school and how difficult was it getting your degree?

For those of you who have been able to achieve your masters degree or higher while supporting yourself, how were you able to do it exactly? I took a couple of years off between bachelor's degree and grad school. The advantage of working my field of choice was incredibly valuable when I got to grad school. everyone looked to me as the "experienced" one - even some of the faculty - since my work experience was more current than theirs. It also helped me get a "fellowship" generally that means money without having to work - or it can mean they can work you to death because there are no set hours. be sure to get that detailed before accepting it. It also helped me get a teaching assistant job - largely correcting papers - probably a thing of the past these days with computer lessons. I was able to make it - just barely - with those. My second year I got a scholarship for tuition - that was great. and I taught a course at a private university that paid really, really well. a lot better than the pay at the University I attended. If you just simply got a loan, how much was it totally? I didn't take loans for grad school - but I did choose a school I could afford without a loan. The one I wanted was far more expensive than I could earn in a year. I just didn't think I could do that. I think it was a wise decision - I often wonder how it would have changed things. But I really appreciated not having more debt. How difficult was it achieving your degree? Because my undergrad degree was in the field of my grad degree it was not difficult. You don't have to take more general studies classes - you just take classes that really relate to the MS degree. And, you get more say in the classes you take (based on how well you can sell yourself). However ..... my thesis committee changed their mind AFTER I did my original research and was writing. They made me go out and do a completely different research project. What can you say - they have what you want. and after 2 years of work it would have been silly to throw it away. Was it possible to have any kind of social life during this process? Not much - I dated a little and had the summer off between the 2 years - and I worked in a good spot - but really, I had little time, no money, was teaching and absorbing everything I could from the rarified air of the university. It doesn't last long and the seminars and lectures were free. so I guess that was my social life. Was it worth it? Yup. A masters degree sets you apart from the playing field of bachelors or no degree at all. Even if you don't matriculate (actually get the degree) you can say, I did grad school at XYX University. )Just make sure you never try to pass it off as a degree) Final word of caution - check out the people working in your field. ask personnel offices how much they pay. make sure the grad degree will pay off in earnings. Make sure you really need a grad degree to get the job. for example - if you want to be a registered nurse, the MS may not be necessary to get a high paying job - they are in demand. but if you want to be a psychologist, you may not even be considered without the MS. If there is any possibility of wanting a PhD -check those schools out at the same time. Most advisers suggest getting degrees from more than one school - that is a BS from one, a MS from another - so you see more than one perspective on the body of knowledge in your chosen field. there are programs that offer MS/PhD - you can parlay your reseach into two degrees. Princeton offers 5 year MS/PhD programs with NO tuition costs... worth checking out. Good luck

Is prep school difficult to get into aka post grad-high school ?

Many PGs are athletes who think another year will help them with college recruitment. If you are a strong athlete in a sport that is important to Cheshire and you compare well to their accepted students, then you should have a very good chance of acceptance. If you are not an athlete, then I just don't know.

What career options are there for astrophysics majors? Is a post-grad degree necessary?

astronomy, physicist

Need a good topic/question for my post-grad research in Occupational Health and Safety.?

How about the effect of "green" in the construction industry? There will be less VOCs, but possibly more issues in the reuse of existing materials. There is a lot of federal funding right now to weatherize federal buildings and public housing. How will that affect workers in federal buildings? This is also a "green" project (energy conservation).

Can a NZ nurse (new grad) move to Australia, without doing a 1yr post-grad programme?

Lulu---the Aust Health system is in total chaos, any Kiwi trained nurse, 1st year or otherwise can pick and choose whatever job in nursing she wants. Ring a few Hospitals, once you tell em you're Kiwi trained and available, I hope your inbox has at least a gig of empty space as the offers will come flooding in.

Where can I do a part time/evening post grad diploma/masters in management in London?

Have you tried Birkbeck, UoL?

Where can I download the movie "Post Grad"?

Just get Netflix, Blockbuster, or Amazon streaming.

i want to see a movie called post grad?

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Is it a good idea to join the air national guard before I start post grad school?

Two words of advice. Finish your degree. Do not enlist after getting degree. Sign up as an officer instead. Trust me, you do not want people asking the same question through out your first enlistment of "So you got a degree and why did you not become an officer?' and looking at you like you are missing a few brain cells while asking that.

I need info about medical post grad programs in Australia, specifically?

here are some search results http://degree.financemarketnow.info/medical_post_grad_programs_in_australia.html

which post grad courses are best for decent jobs in USA right now?

Studying in the US does not mean you can stay there after you graduate. You would need an employeer to sponsor you and then you would get into a lottery. Most do not get to stay so you need to plan for going back to your country.

Marine Rotc and and a post grad highschool?

It will probably make you more competitive for the scholarship, but the 4 year high school scholarship that applicants are now applying for are for the Fall of 2011 not the Fall of 2010. All Marine officer programs including Nrotc Mo scholarships require at a minimum a first class PFT score=225+. I have heard that few Nrotc Mo scholarships are awarded to applicants with a PFT below 280. Good Luck!

Best degree to pursue for post-grad after Majoring in Economics & Finance in your undergraduate?

If you will not do MBA, then MS in finance can lead to a CFA. If you are inclined toward research and teaching, then a Ph.D. in business or economics may be for you.

What job prospects will I have if I do post grad in Physics?

The job market is reasonably open for physicists but the demand is not extremely high so a bit of looking around is going to be necessary. But the pay is good.

What should I do in undergrad to take NANOTECHNOLOGY in post grad?

Hey, Im just posting parts of the email I sent you so that maybe it could help other people. Yeah I am interested in nanotech like you pointed out too in the email you sent me. I got okay answers for my question but i went and did a lot of other research into it. A person answered your question really well and she gives really good advice. She says it all depends on what aspect of nanotech you want to go into. For me I think that I would like better to design nanomachines or devices more than something that deals with biochemistry or thats what I feel like now. SO what I chose is to go into electrical engineering for undergrad. I really wanted to science major but I looked up and found that nanoengineering is a field that generally requires a mixture of all types of skills from both engineering and pure science and in my country electrical engineering is a field I can more work in if I am not able to go right away into post graduate studies in nanotech. SO basically I chose electrical engineering to make sure that I still can work if things don't work out the way I plan, basically it provides a safety net. But you really have to investigate the nano field more and see if there is any exciting research or development that is taking place that interests you and if that is the direction you feel you will enjoy. Then you can infer or research some more on the skills you would need and maybe that will help you best in the field and then make that help guide you in chosing a major or the prerequisties you have to get. Email me more if you need to for more info or any other guidance. I will try and help. The thing with nanotech is that it is a very new field and well we have to be the pioneers in it, i guess.

What cna i do with a post grad in social science?

check the occupational outlook handbook. or search monster or career builder with the key phrase "social science" degree jobs.

How hard/competitive is it to study post grad medicine after completing a degree in Biomedical Sciences?

In order to be admitted, candidates must show evidence of an appropriate educational background and good standards of literacy and numeracy. However, the University does not have any formal matriculation requirements, and no requirement for any particular subjects or grades at GCSE, though tutors will use these grades as one indicator of academic ability. All applications are considered carefully on their individual merits and tutors consider academic achievements, predicted grades, candidates’ personal statements and academic references as well as any written work or written test that may be required as part of the application. Candidates who feel that they under-performed at GCSE may be able to compensate for this by demonstrating clear upward progression at AS-level as well as in predicted or achieved A-level scores. You may wish to refer to this in your personal statement. There are some specific subject requirements, as you can see in the table on the opposite page. Providing that you meet any specific requirements for your course, we recommend you to take those subjects that interest you most and in which you feel you have the ability to do best. Apart from the specific requirements shown, tutors are much more interested in candidates’ overall academic ability, and their potential and motivation for the course at Oxford, than the particular programmes which have been followed at school. Competition is strong and conditional offers are likely to be for high grades. The offer may specify certain grades to be achieved in particular subjects if they have not been achieved already. http://www.ox.ac.uk/admissions/undergraduate_courses/courses/medicine.html http://www.ox.ac.uk/admissions/undergraduate_courses/courses/courses_and_entrance_requirements/ Which country are you from? If you want to ask me anymore questions, ask it in the additional details. Hope this helps, good luck. :-)

How do i get sponsorship or grant to do a post grad degree?

do it

What can you do with a post grad in media and communications?

ya u h've very good and promising, bright carreer opportunities, go for free lance journalism, u can also join in electronic media, or print media, ther is a very vast area to work, why do u worry.

What post grad program should I take if I want a job in creative advertising?

What are the opportunities for post grad work in early childhood education?

get a masters in education. experience realted to your intended field of study will be key to getting accepted into the grad school or that program of study at the graduate level.