Do i have to take pills for having marginal placenta?

No you dont have to take any pills for it. Only thing you have to do is follow the doctors instuction and everything should be fine.

Has anyone ever considered placenta pills?

Turning placenta into pills?
Choose your state from the drop-down list on the right side of the page. If you have a midwife or doula, you could probably ask her about it as well. They often have more resources and contacts in areas like that. The doula I am planning on using is also an encapsulation specialist.

Did I burn my placenta?

I have no firsthand experience with this, but all the pictures that I have seen of placenta pills look like black powder, so that doesn't seem wrong.
What is it about grinding them in the food processor that doesn't seem to be working?
EDIT: processors are not typically used to get things into powder form (which is the preferred form of placental pills, from what I can tell). Perhaps you should just take the strips and dice them up really small with a sharp cutting knife. That might make them small enough for encapsulation. Another idea is to put them through a garlic mincer. That might work too.

Is taking placenta (pills) really work on you? Any advise?

Tom Cruise ate his baby's placenta, and look how he ended up. So I wouldn't recommend it unless you want to turn into a fruitcake.

Could I be pregnant/Birth Control Pill.?

lol placenta pills...
I start my placenta (placebo) pills monday but I won't start my period till friday night. I've been on birthcontrol for about 2 years now. It worries me a lot but its normal. Since you have cramps its probably a good sign. If you don't get your period by saturday night sunday morning you should probably grab a test.

Are placenta pills good to take?

I have a really really good friend, who's a local midwife. She also will encapsulate placentas. I haven't had it done, but I've heard a lot of other women talk about it. they called them their "happy pills" - I think they help restore a hormonal balance, and helps aid with things like postpartum depression
I'm really super surprised a doctor recommended that! sounds like a pretty great doctor!

Has anyone ever considered placenta pills?

I have a friend who did it, she is bi-polar and she said it really helped with PPD. She sadly could not breastfeed, insufficient glandular tissue, so I don't know how well it would have helped with her milk. She hired a woman who gave them a special hazardous waste container to collect the placenta in, she took it home and dried it, ground it and encapsulated it, and had it back to her by the time she was home from the hospital.

Is it safe to eat human placenta pills?

As long as they are your own. Placenta encapsulation has shown, from evidence-based practice, to have many benefits. However, I would stongly caution you not to "order something off the internet" that states it's from a placenta. You can probably locate a doula/monitrice/midwife in your area that will encapsulate your own placenta for you. You do need to contact her ahead of your delivery; not just show up with your placenta in hand.