What is the Progressive Rock of the 21st century? Which groups or solo artists do it?

Progressive is still around. Look at bands such as Opeth, Mastodon, Dream Theater and Ihsahn for example.

Progressive rock 'battle of the bands', part 2 (for prog veterans)?

Aw, I missed the first one :( Oh well, my answers would have been pretty similar to the winners anyway, except for Focus over Renaissance. Lots of these could go either way, but right now... Dream Theater Caravan King Crimson Mahavishnu Orchestra Can Marillion Jethro Tull Pink Floyd PFM Yes

Is World Record the most underrated album in Van der Graaf Generator's oeuvre, or what?

I agree somewhat, I think I rank it a bit higher than Aerosol... yeah it is no masterpiece but it's a solid album, definitely underrated. Meurglys III is a good and non-traditional epic, I like the sort of "dub" part at the end. BQ: Godbluff BQ2: The Future Now BQ3: House With No Door BQ4: This is really much harder... I'll just go with Breakthrough from "Sitting Targets" (1981) right now as it came to mind, he has a lot of great work.

Are there any rock lyricists whose lyrics you can read as if they were poetry?

..aside from the obvious Jim Morrison, Bob Dylan, The Beatles (and even David Bowie, to an extent), I think that Jefferson Airplane and The Kinks and XTC have poetic lyrics. Jefferson Airplane: "Gone swirling tears came she went today; Down Fallen years go by, No place in learning how to cry; I went astray; Understanding is a virtue, hard to come by You can teach me how to love If you'll only try; So please! Don't give up so soon. " The Kinks: "Arm in arm we sang our patriotic songs of love and sentiment. Tears of joy to hide the sorrow, New tomorrows till we meet again, With a new world to build we'll say auf weidersein. What did they do for us? What did it prove to us? As we stand beside the silent grave The unknown soldier can't be saved." XTC: "I am the audience There's no doubt, no consequence I could make the morning papers If I use my capers Let's be the Audience I might lose my patience Polite applause excepted To the ones selected, as the audience..." and I'm not doing them for Morrison, Dylan, Beatles, or Bowie, 'cause..well, I'm sure you know some examples of their lyricism..even if some of it is arguably overrated. (*waits to be shot*) Anyway, I say Jefferson Airplane because while they kind of revolve around love songs, they write them better than lots of others do. Er, The Kinks because they have such great, sad, somewhat dark lyrics, and on the same hand they manage the brighter more mainstream ones. XTC because..I think lots of their stuff is genius. And..I'm not sure. They speak to me? I think this is the problem with choosing the best songwriter; you might lean towards people you relate to more than people with great skill. Or I might, anyway. This is, of course, all my *opinion*, so before anyone kills me..yeah. BA: To me, Kiss. um, I'm not quite sure who in the band writes their lyrics. BA2: Regarding music, I don't..I just don't see HOW it can be pretentious. I mean, it's a person's manifestation of their creativity, right? But..maybe I'm slow. :/. BA3:Cool. :D. And..um..there's this one guy who knows and loves the New York Dolls, but as he's the one who introduced them to me..I don't think it counts. That, and they're not..super duper obscure. Oh! And my English teacher knows who the Whores of Babylon are. That was cool.

What Are You're Favorite Songs Referring to SUMMER !!?

'Boys of Summer' ~ Don Henley 'Here Comes the Sun' ~ The Beatles 'Summertime' ~ Billie Holiday {George Gershwin} 'Summertime' ~ Renee Olstead http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=nE-fFDxKbPw 'Summer in the City' ~ The Lovin' Spoonful 'In the Summertime' ~ Mungo Jerry 'Summer Breeze' ~ Type O Negative {cover} 'Summertime Blues' ~ Eddie Cochran 'Albatross' ~ Fleetwood Mac {reminds me of the ocean} And, for me, the album that always makes me think of Summer :~ Fleetwood Mac ~ "Rumours"

Roxy Music fans...what do you think of these guys...'Random Hold' ?

Hey Smiley, Cool band! The tunes and production are right in pocket with the era. I've got this thing for wanting to know about bands' histories and stuff so I had to go read up on them. Their story is really quite interesting. You know, the early years, how they got signed, recording 'Etceteraville' in Ringo's Startling Studios (which was built in the same room where Lennon wrote Imagine), the "Gabriel" connection and how well R.H. was treated by Peter while touring with him and finally their breakup and demise. I also find it amusing that you left out the name "David Rhodes" within the text of your question. (: Perty cool stuff. edit: WHAT....no bio? pffffft! - rolls eyes, throws computer down flight of stairs, calls Bono - LOL.....(:

Progressive rock 'battle of the bands', part 3 (for prog veterans)?

Dream Theater Caravan King Crimson Al De Meola Can Marillion Gryphon Eloy Premiata Forneria Marconi Genesis

Progressive rock 'battle of the bands', if you will (for prog veterans)?

Modern progressive: Spock's Beard Canterbury scene: Hatfield and the North Eclectic prog: Yezda Urfa Jazz fusion: Al Di Meola Krautrock: Popol Vuh Neo-progressive: Pendragon Prog folk: Gryphon Space rock: Nektar Rock Progressivo Italiano: Museo Rosenbach (it's all about 'Zarathustra') Symphonic progressive: Renaissance

What is the Progressive Rock of the 21st century? Which groups or solo artists do it?

Porcupine Tree is the modern day Floyd imo. **Not sure if i'm answering your question correctly, but I feel they are the best prog rock to come along in a while.

MOJO magazine's 'The roots of Punk' (Top 50 songs)?

It's pretty cool ! I'm actually surprised to see a corporate magazine come up with a damn good list. *cough* Rolling Stone *cough*. I don't know every band from that list though - Edgar Broughton Band , Electric Eel , Debris ,for example. But geez , they've included krautrock in there so it gets my respect. I mean , Heldon? I've never seen Heldon in any lists whatsoever until now. I'd add the VU but I see they've got Lou in there so... possibly The Who too. BA : Nah they don't have it here. I sometimes pop in on NME's website to check out their lists but that's about it. BA2 : Amon Duul II - Archangels Thunderbird BA3 : The old clichè... the Sex Pistols. I think I love The Buzzcocks as much as them too.

What are you Favorite Albums of This first Decade of the 21st Century?

I won't bother arbitrarily ranking them, that is if I could! Tool - "Lateralus" Radiohead - "Kid A" Godspeed You! Black Emperor - "Lift Your Skinny Fists Like Antennas To Heaven" Neurosis - "A Sun That Never Sets" Sigur Rós - "( )" Mastodon - "Remission" Pelican - "Australasia" Arcade Fire - "Funeral" Dillinger Escape Plan - "Miss Machine" Porcupine Tree - "In Absentia" Isis - "Panopticon" Strapping Young Lad - "Alien" Portishead - "Third" Callisto - "Noir" Porcupine Tree - "Fear Of A Blank Planet" Gojira - "The Link" Meshuggah - "Nothing" Rosetta - "The Galilean Satellites" Kayo Dot - "Choirs Of The Eye" Efterklang - "Tripper" Cynic - "Traced In Air" Tool - "10,000 Days" Mono - "You Are There" Red Sparowes - "Every Red Heart Shines Toward The Red Sun" Opeth - "Blackwater Park" Thom Yorke - "The Eraser" The Ocean - "Precambrian" Pelican - "The Fire In Our Throats Will Beckon The Thaw" Akercocke - "Words That Go Unspoken, Deeds That Go Undone" Mastodon - "Leviathan" Cult Of Luna - "Somewhere Along The Highway" Intronaut - "Void" Russian Cirlces - "Enter" Biffy Clyro - "The Vertigo Of Bliss" Mono - "Walking Cloud And Deep Red Sky, Flag Fluttered And The Sun Shined" Radiohead - "Amnesiac" Old Man Gloom - "Seminar II: The Holy Rites Of Primitivism Regressionism" Gojira - "From Mars To Sirius" Isis - "Oceanic" Opeth - "Ghost Reveries" Between The Buried And Me - "Colors" Cult Of Luna - "The Beyond" Meshuggah - "obZen" Godspeed You! Black Emperor - "Yanqui U.X.O." The Ocean - "Aeolian"

What do you rank these bands/artists?

i got a bit of time on my hands, i'll take a shot. Robert Johnson (10) Chuck Berry (10) Ray Charles (8) James Brown (10) The Beatles (10) The Rolling Stones (10) The Who (10) The Kinks (10) The Beach Boys (10) Bob Dylan (10) Stevie Wonder (10) The Hollies (9) The Animals (10) The Byrds (10) The Yardbirds (9) The Zombies (10) The Moody Blues (10) Cream (10) Procul Harum (10) The Doors (10) Jimi Hendrix (10) Janis Joplin (10) Frank Zappa (11) Captain Beefheart (12) Pink Floyd (10) Deep Purple (10) Arthur Brown (10) Simon & Garfunkel (10) T. Rex (10) The Velvet Underground (10) Bee Gees (9) Grateful Dead (9) Jefferson Airplane (10) Love (10) The Monkees (8) Traffic (10) Family (10) Donovan (10) Sly & The Family Stone (10) Funkadelic (10) Marvin Gaye (10) Bill Withers (8) Al Green (10) Earth, Wind & Fire (8) Otis Redding (10) War (10) Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young (10) The Band (10) Spirit (10) The Nice (10) Jethro Tull (10) Creedence Clearwater Revival (10) Led Zeppelin (10) Black Sabbath (10) King Crimson (10) Yes (10) Genesis (10) Van der Graaf Generator (10) Gentle Giant (10) Emerson, Lake & Palmer (10) Soft Machine (10) Caravan (10) Gong (11) Renaissance (10) Strawbs (8) Camel (8) Can (10) Hawkwind (10) Henry Cow (10) Tangerine Dream (10) John Lennon (10) Paul McCartney (8) George Harrison (10) Ringo Starr (7) Electric Light Orchestra (9) Alice Cooper (10) America (9) Atomic Rooster (10) Uriah Heep (10) Wishbone Ash (9) Blue Oyster Cult (10) Bob Marley (10) Peter Tosh (10) Steel Pulse (8) Soul Syndicate (8) Jeff Beck (10) Steely Dan (10) Mike Oldfield (10) The Residents (7) Magma (10) Gryphon (10) Happy the Man (8) Harmonium (10) Jade Warrior (10) Supertramp (10) Rush (10) Lou Reed (10) Neil Young (10) Eagles (7) Bruce Springsteen (10) Roxy Music (10) Brian Eno (10) The Stooges/Iggy & The Stooges/Iggy Pop (All 10) David Bowie (10) Elton John (10) Peter Hammill (10) Todd Rundgren (10) Kraftwerk (10) Kate Bush (8) 10cc (10) Peter Gabriel (10) Steve Hackett (10) Kansas (8) Premiata Forneria Marconi (9) Banco del Mutuo Soccorso (10) Focus (10) The Alan Parsons Project (9) Styx (8) Journey (old Journey, 9) Boston (9) Aerosmith (9) KISS (7) ABBA (6) Queen (9) Starcastle (7) Klaatu (9) U.K. (10) Asia (7) Joe Satriani (8) Steve Vai (9) Michael Jackson (10) Donna Summer (7) Ministry (10) Television (10) The Ramones (10) The Clash (10) Black Flag (10) Bad Brains (10) Agent Orange (9) The Police (10) Talking Heads (10) Oingo Boingo (9) The Flaming Lips (10) R.E.M. (9) U2 (8) Madonna (8) AC/DC (7) Judas Priest (6) Iron Maiden (9) Metallica (10) Death (8) Megadeth (10) Slayer (10) Anthrax (10) Exodus (9) Testament (8) Adrian Belew (10) Queensryche (10) Fates Warning (7) Marillion (8) IQ (8) Saga (7) Red Hot Chili Peppers (10) Mr. Bungle (10) Faith No More (10) Ween (7) Stereolab (10) Cynic (8) Atheist (7) Meshuggah (8) Fear Factory (9) Green Day (5) Helmet (9) The Prodigy (10) Nine Inch Nails (10) Soundgarden (10) Alice in Chains (9) Temple of the Dog (8) Nirvana (7) Pearl Jam (8) Stone Temple Pilots (7) Beck (10) Pantera (9) Kyuss (10) Tool (10) Radiohead (10) Dream Theater (8) Porcupine Tree (8) Spock's Beard (8) The Flower Kings (7) Transatlantic (8) Neal Morse (7) Kevin Gilbert (not sure) Miriodor (not sure) Echolyn (7) Anekdoten (8) Anglagard (not sure) Enchant (7) Queens of the Stone Age (8) Muse (7) Coldplay (6) Arctic Monkeys (7) Air (10) The Dillinger Escape Plan (8) Mastodon (9) The White Stripes (8) The Mars Volta (10) Coheed & Cambria (7) Riverside (6) Incubus (7) Isis (9) Godspeed You! Black Emperor (10) Mogwai (10) Tortoise (10) Pelican (10) Autechre (9) Nas (7) Tupac (10) Geto Boys (8) A Tribe Called Quest (10) Mos Def (10) Jurassic 5 (9) Beardfish (7) Phideaux (8) Glass Hammer (8) Symphony X (7) Kamelot (8) Firewind (7) Stratovarius (7) Pain of Salvation (not sure) Andromeda (8) Gordian Knot (8) Planet X (9) Liquid Tension Experiment (not sure) Spiral Architect (not sure) A Perfect Circle (6) Rocket Scientists (5) Frost (5) And for a bonus, if you can, here's a classical and jazz one: Palestrina (not sure) Vivaldi (9) Bach (10) Mozart (10) Haydn (10) Beethoven (10) Chopin (10) Bizet (10) Erik Satie (10) Mahler (9) Mussorsky (10) Debussy (10) Ravel (10) Stravinsky (10) Prokofiev (10) Tchaikovsky (10) Bartok (10) Berg (10) Schurenberg (10) Webern (9) Aaron Copeland (10) Sibelius (10) George Gershwin (10) Gustav Holst (10) Dvorak (10) Samuel Barber (10) Ginastera (9) Varese (10) Steve Reich (10) Phillip Glass (11) Django Reinhardt (10) Louis Armstrong (10) Billie Holiday (9) Duke Ellington (10) Dizzy Gilespie (10) Miles Davis (11) John Coltrane (10) Thelonius Monk (10) Charles Mingus (10) Dave Brubeck (10) Ornette Coleman (10) Art Blakey (10) Herbie Hancock (10) Wes Montgomery (10) Stan Getz (10) Antonio Carlos Jobim (10) Freddie Hubbard (10) Sun Ra (10) Pharaoh Sanders (12) Mahavishnu Orchestra (10) Return to Forever (10) Weather Report (10) Pat Metheny Group (10) Allan Holdsworth (10) Jean-Luc Ponty (10) Yellowjackets (8) Wynton Marsalis (9) Astral Project (8) EDIT: The Ruins (10) Talk Talk (11) Nurse With Wound (10) John Fahey (10) Ozric Tentacles (8) that's probably the greatest list of music I've seen on here. A lot of good jazz and progressive, little bit of post-rock. Great taste if you're into all of those. Just seeing Harmonium and Jade Warrior mentioned is fantastic. BQ: Can (Tago Mago/Paperhouse), Pink Floyd (Animals/Dogs), King Crimson (Red/Larks Tongues in Aspic, Pt. 1), Mr. Bungle (Disco Volante/Quote Unquote), Mars Volta (Frances the Mute/Cygnus...Vismund Cyngus) BQ2: Green Day (Basket Case), ABBA (S.O.S.)

Who's Your "lesser-known" Great Vocalist - and Did Anyone Know About This Guy?

I'm not sure about 'lesser-known', but for 'greatly-overlooked' :~ The late and much missed Robert Palmer :)

Another Guitar (Model) to Identify?

Seems it's this Guild. http://www.vandergraafgenerator.co.uk/pawnhearts/ph_guitar_p2.jpg (& this time i did my own research) :) This was a simple Google search, man since it was tough to see from a side view.

Greatest progressive rock song lyricists?

1:Robert Plant 2:Ian Gillan 3:Geezer Butler

Genesis fans: Do you think Genesis would be as recognized today if they'd broken up when Steve Hackett left?

. Of course not !! Though the band finally "broke-even," financially, with the sales on "Trick" -- they would not see massive success until my least favorite album, "Abacab" -- and "Invisible Touch" is probably what put them in the Hall of Fame. I DO like all of their albums, but the Classics, will always be (to me), the "Hackett-period" Hey, you know what I was thinkin' ?? How come no one ever mentions what a technically brilliant Bass Player, Mike Rutherford was ?? ...and even his switch to Guitar, was quite competent(??) - dontcha think ? .

Peter Gabriel or Peter Hammill?

Hammill, I think. Especially "Patience"

Do you think Peter Hammill is the most introspective lyricist in rock history?

Goddamn these philistines. Anyway, I would say there is a very good chance he is. He is certainly one of my favorite lyricists ever. Another candidate is Kevin Gilbert, who I think you might like. He was influenced by Gabriel and Hammill to a large degree I think. His albums "Thud" and "The Shaming of the True" are a couple of my favorite lyrical albums of all time, great musically too.

Is it just me, or does Fish sound more like Robert Wyatt than Peter Gabriel or Peter Hammill?

I've never gotten that, however yeah he is too high pitched and Scottish to "sound like" either Gabriel or Hammill, but I can hear influences from both of them no doubt. BQ: Heart of Lothian BQ2: Rock Bottom. As far as albums he's ever been on, "Third" - Soft Machine BQ3: That is near impossible for me to answer. They both do different things better than the other. Gabriel has more consistently resonant emotionality to his music but Hammill is better with describing things with amazing detail and cutting wit. It depends on my mood, I'll go with Gabriel right now.

What are the titles to Peter Hammill's Printed works?

I believe there are four books. Killers, Angels, Refugees http://www.amazon.com/gp/offer-listing/0859470024/ref=dp_olp_0?ie=UTF8&qid=1208276449&sr=1-1&condition=all The House is I http://www.amazon.com/gp/offer-listing/B000J0EXV8/ref=dp_olp_0?ie=UTF8&qid=1208276449&sr=1-2&condition=all Peter Hammill Canciones http://www.amazon.com/gp/offer-listing/8424505425/ref=dp_olp_0?ie=UTF8&qid=1208276449&sr=1-3&condition=all Mirrors, Dreams and Miracles I have no suggestion as to where one may purchase this one

What are your favorite Peter Hammill albums?

Chronologically: Nadir's Big Chance (1975) The Future Now (1978) Ph7 (1979) Sitting Targets (1981) Clutch (2002) and damn, he has a lot of albums. I only have select ones. BQ: In order of preference: Melt (1980) Car (1977) Up (2002) Security (1982) Scratch (1978) Also one of my favorite songwriters.

Where can I find and download music from Peter Hammill?

idk but you may try this website called http://www.mp3folia.com to search for any certain music to download.