Can you compare Gene Chizik to Pete Carroll?

Well, like you said, he's comparable to Carroll and even Tressel in that fans were not happy when they were hired, and then they won a title. But the question is can Chizik keep winning, and I don't think that's true. Carroll chronically lost one or two games a season, Tressel is the same way. Recruiting is not the answer for Chizik, especially in the SEC, so much as recruiting the right positions and having the right staff members (look at a team like Georgia--they recruit well and they're struggling). In other words, he needs dynamic QBs like Newton and he needs excellent coaches like Malzahn on staff. I think those are the two things that will show themselves to distinguish Chizik from definitely Pete Carroll. It's a matter of time before Malzahn is out of there, and I really think that, aside from Newton, was the biggest reason why Chizik won a title. Unless he can replace these stars, Chizik will be averaging about 8 wins a season at best, not 10 or 11 wins. But if can swing even just what Les Miles does in the SEC, i.e. he would be considered to be as good as Carroll.

Will Pete Carroll leave USC at the end of the season?

HAHAHA Man Harbaugh is dreaming isn't he? Come on Carroll has had a job offer from almost every Franchise in the last few years. I believe San Diego offered him a job. Wouldn't you want that job? Good team, young players, not going to have to move very fair. He didn't take it though. Miami wanted to get him. The owner was willing to pay what it would cost to get him. He had a blank check offered to him basically, and would likely have a lot of control. Not as good of a team as San Diego BUT he would have the control. Didn't want the job. He doesn't want an NFL job or he would have taken one by now. Can't blame Harbaugh for his fantasy though. If you were in the Pac-10 wouldn't you want Carroll to go back to the NFL? Although I think Stanford made a mistake letting Walt Harris go. Yeah he was having big problems, BUT it wasn't his team yet, it's going to be a harder school to recruit to(remember he came from Pitt and where would you rather go Pitt, a school with a history as a powerhouse, or Stanford, and who knows them for football). I think you give Harris time to get his system in and players who play his style, and he would have done better. Heck look how Pitt was screwed up. You can't go in and totally change the system and expect things to work in 1 or 2 years.

Is pete carroll for real?

No way. Pac ten is a weak conference. Pete Carroll is politicking for his team for a BCS spot in the future. USC always loses and looks bad against "inferior PAC 10 teams" I think the last 2 weeks the Mountain West and the ACC proved how weak the PAC 10 is. It's obvious SEC is the best right now. Big 12 should be right behind them. USC's championship season is over. There conference is to weak for them to gain any ground even if they go undefeated.

Should the Redskins go after Pete Carroll.?

absolutely not. Pete Carroll is an aweful NFL coach. Do you remember the collapse of the Patriots under him. The Patriots had been built by Parcells and were one of the leagues elite and they immidiately fell apart under Carroll.

A Pete Carroll Question?

Put Pete somewhere like Purdue or Indiana and he'd struggle just like everyone else, but you have gotta hand it to him and his staff like Ken Norton Jr. They're on a roll. They're exploiting all of their assets to the max to get the best recruits.

Is Pete Carroll a good coach? ?

pete carroll is a recruiter not a coach. with all the talent usc has had there is no excuse for usc to have won only one nat champ. this is another reason carroll was so unsuccessful in the nfl where the talent is generally even.
carroll is the opposite of lloyd carr. carroll has no trouble getting his team ready for big games but he seems incapable of keeping that intensity against teams he should easily beat. his teams seem to play down to the talent of other teams. motivation is the main job of a coach!

Pete Carroll flip flopping?

Your tottaly right. Pete is a crybaby. He was fine with racking up points and running up the score on helpless teams and expects to be ahead of a team like texas tech who beat #1. Pete is mad because he wwas a too bad of a coach to beat Oregon State and now it is coming back to bite him

Pete Carroll or Rick Pitino?

Pitino by far - When Carroll was coach he hadnt built his legacy already - Carroll was a nobody when he was hired by the patriots - and he was almost laughed at initially When USC hired him as Head Football Coach
Compared to Pitino who was gonna Win Big when they Paid him all his millions to leave kentucky to coach in the NBA - complete and total flop!
It would be better to compare Pitino to Spurrier - two GREAT college coaches who have a proven record yet really got hammered and were miserable failures when they jumped up to coach at the Professional Level.

Should Pete Carroll coach the Chargers?

No no no no no. Pete Carroll has done great at recruiting for USC and has had some great assistants to help him coach USC. Carroll is getting paid as much as an NFL coach at USC and has a sweet setup there, capable of continuing to get national championships. However, Carroll showed he couldn't do the NFL before, when he coached the Patriots, back when they continually failed. Bill Parcells set him up with a Super Bowl team and he couldn't deliver. I guess no one remembers either one of them. Carroll doesn't have the abilities to coach in the NFL. It has been said that he has a player-friendly, easygoing style that might suit the college game and particularly recruiting. Quite frankly, after Steve Spurrier, Nick Saban, or any of the other's who jumped to the NFL from the college ranks, I don't think they should be hiring these collegiate coaches to coach in the NFL. Its a totally different monster in the NFL. At these schools, they have a wealth of money to go after recruits and can get many interchangeable players, but evaluating talent in the NFL is different. Pete Carroll could do no worse than Norv Turner, but Carroll can do no better than USC.

Pete Carroll?

Pete Carroll is a great recruiter, nothing more. He sucks at coaching. He was a bust in the NFL last time, he'd be a bust this time. He doesn't know how to relate to players. In college he doesn't need to. Theyre just a bunch of kids and he's the boss. They just want to play football. Carroll couldn't deal with the egos in the NFL.
And why in the hell would he leave the best job on earth (coaching USC with the media on your nuts, players flocking to the school to be the next Bush or Palmer, getting high rankings in the preseason because your school name is USC) to go to a deflated Chargers team to give himself headaches, be criticized at every turn, and booed back to college football? He'd have to be insane to leave USC for the Chargers.