Why won't anyone talk about how good pau gasol is playing in the paint?

I don't know but I love Pau Gasol.

How far do you think the Lakers can go with the addition of Pau Gasol?

I'm with you on this one. getting rid of kwame was the best thing to do. I think that's what every laker fan wants. Lakers have an excellent chance of winning a championship this year. they just have to stay healthy and stop turning the ball over. I would love to see a celtics vs lakers final!

Is it a coincidence that Kobe haters are also Pau Gasol apologists?

Kobe is pretty overrated. Pau's out played Kobe in the last 2 regular AND post seasons, yet the Pau haters constantly crown Kobe as being better. I don't think it's a coincidence, Kobe fans have always overrated Kobe.

Pau Gasol is the most skilled big men in the game today?

I wouldn't say that. Dirk is the same height as Pau, and they are equal when it comes to rebounding and defense, but Dirk can do everything on offense. The only thing Pau can do better is pass. KG is an inch shorter than Pau, and could do everything pau can plus he is a better defender. Ming is 6 inches taller than Pau, and they pretty much have the same skill set. So I repectfully disagree with you that pau is the most skilled big man in the NBA today. If you compare him to only Howard, then yes. EDIT: dont forget bosh and odom.

Who is the overall better international star Manu Ginobilli or Pau Gasol?

Both are great players and are in the top 20 best players in the league in my opinion. I would give the slight edge to Manu because he is an elite defender and he distributes the ball very well. Both these players are capable of averaging 25ppg or more.

How many fouls have Pau Gasol and Andrew Bynum been called for vs the Jazz so far?

As of this moment, the two of them have been called for 12 total fouls combined in the 3 games VS the Jazz...

When Pau Gasol played for the Grizzlies did he deserve more awards and recognition than Kobe on the Lakers?

he was a good player in memphis, and at this stage in dirks career, Pau is probably the best international player. but hes not at Kobe's level

How come some people say the Pau Gasol trade changed the nba landscape?

During 05' Lakers has a very weak Post game and no supports on the team (right after Shaqs' Departure) and Kobe was the only player responsible for the wins of the team. Kwame (one of the below average player on Lakers) was traded for Gasol (one of the best player) happened and Lakers has appeared to back to back to back finals (was able to win 2 out of 3) and has dominated the west ever since. the power has shifted to East where there are more talent just to compete with Lakers in the final (avoiding Playoff) much like the Bulls druing the 90's

Pau Gasol..?

He's both, Brings rebonding and second chance scoring not to metion inside scoring. But he does play too soft for a big man.

pau gasol?

First off, Jeff M is completely clueless and has no idea what he is talking about. What exactly did the give up? Kwame and Jarvis Crittendon?? Please educate yourself before you post such nonsense. Pau Gasol is a great player and one of the MAIN reasons the Lakers made it to the Finals this year. Sure he didn't play great in the Finals but he was not the only Laker to stink it up in the Finals. Next year when Bynum takes over the middle, it will free up Gasol and Lamar to roam and score much easier. Anybody that doesn't see how strong the Lakers will be next year does not understand the game of basketball. Pau Gasol is a perfect fit for the Lakers and he runs the triangle offense to perfection. He's going to help the Lakers win the championship next year.