Patriots vs. Colts?

Colts won 38-34

Patriots vs. Colts/Matt Ryan vs. Matt Cassell?

Colts are more likely to miss the playoffs. Just my gut.
Matt Cassel has already made a Super Bowl. He was Brady's back-up last year, don't forget. I doubt he'll ever make it as a starter. It is far too early for me to even guess about Matt Ryan, but there's a good chance I think. But I'll just take the safe route and get out on the technicality that Cassel has already been there.

Patriots vs. Colts?

Patriots are going to dominate offensively and slow up Indianapolis' offense enough to make it a blow out. The Red Skins #1 ranked pass defense couldn't do anything to stop them this week and Indianapolis' defense won't have anything to stop them next week. No one has anything to stop them because they have to many weapons. Even their defensive players are racking up TD's. Its really unfair. They should only be allowed 10 on the field at a time to even it out.

Patriots vs colts today?

even tho Tom Brady has his own rules and can tell the ref when to call something, the colts will win. their passing offense is too good with Peyton manning. and besides, people are tired of Brady and bill belichick being schmucks and cheating. the pats won the AFC championship and the superbowl cuz of paying the refs. trust me, colts are gonna win.

Patriots vs Colts, who will win this time?

Colts, baby! I got the feeling it's Peyton's year too.
The Patriots have had enough time in their own miserable glory. The Colts defense has been amazing these last few games and I hope the trend will continue. Plus, they're playing at home. They always do better at home.
Colts are gonna take care of those Patriots. I know it!

Will Patriots vs Colts be the game of the year?

The "Brady Bunch" knocked "Dallas" down a few notches in NFL power ratings last weekend, leaving little doubt who's No. 1.
Indianapolis football fans, though, still can make a good case for Peyton Manning and their defending Super Bowl champion Colts.
The Pats and Indy are the league's only remaining unbeaten teams from a field of 32 that started 2007 play six weeks ago.
Bodog has New England (6-0), fresh off a 48-27 pounding of previouly undefeated Dallas, giving up a somewhat controversial 17 points at Miami on Sunday, though 16 1/2s were available.
The Colts, 5-0 and coming off their bye week, are laying 3 1/2 at Bodog and a field goal most places to Jacksonville in Monday night's game.
The two finalists from last season's AFC Championship meet Nov.4 in the Hoosier State in a game Las Vegas oddsmaker Ken White currently would favor the Pats in by four to five points.
Professional Handicappers League Commissioner and overall points leader Brian Gabrielle believes that since New England has mangled the Cowboys, only the Colts stand between the Pats and a perfect season.
"The only team that can beat New England is Indianapolis and they'd have to do it in Indianapolis in a shootout," Gabrielle said.
"There is just no containing the Pats' offense, but you can out-score them if you win the opening toss and get the ball first.
"At least, Indianapolis has a chance at that."
PHL members Jerry Johnson and Jimmy Boyd don't think New England will have much trouble taming the Colts.
"I said a few weeks back that the Pats are going undefeated and winning the Super Bowl," Johnson said emphatically.
Added Boyd:
"New England is by far the best team in the league right now and we're all waiting for their Nov. 4 showdown at Indy."
PHL sports anylyst Steve Zukiel wants to see the Pats beat Indy before he makes any predictions about whether they actually will run the table.
"If they beat Indy I'll go out on a limb and say they will," Zukiel declared.
The Las Vegas Hilton has a proposition that asks if the Pats will become the second club in NFL history to finish the regular season 16-0; "No" is a minus $7.00 favorite and "Yes" is plus $5.00.
Regardless of which AFC club -- Gabriellle tabs 2006 Super Bowl champ Pittsburgh as an outsider -- makes it to Glendale, Ariz., for the Feb. 3 Super Bowl, an NFC representative also will be there, as a big underdog.
This week's Hilton Super Bowl number is AFC minus 11 1/2 and the total is 52.
The consensus appears to be that Dallas remains the best the senior conference has to offer, in spite of its spanking from the Pats.
White at this point would favor New England by 10 in a Super Bowl rematch on a neutral field, leaning to the Cowboys himself under such a scenario.
"I feel Dallas is still ahead of Green Bay," PHL member Bill Fishman said.
"I'd rank then Dallas one, Green Bay two, Tampa Bay three, Washington four and the Giants five.
"Then I'd have Carolina and Seattle, as their defenses are really impressive."
Fishman feels the Cowboys would show up for the second go-round.
"It would not be a rout," he forecast.
"In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if they beat New England.
"I want to see the Pats get through next month.
"Let's see if they can handle Indy and Pittsburgh."
Boyd echoed Fishman's thoughts, while Johnson expressed opposite sentiments.
"Dallas is still the team to beat in the NFC and this loss to New England helps because now it knows just how much work it needs to do," Boyd said.
Noted Johnson:
"New England is three touchdowns better then Dallas on any given Sunday."
Gabrielle isn't sure it matters who goes to the Super Bowl from the NFC.
"Parity is prevelant in the NFC and any team could advance at this point, including the last place team in several NFC divisions," he said.
"No team is overly impressive and no team can be counted out on any given Sunday - well, maybe St. Louis can be counted out.
"However, no NFC team will beat New England, Indianapolis OR Pittsburgh in the Super Bowl."

Who is excited for another Patriots vs Colts showdown?

Colts just don't get blown out. If they lose it will be a close one.
I expect to see both QB's throw 45+ times and about 700 total yards passing.
NE has ad a lot of trouble getting to the QB, and Manning will kill you if you don't get pressure (Manning has been sacked only 10x this season - amazing).
There are 2 x-factors for me:
NE - Laurence Maroney - has looked good since he got the nod as #1 (albeit due to injury) - if he can knock out 75-100 total yards, I think NE is in a good position to win.
IND ) - Dallas Clark - 12 catches yesterday - 6 on one drive. Linebackers can't cover him, and the corners and safeties need to be worried about Wayne and co. If Clark lands 10 catches/ 100 yards - IND will win.
I think it's more likely that IND carves up NE with Clark, so I am giving them the edge in a close one 31-27.

Patriots Vs Colts Week 13 Question?

Yes, from 1987-2010, there were 4 other games that featured a team that was favored by 20+ points. Each time, the team that was favored won, but failed to cover the spread:
1987 (Week 4): San Francisco 49ers @ Atlanta Falcons - The 49ers were a 23-point favorite. Although they failed to cover the spread, the 49ers won 25-17.
1993 (Week 14): Cincinnati Bengals @ San Francisco 49ers - The 49ers were a 23-point favorite. Again, the 49ers failed to cover the spread, but won 21-8.
2007 (Week 12): Philadelphia Eagles @ New England Patriots - The Patriots were a 24-point favorite. Atlhough, they failed to cover the spread, the Patriots held on to beat the Eagles 31-28.
2007 (Week 15): New York Jets @ New England Patriots - The Patriots were a 24.5-point favorite, making them the first team in NFL history to be 20+ point favorites multiple times in the same season. Again, the Patriots failed to cover the spread, but won 20-10.
@ Professional Liar - The 49ers were only 18-point favorites against the San Diego Chargers in Super Bowl XXIX.

Patriots vs. Colts, anyone excited?

Like Coach B says, one week at a time. This week it's the Colts.
It's a pair of heavyweights lining up for another battle in what might be the best rivalry of the decade. Pats and Colts have been going at it for so long folks might forget their fights some years to see who would be last in the AFC East (cough1981cough). It's good seeing these two playing games with more meaning nowadays.
As far as the game goes, it's easy to find reasons for both teams to win. Their offenses both average just over 400 yards a game, the Pats score 28 a game and the Colts 30. Colts pass for a few more, Pats run for a few more per game. On defense they are also almost identical, both giving up around 290 yards a game and allowing 14 points by the Pats and 13 by the Colts. Stat wise these two teams are very identical.
You can say the Pats ran up their numbers against bad teams, but they have games against Denver, Atlanta, and Baltimore. You can say the Colts haven't played anyone really good but they've done what great teams do, destroy the bad teams and win against the good ones.
When it's all said and done, you have to take the home team. Hate to say it but the Colts should be the favorites in this game, tho I expect a close one and wouldn't be surprised if it goes either way.


The last 4 out of 5 times that the Colts have played the Patriots, the Colts have won. The Colts have the # 2 offense and the # 2 defense in the NFL. Brady has been off and on this season. Anytime he has had any kind of pressure this year he has been off. And the Patriots O-line and defensive line aren't what they once were. If Kyle Orton can make a 98 yard drive against the Patriot's defense then Peyton Manning definitely can. And with the Colts blitzing more that will allow single coverage of Freeney and more sacks of Brady. Plus the Colts have more offensive weapons than they've ever had and are getting stronger every week. Usually come the end of the season they are mounting up injuries. This year come the end of the season they have a good number of their best players coming back to play from being injured. So instead of getting weaker at the end of the seasonk, they are getting stronger. And just at the right time too as they start to hit the hard part of their schedule. And I don't think the Patriots will be able to win the running game if they deside to rush instead of using Brady. The Colts have added a couple of 300 pounders to the middle of the defensive line to help stop the rush and it has worked. I don't see Maroney making much yardage against the Colts.
I think the Colts win this one. And I think it will be an easier win than normal for them over the Patriots. The Colts are very strong this year.