What's the most convenient way to go from North Hollywood to Pasadena using public transit?

Red line from NoHo to Hollywood/Western, and then Metro Rapid 780 to PCC.

Where can I buy the best cake in the Pasadena, CA area?

Cakery Bakery in La Canada on foothill. The best.

Is there any inexpensive outdoor wedding venues in Pasadena?

Charlotte is right, Church of the Angels is a great venue! The Arboretum (Arcadia) http://www.arboretum.org/index.php/visit/wedding/ Don't know the prices: Neighborhood Church http://www.uuneighborhood.org/Weddings/index.html Villa Sorriso http://www.sorrisopasadena.com/events.html There might be facilities through the cities, they tend to be less expensive: South Pasadena - http://www.ci.south-pasadena.ca.us/parks/parkrentals.html You might take a look at Eddie Park/House. City of Pasadena Facilities Rental: http://activenet11.active.com/cityofpasadena/servlet/registrationMain.sdi?source=reserveOptions.sdi City of Sierra Madre Facilities Rental: http://cityofsierramadre.com/index.php?mod=fees Congratulations!!

Any good international High Schools or Junior College in los angeles/ pasadena area?

Pasadena City College is a very good community college, so is Glendale Community College. PCC http://www.pasadena.edu/ GCC http://www.glendale.edu/ I don't think there are any international schools exactly of the kind you want in/near Pasadena, but there is a day/boarding school that might be close, Southwestern Academy in San Marino (south of Pasadena). Southwestern Academy http://www.southwesternacademy.edu/ There are also French and Armenian high schools. The good private schools are likely full for September 2010, the admissions process finishes the first week of March -- admissions is very competitive in Pasadena / La Canada-Flintridge, and in 10th and 11th grade there tend to be 0 - 2 openings, only when someone leaves the school, and there are many applications for those spaces. Typically they do not admit in 12th grade, unless you've been at a similar private school and just moved into the area. However, certain niche schools, like Southwestern Academy, may have open spaces. Also, you might look into Ribet Academy. It's near the Glendale Freeway and San Fernando Rd., just south of Glendale. (Maybe near your home, it's in Glassell Park.) They tend to have open spaces when others don't, but it's still a good school, it's probably that their student population has been hit harder by the economy than the student population at the more prominent Pasadena private schools. (It isn't the most attractive school, though.) They have an International Student Program, and Host Families. Ribet Academy http://www.ribetacademy.com/ If you're in Eagle Rock, they have a good public high school, especially for kids that want to do well. Two kids got into Harvard for Sept 2010. Private schools in LA County: http://www.privateschoolreview.com/county_private_schools/stateid/CA/county/6037 Good luck!

Planning on Moving to South Pasadena, CA and looking into foreclosures in the area?

Every foreclosure must be posted at the County Recorders Office. Start there. Attend a foreclosure auction on the courthouse steps. Every weekday at noon or 2pm. After the auction (very informal), ask the guy if he will put you on their mailing list. You will get the repo's as soon as they do. Wells Fargo has all their repo's online at www.PASREO.com Amtrust at www.AMTRUST.com Countrywide www.COUNTRYWIDE.com but is switching over to BofA soon. ( I dont' work for any of these banks and the sites are all free).

what is the cheapest way to take the family from OK to Pasadena to the Rose Parade 4 adults and 4 kids?

You probably need $2000 to cover all the cost. Fly, drive, motor home almost same price, the last 2 take more time and pay for rental car or RV and hotel but you can see more such as grand canyon. Pasadena: Old pasadena, Hungtinton library and garden, Simon museum and Gamble house.

Is Pasadena Texas nice place to live and have good surrounding communities?

Pasadena is a blue collar community near the ship channel and the refineries. Lots of amazing people live in the area. Teaching jobs are the pits to find right now. Don't even try unless you have a Texas teaching certificate. Too many certified teachers aren't working in education right now because of the lack of jobs. However, it's always worth trying. Check HISD: http://www.houstonisd.org/portal/site/humanresources Pasadena: http://www.pasadenaisd.org/pages/employment.htm There are other school districts in the immediate area: http://www.texasbest.com/schools/map.html Try Barbers Hill ISD. If I remember correctly , they may be one of the highest paying districts in the area. http://www.bhisd.net/

Are restaurants in Pasadena california required to have a fire alarm system?

I am pretty sure that it is a state law. My church now has to go under construction because it does not have a sprinkler system or a fire alarm. If it is a public building, then yes you have to have one. You can check with your local fire department, they would know the laws.

Where can I find a good restaurant in Pasadena to go to after my graduation?

Factoring price and large group (accepts reservations) consider: (In the Old Town area...note: parking & traffic is tough on weekends) Bucca di Beppo* Mijares Restaurant* (So. of Old Towne): El Cholo Mexican Restaurant* (near Barn Burner BBQ) on Fair Oaks Blvd; Also consider at the east end of the city. on Foothill Blvd.: Maria's Italian Kitchen*; Islands Restaurant* (both are casual) Panda Inn Chinese Restaurant, Another local favorite is Green Street Restaurant* (off of Lake, so. of Green St....great local restaurant; price is good, only factor is the group of 25, they're always very busy). If you're also considering restaurants near Pasadena, like Arcadia (in the Santa Anita Mall) try: Wood Ranch Restaurant (but prices average btwn. 13.00 to 20.00). *Will meet your budget of up to $15.00 per person. Good luck and hope this helps too!

Is north Pasadena a good place to buy a home and raise family?

No, my dad lived there for like 4 months and he was out of there because his house got robbed and he was living there for only 4 months. its a black neighborhood mostly.A good area would probably be Sierra Madre. ;)