Packers vs Seahawks final thought?

Yes refs do not win or lose games but they still have to make
the right calls. First off I do not have a favorite team.
 Secondly I don't understand why they didn't explain why
it was ruled a touchdown and why they don't discuss the play
longer with a panel of NFL rule experts and other refs. Now
this game already has sparked controversy but from my view we
should take the play apart and look at the facts. Duel
possession does go to the offence but is it duel possession?
The rule book states that possession is "When a player
controls the ball throughout the act of clearly touching both
feet, or any other part of his body other than his hand(s),
to the ground inbounds." So watching the reply over and over
you can argue that both play have possession of the ball at
some point but is it duel possession? Next the rule book
states that "The player who first controls and continues to
maintain control of a pass will be awarded the ball even
though his opponent later establishes joint control of the
ball." This says nothing about the player have to have to be
on the ground it only states that he needs to have control
first. We can all clearly see that Jennings has clear control
of the ball first in the air. By the guidelines of the NFL
rule book Jennings has control of the ball first and
maintains control till he touches the ground where he then
gains possession and his knees hit the ground. Tate gains
control of the ball second and then touches the ground to
gain possession but the rules state that even though he is on
offence he did not have control the ball first so it is not
duel possession and the player that has control first of the
pass and maintains control of the pass even though his
opponent later establishes joint control of the ball is
awarded the ball. This means that Jennings should have l
awarded the ball and the Packers should have won the game.
I'm not posting this l upset anyone I'm just stating the
facts as I see them.

Green Bay Packers vs. Seatle Seahawks?

Packers by a large margin

Packers vs Seahawks season opener?

I'm glad it wasn't San Francisco @ Seattle. I'd rather see a divisional rivalry game in the middle of the season when the teams have shaken off all the rust and really found their rhythm on both sides of the ball. There's nothing quite like a packed CenturyLink Field to really let you know that a new season of football is upon us. I wouldn't be surprised if the 12th Man breaks another noise record that night. 5 months cannot pass soon enough!
Edit - BTW, can you believe the Broncos and Seahawks didn't get a prime time slot in week #3? Bears/Jets that Monday Night? I mean, are you kidding me? Talk about disrespectful. I know they're both considered teams on the rise (Jets have the defense down and need offense, Bears in the opposite situation) but I'm not seeing the logic.

Packers vs Seahawks, 9/24/2012 MNF?

I agree, but thats not going to chance the way millions of others feel. In fact, yesterdays game has only brought more attention to the NFL for either good or bad reasons people are tuning in. You can't predict this stuff but a call like this was bound to happen. Its not the 30 teams in the leagues fault this has happened, its not the Seahawks fault they won the game last night, it all falls strictly on the replacement refs. I myself am not going to stop buying merchandise or watching/going to the games because I love and support my team. Its hard to even send a message when the players themselves are standing pat. Sure they are venting on twitter but they themselves aren't doing anything. The scary thing is that these refs will be refereeing playoff games, hell maybe even the Superbowl. Thats when these NFL players will really regret not taking a stand.
As these missed calls keep adding up its only going to bring more light into the NFL maybe not for the right reasons but I think its popularity will continue to grow.

Packers vs Seahawks?

Seahawks by 4...Nice to be the underdogs...

Your Opinion,Packers vs Seahawks(Divisional playoff game breakdown)?

Packers 24-10...
-I don't think that Green Bay is going to lose a playoff game at home to a Seattle team that lost to bottom feeder teams like Arizona, Carolina, and Atlanta...
-Your also talking about a Seattle team who despite going 5-1 in divisional play and winning the Division, is playing in one of the WORST divisions in the NFL... The Niners, Cardinals, and Rams went a combined 16-32 this year...
-The Seahawks have dropped 5 games against lower level non playoff teams during the season... most notably to the Cardinals and Panthers... and only played one post season team this year...
-The Seahawks are just 3-5 on the road, dropping gimmie games at Arizona, Carolina, and Atlanta... and dropping a fringe game at Cleavland and a blowout to Pittsburgh...
-Green Bay is 7-1 at home, with James Jones costing the Pack the game by being stripped not once, but twice... otherwise they have been solid at home...
-Shawn Alexander is NO longer the MVP he once was, he's not really even a shell of that guy... had a mediocre year, rushing for 716 yards and 3.5 per carry in 13 games, and Seattle has not had a 100-yard rusher since Week 3. Green Bay has not allowed one at Lambeau Field this season, holding opponents to 87.6 rushing yards per game and 3.4 per carry. Over/Under 100 yards for Alexander... I'm going under by 30-40...
-A Poor Ground game will put more pressure on a banged-up Hasselbeck, who suffered a bruised thigh last week. He also has been bothered this year by bruised ribs, a strained oblique muscle, a strained quadriceps and a sore wrist.
-Matt Hasselbeck had his best game at home against the Cardinals (Comp/Att: 22/33, 272 yards, 4 TD's, 0 INT's)... Otherwise he has been average at best...
-Green Bay has a better WR corps and Seattle loves playing man... and they will get beat deep at least twice if not more...
-Green Bay has arguably the BEST CB duo in the NFL with Al Harris and Charles Woodson, and solid backups with Blackmon, Bush, Walker, and Williams... This doesn't even take into account the threatening duo that is Atari Bigby and Nick Collins...
-We've seen that Atari Bigby is NOT afraid to hit, and this will be BIG when it comes to run support and shutting down Morris, Alexander, Weaver, and Co.
-Ryan Grant will have a HUGE day because the Hawks are going to be over aggressive and Grant with his vision is going to beat the blitz like he has since starting... Grant has also averaged about 5.5 yards a carry...
-A solid Packers running game will limit pressure on will also keep the Seattle D honest...
-Green Bay has a better 3rd and 4th down conversion percentage...
-IF this game turns into an offense shoot out, In order to keep up and keep Seattle in the game, Matt Hasselbeck will need to, at the very least, match Brett Favre's performance... It wont happen...
-As long as Favre stays within the system they have had HUGE success with (Slant routes, short comeback routes, screens, and a steady dose of Ryan Grant) Green Bay trumps Seattle... PERIOD

Packers or Seahawks?

1) Packers vs. Seahawks
I have watched the Seahawks all season long and Shawn Alexander has not had one decent game all year. Packers have two outstanding corners that can shut down the Seahawks biggest recieving threat, Deion Branch. Great QB matchup.
Prediction: Packers 24, Seahawks 13
2) Cowboys vs. Giants
I believe the Cowboys have the 2nd most explosive offense in the league behind the Pats. T.O.'s proven he can still be a threat while hurt numerous times, most noticeably in the Eagles vs. Pats Superbowl a few years back. Tony Romo will play much better then he did in his last playoff performance. I think Eli's gonna have the shakes in this game.
Prediction: Cowboys 35, Giants 17
3) Pats vs. Jaguars
This is the game I am looking forward to the most. Pats are a definite favorite, but the Jags are coming in hot with an impressive win over the Steelers. I believe the Jags will stun the Patriots in the first quarter or two with some quick TD's, but Tom Brady's late game heroics will once again be on display in New Engand. New England will need to slow down the Jags physical running game to pull this one off, they're biggest weakness is stopping the run. Time of posession is key for the Jags.
Prediction: Patriots 24, Jaguars 21
Colts vs. Chargers
I'm guessing from you calling them the Thunder Bolts that the Chargers are your favorite team. Chargers will be tough for the Colts. They have really looked sharp the second half of the season. Peyton will not have the same game he had against them earlier in the season on Sunday Night Football, and he's going to be tough for the Chargers to tame. The key to this game is LT. He has to have a big game for the Chargers to pull this one off.
Prediction: Colts 24, Chargers 17

Predictions Of NFC Title match? Packers VS Seahawks?

I think that Rodgers is gonna come out and play really good. No one is giving him credit for his performance Sunday. He is going to target Sherman and win most of the time. I'd say he throws 2 TD's and 1 INT (Not to Sherman). Now, the Seahawks defense is gonna slow down the Packers' run game ALOT, but I still say Eddie gets a TD. I also think we are going to see a fumble by GB. Add 2 FGs to that and I think that the Packers are gonna score 27 points. As for Seattle, I think that Lynch is gonna be Lynch and Wilson is gonna be Wilson. I see a flip-side of TDs. 2 for Lynch and 1 for Wilson. I also think we are gonna see Wilson play a cleaner game, no picks. I also believe that the Packers' defense is going to be a whole lot more impressive than they have been. Gonna hold them quite a bit. One FG = Seahawks: 24. So, my final score is: SEA - 24 / GB - 27. I'll also tell you how I think this is gonna go down :) Seattle gets ball first. Ending in a FG. Packers get ball back and answer with a TD. Seahawks get ball back and punt. Packers fumble. Seahawks get a TD. Packers get close multiple times, but are forced to go for 3. End of half: Seattle - 10, GB - 13. Now, GB gets ball first and scores a TD. Seattle gets it back and is forced to punt. Packers get ball back and run some time off clock, but Rodgers throws a INT. Seattle gets a TD off it. Now, I think that GB is stopped, and forced to punt. Seattle scores and takes a four point lead. Then Aaron Rodgers leads his team down the field for the game-winning touchdown. Thanks for reading my thoughts on the game. Wouldn't it be awesome if it happened just as I said :)

Packers VS. Seahawks...Game Predictions?

Lets look at the matchups.
Packers passing game vs seahawks pass defense = advantage packers in a big way. Favre and company picked seattle apart in the first quarter of their preseason game and I don't see it any different this time with the packers having the best WR's from 1-5 in the league. Favre will dink and dunk seattle with three step drops not allowing kerney and company to sack him.
Packers running game vs Seattle run defense = slight edge to pack with the emergence of Ryan Grant. The packers have climbed from #32 to #21 in overall rushing over the past 8 weeks. Grant has had the second most yards of any back in the league during that stretch. Guards are banged up for the pack though.
Seahawks passing game vs packers pass defense = advantage pack. The packers have had trouble covering elite TE's but their CB's are one of, if not the best tandem in the league and will shut down seattles WR's.
Seattle running game vs packer run defense = wash....seattle can't run the ball but packers haven't been great at stuffing the run of late either.
Coaching = advantage holmgren but MM has done a heck of a job this year.
Intangables = GB is coming off of a bye and it appears MM has been heavily game planning as if the seahawks would be coming to GB so I give the packers the edge here.
packers 27 - seahawks 17 is my pick!

Packers vs Seahawks?

Packers, they are just better then the Seahawks overall. However, one thing that the Seahawks have over the Packers is a coach with playoff experience and knows how Favre works. Obviously Favre is a better QB then he was with Holmgren was with GB, but he still knows Favre limits and that is a + for the Hawks. It will be a good game but Packers will walk away with the Win. They spread the ball too much for the Seahawks to handled and have found a good running game.