Does anyone else hate it when OSU alumni say they are from THE Ohio State University?

I'm not familiar with this particular case old boy but it does whiff of an inferiority complex. Maybe baby wants attention, what. Tip top.

What is a good place to watch OSU vs MI in Dallas?

Good luck. You DO realize you're in Big 12 country, right? Especially since Texas is in the hunt for the NCS, the bars will be filled with true Texas fans and band wagon jumpers. The Big 10 isn't too popular in Dallas. Hope this helps.

What do you the think was the cause for OSU Buckeyes' loss to the Florida Gators?

Inflexible coaching--not making enough adjustments. A very early and perhaps suspicious injury to Ted Ginn---sprained foot? An unlikely injury in a conditioned running back/pass receiver. A lack of top quality officiating. All these matters factored heavily. A rather chubby line, both o and d, which slowed them down.... Maybe Jim T could institute a little weight loss program?

Will OSU be the deciding factor about who plays for the Big 12 championship?

Yes!! If they beat OU than TTU goes to the Big 12 Championship but if OSU loses than it would be a 3 way tie and chances are OU would go

Do you see what happens when OSU plays a ranked team?

They are not worthy, they shouldn't be on the same field with LSU. I thought it was real nice of Les Miles to run out the clock at the end of the 2nd qtr instead of putting up another 7 points. The 2 best teams in the nation are LSU and Georgia.

Would I have to transfer to OSU Columbus from OSU Newark after a yr?

If the Newark campus offers a four-year degree in biology, you should be able to stay there. If the university website doesn't provide that information, call the admissions office at the Newark campus and ask them.

Why is OSU a poser, and every other college that lost to a similar ranked team the real deal?

I guess that I should be a little easier on the Buckeyes since my Mountaineers are in the same situation.

Can we all finally agree that OSU had no business in the BCS championship game?

You cant really say anything about this year in college football. This was the most fu(ked up season with all the upsets that there really should have been a playoffs. LSU got a break they shouldnt have been in the title game especially after seeing the way georgia and wvu and mizzou played, even kansas wouldnt have been too bad.This season should just be forgotten.

Does OSU allow you to have small dogs in dorms?

no dorm room at any college allows you to keep cats or dogs..........there might be a couple that would let you keep a hamster though lol

What classes should an freshman OSU political science major anticipate?

Its best to take a mixture of classes required for your major and your requirements (ie language, english classes, math or science, etc) as well as some basic poli sci classes.