this years oscar nominees...?

I've seen all of them, they are really good, but if I had to choose one to win I would vote for Michael Clayton. It's so well made and the story is amazing. It's George Clooney's best performance. No country for old men, should win only for directing and best supporting actor for Javier Bardem, because he is amazing in this film. Atonement, is very good too, I love the story, it's really sad, but I don't think it should win best movie, it should win best adapted screenplay There will be blood, is so good, I just became a Daniel Day Lewis fan, he deserves the Oscar for best actor. This movie has a good chance of winning. Juno, is very original, the movie is cool, but not in the level of the other nominees. It's going to stay between No country for old men and There will be blood.

oscar nominees for best picture in 1989?

1989 Picture: "DRIVING MISS DAISY", "Born on the Fourth of July", "Dead Poets Society", "Field of Dreams", "My Left Foot"

Who are the nominees of this year oscar leading actresses?

Actress in a Leading Role: Sandra Bullock, Helen Mirren, Carey Mulligan, Gabourey Sidibe, Meryl Streep

Are there any good films coming out soon? or did they decide to add more Oscar nominees the year there weren't?


potential oscar nominees?

I honestly think the last Harry potter movie has a chance. It's the last of the series and very well done. Also, the same thing happened to lord of the rings movies, the last of the trilogy won best picture.

which of these six two-time oscar nominees performances you like best?

Giant Chaplin Brokeback Mountain TCCOBB The Town Pulp Fiction

Does anyone know when the 'academy' will anounce Oscar nominees?

I believe it is the morning of January 23rd

What will be the Oscar nominees for 'Best Picture'?

last king of scotland the departed babel apocalypto dreamgirls

when will the oscar nominees be announced?

Right after the Golden Globes are up. =) I'm looking forward to it!

What are your predictions for Oscar nominees and/or winners for this year?

Picture: Babel (there is only one category for Best Picture. The Academy Awards don't divide comedy/musicals and drama) Director: Martin Scorsese for the Departed Actor: Forest Whittaker for Last King of Scotland Actress: Helen Mirren for The Queen Supporting Actor: Jack Nicholson in The Departed Supporting Actress: Jennifer Hudson for Dreamgirls

This years Oscar nominees for Best picture:Good or Bad?

You should try to see some of the movies that are nominated, you can't judge if you haven't even wath them, rigth? I higly reccomend the movie "Pan's Laberynt", wich is nominated for best Foreing Languaje Movie. It is a great fairy tail for adults, full of feelings - from the best feelings in the heart of a girl to the worst hate in the men. It has some very violent scenes, but they are completely justified to tell the story. You can imagine the quality of the movie, when it has gotten another 5 nominations in other categories as well. In the other hand, i hadn't watch "Babel" but i know Iñarritu always make good movies,yes, they are dramatic, but usually very well done. Try to see those, you migth be sorprised how good are they! You let me know.

when are they revealing the Oscar nominees? ?

22 January, Heath Ledger is a great man..

Do you think any of the women Oscar nominees will auction their dresses to buy food for starving children?

Some will (it's not as if they can ever wear it again!). Try checking out the website for Clothes off Our Back, which has already started auctioning some items.

Oscar Academy Awards 2008 Nominees?

I'm disappointed that Tom Hanks, Angelina Jolie and Tim Burton all got snubbed. My picks: Johnny Depp Ellen Page Phillip Seymour Hoffman Ruby Dee Paul Thomas Anderson Juno

What do you think of the Oscar nominees (link included)?

Yeah, it's a shame Sweeney Todd didn't get many nominations. Still, congratulations, Johnny! Only problem I had with the nominations? Take a look at the noms for best makeup: La Vie en Rose Norbit Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End NORBIT?!!! You're kidding me, right?! Norbit got a nomination for makeup and Sweeney Todd didn't?! What kind of a world do we live in where a film like Norbit actually gets an Oscar nomination?!!

Who won in the romance montage in the 82nd oscar awards and who are the nominees?

They didn't even have a category for romance. It was just a montage of romance movies from past & present. They had a same type of montage this year except it was for Horror.

How do they decide Oscar Nominees and Winners?

Nominees are picked by the academy after lots of "research" (see link below). Winners are also picked by the members of the Academy from the 5 nominees. Who is the academy you might ask? "The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences is a professional honorary organization composed of over 6,000 motion picture craftsmen and women."

Upcoming oscar nominees (best picture)?

I think the following films are frontrunners at this point: Definitely Inception and Toy Story 3. Probably The Kids Are All Right and The Social Network. Maybe Hereafter, but I wouldn't count on it. However, I wouldn't completely count out The Ghost Writer. The movies with the real shots aren't out yet: Black Swan, True Grit, Love & Other Drugs, Blue Valentine, The King's Speech, and maybe 127 Hours. Also, I think The Conspirator would have a great chance if they decide to release it this year.

Which oscar award nominees have been in the star war films?

why 10 oscar nominees for best picture?

The Academy expanded the field beginning this year in order to give more films a chance and not have so many "snubs" in the category.

Did your 2009 Oscar Nominees match ?

Nope. Manu Ginobli is the best actor around!!!

Did your Oscar 2009 nominees match?

Most, yeah, I was surprised that James Franco didn't get Best Supporting Actor for Milk.

Can I vote for the Oscar nominees?

I believe only members of the Academy can nominate and vote for films, so you'd have to pony up the dues and join the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences

What is your favorite movie out of the Oscar nominees?

The Hurt Locker :)

what movies have the best chance for being nominated for any of the 10 oscar best picture nominees this year ?

well i heard that the hangover might be nominated for best comedy. it should because it was the Shit.

When will Oscar Nominees be announced?

Nominations are done in late January, award ceremony is late February.

Oscar nominees that hopefully win an oscar in the near future?

i REALLY want gary oldman to win an oscar, hes one of the best actors and has never been nominated. he really deserves one

Am I the only one who hasn't seen any of the oscar nominees this year?

How come Ryan Gosling and Michael Fassbender are not even nominees at the Oscar Academy Awards 2012?

How are the Oscar Nominees chosen?

Here's the rulebook:

If I want to be a actress how much practice should I be doing a day? How much do/ did Oscar award nominees?

where can i find that oscar nominees film from last year?


Where can i find the 2010 oscar nominees in short films/animation part?

Nominees for the 2010 Academy Awards will be announced February 2, 2010. (Oscars are March 7, 2010, not in February) Since the criteria for short films is that they must have a three day paid admission run in Los Angeles with at least 2 showings a day or have won a major film festival award by September 30, 2009 you can see that it would be impossible to have any kind of a list by now. Check back at the Oscar site on 2/2/2010 for the list of nominees:

How many of this year's Oscar nominees for Best Picture do you consider to be better than The King's Speech?

The Descendants Hugo Moneyball Midnight in Paris The Artist BQ- 2002 2003 2004 2007 2008 2009 2010 BQ2-

Why are the Oscar nominees announced so early in the morning?

So that it gets on the early morning news shows.

What are Your Favorite Films from these Past Oscar Nominees/Winners?

Actors: * Christian Bale- The Fighter, The Prestige, The Dark Knight * Tom Cruise- Magnolia, The Color of Money, Collateral * Russell Crowe- Gladiator, American Gangster, Cinderella Man Actress: * Amy Adams- The Fighter * Natalie Portman- The Darjeeling Limited, Heat, Black Swan * Helen Mirren- Gosford Park Director: * Darren Aronofsky- The Wrestler * Alejandro González Iñárritu- 21 Grams * Sofia Coppola- Lost in Translation

Complete list of Oscar best picture nominees? lrn2Google

What are the time constraints for Oscar nominees?

They have a 45 second shot clock violation rule.

What are some films that are potential oscar nominees for this year?

the last air bender probably

how can i watch the oscar nominees before the awards ceremony?

You either need to find them on a Video on Demand service, or find it in a theater (some smaller theaters show them fairly late). Oscar buzz is often mentioned before many movies even get their wide releases, so if you pay attention to news like that, there's always plenty of time to see them before the awards show.

When are Oscar nominees notified of their nomination before it's announced to the public in January?

They find out when the rest of us humans do.

Do family members of Oscar nominees sit with the nominees?

yes. the nominees usually have their parents, spouse, or a family member sitting right next to them - or all of them. at the BAFTA awards, i think, Kate had her parents sitting right next to her. i mean, she had her husband sam sitting right next to her? it's not easy to get several tickets in the front row for one nominee's family...i don't think so.

Where are the Oscar nominees showing?

I'm not sure if it is playing anywhere on TV. I'm also a big fan and normally stream it online. I use this website normally.

Do the oscar nominees know in advance if they have won?


Why are they announcing the Oscar nominees that early in the morning?

maybe so it can be live in UK - it is where it is all at.

Where can I find the official 2011 Oscar Nominees for Best Picture montage? i was looking at this today

Oscar nominees will be announced tomorrow morning. How long do you think the announcement will be?

No more than 5-8 minutes, as all Anne Hathaway and the Academy president will do is read the names of only the top categories.

Does anybody know when the oscar nominees get announced?

The 81st Academy Awards nominations will be announced on Thursday, January 22, 2009, at 5:30 a.m. PT in the Academy's Samuel Goldwyn Theater.

oscar nominees?

Yes. it's happened before, and it'll probably happen again. Peter Finch is the only posthumous winner, and James Dean, Spencer Tracy, and Massimo Troisi are the only other posthumously nominated performers in this category. Dean was posthumously nominated twice.

Oscar nominees?????????????????

They were OK but they should have nominated The Dark Knight for the best picture category ( I am talking about just a nomination, TDK can never be a winner ). At least, they should give room for the blockbusters to do well at the Oscars and I think they should... they must put an action/thriller movie with some sensible plot every year in the best picture category, I thought that The Dark Knight had a very sensible and plausible plot and it deals with several complicated moral issues althought in a different manner. If they continue to ignore such movies people will lost interest in Oscars.... they will become Academy awards for low budget movies.