Is Osama bin Laden dead or is he being intentionally protected?

He is out on his yacht having a nice dinner with Cheney & Bush, they are laughing their asses off at how stupid Americans are. We let them start a war then we gave all our money to the war. Then we blamed the next guy in office for spending money while all he was doing was putting money back into the country so we could survive. Meanwhile, they have more money than anyone could ever spend. They love stupid republicans who wanted everyone to turn a blind eye to what was going on & then they blamed democrats who only wanted the military to be safe so they said Yes, everytime Bush cried they needed something. Bush lied & said the miltiary would go & be right back. He made it look like if we didn't say yes we would look like bluffers. I remember thinking that Hillary Clinton should just say Yes to the war since Bush said they would be right back home. Well, when she finally did it ended up later costing the Presidency. Obama is good though but the republicans are still brainwashed so the gang will push their way back in again with the help of stupid people who support them and have to intuition. They will destroy the country completely & have slaves the next time they get a chance. But Bin is doing well & yes, the videos are a sick joke.

where can i get a dead osama bin laden shirt?

There is a tough fight for his shirts and obama has decided to Auction Osama bin laden's Shirt in the Islamic world Knowing that he can get back the Money he has spent on this so called War On terror which has Costed Trillions of US $ !!!!!!!!!!!!! Big Shots from the Islamic World are Expected to Bid Ten's of Thousands of Trillion US$ for this shirt s and USA is Expected to make a Life time Profits

Are you sure that Osama Bin Laden is dead?

Why are there already dead Osama Bin Laden pictures on google?

That is fake and we should not release the real one. My thought is we should not. Below are my reasons: 1) Since he was shot in the head. Most than likely most of his head is blown up, meaning, you will probably see some of his bran and skull. 2) Because it is a gruesome picture, we will definitely inflame the extremist in that region, resulting in more killings. 3) My main reason though is because of how gruesome it would be to see blown off head of a person. If you do not believe me then search for blown up face from China's execution of political prisoners. Would you want the world and our children to know America's "might" with the picture of a Blown up human head or face? In addition we have to know that his dead body won't show bruises or cuts or little blood...but his face would be blown off. No Head ! No face ! Skull and some of his brain exposed. That is what the picture will show.

With Osama bin Laden dead, what next for the US ?

Hopefully we'll keep killing terrorists.

osama bin laden dead pictures where to find?

There are some fake ones that have been circulating since 2009 but no real ones have been released yet

Osama bin laden dead or alive 2011?where to find osama bin laden dead pictures ?

It is said the Pentagon has photos but has released them yet. but i do not know it is a fake or not? may be you can try to have a look?

Do you think that we should be happy with Osama Bin Laden being dead?

I don't think happy is the right word. For many Americans a feeling of justice being done for the 3000 people who lost their lives on 9/11. That one event was his declaration of war against the United States. As in any war there are casualties. He was one of the casualties of his own war. He is responsible for planning and executing many other operations which have killed people throughout the entire world. I hope his death may help many others find some feeling of closure for the deaths of their loved one.

What would the value be on a dead photo of Osama Bin Laden?


With osama bin laden dead and gone, what reason is there for US troops to remain in Afghanistan?

The US military like every other big bureaucracy must do something to justify their existance, it suits the government and the generals to still have them occupying Iraq and Afghanistan because it is giving them something to do ( even if it is just twiddling their thumbs )