Who used to be #92 for the Oklahoma Sooners football team?

I am going to guess one of the selmon Brothers, I am pretty sure Leroy was 63 (or maybe that was with the Buccs) maybe Lucious.

Who has the best college football team Alabama Crimson Tide or Oklahoma Sooners?

I hate preseason rankings because they tend to screw somebody when it comes to the BCS rankings. I think we must look at this season and this season only. Based on that, you have to look at the teams each have played and how they performed. OK has only played one ranked opponent (TCU #24). AL has played two ranked teams (Clemson #9 and Georgia #3). AL-1, OK-0. Next the collective record of OK opponents is s 8-10 while the it is 11-10. AL-2, OK-0. Lets say that there were no preseason rankings, the Clemson ranking would be a fluke as well as Alabama's #23 preseason ranking a joke as well. Head to Head would produce one heck of a game, but for right now based on this season...I would say Bama has proved more... I am a Bama fan though...but these are the facts through my tinted glass

where do I find a Oklahoma Sooners crib bed set?

Here's one I found: http://www.kidsarefanstoo.com/oucribbedding.html

Who Gets The Title Of Worst College Sport Fan? I Think That Belongs To A Oklahoma Sooners Fan.?

I'll give that guy the award for the worst single fan. As a group I've got to go with Rutgers fans. It was an absolute disgrace the way they treated the Navy players and Navy fans at the game last weekend. Link to what happened at the Rutgers game http://www.nj.com/news/ledger/index.ssf?/base/columns-0/1189484859197200.xml&coll=1

Do you think that Oklahoma sooners should be the best team?

You have to earn the right to be the best team. Oklahoma hasn't earned that right in a couple of years. They will again though.

Does anyone know where I can find the Oklahoma Sooners shirt with the "Got Seven?" graphic on the front?

probably the Oklahoma university website..

What does everyone think about Rhett Bomar and the Oklahoma Sooners chances at a good season this year?

It'll probably be much like last year... lots of wide open receivers being missed because the QB has absolutely no idea what the hell is going on out there. Thompson has no QB skills what so ever. I really don't think Stoops should start him. He want be giving his team a chance to win if he does. They'll go 8-5. But there is one bright spot for the up coming season for OU. A true freshman running back named DeMarco Murray. (6'0" 185lbs, 4.2 speed !!!) He'll be the number two back, and believe it or not he's just as good if not better than Peterson. I've never seen anybody that can do what he can do other than Adrian Peterson and Reggie Bush !!! He's a very very very rare talent, and after Peterson leaves to go to NFL after this season you want even be able to tell that he's gone. Murray is a future Heisman candidate himself... remember where you heard his name first people !!! I'm telling you right now !!! He's going to turn the college football world upside down !!!

What are the lyrics to the Oklahoma Sooners fight song?

Boomer Sooner, Boomer Sooner Boomer Sooner, Boomer Sooner Boomer Sooner, Boomer Sooner Boomer Sooner, OK U! Oklahoma, Oklahoma Oklahoma, Oklahoma Oklahoma, Oklahoma Oklahoma, OK U! I'm a Sooner born and Sooner bred and when I die, I'll be Sooner dead Rah Oklahoma, Rah Oklahoma Rah Oklahoma, OK U!

could the oklahoma sooners basketball team beat the oklahoma city thunder?

no why do people say that i think North Carolina got a better chance beating the Bobcats

Will the Oklahoma Sooners go undefeated this year?

The only one that will stand in the way of a undefeated season for the Sooners is Coach Stoops play calling in the big games.

Where is a good free place to park for OU oklahoma sooners football games?

There is a church parking lot like 2 blocks west of Brother's we always park there. They are cheaper then most, it is right near a watering hole, and only a couple blocks from the stadium. Never had any issues with them either, they never blocked us in and there was always someone there if anyone needed something. It isn't free, but paying the 10 dollars is well worth it if you ask me. They might have went up since the last time I was there though. If you are parking for free your going to have to settle for something way out of the way

How do you think the Oklahoma Sooners football team will do this year? Is a championship in their future?

Texas is a strong team coming back and OU lost some key guys. Getting past them will be the test. OU will always have a shot just because of the talent they pull into that school. Last year with Peterson out, Stoops did a great job with that team. Losing a star like that would have folded other teams.

What hotel are the oklahoma sooners football team staying at in phoenix, for the tostitos fiesta bowl?

Probably over in the Biltmore Plaza. Most of your visiting sports teams stay in that Hotel. That, and there really aren't any good hotels in the west valley.

can somebody tell me what the hell just happened with Oklahoma sooners?

What I believe happened is that Stoops got out coached.. Alan Patrick was running the ball fine at like 5 yards a carry. Sam Bradford was throwing picks and not having a great day, so why not keep running the damn ball. I am not that shocked that Colorado won, but shocked that Stoops lost faith in the run. I usually don't question Stoops, but on this day, I do. RUN THE DAMN BALL! I also think he should have had the foresight to know that that return would be fumbled...just the way the day was going...tell the return team to back off and let it roll.... Of course hindsight is never wrong.. And I don't get paid a good lifetime's worth of salary every year like Stoops does....for a good reason.

Do you think the Oklahoma Sooners, or the Texas Longhorns should be ranked #2?

At this point why does it matter.Bcs picked Oklahoma over Texas it may not be right but that's what it is.

What do people think of the Oklahoma Sooners?

Theyre good. Just not in games that actually matter.

Who will be the next Offensive Coordinator for THE OKLAHOMA SOONERS?

The coordinator is Kevin Wilson. The new O-line coach is from Northwestern and the new QB Coach is non other than the savior of 2000, the man who lead us down the passing trail, Josh Huepel!

When was the last time an Oklahoma Sooners quarterback threw a completion in the NFL?

Jimmy Harris

Why was the murder investigation inside the 92" Oklahoma Sooners football team never solved?

Cuz I know how to cover my tracks. Err, I mean, I have no idea.

Where can I find an Adult Oklahoma Sooners cheerleading costume?

Try ebay..

how long should i expect to wait in line to get season tickets for oklahoma sooners football?

"FOOTBALL Season tickets are currently sold out. Tickets are made available to the public through a waiting list system. To join the waiting list, please contact the Ticket Office at (800) 456-GoOU. Season tickets are also available to Sooner Club members willing to make a minimum donation. To review the options available to donors, please contact the Sooner Club at (405) 325-8000. Single game tickets are available to the public through a single game sale held August 1 and throughout the season as supplies allow. Wheelchair accessible seating is available both on a season basis and through a single game exchange at the Athletics Ticket Office on game day. A maximum of two (2) season tickets per account or two (2) single game tickets may be exchanged for wheelchair accessible seats. For additional details or information, please contact the Ticket Office at (800) 456-GoOU." http://www.soonersports.com/tickets/ticket-information.html The minimum donation is probably not cheap either, and depending on OU policy, the donation may only give you the right to have a CHANCE of purchasing tickets.

Do the oklahoma sooners have a chance of winning the national championship?

Technically, they do have a chance at the BCS title , but I don't think they will because they are overrated and just not that good.

How old is Tommy Mason-Griffin from the Oklahoma Sooners basketball team?

hes a freshmen so like 19-20

Will you people please give Oklahoma Sooners some props for finally not getting embarassed in a bowl game?

they were 2 evenly matched teams, OU could have easily been ahead 21-7 at half. FL got a few breaks on the 2 fluke interceptions. thats just the way it goes sometimes.

Could the Oklahoma Sooners beat the New England Patriots?

It's a question that's been asked about USC in the past. I don't think they could. It's not a dumb question, just a curiosity question. My opinion is no. Think about it. Every player in the NFL was dominant in college, that's why they're pro. So you're basically asking if the Sooners could beat an all-star team of all the college players right now. I don't think it could happen. But who knows. Anything is possible.

Are my Oklahoma Sooners out of the National Championship chase?

Here are some bowl projections that came out today (11/11/09), and they picked OU to match up against Arkansas in the Alamo Bowl. That's probably the best bowl they're going to get. --------------------

Will the real Oklahoma Sooners show up in thier bowl gamee this year?

This is actually a good question. I myself being a HUGE OU fan cannot understand it. The only reasoning I can come up with is coaching changes. Bob Stoops' coaching tree is longer then anyone currently coaching. The list is a mile long. Most people don't have a list that long until they retire. Every year we are good like this we lose coaches. Right now our Offensive Coordinator is getting looked at hard and our defensive coordinator as well. In 2002 we lost Mike Stoops and our defense hasn't been the same. He left shortly before the Big 12 championship game that year and thats when K-State beat us and we weren't the same team. We are constantly losing coaches. Mike Leach Mark Mangino Mike Stoops Chuck Long the list goes on. We just cant keep coaches for the entire year because they leave before the bowl game to pursue recruits at their new school. This is the only logical explanation I can think of. Outside of mental breakdowns I dont know what the deal is. It appears this team is different though. The players are hungry for it. They really haven't been the last couple of years. Talk around Norman indicates some guys on the O-line and D-line have repeatedly said they aren't leaving without a title. Also we constantly recruit from Texas, we don't have many Oklahoma players on our team as one would think. And I think when its gut check time a player playing for the team he grew up loving is going to play a lot harder then someone who is just trying to get on TV so he can boost his NFL draft status. In 2000 we won that title with half the athletic talent we have now. Stoops had good athletes their but nothing what he has now. Those guys on that team were just hungry.Hungry to win because it had been so long. And thats much the way I see Alabama. Just coming off their suspension...they are hungry also.

How do you guys think the Oklahoma Sooners will do this year?

I say OU will lose 1 or 2 games. I to Texas. Mainly because OU lost all of it's O-Line. The other game I think will come against either BYU, Oklahoma State, or some Big 12 North team. If OU gets 1 lose then they are probably in the Fiesta Bowl and we know how those have turned out for OU. If they lose 2 games they probably play in the Cotton Bowl and hopefully they smash some poor SEC team.

How high do you think ticket options will go up for Florida Gators and Oklahoma Sooners for the NC Game?

The tickets won't exist, because OU, like you, will be looking right past Mizzou, and blow the Big 12 Championship. Karma will also be a factor. Do you really want to see them in the BCS championship game with their bowl track record lately? WVU...Boise State. Greatest QB of all time? Pete Gardere, 4-0 against OU. Do you know why Texas doesn't fall into the Gulf of Mexico?

How do you think the Oklahoma Sooners defense rates?

OU has a seasoned defense. They have seen both strong rushing powers and high-octane passing games. If USC and OU were to meet, I'd predict an OU victory. USC has only had to face one good opponent in Oregon. USC's offense is okay, they are not impressive. Arizona State is alright, but they're not formiddable. OU's offense would be the key. As long as the offense rolls or limits any 3 and outs, the defense will be good.

Are my Oklahoma Sooners still in position to play for the National Championship?

Sorry, I like the Sooners but 3 loses would be tough to come back from. they might be able to play back to a BCS Bowl, But I am hoping my Huskers can keep that from happening this year. should be a fun game this weekend. Go HUSKERS

Are the oklahoma sooners going to play the texas longhorns on saturday?

They've already played. Texas played A&M last night, and OU plays OSU on Saturday. They cannot play for the Big 12 title, either Texas or OU or Texas Tech will play Mizzou for the title. Texas beat OU 45-35.

Is there a pub on the Island of Bali where I can watch Oklahoma Sooners games?

for only 1/2 of that winnings, I will personal build you one. we can watch Husker games the rest of the time. did You know that Satan owns both Hell and Texas. He chooses to live in hell and rent out Texas.

Can the Oklahoma Sooners blow out Washington this Saturday in Seattle?

What a blow-out it was. OU wins 55-14 Sam Bradford with 18 of 21 passes for 6 TDs

How is the Texas Longhorns playing the Oklahoma Sooners in Dallas, Texas considered a nuetral site?

It's when they split the tickets between the 2 schools. If half the stadium is filled with Oklahoma fans and half is filled with Texas fans it is equal in terms of fans of both. It's done to give each team equal support and it keeps the team who plays in that state from having a home crowd advantage. The game between Georgia and Florida in Jacksonville, Florida is the same. The stadiums in both situations are considered the best sites for the annual rivalries.

If the Oklahoma Sooners or a few teams leave the conference leaving the Longhorns alone in the Big 12?

Texas wants all of the pie and doesn't want to share with anyone else. In the SEC the revenue is shared with all schools on an equal base. The Big 12 gives most of the revenue to the Longhorns or they will quit if they don;t. Texas wants to be an Independent and is one of the schools in the country that could go it alone and make it work. In my opinion the Big 12 would be better off letting UT go it alone with their network which is a lot of the problem. By dropping UT and having a more equal share for each school the Big 12 could survive and eventually thrive. I'm not saying the loss of Texas would be easy but the way the Big 12 stands at the present it isn't going to last. A&M is not the only school in the conference that is looking for a better deal.

Can the Oklahoma Sooners fight song make your ears bleed after hearing it repeatedly throughout a game?

No ma'am it actually causes healing in the bones. See you cornheads in Dallas. Boomer Sooner Boomer Sooner, Boomer Sooner, Boomer Sooner, Boomer Sooner, Boomer Sooner, Boomer Sooner, Boomer Sooner. There one last time before your ears bleed on Saturday. I am from the Big 8 days and watching your champion Johny Rodgers. Way back before the days.

How will the oklahoma sooners football team do this year?

BCS Champ game. RIP Austin Box. Boomer Sooner ! ♥

Who thinks the Oklahoma Sooners will win?

I think it may be a good game, but, I don't think OU can score that many points against Florida. Likewise, I don't think Florida will shut them down completely. either. It will come down to turnovers and special teams. Like it did with Alabama. If Arenas doesn't make a bonehead decision to catch the ball and step out at the four, this could easily be Alabama versus OU. Tebow is a great college style QB that gives Defenses fits. You try to stop the run, he passes it. You try to stop the pass, he runs it. OU is one dimensional and Florida will have a difficult time shutting down the OU pass attack, but, will be able to.

Where can I go in Plano, TX to watch an Oklahoma Sooners game?

BJ's Brewhouse. also check with your local alumni chapter for other sites.

Why is everyone jumping on the Oklahoma Sooners bandwagon?

Well, just because they are picked to win it all doesn't mean they will. The "experts" have certainly been wrong before. I think they have a shot, but will need a little luck. Hey, Landry looks solid and they still have DeMarco Murray and their OLine has had another season to gel. Teams like OU don't re-build, they re-load. Kinda like Bama this year.

where can I find an Oklahoma Sooners Boonie hat ?

Hey Chris, I'm his wife. I'm not handy with sewing, so I doubt I could make him one. I'm going to keep my eyes peeled, though. If you find something, please let one of us know! Thanks! Dave, I love you, my baby!

How do I tailgate at a Oklahoma Sooners football game?

I don't think there is a place to watch the game outside. And most of the tailgaters that go to games drink/eat before the game, then go in and watch. Haven't seen many who just go to tailgate than watch the game outside. Don't see much point.

what are the words to the Oklahoma Sooners chant?

there are no such words.

Oklahoma Sooners going to the championship?

They have a good shot, if they beat Ok-State. It will be either Texas or Oklahoma playing in the National Championship game. I'd rather see Texas (being a Longhorns fan, and the fact that Texas beat OU head to head), but OU is deserving as well. Perhaps...if Florida loses to Florida State (knocking them out of the NC picture), but beats Alabama in the SEC title game (knocking them out of the #1 spot), we'll have a OU-Texas National Championship game? EDIT I love how Bevo cuts/pastes MY answer to the question and gets a thumbs up, while i get no love at all! :-D

Do the Oklahoma Sooners jerseys have player names on the back ?

Yeah i think they do.

Who will win this weekend Oklahoma Sooners or Texas Longhorns?


Don't you find it funny how everybody now claims the Oklahoma Sooners are overrated?

Not really I always thought they were overrated. They were too young to be considered "great" they have a FR. QB , They were asking too much of him. They might be real "contenders" in 08 and beyound I never thought they had a chance. I also think people underestimated and underrated WVA from the start. Pat WHite was injured in their 2 loses had he been healthy... who knows?? they are an excellent team and the DEF has been impressive bout time they get some credit.

oklahoma sooners!!!?

I'm not a former student but I am from OK so GO SOONERS!!

Oklahoma Sooners!!!!?