When is it ok to go on sunbeds after a tattoo?

wait two weeks and still use some kind of protectant over it. either use sun screen or cover it up. and when you get out make sure you moisturize very well

Is it ok for 5 week old to go 6 hours between feedings?

Just means you got lucky last night! hehe As long as she has 6-8 wet diapers a day and is gaining weight steadily she's fine. She may continue this routine for a few nights, sleeping through the night and then next week she'll be up every 2 hours wanting feed...she'll hit a growth spurt eventually. For now, enjoy the sleep!!

Is it ok to go to a physical while sick?

It would be wise to call the doctor's office and ask them.

Is it ok for profesional sports journalists to go to pro games as fans?

I do it all the time. There's no problem there. If I'm covering one team, I can certainly root for another -- and pay for tickets. (By the way -- always pay for tickets.) Now, if I'm covering a team, and I'm not assigned to a game for some reason, I can in theory go to the game and buy a ticket. Or, I can sit in the press box if there is room and the team allows it. But let me add this -- I have covered teams that I used to root for as a kid, and you have to get over those feelings. It's part of being a professional.

Is it ok for your car if you go over the recommended miles for an oil change?

A slight variance is acceptable. If it says three thousand miles and you go an extra hundred or two, you won't do any lasting damage; I wouldn't recommend trying to get an extra thousand miles out of the oil, however, as that's asking for trouble. The same applies to the due date. If you're a week or two late, it's no big deal, but again, I wouldn't try to get an extra five or six weeks out of it. Good luck.

Is it ok to go into a store to ask to speak to a manager?

You said you already called a few times, so I wouldn't call again. But I do think it is a great idea to stop in and speak with the manager. This way you get a chance to introduce yourself as well. Even though you are just going in to check on the status of your application, I would dress nice to make a good impression - like as if you were going in for a job interview. Good luck!

Is it ok for a junior on high school to go out with a sophmore?

Who says it isn't? Go for it dude, stop worrying too much.

Is it ok if I go to Hot Topic with my parents?

Girl, I go there with my parents! I like scaring them with all the 'devil music' they have. ;D Trust me, the types of people that shop/work there are usually too insecure to worry about other folks.

Is it ok to go to the treadmill and exercise without eating?

Working out with out food is like driving your car with out oil.

Is it ok for a Jew to go to Christian wedding?

Even the most orthodox Jews will go to the wedding of a Christian friend. What they will not do is kneel when the Christian prayers are said. Jews stand before God, we do not kneel but go and enjoy yourself. A wedding is a celebration of a marriage, not an attempt to convert the attendees. It is no different from going into a department store at Christmas time and seeing decorated trees and Santa Clauses ringing bells and asking for contributions for Salvation Army. I had many Christian friends at my wedding and none of them converted but they sure did love some of the Jewish delicacies we served at the buffet after the ceremony! Religion is not harmed by friendship with people of different faiths. Sometimes, it even makes us see our own faith in a better light.

Why is it ok for older women to go to community college but not older men?

Is It Ok to Go Barefeet in Wellies?

What is your favorite music video by OK Go?

Either "This Too Shall Pass" with the rube goldberg machine or "A Million Ways" with them dancing on their backyard patio :) all their videos are so creative!

Ok so could i go down to 95 lbs without being considered unhealthy?

you are not fat ok.. your weight comes alot from your height...

Is it OK to go and party with friends when you are in a relationship?

I'm in a relationship of five years, and I would say no. UNLESS, they go as a couple or it is like a guys/girls night type of party. My boyfriend use to allow me to go to parties, but then he would resent me for it. And I completely understand his feelings, I thought about it and I wouldn't like it if he did the same to me. So now I don't, and I don't feel like I'm really giving any great up for it either. We still get our time away from each other in ways that don't include gathering up with strangers of the oppisite sex or throwing acohol in the mix. Besides, I have heard WAY too many stories about people who truely did care about their boy/girlfriend yet things going wrong at a party.

Is it ok to go outside again when sunburned?

No. Stay out of the sun until your skin is fully healed. By going out again, you will only burn already burned skin, which will make it much worse. EMT

At what age is it ok for your baby to go into a swimming pool for the first time?

My little guy is nine weeks and just went to the pool for the first time. It's a good idea to lotion them up before and after (and a good bath,too) because the chemicals can be drying to the skin, but as long as you don't dunk him, I wouldn't worry about the chemicals too much. You want to make sure to use a sunscreen made especially for children (Water Babies is good at SPF 50, as well as Coppertone Kids) and I would suggest a swim outfit that includes a shirt so there is less chance of sunburn/chilling. You also want to make sure that you're not taking him at the hottest part of the day (between 11-2 in the Midwest). Otherwise, he should be fine, and will probably enjoy it! We took ours into the 5 ft with us and had plenty of skin to skin contact...he actually cried when we got out and wanted to go back in.

Would it be ok to go to the pool less than 24 hrs after coloring my hair?

Is it ok that i eat dinner at home then go to the homecoming?

Sure go for it

Is it ok to go to a haunted house while being pregnant?

Do you have to jump out of a twenty-foot window to get out of the house? If not, it's fine to go.

Is it ok to go to a concert when pregnant?

It should be okay as long as she is careful.

Is it ok to go to the spa with plantar warts?

Warts are viral in nature and contraindicated in a massage because it might infect the massage therapist. If a client insists, then any part with warts will be avoided. You can also try the herbal remedy for warts which is made of the cashew oil. Its available in most Asian stores and Chinese drug stores. Hope this ehlps a little. Eunice

Where can I find a Mayday Parade or Ok Go poster?

Here is a site with 20% off till tomorrow. http://www.allposters.com/gallery.asp?startat=%2Fgallery.asp&CID=32BCD9649D1649C09A54947485C553AD&txtSearch=ok+go&imageField2.x=15&imageField2.y=18

Do you think it is ok to go camping while 29 weeks pregnant with twins?

I am 29 weeks with twins and I would find it horribly uncomfortable to be camping right now. I love camping and I went when I was pregnant with my first. I was about 24 weeks or so. It wasn't too bad but there was only one baby in there lol. It depends on how you feel.

urgent please helpIs it ok for kids who are visiting relatives to go to bush gardens on good friday?

I think it would be much better to go all day on Good Friday, the park will almost be completely devoid of religious people.

Is it ok to go out of the country on a greencard?

You can stay out of the US for up to 6 months with no consequence, as long as the person has a vaild green card and passport. Over 6 months contact with the US consulate is needed and the green card holder can stay out of the country for up to a year. Over a year the green card holder will forfeit their green card and not be allowed to re-enter the country. •The US permanent resident CAN stay out of the country for more than a year if they apply for and are granted a re-entry permit by USCIS prior to leaving the country. However, for a PR to become a citizen, he/she must have 5 years of continuous residency and staying abroad for more than a year will typically break it regardless of whether a re-entry permit is issued/used.

Is is ok for a dog to go swimming in a pool?

It's fine. Just make sure they know how to get out. You can show them where the stairs are.

Is it ok to go off my diet on the weekends, and go back during the week?

You can give yourself a treat or two, but if by 'go off', you mean eating 5000 calories of ice cream, then no: you can't. And in a way, not a healthy way to look at it. Eating healthy for life should be the goal, not weight loss today, followed by gain tomorrow.

Is it ok to go through high school without having a single relationship?

Of course! There's no need to be in a rush (:

Is it ok to go to the gynecologist while on your period?

It all depends on the doctor. Call your doctors office and talk to someone there about whether or not you need a pelvic exam to get back on birth control, and if you do is it okay to be having your period, because you just might be.

Is it ok for my dog to help kitten go potty?

Your dog will be 100% fine! If there's one thing dogs are known for, it's sniffing and eating poop.

Is it OK to go surfing 24 hours after getting 2 staples in my scalp?

The sensible answer is probably NO. But when it comes to surfing in Hawaii, I would say yes. A few years back, I split the top of my head wide open while surfing. I walked out of the water bleeding like something from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre. I was staying right on the beach, so I walked to the condo, and my wife washed me up and closed a four inch gash with some Butterfly dressings, and I was back in the water riding an overhead swell from an offshore tropical depression. Was that smart? No. Did it hurt? Yeah. Did I have a great day surfing? You bet. And now I have a four inch scar on my scalp that looks like someone attacked me with a tomahawk. But I wasn't real pretty to begin with, and I sure did get some great rides that day.

Is it ok to go a whole weekend without talking to your boyfriend?

How do you get the grounds out of a french press coffee pot? Is it ok for some of them to go down the drain..

you could throw them out in your yard...makes for great fertilizer.

Is it ok for kids who are visiting relatives to go to bush gardens on good friday?

Tell them they can go but can't enjoy themselves.... Honestly it is your choice (you and your wife) as parents. The weather should be great tomorrow for it if its Busch in Tampa.

Is it OK to go in a swimming pool if your legs are sunburn blistered?

No it is not a good idea. Just because there are sanitizing agents in the pool like chlorine doesn't mean there arent other virus or bacteria still floating in the pool that hasn't been killed off by that chemical yet. Bottom line let your skin heal ;) thats why its there to keep blood in and bad stuff out. I have more information about building and swimming pool services on my sites at www.h20freedom.com or www.epoolscapes.com if you want to check it out for other questions it may help

Is it OK to go into another theatre after watching a movie?

No, it isn't OK...you have to pay for each movie you watch. If you are caught, the theater can prosecute you. You are stealing from them if you pay for one movie and then go see a second movie. A lot of teenagers do it, but that doesn't make it right.

Is it Ok to let your kids go to a vacation bible school for a church you do not attend?

Absolutely. But why would you send them to such a place?

Is it OK to go to family reunions without my husband?

Of course it's okay to go by yourself, and you'll probably have a much better time than if your husband went, too, and you felt caught in the middle the whole time. As for explaining his absence, just say that "He couldn't make it." You don't need to be any more specific than that.

Is it ok to leave my 3 month old pomeranian in his crate all day while I go to work?

No it's not okay to leave a dog in a crate. If your pet sitter is unable to sit your dog then find another one. You shouldn't have a dog in the first place if this is how his life is going to be 8 hours a day every day in a crate. Imagine yourself in those shoes.

How long is it ok to go without prenatal care?

Unless you have other medical issues or you are over 30, you will do fine going without prenatal care until you return. However, be SURE to start taking folic acid now before TTC. I get you about Chinese Hospitals. My cousin, who has lived off and on in China for 20 years has interesting stories to tell. He or someone he knows has been in one kind or another of Chinese hospital and they have lived to tell about it, so even if you do have to go for care, it doesn't completely suck. If, however, you find that you need a doctor, look at any English local magazines. There is usually an ad for at least one hospital with an english speaking doctor. Alternatively, take one of your Chinese acquaintances with you to translate. I had no prenatal care for the first 6 months in my first pregnancy. The majority of complications occur after 6 months. Keep in mind that there are MILLIONS of healthy chinese babies born annually in China. Your biggest risk is if you live close to a power plant or have an unsafe water supply due to the pollution.

How often is it ok to go to bars when you're in a relationship?

Rules are never a good idea. Both people in a relationship should be able to spend time with friends in whatever setting. I'd say for me, personally, I think 2-3 times a month with the buddies out at a bar is reasonable. Not to put it in writing or anything or get mad if it's more than 3, but just in general.

OK Go!!!!!!!!?

have u tried: music.aol.com ?

I like a guy in year 10 and he likes me is it ok to go out?

Is it ok to go to a hair salon and only get your hair washed?

Yes its okay! you would be surprised at the amount of people who only go in for a hair wash!!

Is it ok for a 16 year old gay boy to go to a 27 year old gay boys house?

I would say yes its ok but be safe going to someones house. The age doesn't make a difference to me if it works for you.

ok go???????

Oh thats a good one here's the link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x49WZRyXGe0

Is it ok for the wife to go out with work colleagues?

Is it ok to go tonight without sleep?

Is having a biochemistry degree ok if you want to go into the medical field?

As a major its fine. Med school admittance is a composite of many things, not just a major however.