I have an Ohio State football with the entire 2010-11 team signatures. All players/coaches> What is the valu?

Wait a few years if your looking for a price increase. Or wait till mid season and cruise the campus bars on Friday night.

Where can I find out how much vintage Ohio State Football Jackets are worth?

it aint worth shit because ohio state fans are all losers!!!!

Ohio State Buckeyes Football Team has a pre-game ritual dance. What is that dance called?

Here's a link to them running out of the tunnel & hopping to loosen muscles a little before running onto the field. I wouldn't call it a dance. There is sometimes bobbing around that looks more like loosening up than a dance. Maybe it can be called one though. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P--ZDMgaCAE

where can i download ohio state football videos?

Youtube isn't somewhere that you can download videos to your computer guys.. Good question, I've been wondering the same thing. I've looked on Limewire and can't find anything. I'm not sure if you can, but I'll keep checking in case someone knows...

Anyone have a video of Ohio State football players entering the field, linking arms?

look on youtube.com and you can find it there. If not you might find other videos with them holding each other, lol - kidding.

Do you know why Ohio State's Gee is against a playoff system in college football?

exactly you are so smart! because he knows that Ohio State and the rest of his beloved big ten will get killed and immediately knocked out in the first round and would never win a game in a playoff format!!! thats why!!!!!

When is the first Ohio state football game?

9/5 vs. Navy - noon eastern

Vendor's License to sell drinks/snacks at Ohio State football games?

Check with the Ohio Board of Licensing. Since you are also selling food/drink you may also need a special license to sell plus an inspection of some sort by the Health Department. You may also need a street vendor license from the local government. Check out this FAQ for some helpful info and phone numbers: http://ohioline.osu.edu/cd-fact/1201.html

Did anyone catch the answer to the trivia question during the Ohio State Michigan State football game yesterda

Bill Willis.

what fm radio station can I listen to during the Ohio State football game in Ohio Stadium?

Listen to 97.1, they broadcast the game too. http://www.ohiostateradionetwork.com/default.php/affiliates?PHPSESSID=1023bb39620c58e3c646f7e2c229ccb4