What is the point of carrying an assault rifle to an Obama speech?

As a gun owner ( 7 firearms in my home) and defender of the 2nd Amendment I say ITS RIDICULOUS That ANYONE would bring ANY firearm into ANY Federal STATE or CITY Government building OR around any elected official at ANY public meeting STUPID STUPID STUPID NOW they want them in the bars For the love of God have they NO BRAINS WHATSOEVER ? I can just imagine how the right wing would have felt if an American Citizen carrying a AK 47 attended a George W Bush speech We would hear BUT THIS IS A POST (9-11 WORLD and the President has many threats on a daily basis NEWSFLASH The Secret service was just doing their job when they tackled the black man and wrestled him to the ground, he was found with a 45 caliber handgun. After being Tazored 39 times he was taken into custody Although critics claim he was a legal card carrying concealed weapon permit holder, The man was reported to be a political hothead by many and has even called into the Rush Limbaugh show with an extremely poor attitude. If allowing gun toting Americans at Political events (where they often shout hateful things and work themselves into a tizzy) isd part of the 2nd amendment I will soon be jumping on the band wagon to repeal it.!!

Are you recording the wonderful Obama speech?

I enjoy watching the reruns of his former "speeches" ~~ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UErR7i2onW0 ....... Listen carefully when Obama does speak ~~ This is where he is leading you ~ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x-CrNlilZho

Like the Tea Party protests did todays Obama Speech leave most scratching their heads?

Many left looking like "stupid"

How did you feel before and after Obama speech?

I don't have a problem with him telling kids they need to try to do good in school. One of the things he said is, you can't drop out of school and expect to be handed a good job. A lot of the kids in the inner city schools don't care about education. My wife is a teacher at an inner city elementary school. She said that even at an early age, a lot of the inner city kids are out of control. They don't respect the teachers and don't even try to learn. Teachers in these schools have a hard time because they aren't allowed to discipline the kids at all other than sending them to the principles office. And a lot of the parents get mad at the teachers if they dare say anything bad about their kids. Hopefully since this speech was coming from a president who happens to be a minority, some of these kids will listen. I'm not really sure why so many people were upset about the speech. President Reagan and the 1st Bush both gave speeches to school children.

Where is the footage of Obama speech about bringing knives and guns?

Not sure - it was at a 2008 fundraiser. There may not be a video. (FYI - Obama didn't make up the line. He was quoting Sean Connery's character in "The Untouchables," who was talking about how to deal with Al Capone.)

What did you think about obama speech today?

Unfortunately all of the money he is spending will lead to higher taxes and Inflation. We will be dealing with the consequences of his actions for a long time. But he will claim victory long before he acknowledges what long term problems that he has created.

Where can I find a transcript of the Obama speech at the Duval Patrick rally?

It's Bush's fault, that's all he ever cries about!

Why was the Obama speech scheduled for the same day as the MLK historic speech?

cause he believes he is the messiah of america and believes he is as important as MLK

obama speech?

I feel that they are bad. Plain and simple, you have seen some of the questions and answers in here. In my opinion there is a severe disconnect from white ppl.

Obama???? speech?

It's just his regular old stump speech. Try searching for "Obama stump speech."