Do MSNBC's Scarborough and Buchanan "sit on" Mika about Palin??? ?

I have slowly started to turn away from the show and back to CNN as I have seen a change recently also. I didn't see the exchange you are referring to but I have noticed that Joe always talks over Mika and doesn't let her get her points across anymore.

CUD Results!? Huge Main event!? Return of stable!? What do you think?

Good show. Keep it coming

CUD Results!? Big Main event!? PPV Lineup!? What do you think?

Great show!!! Keep it coming man!

Hows this verse I just made?

it's good but need to relax with lyrics.this looks like a rap that you wuld say raps arent always great.just look at biggie.

What Interesting thing can you come up with to make better WWE story lines ?

I would come up with some type of storyline that deals with...are you ready for this?....WRESTLING!!! Enough of these dang storylines about love affairs between a wrestler and GM, or "little person" love childs, or weddings between wrestlers, or Vinnie Mac dying in a limo explosion. How about a nice storyline about some good ole' fashioned competition between two wrestlers in the ring? That would elevate the guys with actual technical wrestling ability like Jericho and Shelton Benjamin.

YWWA Judgment Day Results Part 1?

good show so far Psycho Dude you're doing a good job

GPWF, Tribute to the Fallen?

Event#1: Mr. Perfect wins and is the 1st participant for Money in the BANK! Event#2: OK! Event#3: TAGORE wins, becoming the #1 Contender for the Hillyer's Championship! Event#4: Big Papa Pump, SCOTT STEINER! Event#5: Los Guerreros win the Tag Team match! VIVA LA RAZA! Event#6: Great! Event#7: Alex Dman beats Jack Riot after Dman reverses Riot's finisher and hits him with The Fame-Asser! After the match: Alex Dman and Jack Riot shake hands! Event#8: Taz wins and retains his ECW belt. Event#9: Yeah, I like that sh*t! MAIN EVENT: OBAMA beats Krypton Steve Austin! Rating: 6/10 Well, I think that for next week: You should pit Alex Dman against Entourage member Jimmy Wang Yang! And Jack Riot against Rob Van Dam. As for the Championships are concerned: You should have Taz do his open Challenge again next week and his opponent will be......The Undertaker! TAZ (c) vs THE UNDERTAKER for the ECW Championship next week!

A few jokes I've done on stage?

omg.....very funny excellent...awesome....made my day...made me lol...good job...keep up the good jokes!...funny...still wiping my tears from laughing so hard

Game, set, Match to Fasilia Shazahd the Times Square Bomber. Victory to the Radicals right or wrong.?

Glad he got a trial, pleased by the outcome. I'm glad that we have a system of laws and a system of justice that are impersonal - it is what sets us apart from those radicals you claim to dislike but strive to emulate. We didn't give them a martyr, which was no doubt what he would have wanted. I'm fine with him rotting in prison for a bit. I'm also okay with him talking on an "open mic". Any US citizen who hears that will be reminded of the evil we're fighting and why we have to win.

Was Kanye West Really Sorry For what He Did to Taylor SwIft?

Heck no! This isn't the first time he's done something narcissistic like this and I'm sure it won't be the last. He's apologized before and then he keeps doing it again! Absolutely a meaningless apology! Wonder what he'll do next time! Friggin idiot!!

Fox scoops the leftist media?

yes, I love it!...I kept hearing about this & wondering what the big deal was & then I realized, I must have been in shock cause suddenly I was like OMG This IS a big (expressive word) DEAL!!!!! I think I have been trying so hard to explain to my rich but ignorant republican friends why they should not take the guns out & that their ignorant friends are wrong, even though they have done well in business doesn't mean they are right about the negative info. they are giving them. So YES, it is a BIG (oh, I want to say it so bad, thank you Joe for saying it for us all) DEAL.....thanks for helping me to help my ignorant but actually nice rep. friends, who I am going to explain this too.

Did you hear Noonan and Murphy ridiculing Palin?

Hilarious. Is this real? Why were the mikes on for so long?

Is the Reverend Jesse Jackson about to claim parentage of the late Michael Jackson?

Oh and looky looky at this new development: "LOS ANGELES – Michael Jackson's family wants an independent autopsy to determine the cause of the King of Pop's death, The Rev. Jesse Jackson said Saturday. The family told Jesse Jackson about its wishes while he spent time with them during the past two days, the reverend said in an interview with The Associated Press. He said there were unanswered questions surrounding the death, including the role of the personal cardiologist who was with Michael Jackson when he died." Gee, what are the chances that the Jackson & Jackson autopsy will come up with different conclusions than that of the L.A. County Coroner? Its a good bet that Jesse will milk this for all its worth.

does Obama need to drop Rev Wright like a bad habit?

I totally agree with you. Obama needs to find a new church, totally disown the rev. and get on with his life.

Why does a pepper spray comment get so much attention on liberal media but not....?

Kind of like how the media is ignoring OWS rapes. You and I and everyone else that is intellectually honest knows that if there had even been one case of a guy touching a woman's a$$ at a tea party rally, or any conservative event, it would be front page news for months.

Should Joe Biden be Obama's running mate in 2012?

I am not sure, but rather than rock the waters, I am sure he is going to stay. I here every word you are saying, but i do not think the presidents life is in danger.

Should Obama only speak when his teleprompter tells him to do so?

Were Sarkozy & Obama right about Netanyahu?

Without knowing what specifically Sarkozy is accusing Netanyahu of lying about, this can't really be answered. I've followed Netanyahu for a number of years and have not seen him lie in the sense that Sarkozy seemed to indicate, although his position towards swapping prisoners certainly changed between the 1990s and this summer. Similarly, he used to say he would never accept a Palestinian state and now he says he would. If he has changed his positions over the years, it is to be more towards the left. Somehow I don't think this is what Sarkozy had in mind. But as far as I know he has not lied, at least publicly.

What are your comments on this statement by Obama to a Russian leader:?

What does Obama have planned if he is re-elected that he won't tell us now?

Hmmm, did Bush ever say anything over an open mic on accident?

Yes, he was caught calling a NY Times commentator an @ssh0le. I'm not sure that was unjustified however since the commentator in question Paul Krugman is an @ssh0le.

Did the Repubs whine about Boehner chatting about his golf playing over an open mic?

Haven't heard a peep out of them about that one. If Obama was overheard like that it would be in iceland on the news by now.

Should Obama only speak when his teleprompter tells him to, thus avoiding a fourth open mic gaffe?

CBS is refusing to release the raw tape from Obama's open mic incident. What do you think he said...?

CBS is refusing to release the raw tape from Obama's open mic incident. What do you think he said...? I'm a Muslim damn it! Why can't I come out of the closet. I believe in Socialism. These damn birthers are getting closer to finding out the truth about me. I hate white people.

How badly did Obama hurt his relationship with the Jewish voters after open mic captures Obama hate for...?

The lamestream media will be silent on this.

How come you cons aren't jumping all over Obama's open mic gaffe with that Medved dude bros?