What do you guys think about the Oakland A's moving?

The franchise has pulled up stakes twice before, so it's hardly a shock. Ownership has wanted out of Oakland for well over a decade, dating back to the previous owning partnership. (And with that hideous Mt. Davis the city built to lure the Raiders back, the Coliseum is nowhere near the attractive ballpark it once was.) Las Vegas is NOT going to happen. The other listed candidates have their strengths and weaknesses, but LV is a total red herring. The demographics -- attendance projections are largely based on city visitors -- are terrible, and the casinos, which own the town, don't want 35k people a night walking out to go see a game (when they could be emptying their wallets at the tables). Major league baseball and Vegas are not at all a good match.

How can I get a tape last night's Oakland A's Game?

Go to mlb.tv. You can download videos of some games for like 3 bucks. I dont think they have all the games but more recent games are attainable. Dont try and get it by asking MLB cause i have been trying to get a copy of Bob Gibson's Game 1 of the 68 series and the bastards at MLB won give it to me.

How much are hot dogs, burgers, malts, peanuts, etc at oakland a's home games?

They're really expensive! It depends the size of the hot dog. I recommend going to Games on Dollar Wednsedays, Hot dogs are only a dollar! Burgers are usually somewhere around 7-8 bucks. Malts-I believe 4.50-5 dollars i think Peanuts: 2-3 bucks Garlic Fries are the best (I recommend those)-I believe they're 5 dollars, which is pretty good deal. :] You can bring some food in, such as In-n-out burger (which is close to the stadium) or eat before you go if you dont want to pay those prices. You can bring in other food too and be careful about bringing drinks. They dont let you bring some drinks. Hope this helps. Try the website: http://www.oaklandathletics.com :] Go A's! and yes, SF Giants Fan 4 Life is right, you can sit up on the third deck, and get all you can eat. ($30) I didnt eat that much when I did it. It's a pretty good deal. They have soda, hot dogs, ice cream, nachos, peanuts, and more!

are the oakland a's this year an average team or a good team?

their a poor team this year not making the playoffs

How old is Amanda McCarthy the wife of Oakland A's pitcher Brandon McCarthy?

Looks to be in her late 20's.

What is the current record (wins, losses, ties) for the Oakland A's?

27-27 Tied for 3rd with the Mariners Go here next time http://mlb.mlb.com/mlb/standings/index.jsp?tcid=mm_mlb_standings

How do u guys think the Oakland A's will do this season?

I see them finishing last in the AL West, winning 70-80 games.

Are the Oakland A's in the running to go to the playoffs?

So far yes. They are in position to take one of the wild card post season spots.

How can the Oakland A's claim they are a small market team?

Although the A's are in a rather large market they are a small market team because of there low income. They have a lot of things working against them. There stadium sucks, they have to share the market with the Giants, and there is a general lack of interest in baseball in Oakland. Those things would all help a team make money if people went to the games but no one goes. They had the 12th worst attendance last year despite having one of the largest stadiums. They also have owners who arent willing to shell out there own money to help the team. Combine that with a crappy tv deal and the A's dont make much money at all. According to Forbes.com they had the 7th lowest revenue in baseball.

How would you react if the Oakland A's won the World Series?

I would say if ANY team won the World Series "They earned it." Even if it was the Royals or the Red Sox.

What hotel do the Yankees stay in when they play the Oakland A's?

j was here

Why don't Oakland A's fans go to the games and support their team?

I'm an A's fan, but live in Vegas now. Oakland has beautiful hills and many rich folk. The ball park is a football venue now. The Giants hit the bay area first, so that's where most fans loyalty lies. I doubt they could compete for a series title this year, but who thought the Giants would win it all last year? The A's starting pitching IS for real. But I can't argue, their offense is anemic. And make no mistake, A's fans love their team. But there aren't as many of them as there are Giants fans.

Where is the cheapest place to park for an Oakland A's game?

You didn't hear it from me, but if I'm not taking BART to the game (which I do most of the time), I will drive and park in the BART parking lot (get here early cuz a lot of A's fans do this). The parking is free and you just have a bit of a walk across the BART ramp to the outfield side of the Coliseum. Safe? It is downtown Oakland...but I've never had a problem and probably used it 10 times per season. Wave to me at the game! I'll be waving my flag from the Left Field Bleachers in the corner! Good luck and Go A's!

Why could the Oakland A's wear a symbol of a baseball on their sleeve?

i really dont know why they do

how many times has the Oakland A's beat the Texas Rangers?

Bit tricky based on how you worded it. The Athletics moved to Oakland for the 1968 season, from Kansas City. The Rangers first took the field in 1961 as the second Washington Senators, and moved to Arlington before the 1972 season. So... Entire franchise histories (1961-2010, 759 games): A's 383 (.505) - Rangers 376 Specifically Oakland (1968-2010, 634 games): A's 320 (.505) - Rangers 314 Specifically Texas (1972-2010, 580 games): A's 286 (.493) - Rangers 294 They have never met in the postseason. They have never played a tie game. The Rangers have been to one World Series, 2010, losing to the San Francisco Giants.

How much does it cost to put a message on the Oakland A's stadium scoreboard?!?

I put Happy Birthday greetings up there once, and it didn't cost anything, they did tell me that they couldn't guarantee it would be shown, however.

How do you see the Yankees doing against Oakland A's in their 3 game series?

I think that the Yanks are going to take at least 2 out of 3. They might have split the series with the Royals but overall I think they have been playing better. They will win the series. They might even sweep it.

Where can I find an Oakland A's schedule for the 2008 season?

I believe they don't have the official schedule out till december.

How much is a 1985 Autograph baseball of the Oakland A's worth?

if you sell it to the right person you might be able to get a couple hundred for it................there are always crazy fans out there that will pay anything for there favorite teams stuff..............don't sell it yet until you investigate........please, please, please.............put an ad in the paper or put it on Ebay,if you don't live in California. but honestly, like I said before, if you find the right fan who is crazy about the Oakland Athletics, then they would probably pay at least 2-3 hundred.......

What will happen to the old Oakland A's coliseum stadium?

it will be used for the raiders and concerts.........

Should I buy Oakland A's tickets on game day or in advance?

the only games that really truly sell out for the a's are ones where they play the giants, red sox, yankees and angels. And usually the home opener are sold out. But beyond that most games do not sell out at all. You can usually get tickets the same day. In general the A's have one of the best walk-up game day purchase tickets in the MLB. i do normally buy my tickets in advance, but I just like the convenience of knowing I have a seat where I want to sit. The visitor's side is the first base side. The best way to get to and from the games is via BART our local transit/train system. If you are looking for giveway days, they have not released that schedule yet. Go to oakland athletics web site. They won't release them for another while though.

How to get to Oakland A's or SF Giants game...?

You'll have to drive part of the way to Pittsburg or Walnut Creek/Concord to catch BART. BART will take you to the Coliseum. BART will take you to the Embarcadero district of SF and you can walk to AT&T park. I don't know about carpools. One thing of note. The Giants are usually on the road when the A's are at home and vice versa. There is very little overlap home games. I think they maybe have 1 to 3 games at home at the same time excluding their inter league rivalry.

How would you react if the Oakland A's won the World Series in 2008?

I would give the A's credit. They are one of my favorite teams, and they have great fans.

how did the oakland a's not win a playoff serie or series 4 straight years witht hat starting staff?

Many really great pitching staffs have bombed in the post season. Why pick on the A's?

What font is the "A" on the Oakland A's team. I love the design of it?

Gothic E http://www.fontstock.net/9866/GothicE.html The Jagermeister font was custom made, but is similar to this one: http://www.myfonts.com/fonts/agfa/wilhelm-klingspor-gotisch/wilhelm-klingspor-gotisch/

Why does it seem as though the Oakland A's reside in the shadow of the SF Giants?

One word: marketing. The Giants play in a large metropolis that is easily recognized around the world. The Athletics play in a city only commonly recognized within state borders. The Giants have a better ballpark, flashier players, and a cooler overall look to them. Newspapers, TV, and radio stations know this and know that this causes the Giants to have a larger following, so they cater to the market in order to make more money. The A's just don't seem to have that allure to them that the Giants do... maybe if they signed a big name hitter? Or brought back those crazy old retro uniforms?

Can I bring in a plastic water bottle into an Oakland A's game?

Yes, you can bring soda or water in plastic bottles. Anything in plastic except beer.

Does anyone know where I can find Johnny Damon Oakland Athletics apparel?

Advertise on ebay you are looking for his Oakland apparel and see if you get a response.

Are the 2009 oakland a's going to have a better record than the 2009 san francisco giants?

no the A should be better because they added holliday and giambi. also i believe they have better young pitchers such as zielger. if Duchscherer does as good as last year the A should be far better. SF has better SP but they have no hitters

Why is the elephant an important symbol to the Oakland A's?

Here is the real answer. Way back when (1904) the Okland A's formerly known as the Philadelphia A's was the first place team in the newly formed American League. The National League champions at that time was the New York Giants. Even though in 1903 both league came to the agreement that the two league champions would face in a "World Series". the agreement wasn't binding. The manager for the Giant's John McGraw refused to play the A's because they weren't up to a "Major League" standard, and called them "White Elephants". (Why that is an insult is another question) however Connie Mack the manager/owner of the A's liked the conotation and started to use it as a defacto mascot (teams back then didn't have masscots atleast not the ones like today) And ever since than the elephant has been an important symbols for the Philadelphia/Kansas City/ Okland A's

Who was the player in the Oakland A's ice cream commercial?

Grant Balfour. He is a reliever and was splitting closer duties with Brian Fuentes until Andrew Bailey returned from injury.

How do you think the Oakland A's will do this season 1st,2nd,3rd or 4th Place?

2nd in its division.

How many years have the Oakland Athletics made the postseason since moving from KC?

1971 lost to Baltimore 3 games to 0 in the ALCS 1972 def Detroit 3 games to 2 in the ALCS,def Cincinnati 4 games to 3,in the world series 1973 def Baltimore 3 games to 2 in the ALCS,def the New York Mets 4 games to 3 in the world series 1974 def Baltimore 3 games to 1 in the ALCS def the Los Angeles Dodgers 4 games to 1 in the world series 1975 lost to Boston 3 games to 0 in the ALCS 1981 Def Kansas City 3 games to 0 in a special ALDS ( because of the the players strike) lost to the New York Yankees 3 games to 0 in the ALCS 1988 def Boston 4 games to 0 in the ALCS lost to the Los Angeles Dodgers 4 games to 1 in the world series 1989 def Toronto 4 games to 1 in the ALCs def San Francisco 4 games to 0 in the world series 1990 def Boson 4 games to 0 in the ALCS lost to Cincinnati 4 games to 0 in the world series 1992 lost to Toronto 4 games to 2 in the ALCS 2000 lost to New York Yankees 3 games to 2 in the ALDS 2001 lost to New York Yankees 3 games to 2 in the ALDS 2002 lost to Minnesota 3 games to 2 in the ALDS 2003 lost to Boston 3 games to 2 in the ALDS 2006 def Minnesota 3 games to 0 in the ALDS lost to Detroit 4 games to 0 in the ALCS

What website can i find tickets for an oakland A's game ?

Anyway you slice it they aint gonna be cheap! First off try Ticketsnow.com or in a pinch try Stubhub.com they carry tix for all sporting events in all major cities, although i have had the best luck with Ticketsnow the tend to cost a little more!

What do the Oakland A's need to re-surge and be the franchise they used to be?


What Current Oakland A's Player has the Best Chance at Hall of Fame?

probably Bartolo Colon because of the cy young award in 2005

What has been the reception of 'Moneyball' in the staff of the Oakland A's?

The only reaction I've heard of is from Art Howe, who was NOT happy with his portrayal.

I have a scorecard from a 1991 game between the Kansas City Royals and the Oakland A's, signed by Jose Canseco?

to the guy named "?" who just answerd... hahahahhahah

How good will the oakland a's be in 2011?

A's pitching is very good and should be just as good in 2011. But you ae correct, they have to get some power. Another big obstacle is the Angels and Mariners will probably both be better teams next year, and the Rangers have a fairly young team. Even if they lose Lee (which will probably happen) they also have a good pitching staff. The A's may be better, but so will their competition.

Why does the Oakland A's have the least creative baseball team name?

The A's stands for "Athletics," though just about everyone calls them the A's. This team is one of the oldest existing baseball teams in America. They were founded way back in 1860. Back then, there was no professional baseball, and many teams were just made up of guys who belonged to clubs. Kind of like if your gym has a basketball team or softball team today. The team was founded by the Philadelphia Athletic Club, and eventually it was shortened to the Philadelphia Athletics. It may sound like a dumb name, but if you compare it to some of the other baseball team names from the 1800s and early 1900s it isn't actually so bad: Brooklyn Hilltoppers, New York Highlanders, Cincinnati Red Stockings, Boston Beaneaters, Cleveland Naps, etc. Whatever its merits, the name has stuck with the team through 3 different cities: Philly, Kansas City, and now Oakland. I guess the fans never wanted to change it, so there must be something good about it! ***By the way, I wouldn't way that the Athletics is the least creative name in baseball. The Philadelphia Phillies is a pretty uncreative name - they just shortened the city name. I guess baseball players in Philadelphia just aren't good at coming up with names.

Is it safe to wear an opponents jersey at an Oakland A's home game?

Funny you should ask that. I am a Twins fan, and last year I wore my Rod Carew Twins throwback jersey to an A's game. I emerged completely unscathed. The ticket taker joked around and said he wouldn't let me in, but that was about it. I found the fans at the A's stadium to be pretty friendly. Oakland isn't the nicest city, and it definitely has some rough areas, but the people at the ballpark were nice enough. As long as you don't act like a jerk and taunt the A's fans, you'll be fine.

oakland a's?

I'm not a huge fan of the A's, although they're an organization that I see in the same vein as mine, and so I wish them well when we don't play them. The pitching is key, and it always has been. Anyways, I was at the game that Harden beat us earlier this year (I'm a Braves fan), and he was extremely impressive, but I think Justin Duchscherer (or however you spell it) is doing just as well right now. I would be very happy with them if I was a huge A's fan, so I'd go with one of them, maybe giving the nod to Harden when he's healthy.

oakland a's?

Wrong section, but he is just having a good year. Every year there is a guy who gets traded for minor leaguers, and turns out to be good. He probably won't be an allstar or anything in the future, but he should start for at least a few years. Don't get all excited though, because this is probably his career year.

Oakland A's?

The A's are going to shock the baseball world this year. They currently lead the AL in runs scored and ERA. With their awesome pitching and decent offense, they will win the AL west. Billy Beane has done it again!

When did the Oakland A's get so good?

They were good all season long. The better question to ask is why is the Rangers choking so bad? It wasn't that long ago the Rangers were 4.5 games in first and were on their way to clinch the AL West. All of the sudden they A's are tied up with them and if the Rangers lose the final game of the season, they will get relegated to a do-or-die playoff game instead of winning the division and an ALDS berth.

Oakland A's?

sure i'll check! i'lll buy if it's a good price! but no guarantee!

The A's are your AL West Champions! Thoughts?

How are the Oakland A's winning?

Are the Oakland A's about to clinch the AL West?

How far do you see the Oakland A's going in the playoffs?