My efforts aren't paying off, should I just quit college?

Don't give up yet. Have you checked into the possibility of transferring courses from another school? If the school would allow that course to be transferred from another school, you could take it at a community college. Most schools allow this, you just have to check with the registrar. Don't let other people make you feel bad because of the school you go to. And 23 is not old. I was 40 when I graduated, but the life experience I had enabled me to be that much more effective in my career. It might help you to really think about how you see yourself helping people - with their health or keeping them safe. Where can you see yourself being happiest and doing the greater good? Good luck.

i need help with education. plssss?

They have GED practice tests online. Also, most places have a center where they offer free preparation classes.

i think I scuk and lack of motivation. help me pls? advice?

Sit down and think abouv where your life is now and where you want it to be in the future. You control your destiny. You have to make up your mind to take that first step and then find a way to keep yourself motivated.

My husband thinks Massage Therapist will play a factor into me getting into Physical Therapy School-true/false?

It will depend on what the requirements of the PT program are. It may help you or it may not make a difference. My husband is a critical care/trauma surgeon and said if he wanted to go to a PT or nursing program while he had a medical degree there are still requirements of those programs that are very different from his training and would be things in it that does matter or care that he has a medical degree.

Should I buy a used BMW 7 series?

You'll be better to invest in a 5-series. You'll get a better quality vehicle. My reason is having owned a BMW 7-series $3-5k is NOTHING on a repair. I would stay far away from any 7-series btw 02-06. Unless, you have a need for the extra legroom the 5 series is a good performer and has less components that may go bad out of warranty. My experience is from working in a dealership- owning BMW & owning a 2008 Alpina B7 under warranty- had 1 module go out and they did 40hrs in one week at $100+ hr out of warranty - I sold and am very happy. On the other hand my 2003 BMW M3 is at 85k miles and has been fine- just had a pak on a cyl go out and cost $375. I do hear of other more expensive issues so it's just luck and a matter of time. I would shoot for a CPO 2008 BMW 535i and that may get close to 20k- lower to a 528i you can do it although I'm a big fan of the turbo 6. You can even back up on years although a 2008 CPO will take you to 2014. Over the computer I can't be wrong with a CPO car since BMW will back up my suggestion. This will give you time to learn the vehicle and decide if you want to keep it. That's my biggest deal with a warranty- I want to learn the vehicle and make the decision if I want to keep it outside of the warranty. Doing that with a Porsche Turbo now and it's going to be a keeper.

Do I have a case against my old employer for not paying overtime?

Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) The Act applies on a workweek basis. An employee's workweek is a fixed and regularly recurring period of 168 hours -- seven consecutive 24-hour periods. It need not coincide with the calendar week, but may begin on any day and at any hour of the day. Different workweeks may be established for different employees or groups of employees. Averaging of hours over two or more weeks is not permitted. Normally, overtime pay earned in a particular workweek must be paid on the regular pay day for the pay Listed below are methods which the FLSA provides for recovering unpaid minimum and/or overtime wages. (1) The Wage and Hour Division may supervise payment of back wages. (2) The Secretary of Labor may bring suit for back wages and an equal amount as liquidated damages. (3) An employee may file a private suit for back pay and an equal amount as liquidated damages, plus attorney's fees and court costs. (4) The Secretary of Labor may obtain an injunction to restrain any person from violating the FLSA, including the unlawful withholding of proper minimum wage and overtime pay. period in which the wages were earned. Generally, a two-year statute of limitations applies to the recovery of back pay. In the case of willful violations, a three-year statute of limitations applies. Good Luck!

Blood work has damaged something in my arm.?

I've got veins like yours too, and finally they did a vein inside my upper arm and used that. My arms both looked like a dalmation with spots everywhere from so many sticks. Took several months before all the dark spots went away. I don't know what they did to you but it isn't normal. I'd make a trip to the doctor's office if I were you. Maybe even a different doctor.

I dont know much bout rat care help?

The first thing everyone should know about rats: They need to be kept in at least pairs since they're very social animals. You can't be with your rat all the time so they get very bored when you aren't there. And even if you could be with them 24/7, you can't replace another rat because you interact with them differently. Taking care of 2 rats isn't any harder than taking care of one, and they bond to you better when kept in pairs. Males and females have different general personality traits. Males are the "lap rats" of the rat world and like to cuddle, but females are hyper and like to explore. Both will be energetic as pups, but as they get older males tend to mellow out. Rats also need a lot of space! At least 2 cubic feet per rat, and since you need to keep them in pairs, a cage of at least 4 cubic feet is required. The bigger the better, and if you get a cage that can house 5 rats and start with two, it gives you room to expand later on. Aquariums should never be used because they provide bad ventillation, so large wire cages are a better option. I know the petco rat manor is very popular, and critter nations are also choice cages--though expensive. Lots of rat owners also buy Martin's cages. I have their R-695 which can house 4-5 rats and my girls love it. If you do order here make sure to spend the extra few dollars for a powder-coated cage or you'll be buying a new one in a few months. Galvanized wire will rust which can harm your rats when ingested, and will start to corrode. Rats also get bored very easily so they'll appreciated lots of hideaways, hammocks, and toys. My girls love cardboard boxes and I also bought a large hamster ball and zip tied it to the upper corner of a cage without the lid and they love to sleep in there. One of their favorite chew toys is teenie greenies for dogs, and they also enjoy jingly cat balls and ribbon. For bedding never use pine, cedar or softwood. Aspen is OK, some people use recycled newspaper cat litters (which I use for their litter boxes), some people like carefresh, and students with no money like me like to use fleece liners and wash them once a week on cage cleaning day. It makes litter box training a heck of a lot easier. And the cage should be cleaned once a week. I just spot clean every evening and scrub it with dish soap in the shower every friday/saturday. Then the fleece and hammocks go in the washing machine. Don't use strongly scented detergent, though, because rats have very sensitive noses! As for food, HIGH QUALITY lab blocks should be provided, or you can do a homemade mix. Oxbow Regal Rat and Harlan Teklad are the favoured lab blocks. Regal Rat is usually for rats over a year old unless you supplement with protein, and harlan sells different blocks with different protein levels. Male rats need about 14% protein in their diet and females need about 16%, and fat should be under 5%. Unless you have pregnant or nursing rats... but that's another story. I use the 2018 because I have a young rat (she's growing like a weed!), but 2016 is good for females and 2014 is good for males. They should also have fresh fruits and veggies every night! A blueberry a day keeps the tumors away Here's a few links to fruits and veggies they can and can't be fed: Some home-made rat diets: Places to buy other people's homemade mixes: Rats also are very prone to respiratory infections. They'll need to be taken to a vet at least once in their life, so be prepared for that. Symptoms of respiratory infections include sneezing, congestion noises, and red discharge around the eyes and/or nose. Rats are vocal but we can only really hear the discomfort/pain/annoyance squeaks, so anything other than that and it may be a sign of them being sick. They also "Brux" when they're happy and content, which is where they grind their teeth together to keep them short. If they're very happy their eyes will boggle in and out of their head! It's really funny to see. lol I think that's all I can think of for now. A helpful place to go is the forum I belong, and they can answer questions, and it's also helpful to read through the stickies there. Good luck!

Diet Rodent Food Diet?

Diet is always a controversial subject, whether it's rats, dogs, or people! The best I can do is tell you what I think is the best diet, and that it works very well for me! Always remember that your rats' diet will affect their health and lifespan! My rats' staple diet is a mixture of dog kibble, high quality lab blocks, and of a grain mixture that I will talk about next! There are several types of dog kibble that I can reccommend. But ideally the food will be human-grade, and hormone- and antibiotic-free. Wellness Senior, Solid Gold Holistique Blendz, and Blue Buffalo Senior are my top 3 picks, but there are other brands that are good. Look for something with 16-18% protein (usually senior or light diets). But please keep in mind that dog kibble on its own is NOT a complete diet!! It must be supplemented with either Suebee's mix OR high-quality lab blocks (or both!). About half of my rats' diet is made up of Suebee's Mix. It's a mix of different cereals, dried pasta, fruit and nuts. It's easy to mix up and the rats really love it. I usually give my rats a full bowl of the dog kibble and lab blocks in the morning and then if they've eaten all of it, they get a full bowl of the Suebee's mix in the evening. If they haven't eaten all of the kibble I try to give them an amount of Suebee's approximately the same as what they've eaten. The next day any leftover food is thrown out and I repeat the process! Never make the seed mixes sold at pet stores more than a rare treat for your rats!!! The mixes are very unhealthy; it's really like junk food for rats and most contain ingredients that are known to cause cancer. If you're considering lab blocks - some are better than others. Good brands include Harlan Tekklad and Oxbow Regal Rat. Many brands sold at pet shops also contain preservatives that cause cancer. Lab blocks can be difficult to find online. Mainley Rat Rescue sells Harlan lab blocks; there are many different types with different protein contents so be sure to read to description to ensure that you're purchasing the right food for your rats. The 8604 formula is appropriate for rats under 4 months of age and pregnant/nursing does; 2018 is good for rats under 6 months of age; 2014 is suggested for rats over 6 months of age. You can purchase Oxbow Regal Rat at Pet Food Direct. Regal Rat is appropriate only for rats over 6 months of age. They also carry Harlan 2018 under the name Native Earth, but it can only be purchased in 40 pound bags which is too much for the average pet owner. Each rat will eat about 1-2 pounds of food per month; for a pair of rats, a 40 pound bag might last 2 years! Shelf life is only two or three months once opened, so it's not suggested to buy the 40 pound bags unless you have quite a few rats. Since I do order my food in larger quantities, I can share the savings with adopters. I can sell Harlan 2018 for $1/lb (which is slightly more than I pay for it with shipping) to adopters. I am not making money on the Harlan; it's just something I do for adopters since I know ordering 40lb bags isn't reasonable! I just need at least a weeks' notice if you're going to be buying food, so I can make sure I have enough to go around, and enough left on hand for my own rats. I can also ship the food if needed - I would need to double check the rats, but I should be able to fit about 10 lbs in a flat rate priority box and shipping would be about $10-12. So it'd be about $20-22 for 10 lbs of food. If you need food shipped, again I ask for at least a week's notice so I have enough on hand. If not, I have to order it and it takes several days to receive it. Fresh foods are also great in moderation. My rats get a portion of fresh food just about every day. On a regular basis, I feed fresh fruit, cooked vegetables, or cooked whole-wheat pasta with a little olive oil. There are also some foods that rats should NOT eat. Click here to read more.

Is a brown discharge normal after not so frequent intercourse?

is brown discharge normal,is a brown discharge normal during pregnancy,is brown discharge normal in early pregnancy, dark brown discharge normal, brown discharge normal during pregnancy, light brown discharge normal, is brown discharge normal after period more....Search resultsIs brown discharge normal? [Nov 18, 2007] Best Answer: Are you saying you've never ever started? or just this cycle you haven't yet? A nurse told me once, that brown blood is old blood and has to ... ~ by Janny ( 6 comments ) - Cached. More results from » Brown Discharge Normal - News Results Pet-iquette: Fungal infections are normally found on a dogs underside DNA India - Jan 13 07:59pm Jeep® Grand Cherokee: The Most Awarded SUV Ever Gets Even Better For 2014 PR Newswire via Yahoo! Canada Finance - 8 hours ago Ryan Donovan: Police 'so alarmed by Navy crew's binge drinking they alerted... Daily Mail - Jan 09 02:23pm . Brown Discharge - WOMEN HEALTH INFO Brown discharge - causes, symptoms, solutions. ... You can have this normal discharge for weeks, months or even years before getting your first period. - Cached Vaginal Discharge Is Normal & Varies During Menstrual Cycle It is not uncommon for the normal discharge to be dark, brown or discolored a day or two following the menstrual period. - Cached is it normal to have brown discharge before and after you period hi i was just wondering if its normal to have brown discharge the first day you are due to start your period? - Cached. More results from » Brown Discharge - Clinic Time - Fitness and Health Articles Brown vaginal discharge is not usually serious. ... Some of them will require medical attention, but many are perfectly normal and are no cause for alarm. - Cached Is brown discharge normal? - Wellsphere Is brown discharge normal? Posted by Amber206 I am almost 9 weeks pregnant and just recently been having very small amounts of brown discharge and when ... - Cached More results from » Brown Vaginal Discharge - MomsWhoThink Brown Vaginal Discharge What causes brown vaginal discharge and what you should do if you experience it. ... or clear discharge that is normal, ... - Cached Brown Vaginal Discharge: The Simple Solution Doctor's Don't ... How To Tell The Difference Between Brown Vaginal Discharge That Is Normal From Brown Discharge that needs dire medical attention? - Cached Brown Discharge During Pregnancy - Buzzle Since the cervix becomes very sensitive, spotting a brown blood discharge is quite normal after a vaginal ultrasound or sexual intercourse. - Cached More results from » Is brown discharge normal ? [Feb 12, 2010] i get brown discharge the day before i start my period ... Yes it is normal. A slight brown discharge before your period is perfectly normal. Blood that ... ~ by Ilovecan... ( 9 comments ) - Cached. Ad Brown Discharge Expert Health Advice & Information Learn About Brown Discharge More Sponsors:discharge papers, eye discharge, us army discharges, military dischargeAd Brown Discharge Expert Health Advice & Information Learn About Brown Discharge More Sponsors:discharge papers eye discharge us army discharges military discharge male discharge heavy discharge See your message here... . Brown discharge normal related searches: is brown discharge normal brown discharge normal during pregnancy is a brown discharge normal during pregnancy light brown discharge normal is brown discharge normal in early pregnancy is brown discharge normal after period dark brown discharge normal

Occupational Therapy Assistant Program wait list??

I am a 4th year OT student at a 5 year BS/MS program. That sounds like a pretty tough situation. Have you thought of calling admissions to have your application for a different semester? If there is a 2 year wait list, there isn't much you can do. Have you looked at other OTA programs? Would you rather be an OTA or an OT? If you are doing OTA in hopes of bridging into an OT program (If you were wondering), you can't do that. You'd have to start from the bottom once again. I suggest if you wish to be an OTA, to apply to other community colleges within your area, or state (if you plan to live within your state). There are other programs that might just have an admissions date with no wait list - however, they may have different requirements to get into their program. The difference between an OT and an OTA is that an OT is taught how to assess, an OTA is taught how to treat. When I shadowed in a nursing home, the OTA was doing all the treatment work, while the OT does the evaluations, assessments and determines what move is next for the client. If you wish to be an OT, you should just find an accredited OT school instead of waiting for the wait list for two years (However, your education requirements will most likely not be transferrable/you will have to take more courses and it will probably take about 2 years to apply to an OT program anyway) You can possibly get a job, work some of your loans off and make money for the future, and shadow/volunteer during this time. Make sure your GPA is high enough for the program, there is no point in waiting all that time with the possibility of not getting in.

Army officer question. ?

Once you complete your training. Your assignment will start to look like a regular job. Almost all assignments are 'accompanied'. That means the military will pay to move you and your family to the destination. If housing is not available on base, you will be given extra money to pay for housing off base. Your work hours will typically be an 8am - 5pm job with some physical training in the morning. There may be long days when you are preparing for a major training exercise. The military tries to give you the weekends with your family. However, there will be field exercises where you will be away from your family for a few weeks and there will be mandatory training courses where you will be gone. I assume you mean the chances of "deployment" instead of "deportation". Deployments happen and are currently for 9 months at a time with a goal of 3 years between deployments. Deployments are starting to wind down and should be greatly reduced by the end of 2014. Living facilities vary by base, some are very nice, some are marginal. There are always a lot of family activities. A base is like a community where almost everyone is in the same young adult pool with jobs and looking at starting families. Civilian activities are available, plus you can have access to all the facilities on base for you and your family. All officers start as Second Lieutenants (2LT). After 2 years and completion of their Basic Officer Leadership Course, they become First Lieutenants. There are some exceptions for medical officers (doctors and nurses). After 1LT, there are additional requirements for training and your evaluations and past assignments will be a factor.

Drug test for Marijuana. Can you help?

I´m sad... I feel like this will never pass and I´ll end up killing myself. Help?

It depends on various other factor. It depends on your honest and sincere approach to the issue. My policy in life is: 'Help ever and hurt never'. In any case this week, I am terribly busy with lot of urgent, important and priority work.. Next week I plan to visit that side. Will 28.3.2014 suit your convenience. If so, please arrange to pick me up. I am ready to render maximum help to you to the extent possible. Pl. confirm the arrangements that you have made for my visit. Our team consists of four people including one psychiatrist, a nurse, a helper. We are on fast on that day. In general, we remain on fast on all Fridays. Hence, please don't trouble yourself for making any lunch arrangement for us. One more important thing I forgot. The psychiatrist in our team is very much scared of Dogs. Please keep your Dog tied up with a metal chain. In the meantime, please also take some drastic step in right direction immediately without fail to inform the local police about your proposed action plan.

Which is better for college army or airforce national guard?

Assuming they are in the same state...both the Army Guard and Air Guard will offer the exact same education benefits. A key consideration for you will be location. As in what units are near where you are going to be living while going to school. In my state for example...the Air Guard only has 3 places where you can drill. And they are widely dispersed. The Army Guard has over 70 places on the other hand all throughout the state. You don't want to get into a situation where you have to commute a long distance to drill. Your drill pay will be eaten up paying for gas and lodging. Considering you are starting your senior will not be able to do basic and AIT/Tech School until you graduate high school.

Overweight and wanting to TTC?

Don't feel pressured just because you want your children to be close in age. In the end that doesn't really matter. It's more important to have more children when you are ready and if that is now then that's great but if you'd rather finish nursing school first then that's fine too. I don't know why you are so worried about being 25 lbs overweight? That seriously isn't a big deal at all. You can get pregnant anytime, you don't need to lose weight first. I'm much more overweight than that and I had no problems with my pregnancy and lost tons of weight afterwards anyways from all the calories that breastfeeding burns. Good luck with everything :) But really, don't worry about losing any weight, being overweight generally doesn't cause any problems to mom or baby.

Has the MERS-CoV affected Abu Dhabi?

We had a couple cases of MERS here and just last week a Philippine nurse died of it. The last cases affected medical staff only. As long as your Dad doesn't work in the medical field or travel to Saudi, there isn't anything to worry about and I don't know anybody else who is. Please read the latest news on this subject: HAAD also launched advices how to stay healthy. Your DAD may read and follow them.

Ideas for volunteering/ community service hours?

In-school mentoring? City gardening program?

Should I stay in high school? I'll be 19 years old and with a 1 year old?

Should I go to back to school and get further in debt or stay where I'm at?

Enroll to take classes at a local community college and take classes to become a nurse or a CNA it takes about two years to get a degree of that sort and community colleges are generally cheaper.

Early Dementia Question?

You need to do some research and perhaps get into a support group, and her doctor should be able to direct you on information needed. That kind of behavior is normal, they will be perfectly lucid one moment and even in mid-sentence they can get lost and their mind goes on a little trip far far away. Yes, she really has dementia, that's what dementia is, memory lapses here and there, along with other problems - the mind doesn't function as it once had. She is not normal but she will have moments of complete clarity. My grandma had it, occasionally she'd put her clothes on inside out or backwards, she used to wear her bra outside her dress. One night she packed her suitcase and announced she was going on a trip and was headed out to take the bus. She got a good few blocks before we'd gotten up and out and were able to find her. And some days she was sharp as a tack. She'd remember things in detail from 50 years ago but wouldn't remember what the refrigerator was. And every so often she'd remember her husband and think he was in the next room - and would get painfully upset when she learned he wasn't there. It's very confusing if you don't understand but really, don't try to, just accept that she's altered and it will likely get worse, and never better. Though there will be good times, clear times, she will never return to being clear all the time. This you need to accept. There are things that can help, and keeping the mind somewhat active can help.

Pregnant...should I get an apartment now or later?

I would stay until May, but thats just me. If your boyfriend can help you get an apartment and pay for things, then I would do that.

Work the World Internships?

Hey there my name is Holli, I am a final year nursing student from Perth, Western Australia. Yes they are reliable and I had a great placement through them in Arusha, Tanzania. I can't speak for other placement locations but Arusha was fantastic because you are able to take place clinically in whatever you felt comfortable. The nurses here are very encouraging and efficient but it is up to you to make the most out of it. I was located in a hospital in Tangeuru, just out of Arusha, but stayed in Arusha town in the Work the World house with other nursing and medical students. I was able to participate in childbirths, c section's and burns treatments. I was only in the hospital for 2 weeks and then one week in a Massai village clinic for the other week, (which was AMAZING). Where you stay is lovely and comfortable in a big house with yummy food cooked for you every day and night. The staff at the house are there to support you the whole way through and were alot of fun. About 10 mintures walk down the road is a fantastic bar which has speedy wifi, swimming pool, tennis and is a good place to meet a range of Tanzanian's. The area we stay in is safe and on the upmarket side of town. All in all a great cultural experience, but I recommend you go there with an open mind and heart. Africa get's under your skin. Its beautiful and the people are the best. Later in my trip I made my way down to South Africa with my best friend where we met up with my boyfriend. We later got engaged! All the best!

I need help paying for my Nexium?

I'm a nurse and have worked at a Dr.'s office and was in charge of all medications that came through our large office. There is no generic form of this medication at this time and may not be until 2014. Though there is a few options. Your dr may have samples of this for you. He may not be able to give ALL the pills you need but he may be able to give you a week or 2 at a time. Also there are programs that your dr is aware of that are like a charity for those who can't afford their medications. Not all meds are covered. You will have to apply through your dr for this. ALSO If your dr is a caring person he himself can request this med from the company and give you what is sent. I hope this helps. At this time resources are limited to obtain needed meds. I have known people to be so desperate to get the meds they need, that they have someone who has insurance get their dr to prescribe it to them and they buy it from the insured. Totally not legal but this is how desperate people are sometimes.

Ok weird question here but I have a pregnant cat?

The heat cycle in a cat isn't that long . They have about a week when they're receptive to mating and able to conceive. But just watch for signs that birth is near. Once you can feel the kittens moving on her by putting your hand on her belly (their uterus is "split" so you'll feel it on both sides most likely), she's close. You'll feel thumps and bumps a couple weeks before, full somersaults and movements about a week before (sometimes less). Some cats stop or slow eating and have a discharge just before labor, but not all do. It's best to limit her relatively soon to an area where the kittens can be born so that she doesn't climb to somewhere out of reach or somewhere dangerous. eta - Sorry, I read it as going to March 21st. The week range won't matter much, their gestation is about 8-10 weeks, not 9 weeks on the dot. So miscalculating by a week doesn't throw off much. A few things to be prepared for - she'll want a small, pretty enclosed area to have the kittens and to nest. If she's not limited to this area (such as a bathroom), she'll move them around frequently, which can be problematic. Also, in the vast majority of feline births, at least one kitten is either stillborn or dies shortly after birth. If a kitten is born alive and the mother senses that it won't survive, she merely ignores it and lets nature take its course. Sometimes you can get her to nurse the kitten and improve the chances, but it's pretty rare. Good luck!

should i take intro to organic chem and biochem in summer?

What else do you have going on in the summer? Are you working, or do you have all your time to devote to studies? How long is the organic class over the summer? The whole summer, or some segment in it (like a 6 week segment)? If it's over the whole summer, or you're not working and have AMPLE time to memorize reactions, then you should go for it. You should really expect to spend about 20 hours per week studying for Organic chemistry if you *need* to get an A in it, and that's on a typical 15-weeks of classes semester schedule.

Can I have tuberculosis when my symptoms include a cold?

and the flu is very bad for the last 3 weeks

I am currently enrolled in college for Medical Assisting, but I wanted to do PCA (cna); Unfortunately pell?

Probably not. CNA is a short course, usually 4-6 weeks long. Some nursing homes offer scholarships and some states offer tuition assistance. Locally, private schools charge $700-$850 for a CNA course. Talk with friends and family about getting a loan from them. Write it up as if it's a loan to a stranger, use a fair interest rate, and include terms. Plenty of CNA programs also offer tuition loans. They are usually ballbuster loans, but if you are sure you have work waiting for you and you can pay them back rapidly, it's an option. For a friend/family loan, interest can be a complication since it's an IRS issue for them, but always offer. "September 1, 2013 I, Sanitha Smith, understand and agree that I owe Rose Smith $1000. I agree to make monthly payments of $100 for 10 months until the loan is repaid in its entirety. The first payment is due February 1, 2014, with each monthly payment due on the 1st of the month with the final payment due December 1, 2014. Late Payments will incur a $5/per week late fee. The lender and the borrower agree to all terms of this loan. _________________ (date) Sanitha Smith - borrower _________________ (date)" Rose Smith - lender

I had a CT scan done when my pregnancy was still undetectable?

Actually the babys age would only be 2 weeks, they consider the first week the week of your period as your first week then the week after your second week for due date purposes only, so baby should be fine oh and cobgrats hunn!!

Would this be a valid reason for me to quit college?

So long as the pre-reqs for college #2's nursing program are offered at your uni, you can take them there, and transfer them over to college #2. Related to transferring, I know that college #2's application deadline has passed. But you can call admissions, ask if they still have space available and if you can still apply. Some colleges will let you apply late, if they still have a spot available, and you have nothing to lose by asking. You should meet with the nursing advisor at your current school and find out if the D will really keep you out, or if you retake that class (get a tutor from week one, please) and do well in it, can you still get into nursing. As for the police force - in most states, in order to get into the police academy, you need 60 college credits. Find out what the requirements are for the police force you want, and get them. If there is anything that would give you an advantage in hiring, such as knowledge of Spanish, use this time in college to get that.

baby due in middle of college semester?

I was going to school in the middle of the Fall 2012 semester and was expecting in late October. I figured I could have my baby and still do class because she was due two weeks after midterms. I figured I would miss one week of class. I figured wrong. I got preeclampsia even though I had a healthy pregnancy otherwise. They induced labor on the first day I was supposed to start midterms and she was three weeks early. I was in the hospital 8 days because of the complications even though I did not have a c section and my daughter contracted an infection the first day and she spent 13 days in NICU so needless to say I ended up dropping. Not saying it won't work out for you but sometimes life doesn't care about your plans. If no complications arise then you should be able to do it.

Student Stafford loan questions help?

1.) Will I still be able to get the max amount if I don't take the summer semester? Your school year for 2013-2014 should be: Fall 2013, Spring 2014, and Summer 2014. During those periods, you would be able to take out the maximum amount for your Federal Stafford Loans. Each school is different in which they can create their own policies and procedures. However, if you don't attend in the Fall 2013 and Summer 2014 semester but will be attending in the Spring 2014; you can speak with your financial aid office to have your annual limit for Federal Stafford Loans be taken out in Spring 2014 only. 2.) I thought that the loan would be disbursed twice, once for each semester. How does this work if this doesn't mention Fall 2014 semester? Normally loans are disbursed equally between the Fall and Spring semester (Summer as well if this is part of your program; normally summer is just a trailer and the student would only be eligible for what wasn't used in Fall/Spring). If you will only be attending in the Spring semester for that school year, there would be just 1 disbursement date for Spring. Again, each school can set-up their own policies and procedures so be sure to check with the financial aid office. 3.) I'm not sure about your eligibility for one consecutive 12 month loan period. Normally a loan period is for the duration of the school year. Typically the duration is for Fall and Spring semesters; however if your program is a cohort program and has classes for Fall, Spring, and Summer; the loan period will be defaulted to 12 months. 4.) Maximum amount is normally reserved for students who are attending 2 or more consecutive semesters (generally Fall and Spring); however, you are entitled to the annual amount in one semester if you haven't already reached your annual limit for that school year or your aggregate limit. The financial aid office mostly will have common circumstances, but you may petition/request to have your entire amount in one semester.

How long do I have to prove employment before I qualify for a mortgage?

3 years for the salon and 2 years for nursing. 6 months present job. All income needs to be shown on income tax returns or it isn't used.

Will the catholic church in my neighborhood still be able to do this when Obamacare kicks into gear?

For every graduate of Medical School, Doctor/Nurse, ten don't. Think there wont be a Black Market? Bartering? Whatever makes you feel good. Waiting in line behind illegal immigrants, gang bangers who are shot up, & drug users O-D ing, for care you've already paid for, but they didn't ... is a "Death Panel". They already have your money (they made you pre-pay), so you can't go anywhere else. There is a line, you have a number, and that decides whether you live (get the treatment you need) or (before you) die. Names don't mean squat, take for example ... Progressives = Feudalistic. (Royalty & Serf) "class system", very Medieval, How is Feudalism progressive? If only Hitler would have named his Party "the Super Rad, Ultra Cool, off the Hook, Playas". He may have gotten more shallow, weak-brained schmucks to hitchhike along with the name as the progressives & liberals do. Which are neither advancing or of great quantity/generous quality (as their names would suggest)

Drug test, i need helpful answers.?

It should be okay. Regular smokers that stop completely (as you say), should be clean after 6 weeks. Good luck in school.

why is the shelf life of insulin no longer than 28 days?

Insulin is a naturally occuring human hormone. Once exposed to air and light (by injecting air into the vial) it begins to "decompose", and becomes useless in about 30 days. Using this insulin will result in high blood sugars. Therefore, an OPENED vial MUST be discard after 30 days, EVEN IF INSULIN REMAINS IN THE BOTTLE. Better to waste the insulin than to have a week or more of high blood sugar As an organic compund, insulin will decay naturally even if sealed. Look at the EXPIRATION DATE on the bottle/box, and NEVER use insulin that is past its exipration date. UNOPENED insulin can be stored for several months, so long as it remains UNOPENED, but NEVER past the expiration date. FOR EXAMPLE, The bottle I have with me right now has an expiration date of May 2014. I have another bottle just like it at home. So long as I do NOT open the other bottle, I can store it for another 18 MONTHS!! But the bottle I have now, which I opened Saturday, MUST be discard after 11/28/2011 -- 30 days after I opened it. [Not a problem -- it will be gone before then.] Ask your doctor to take a look at your schedule, and write a prescription such that you do not purchase more than you need for one month.

I am over 2 weeks late - pregnancy help!?

If you are ALWAYS on time or only a couple of days off and now 17 days late you are probably pregnant! Though it is weird the test was negative... that makes it hard to tell. I'd try a few different brands of tests.

baby due in middle of college semester?

Well, you will need some time for "maternity leave" so maybe you shouldn't take classes in the spring. Either try to squeeze the 2 into this year (summer and fall) or hold the 2 off until fall 2014. I'd imagine it will be tough trying to nurse the baby and still do those classes.

I'm 18 weeks pregnant and ate 2 month old Dannon fruit on the bottom yogurt?

I'd check with the doctor or a nurse. Just a quick call. But, generally, your sense of smell is greatly heightened during pregnancy. It's your body protecting you from giving your baby bad food and also giving you cravings to balance the nutrients properly for you and your baby. If it was really bad, you would probably have smelled the bad and rejected it. When I was pregnant, early on, everything made me nauseous but eggs and other breakfast foods. I guess I needed more protein, and whatever is in bread and toast. I remember one day my bf made me breakfast with tons of eggs and I nibbled on it all day without reheating or refrigerating in between. I never got sick. I didn't throw up at all during my pregnancy, but I guess most women do. Doesn't necessarily mean it was the yogurt. But every woman is different, so call a medical professional, especially if you have further symptoms that worry you. Congrats!!!

i hav h4 visa,passed nclex.a nursing home sponsord me for green card long will it take?

My employer applied for my green card last April. I got my I-140 approved last week and I expect to see my green card in 2014. I am here on an H-1B now. Your employer needs to apply for an H-1B visa for you first. With that you can start work on October 1st this year.

Have Republicans fully come to terms with the results of last week's election?

Man, Thanksgiving is gonna suck at the Romney household this year. John McCain still nurses a grudge like it's his demon baby sucking blood from his saggy tits, lashed out at the President and UN Ambassador Susan Rice over the right's latest conspiracy, Banghazigate or whatever the fuck they're calling it in the impeachment documents they're no doubt prepping. Yes, the angriest leprechaun ever stomped and whooped about "incompetence" and possible cover-up, bringing along the Senate's Blanche DuBois, Lindsey Graham. The President, for his part, said at his press conference yesterday, more or less, "Bring it, McFuckface and Bitch Boy Graham." Goddamn, Republicans do not know how to lose. You are going to hear Petraeus and Benghazi endlessly now because they'll figure it's the only way to derail Obama again. At least until 2014. (Note: It is suspected that Bob Dole grumpily asked for more pudding yesterday. He blamed Bill Clinton for it not having enough raisins.)

lost mucus plug today.. im 32 weeks pregnant, now what?

Go in at get checked it sounds like your water may have broke ir has a tear

Switching from 2 year Community College to 4 year University?

Community colleges have huge waiting lists for their nursing programs. If you are serious about declining your slot, let the program know ASAP so that someone else can begin making their plans to enter the program. You might want to think again depending on your circumstances. If you can get an AAS at a community college, and then pass your boards for the RN you can work as a nurse while you go on for your BSN/MSN. Your employer may just pay for most of it and give you released time to study. You can do a lot of it online if you so choose. Once you have your MSN you can go for your PhD in nursing, again while you are still working as a nurse, again perhaps getting employer support for your studies. You can be a nurse practitioner that will do almost what a GP would do, or you can work in hospital administration, or any number of very well paying things with a lot of prestige, and you can do it with minimum debt. You could also get your BSN and then go for an MBA then go into quality control or other health care administration too. You could be a lot more nimble in your career choices a lot earlier if you start out with your AAS in nursing rather than going for pre-med and take your chances about getting accepted in med school, then about liking it once you get in, then about paying off your debt when you get out. Good luck, no matter what you decide to do.

Is it practical to move to Ireland as a foreign student with a tight budget this 2014?

You cannot work as a nurse in Ireland while you go to school. You are not licensed to practice in the country. As for other jobs, they are exceedingly scarce. Ireland has a high cost of living, as you have noted. You must prove you have sufficient funds for all school + living expenses, plus return transportation to your country of citizenship to apply for a student visa. You will use all that money. There is no shortage of nurses in Ireland, and after completion of your course, you must return immediately to your country of citizenship. Student visa is not for backdoor immigration or Scam-Migration. You have to live & work in Philippines, if you are Philippines citizen. No way around that. BTW, you forgot taxes! Even if you could find a job paying 10 euros an hour for 20 hours a week, you'd never earn 1500 euros a month. Not even half that, and after taxes, even less. You also forgot your health insurance, clothing (big change in climate from Philippines!), and a lot of other expenses.

What are your New Year's resolutions for 2014?

I need to lose weight I'm determined this time I kept putting on weight and didn't know why so I went to the doctor and they discovered I have pcos which they can now control with medication so I'm starting the tablets combined with a strict healthy nutritional diet and I'm going to go running or swimming most days. I'm also going back to college this September to start getting a proper career. I'm 25 I'm a couple of weeks and need to start getting a more stable and reliable job so I'm hoping to become a nurse.

Chamberlain College of Nursing or Stay at my University?

Change your major or go to some other nursing school.

pertaining to the nursing program at uf?

In case you don't get a response from someone who knows about this program firsthand, I will tell you that generally speaking most BSN programs do not usually make summer classes mandatory. Core classes are offered during Fall and Spring, and sometimes they are also offered in the summer along with other elective nursing courses to have some flexibility. If you are enrolling in an accelerated BSN program (for those with a previous degree in another field) then summer courses might be expected. You could ask someone in your academic counseling office, but you probably can figure it out by looking at the required BSN courses and when they are offered on the school's website. For any BSN program, it's going to be time consuming. Nursing courses feel like double the work of your general education courses. And if you're taking some gen. ed. courses along with that, you're going to be very busy. If you work, it should be limited part time. Full time work is never recommended even for people who have completed their gen. ed. courses and only taking nursing courses. It's not unusual to have 10+ chapters of reading for one course that is due within a week, so you really need to learn how to read efficiently and not word for word, just hit the major concepts and use the chapter summaries. The better organized you can be with keeping a schedule for your studying, you'll make more time for work and a little bit of a social life. But be expected to make some sacrifices - sleep or otherwise. Good luck.

Questions about nursing?

Last year my school had a program for health careers and they told us that the field of nursing is only going to grow, and they will need more and more nurses in the future. And your shift may depend on the hospital/nursing home/etc where you work. Good Luck

Philippine nursing board June 2006, any result yet? This article was the most current I could find online from the site above ....good luck to all who taken this being a former nursing student I understand how it feels to wait, I wish u all the best. MindGamez Nurse Licensure Examination Results - June 2006 The result of the June 2006 Nurse Licensure Examination is expected to be released first week of July to major news outlets. Pinoy R.N. will post the results online as soon as it is available. PRC Denies Leakage on Nursing Exams Rumors of a leakage in the nursing exam has spread like wildfire in recent weeks causing examinees to worry. The Professional Regulations Commission (PRC) has issued a formal statement dispeling the veracity of the rumor. In a statement sent to the Philippine Daily Inquirer, the PRC said that “after an initial investigation by the Board of Nursing, the BON concluded there was no apparent leakage.” “Unless hard evidence is found, the system is nearly fool-proof. With the actual test questions extracted by computer from a database of questions, even the examiners do not know beforehand which of their questions will be asked in the examinations. The test questions are printed inside a quarantined area with security provided by police and the National Bureau of Investigation,” the PRC said. The PRC said that contrary to rumors, it had not cancelled the exams but was now checking the results which are expected to be released next month. Related News: PRC asked to freeze release of 2006 nursing exam results (6/22/2006) Nurses split on board examination ‘leakage’ (6/26/2006) Review schools’ regulation studied (6/29/2006) Lawmaker calls for speedy probe of nursing exam leak (7/1/2006) Charges of cheating hound PRC nursing exam (7/1/2006) Nursing exam plea not yet in Senate (7/4/2006) posted by Lyle, RN at 10:30 PM | 98 comments links to this post Thursday, June 01, 2006 US Senate Approves Immigration Bill Removing Limit on Foreign Nurse Visas The United States Senate recently passed a highly-debated immigration bill. The legislation covers a broad spectrum of immigration issues such as legalization of illegal immigrants and a guest worker program. As republicans and democrats debated over immigration issues, a provision on foreign nurse immigration has been overlooked. The overlooked provision removes the limit on the number of nurses who can immigrate to the United States which will remain in effect until 2014. The provision is a welcome news to foreign nurses. In the past, work-based immigration visas were limited due to the retrogression announced by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). In May 2005, US President George W. Bush signed into law the supplementary spending bill for tsunami aid and Iraq which included a rider that recaptures 50,000 unused immigrant visa numbers from 2001 to 2004 and allocating the same for foreign Registered Nurses and Physical Therapists to address the retrogression. However, New York Times reports that State Department officials predict that the allocated immigrant visas are likely to be used up by 2006. Republican Senator Sam Brownback of Kansas, who sponsored the proposal, justified the proposal as a means to address the growing shortage of nurses in US hospitals and nursing homes. The proposal is fully supported by the American Hospital Association, which reported in April that American hospitals had 118,000 vacancies for registered nurses. The federal government projected in 2002 that the shortage of nurses in the United States would swell to more than 800,000 by the year 2020. Related Article: Nursing Shortage in the Philippines: The Real Score Related News: U.S. Opens Its Arms to Immigrant Nurses Palace Welcomes US Bill Lifting Limit on Nurses’ Migration U.S. Plan to Lure Nurses May Hurt Poor Nations Senate, in Bipartisan Act, Passes an Immigration Bill posted by Lyle, RN at 1:04 AM | 1 comments links to this post -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- AboutUp-to-date Nursing News, Information, Articles and Online Forum for Filipino Nurses and Student Nurses. Message BoardAnnouncements Nurse Station Student Nurses Lounge Anything Goes Recent ArticlesNurse Licensure Examination Results - June 2006 US Senate Approves Immigration Bill Removing Limit on Foreign Nurse Visas Green Cards for Nurses: An Overview Proposed Legislations Seek Mandatory Service Period for Nurses Is Florence Nightingale Obsolete? 2006 NCLEX-RN Passing Rate for Internationally Educated Candidates - First Quarter Statistics CGFNS Qualifying Exam Scores Now Accessible Online

What are the differences between physician assistants and nurse practitioners?

Career: Advanced-Practice Nurses You wake up one morning with awful flu symptoms and call your doctor. Unfortunately, she’s out of town, but the nurse practitioner (NP) is available instead. The NP examines you, cultures your throat, writes a prescription, and sends you on your way to recovery. Today’s advanced-practice nurses (including NPs) perform tasks once reserved for medical doctors. They assist other medical professionals and manage patient care. And some specialize in fields such as pediatrics (working with children and teens) and oncology (working with cancer patients). Advanced-practice nurses diagnose and treat illnesses and provide health care. Most are also certified to prescribe medication. “I can't call the doctors at the hospital for every decision I need to make. I was hired to make these decisions by myself.” Joan, Nurse Practitioner Are You Ready To...? Take an extra two or three years of postgraduate study to specialize Pass a specialty test in addition to the National Council Licensure Exam Examine and counsel patients Diagnose health problems Write prescriptions Observe rigid guidelines to protect yourself and others against disease and work-related dangers Possibly start your own practice It Helps to Be... Caring, sympathetic, detail-oriented, and able to make quick, logical decisions. You must be able to cope with emergencies, stress, and suffering -- and remain levelheaded all the while. You'll encourage patients to get well and, sometimes, help them to let go. Make High School Count Take plenty of challenging math and science courses all through high school. Enhance your communication skills through English composition, drama, and speech classes. Study a foreign language so you’ll be able to reach out and communicate with different communities and patients. Volunteer at a health clinic, a hospital, a women’s clinic, or an eldercare facility. Did You Know? Certified registered nurse anesthetists are advanced-practice nurses who give patients medication before surgery to prevent pain. Outlook Government economists expect job growth for registered nurses, including advanced-practice nurses, to be much faster than the average for all careers through 2014. A continued nursing shortage combined with the number of nurses nearing retirement should result in many job openings. Thanks to new technology, nurses will be providing patients with improved medical treatments and preventive care. More jobs will be available outside of hospitals as medical procedures and treatments are increasingly done in doctors' offices to cut costs. Compensation In its 2003 salary survey, the journal ADVANCE for Nurse Practitioners found that the average annual salary of full-time nurse practitioners was $69,203. Nurse practitioners with their own practices earn the most at $94,313. Average annual salaries by specialty are listed below: Emergency: $80,697 Neonatal: $73,796 Gerontology: $70,507 Surgery: $69,506 Mental health: $68,628 Pediatric: $67,303 Family practice: $66,276 Obstetrics/gynecology: $65,963 Career: Physician Assistants You won’t have a “Dr.” in front of your name as a physician assistant (PA). But it’s the next best thing to being there. As a PA, you’ll do much of what doctors do, from giving checkups and diagnosing illness to prescribing medication. While technically you’ll be under a doctor’s supervision, you’ll work very independently most of the time. If you’re passionate about health care and have the personality and desire to be out there on the front lines, becoming a physician assistant may be just the path for you. Physician assistants practice medicine under a doctor's supervision, doing almost everything that doctors do. Did You Know? It takes almost as long to become a PA as it does to become a physician. The average PA program takes 111 weeks to complete; medical school takes 155 weeks. Are You Ready To...? Examine and treat patients Diagnose illness Prescribe medication Work under a doctor’s supervision Continue studying throughout your career It Helps to Be... A science whiz who likes school -- you’ll be there for quite a while. An ability to work on your own with confidence is also critical. Make High School Count Let science be your guide. Building a solid foundation in challenging biology, chemistry, and physics courses will put you ahead of the game when you start college. Take speech. Being able to communicate clearly with patients and coworkers is an important part of a PA’s job. Enroll in a university health sciences summer program for high school students or compete for a free place in your state’s Governor’s School for the sciences. Volunteer with the local hospital or another health care provider to see if this is really the life for you. Become a peer counselor at your school. Did You Know? PAs can prescribe medications in forty-seven states and the District of Columbia. Outlook Government economists expect physician assisting to be the fourth-fastest-growing field through 2014. The most opportunities will be found in rural and inner-city clinics, which have trouble attracting physicians. Compensation The average yearly income for physician assistants in 2005 was $71,070, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. California PA programs - California NP programs -