Red dead redemption i just finished the storyline and iam now playing as jack what things still remain to do?

You go to Blackwater and there will be a Stranger Task called "Remember My Family". And after you do that, you can do whatever you want.

I stopped playing piano and now I want to start again. Will it be possible to get to a grade 8 level?

Of course! You have the rest of your life ahead of you, and it is awesome to have a hobby that you love to work on in your free time. I am a piano teacher and I have several adult students-- some used to play piano when they were younger and are restarting lessons years and years later and others are learning piano for the first time ever. They are some of my best students because they have a genuine interest in learning and are willing to dedicate time to practice during the week. You are already off to a great start because you already have a few years of piano experience. You might need to do a few weeks of review at your first lessons, but then you can go from there and keep growing in your musical skills! Don't feel like you have to quit piano when you graduate from high school... if you are planning on going to college, most colleges allow students to take lessons there even if you are not a music major. Just make sure to ask if you're interested and they will be able to give you information! The best of luck to you!!

What video games are you playing now?

Heavy Rain, metal gear solid 4, MAG, inFamous, uncharted 2.

what is the name of the song now playing on the general hospital prefew?

where is a link

I have playing the flute for 4 years now and I want to also play sax for jazz so Alto or Tenor Sax?

I play alto and Tenor sax. Tenor is definitely the better instrument for jazz. Alto is more for classical stuff, like the type of music you would play on your flute. Hope this helps!

Best place to download free movies that are now playing in theatres?

there is a torrent site - "" go there, search for ur movie...there is a column of seeds, so luk for the download which has the max seeds and also read the details and comments of torrent... u will also need a software utorrent for it....u can go to to download that, its very small! i know it must sounding complex to u, but believe me its d best way to download movies, and u also get movies in original print...... wat else you need, huh? gud luck!

What team is Brady quinn now playing for?


How to play the "now playing" songs in Slideshow?

-->Save the song to a folder. -->Go to Insert: Media -->Audio -->Insert the song- you may need to convert it however.

On youtube my video is auto playing now?

THERE ARE, ACTUALLY, 3 PLAUSIBLE REASONS WHY YOUR "FEATURED VIDEO" IS AUTOPLAYING ON YOUR CHANNEL (AND YOU'RE NOT EVEN A "PARTNER"): 1 -- you included a song from YouTube's list in "AudioSwap". 2 -- you used a song that (believe it or not) actually has the blessing of the music company, and to which YouTube has affixed the iTunes "click-to-buy" link. It's quite possible that you used a song by an artist with EMI -- as highlighted in a YouTube blog of last October: 3 -- you're featuring a video that's from the "official" channel of a popular artist or partner. Though you're re-broadcasting that video, it's NOT considered an infringement of copyright, because your "Featured Video" is really just a giant version of your "Favorite" video.

How can i get a X BOX Live account i and start playing now?

If it's your first one you can make one over the Xbox and get 1 month free live.

How to display now playing track in itunes as yahoo messenger status message?

I haven't seen ANY way to do this. I believe it's a software feature that yahoo currently only supports, or even allows, only for Yahoo Music, via Launch. sorry to beak it to u, but if i'm wrong, good luck.

How can I make Windows Media Player to automatically save my "now playing" play list on exit?

get WMP 11

my bravia now plays dvds in black and white with bad sound after playing ps3 via hdmi in different slot why ?

IT's NOT YOUR TV..... It's your PS3....Carefully look at the PS3's cabling and see if the connectors NEED pushed in....Don't ASSz-U-ME they are connected...push them in on both ends. G-E-N-T-L-Y..... You might be surprised that they look connected, but when pushed in, they actually have some travel to them..... And that's what I have been seeing on the Component Cables...AND HDMI somewhat. ON HDMI you have to unplug and replug the cable back in to RE-Establish Handshaking between the two units.... It's like getting your computer to send information to your printer.....everything must be right to get a printout.... OH and don't FORGET....Each INPUT on TV sets can be programmed for different VIDEO settings..... You can turn off the color on Video 1, turn up the color on Video 6 and have TOTALLY different setting for EACH INPUT.... So....did you screw with those?

How can I view the current play list in the 'Now Playing' mode in Windows Media Player 11?

Just click on the down arrow underneath where it says now playing and make sure "Show List Pane" is checked...should fix the problem

"Now Playing" with iTunes 8 and Live Messenger without making it the default audio player?

it should be appearing when you play, but i think it should be the default audio player, there's nothing to do.

I barely downloaded and started playing aion right now and was wondering?

Right now is the head start, those character are not going to be deleted. Those will be your characters once the game go live. If you are able to play aion, you have the current version. On the NCsoft launcher for AION, if you right click on it and go to properties it will tell you your version and the server version.

What movies are they playing on the Disney Cruise right now?

Check to be certain, but that would be an excellent guess

Can anyone tell me how I can configure WMP 11 so it will always startup in the Now Playing window?

in tools>options under player tab deselect "start in media guide"

What are the best broadway shows playing now?

This is my own personal list of Broadway Musicals THE ADDAMS FAMILY Thru 26 June 2011 AMERICAN IDIOTThru 1 May 2011 ANNIEExpected Fall 2011 ANYTHING GOESThru 31 July 2011 BILLY ELLIOT.. THE MUSICAL.. 04 Sept. 2011 CATCH ME IF YOU CANFrom 7 March.. TBA CHICAGO Thru 3 July 2011 EVITAExpected in Spring of 2012 HOW SUCCEED IN BUSINESS Thru 6 Nov 2011 JERSEY BOYSThru 3 July 2011 LA CAGE AUX FOLLES Thru 30 April 2011 THE LION KINGThru 13 March 2011 MOMMA MIAThru 4 June 2011 MARY POPPINSThru 1 May 2011 MEMPHISThru 02 Jan 2011 MILLION DOLLAR QUARTET Thru 3 April 2011 NEXT TO NORMAL Thru 16 Jan 2011 ONCENo dates given PHANTOM OF THE OPERA Thru 21 May 2011 PURE COUINTRYNo Dates Given ROBIN AND THE 7 HOODS No Dates Given ROCK OF AGES Thru 13 March 2011 SISTER ACT Thru 24 May 2011 SPIDER MAN-TURN -OFF- THE- DARK Thru 17 April 2011 THE BOOK OF MORMON. Expected May 2011 THE PEOPLE IN THE PICTURE.. 1 April 2011 UNCHAIN MY HEART.. RAY CHARLES MUSICAL ??? WEST SIDE STORY Thru 2 Jan. 2011 WICKEDThru 3 July 2011 WONDERLAND: A NEW ALICE..Thru 20 Nov. 2011 YANKNo Information Given OFF BROADWAY MUSICALS A MINISTER'S WIFE.. Thru 7 April 2011 AVENUE Q.. Thru 16 Jan 2011 DANNY AND SYLVIA..Thru 29 January 2011 IN TRANSIT.. Closes 30 October 2010 LOST IN THE STARSCloses 6 Feb. 2011 LUCKY GUY.. 28 April 2011 NEWSICAL THE MUSICALCloses 5 June 2011 THE FANTASTICS.. Thru 3 April 2011 THE ROAD TO QATARCloses 27 Feb. 2011 THE SHAGG.. No current information THREE PIANOS.. No current informatio WHERE'S CHARLIECloses 20 March 2011 NOTE" MUSICALS ARE CONSTANTLY CHANGING ON BROADWAY SO CHECK WITH ONE OF THESE TICKETING AGENTS TO SEE IF A MUSICAL YOU WANT TO SEE IS AVAILABLE FOR THE DATE(S) YOU NEED.. HINT: The Broadway Concierge and Ticket Center is the Official ticketing office for Broadway and off Broadway shows and they offer a full Concierge service, too.

Where do I go with my guitar playing now?

Study jazz guitar. I was never a huge fan of jazz and I never got very good at single note soloing but I can play chord solos pretty good. Anyways after working hard at it for years I came out of it with a full grasp of music theory, a big chord vocabulary (and the ability to figure out new chords out without a chart, etc.) and the ability to understand and expand on everything that I play. Ask him to teach you 'Blue Bossa' -- the chords, melody and how to solo over it. Then see if it's something you want to pursue.

What song is playing on your ipod right now?

I see the light. From tangled XD

how do I hook up my TiVo to my DVD player to make movies show in Now Playing list?

If Tivo has a universal remote, then it is very easy to program it to operate your DVD player. For the rest: ask your friend or read the manual.

How do I get my 'now playing' list back on Media Player 11?

Top Bar->Now Playing->Show List Pane

What does the Bars under "Bars and Waves" animation represent in the Windows Media player "Now Playing" screen?

if you ever seen what a mixing or sound board looks like they have all those slider buttons. They represent lots of things like background music, the vocals, bass, treble, other muscially additions the bars just keep track of all those things and when they get higher or lower

How to you get lyrics onto your iPod on the "Now Playing" screen?

What xbox 360 games are you guys playing now?

Well im playing Right now -Farcry 2 -Guitar Hero world Tour -NPPL Paintball Future games -Gears Of War 2 -Call Of Duty 5 -Left For Dead -Fallout 3

How do I set Now Playing X app to work with

Unfortunatelly grooveshark is made entirely with flash so it is not possible to use it with Now Playing X. Now Playing X can only be used with sites which use html to output titles or other wanted information.

How do I save my "Now Playing" screen on my Ipod?

Why the Windows Media Player 11 has no Title and artist indicated in Now Playing?

on now playing click the arrow, a drop down list will show up, click "Show List Pan". hope that helps

How do you add a whole artist to the now playing list on Zune HD?

all u do is go it the song or the album or artis i will ask u to send it or play or add to now playing list and if that dont work plug the zune into the computer and drog a drop and that should help

Why does Windows Media Player freeze and shut my computer off when I click "Now Playing"?

Now Playing on Media Player is when you see what videos/music or whatevz is online...If your computer is backed up with junk or your internet is not always open and hi-speed, it does not work or takes forever any some years to load...I suggest not clicking on in :)

How do I get the "Now Playing/Selected Item" album artwork box to show in iTunes 8 on...?

Some say “consistency” is a watchword of good design—I say all words need to be watched, and watched closely, lest they try to twist themselves into some sort of foul meaning. Of course, Apple pays a lot of attention to design—certainly more than most of their competitors. But that doesn’t mean they’re perfect. There’ve already been comments about iTunes 8’s multiple types of scrollbars: the new Grid view’s scrollbars are the same shape as the standard iTunes scrollbars, but different colors. And of course, iTunes’s scrollbars are themselves different from the Aqua scrollbars most other apps use. But that’s not the only UI design problem iTunes 8 runs into. Here’s a quick test: look at that image above. Now, without referring to the applications in question, tell me which button is for a Finder slideshow and which button hides the Genius sidebar in iTunes 8. Good luck. We’re all counting on you. If you scrutinize both, you can probably figure it out based on button size and the slight difference in the bevels, but if you have to use the word “scrutinize,” then the UI design has already failed. This may seem like nitpicking, but using the exact same iconography for two totally disparate pieces of functionality is a big design no-no. Big deal, you might say, you should easily be able to figure out the difference by context. The point is that good UI is not only quick and intuitive, but consistent. Design is transitive: once you figure out how to use a function in one application, you should be able to use that knowledge in other applications as well. That’s why Apple has standard UI widgets, so idiots like me don’t spend several minutes searching around iTunes 8’s interface trying to figure out how to make the Genius sidebar disappear (and worse, there is no menu command to hide the sidebar without deactivating the entire Genius system). Did I see the hide button? Sure, but my mind immediately glossed over it because it associates it with playing slideshows, despite the fact that I know there aren’t any slideshows in iTunes (well, yet, anyway). The lesson there is that your reaction to UI is faster than conscious thought, so work with it instead of against it.

How do i open the "now playing list" in wmp in windows 7?

Hi there. To open the now playing list in wmp you can click on the link below and follow the 3 easy steps. They also have an instructional pdf. Hope this was any type of help for you.

When I open Windows Media Player it goes straight to the Library. How do I get to open in Now Playing instead?

You can't. How do you go to the Now Playing page without playing something?

How do I get a file off of "Now Playing" on windows media player?

go to library and click now playing on the left pane (not the top button that says now playing) right click on the file and select delete or remove and it will ask if do u want it removed from computer or library only. I hope i helped!

How do you make Windows Media Player to show "Now Playing" when you start it up?

There is a little arrow on the top right hand corner if you put the mouse over it, it should say show list pane, click on that and it will bring the now playing window and it should keep that settings.

How Do I Get My Now Playing to My Music Library?

You need to be more specific, what version of windows media player do you have.

How can I delete unwanted videos from Windows Media Player "Now Playing " list?

Hi Well i recommend, opening another 5/6 other video files to knock the "unwanted videos" from the most viewed *EDIT* Make sure they are 5/6 DIFFRENT video files *EDIT* hope that helps Sy A free society is a place where it's safe to be unpopular. - Adlai E. Stevenson Jr.

How can I change the now-playing pic in wmp?

How to get iTunes to display the song name and duration in the "Now Playing" section at the top? I'm sure you'll find the answer there

List of Players now playing overseas because of the lockout?

Heres a complete list of guys playing overseas. BQ-yes BQ2-Lebron, Melo, Durant, Cp3, D-Will, D-Rose, D-Wade, Kobe, Dwight Howard, Blake Griffin,Love and Stephen Curry. BQ3-Yes. Turkey didn't qualify 4 the olympics in 2012 in basketball.

Is there a way to remove a single song from the now playing list on the Zune HD?

So far with or without hacks, no. Sorry =P

How do I get the Now Playing List back in Windows Media Player?

On the left side of the menu at the top, click on the arrow and click on the first option, which is "Show List Pane"

Can I prevent Windows Media Player 11 from automatically switching to Now Playing tab?

i m too having this problem i checked settings but there's nothing to prevent from automatically swithing.

How to make an iPod touch display your wallpaper instead of the now playing album artwork?

I think you'll just have to delete all the album art..go to iTunes click on the first song, then go the last song and while holding shift, click the last song in your library. That should select all of them, then right click and go to 'get info' and check the album art box and delete the picture..that should be it

How to display itunes or wmp now playing tracks on webcam?

You can try and Cheers

Can you get the cool now playing screen on zune HD with songs from limewire?

If you edit the song to get the most info (i.e correct song title, album, artist), zune hd should automatically downlod the info for you. HOWEVER< zune pass in legal and better way to get music then limewire, which is in many sense illegal

Now Playing!!?

G n R-November Rain 1:54pm eastern standard time

How do i get my now playing list back in Windows media player?

Have you tried.... clicking the 'Lay out options' icon by the search bar. Edit: I have WMP 11 also, it has a selection of many different graphic interfaces. Try right click on the top, View > full mode, and view > classic menus, to get the search bar, or the format you had before.

Now playing!!?

Windows Media Player 11? You have to open the playlist. Then right click on the now playing button and select "show list pane" On a side note:> I got so put out with windows media player 11, since so many features were removed from the previous versions. That I would recommend falling back to a previous version of WMP or switching to winAMP 5 which is a lot easier to operate and not as demanding on system resources. Hope this is helpful