What does landscape orientation mean in a lab notebook?

My attempted diagram of this isn't turning out well given the format involved, but hopefully you can still figure it out. The lines are supposed to be the edges of the page, and the backslashes (\) are the bound edge. The column names should obviously start farther over, after the row names for "Part 1", etc., but my diagram doesn't want to do that. Basically, the normal orientation of a page is called "portrait", and turning it on its side is called "landscape". Let's see how this works out: \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ | | Proc. Observ. Concl. Bal. Equations | | Part 1 | | | | Part 2 | | | |___________________________________________

How much safer is it to store notebook computers in computer backpacks than regular backpacks?

if you are not careful in protecting your laptop it won't really matter what backpack you use it will get damaged but the padded sleeve will provide added protection

What is needed to get a notebook online?

Well, first find out if the notebook has a built-in wireless card. If it does, then it is capable of picking up wireless signals. If it doesn't, then you have to purchase an internet card from Sprint or some other carrier to get the internet. If it does have a wireless card built in, then all you have to do is turn on your wifi (a little switch on the side of your computer) and see which wireless signals are in the area. Maybe you'll get one! I'm doing the same thing right now on my Dell laptop w/o a service provider. And look for what are called 'hotspots' like the airport, where there is bound to be a wireless connection. Good luck!

How difficult is it to replace a screen on a notebook computer?

takes about an hour and relatively simple. Hardest part is removing bezel to remove screen. Your manual will provide these steps. Just remove old screen and install new one the same way as old. Make sure power is off during process(remove battery and power cord) I just replaced one and works like a charm. Good luck

What were the canidates writing on the notebook in front of them during the debate?


What is the difference in a notebook and a netbook?

The term "netbook" was coined for these devices since they are primarily meant for mobile Internet access. They have slower processors and minimal RAM and none of them that I've seen have disc drives, so all software installs with have to be downloaded. You can purchase an external disc drive, but that's another component you will have to carry around and balance on your lap. Notebooks are much more powerful in the sense they have faster processors and a higher capacity for RAM. They typically come with optical drives so no worries there. Probably one of the most important comparison you will want to make is battery life. Netbooks usually only come with a 3 cell Li-Ion battery, while notebooks come with at least a 6 cell. You'd be surprised on how quickly a 3 cell battery drains. Oh and something that I've received as a complaint is that a lot of games (SIMS 3!) will not run on a netbook due to the small screen size. I hope this info helps you in your meticulous search for a laptop. Definitely think about what things are going to be conveniences or annoyances to you specifically before you make a purchase.

What is the difference btw a notebook and a netbook?

Netbooks are smaller and less powerful than laptops. It is ok for internet, office app including word documents, simple games, youtube, video playback(not HD video), etc. Laptops are heavier, easier to work with(bigger screen, bigger keyboard), heavy games, compiling programs, has CD/DVD drive, etc. You can download software with either one. If you get dual-core laptop, it is about 10 times faster than netbooks in some benchmarks, so laptop is proper for heavy applications. Try to get Windows version of Laptops or Netbooks because many people find it easier to use. Many people also install OpenOffice on their laptops or netbooks for word documents.

How to personalize a diary or notebook when you're not very creative?

Have you got any photographs ? you could upload them to a printing service (for example truprint) and they can make you a notebook with your photos on the cover. And yes it's perfectly normal to put pictures of pretty girls in your notebook.

What is the differance between a laptop and a notebook?

The Notebook Computer A standard notebook has the following features: 1. Ultralight. Less weight is better. 2. 4 - 5 hour battery life. 3. No internal floppy drive. 4. Minimal graphics subsystem. 5. No internal DVD or CD system. 6. 12" - 14" TFT screen. 7. Low profile (thin). 8. Integrated modem and network connection. 9. Smallest possible keyboard that retains functionality. 10. Low power consumption Celeron/Centrino or Sempron style processor. The Laptop Computer Now for the laptop computer. Again look at the name. A laptop is designed to sit on your lap and you can therefore expect it to be quite large and loaded down with features and power. The standard laptop computer would have some, if not all, of the following features: 1. 14" - 17" (widescreen) TFT screen. 2. Nvidia GeForce or ATI Radeon graphics subsystem. 3. Internal DVD-ROM or DVD-RW drive 4. Large full featured keyboard. 5. 3 hour+ battery life. 6. Upgradeable. 7. Integrated modem, network, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi capabilities. 8. High quality integrate audio and speaker system. 9. Low power consumption, high performance Intel Centrino style processor.

What are the differences between a notebook computer and a netbook computer?

Notebooks are medium sized computers, not quite laptops, around 12 to 14" size. These are more powerful than netbooks, but are bigger slightly, yet light (usually) Netbooks are very small and portable, from 7-11 inch. But these are only for web browsing and light tasks. Laptops are larger than 15 inch (technically) although laptops is really the general name. There are also desktop replacements which are very large (17"+) It depends on your needs, portability only (netbooks) portability and power (notebooks) or more power (laptops)

How do you install anti-virus software onto a notebook as there is no cd drive?

antivirus tips and antivirus download: http://merakit-komputer.com

How can you tell if your notebook is compatible to a wireless N router?

A wireless "N" router will also work with "G" adapters. You will not achieve the benefits of the "N" technology.

How do I get my apple notebook to clear the blinking Question mark folder in the center of the screen?

Sounds like you need to restart your Mac in safe mode http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1455 More info here http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1564?viewlocale=en_US and then go from there.

How to take care of my notebook battery?

you can always buy a new battery, but to save energy change the energy saver on your laptop and don't use giant progams that require a lot of energy

How much is a Gateway MX6124 Notebook with a dead hard drive worth?

Hi anthony That depend how new is the laptop, for a 90-70% new with dead hard drive the max price is about $300, if around less then 70%, the price will be not more then $250. but i suggest don't buy a notebook that less then 70% new because it may have a lot of problem in future. Regards -- Eric http://game2p.com

What digital camera can be connected to pc or notebook for video calling or conferencing.?

Most Canon Powershot series can be connected to a computer. These cameras also allow many extra features when upgraded with the CHDK firmware.

How do I set a Dell Notebook computer back to the default password?

You need Windows Password Key to remove the password. Step 1.Login to a PC which can link to internet,Download and install the program from that PC Step 2.Run the program and burn to CD/DVD OR USB flash drive Step 3.Turn to your locked PC,insert the newly create CD or USB to your drive.Reboot the Computer and then follow the instructions,it is very easy to use. If you still have difficulty to learn,please visit http://www.lostwindowspassword.com Hope that help

What is the difference between a notebook and a netbook ?

Netbooks are predominantly for the surfing of the web (net) so have a lot less as in no dvd or cd drive and also may only have basic software. A Note book is almost a full PC in that it is normally a full sized laptop (with or without a full keyboard) and they normally have DVD or CD drives and other add ons they can be a little more powerful than netbooks.

How much can I sell this notebook PC for?

Probably $1000 Max

What is the difference between a netbook and a notebook?

netbook is for simple task like working on my MS Office, play music or browsing online. so not powerful to run good graphics. it doesnt have a CD/DVD drive Notebook is like a home computer but portable

What is the best computer notebook to buy?

Depends on what you want to use your laptop for, and how much you want to pay! Also depends on choice of operating system - Windows or Linux or Apple !!!! In my experience i suggest you take a look at the following which have performed excellently and good to high reliability - - Power Graphics, for Gaming - Alienware - For Multimedia: Sony Vaio - Desktop Replacement, including P4 processor - HP But Heavy and Hot - Portable Laptop, long battery life, for business use: Dell - Ultralite portable: Toshiba Portege - Roadwarrior, Resilient, Longest Shelf and Battery Life, Most Optimized Performance : IBM Thinkpad - Rich schoolkid whose parents buy you a laptop and they have kind hearts but not too much idea of the real world or stuff on computers (or they work in education) - Apple :o) Lowest reliability was Toshiba, then Dell, then IBM and Sony. Some Dell models such as Dell D400 (no longer available new) has been as rock-solid as the Sony and windows XP Professional on it has never crashed. Overall best performer is IBM Thinkpad series, but their speakers are not that good.

How do I get my notebook to recognize my integrated webcam?

Most webcam streams on the internet broadcast via Flash settings that read your webcam installed on your computer. The webcam has a driver and that enables the broadcast. However, if you want to expand your computer's ability to stream your webcam on the internet through multiple open browser tabs and at several sites at once while still keeping your webcam available to applications like a messenger or skype then software is needed. There are free downloads to get these features and recommending you install 'Splitcam' from: http://download.cnet.com/SplitCam/3000-2348_4-10500269.html a feature you want to play a video over your webcam stream can be found in similar downloads but may require upgrading to a paid license on the software. FOR pc and webcam shows download Webcammax. I paid one-time license of $50 and it is worth the program that features 1000s of special effects too. http://www.webcammax.com/download.html

Bringing a notebook and pen in a restaurant?

Some people just want to be a-holes. I also do that. My friend told me note to bring mine into a place where he was meeting his "girlfriend" and I told him, well I'll sit over here and you can catch a ride with her. I write plays, jokes, poems, lyrics, and other stuff. I think jealousy is a part of the "embarrassment".

How can I scan multiple pages of a notebook using sequential scanning?

Do you have a way of feeding more documents to the scanner if not, then NO. If you do, then its a matter if the pages can come out of your notebook, if not, then No again. The reason the preview is so fast is because its doing a really low quality scan (Faster your scan the less quality you get). If you lowered the quality of how detailed it scans your pages it wouldn't take as long, but again you get less quality.

How much capacity does a cell in a notebook battery roughly have?

"When selecting a battery, manufacturers will often list an amount of “cells,” where each cell has a certain capacity; thus a 9 cell has 50% more capacity than an equal model 6-cell battery. That is useful for comparing directly, but the story is more complex if you wanted to compare different batteries on different laptops. Batteries have a voltage rating (V) and milli-Amp hours (mAH), which, if multiplied together, give you milliwatt hours. For example, a 14.8 V battery with 4460 mAH gives you 66,000 milliwatt hours (66 watt-hours). You can compare batteries this way, but also keep in mind that different laptops have very different power requirements that vary based on the components and how well the operating system manages power consumption. Typically, bigger, heavier batteries will give you a higher watt-hour rating. A 6-cell battery may be the same form factor as a 9-cell, but the 6-cell will weigh less since there’s less chemical in it to hold onto that charge. If you are a mobile warrior, you will want the most cells and/or most watt-hours you can get into your model so you can go 5 or 6 hours without a recharge. It is so painful to run out of power before you are ready. "

How much does it cost to send a notebook?

You have to pack it, or the courier guys will pack it. You can send via post to. To send a laptop to NY, you may need to pay around $80 to $100 depending on its weight! Take care!

How does major retailers sell notebook computers for so cheap?

ordering in bulk allows you to buy them cheaper. wholesale companies would much rather guarantee a smaller profit per unit by selling in bulk to a reseller, than risk losing money selling retail.

What is the best mini notebook laptop out?

i have an HP mini and its really nice its the perfect size for traveling i have taken it to Greece with me and it was really nice and easy it does take a little getting use to cause the keyboard is smaller than normal but its really good hope this helps :)

What is the best notebook computer to buy?

I would still recommend a Mac, as it can run Windows too, which eliminates any compatibility problems. Music: iTunes Photos and Movies(playing and editing): iPhoto, DVD Player, iMovie Word Processing can be taken care of with; Micorsoft Works (Mac or Windows), iWork (includes Keynote, presentation application that has been supported by many people and touted by many to be better than Powerpoint, and Pages, a very good graphics word processor), or bundled word processor in the OS. A MacBook (ranging from $1100-$1600 mainstream) is a (in my opinion) very good laptop for your needs. It has a more than capable speed, good capacity hard drive, etc. However, in order to run Windows, you must buy a separate copy of it (available at Best Buy) and download Boot Camp from Apple's Website. Do you have a budget for a laptop? That could be (*sarcasm*) helpful to prescribe a laptop. Hope that helped. P.S. If you don't get a Mac, do yourself a favor and don't get a laptop under $600. Their lifespan is very short and you'll find yourself looking for a new machine in less than five years.

What is the cheapest notebook i can get that will work with sims 3?

Here is the one that I bought for my daughter. She plays Sims 3 on it and says it is great. http://www.walmart.com/catalog/product.do?product_id=10326306 But here are some other good ones as well: http://www.walmart.com/catalog/product.do?product_id=10379513 http://www.walmart.com/catalog/product.do?product_id=10379513 http://www.walmart.com/catalog/product.do?product_id=10793513 http://www.walmart.com/catalog/product.do?product_id=10752334 Some are bundles that include some things you also may need, such as carrying case, or printer or flash drive. Some are obviously better than others though. But here are a couple af really great ones if you have the money to swing it, http://www.walmart.com/catalog/product.do?product_id=10859171 http://www.walmart.com/catalog/product.do?product_id=10859118 http://www.walmart.com/catalog/product.do?product_id=10877795 The last two are great buys if you can swing a bit more. They would play sims 3 and then some. Best part is that they are all new and have full warranty, and you do not have to worry about buying someone else's problems. Hope this helps. Good luck to you.

How can you hook your modem a notebook without installing the software?

Turn on wireless, go to control panel, click network connections, click view all available wireless networks, click yours, enter password and click connect. Use a external CD/DVD drive to install software for router/modem. You can also use a Cat 5 Ethernet cable to connect wired to router/modem. Troubleshoot network connection problems: http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows-vista/Troubleshoot-network-connection-problems

What notebook could I buy for school?

I bought HP ProBook 4530s XU015UT 15.6" LED Notebook as a family utility machine, it sits in my living room and at least 4 people use it regularly. I was looking for something that was new and had new components, this has a 2nd gen Intel I3 processor along with a USB 3.0 port and bluetooth 3.0. The major pro to this machine is the price along with some new features. The screen display and keyboard are nice as well. It also has a 720P Webcam with facial recognition software and fingerprint reader(it doesn't always work though). For those that care about noise this thing doesn't really make any, my previous laptop fan ran a lot...........

What notebook would be capable of playing the sims 2 and 3 when that come out?

It's really about the graphics. Most laptops and Notebooks only have integrated graphics, not a 'proper' dedicated card. If you are looking at a Notebook that has Vista you need one of the following cards: ATI Radeon 9800 and above. (9800, X550, X600, X700, X800, X850, X1600, X1800, X1900, X1950) NVidia 6000 series and above. (6600, 7300, 7600, 7800, 7900, 7950, 8800) OK cards: These are early DirectX 9 cards and budget cards that may not support all The Sims 2 graphical features. ATI Radeon 9600, 9700, X300, X1300 NVidia 6200, 7100 This modthesims2 link tells you in more detail what cards are recommended for each expansion: http://www.sims2wiki.info/wiki.php?title=Game_Help:System_Requirements/MTS2_Recommendations Dedicated parts drive up the cost of the Notebook, so if you find one that has a dedicated card it probably won't be cheap.

What is a great Notebook for media and creating music and art?

you could get a macbook or imac like the pros but that is way out of ur budget they run for 1400 ish or u could get an acer netbook which is about 400 ish but ur best bet is to get a windows 7 computer and see what u can get on that.

Will notebook coolers help lengthen a laptops life span and what other methods will help?

notebook coolers reduce the temperature of the laptops components so, they will last longer. make sure that you choose a popular computer so that you can buy replacement parts for your laptop: I have an old IBM T41 ThinkPad which is like 4 years old but, it has a user manual which tells you how to remove and replace all the different parts which you can get cheap online. I've so far upgraded the processor, the RAM and the harddisk.

How can I receive notebook wireless internet access living in Spain?

a broadband card is the way to go. however there needs to be wirless somewhere near. have fun in spain.

What are the recommended notebook/computer specifications for architectural students?

When it comes to your line of study, you need top of the line: processing power, RAM, a fast RPM hard drive, and a very good dedicated graphics card. Most architecture students I know go with Apple laptops--especially when it comes to CAD. You can make do with a cheap laptop to be sure, but you should be using the best of the best, especially if you deal with programs in 3d

Whats the difference between labtop and notebook?

They are the same thing, except that its spelled laptop. Notebook is just another word for laptop. However, netbooks are different. They are very small and portable but not very powerful.

What is the best brand of notebook in the world?

You can not get the best and have it cheep. Most manufacturers make multiple classes of laptop, if you want a good one you need to pay extra and get a business grade laptop, they will last longer and generally have fewer problems. I recommend HP Toshiba IBM or DELL, I personally prefer HP. Do not forget you get what you pay for and if you want a laptop that is well designed and will last a long time you have to pay for it.

What kind of notebook computer do I need to buy to use Internationally?

What does the notebook on the cover of fear and loathing in las vegas say?

Most people never notice the graphic. And the graphic is different on different boxes for different geographies. The following have been know to be written; "from a book by Hunter S. Thompson" "a savage journey to the the heart of the American Dream" "from the writer of 'Hell's Angels' " "the Gonzo Series from Random House" and there are a bunch of others.

What is the best laptop/notebook for a college student?

The requirements for college are actually some of the lightest, as most of what you do is browse for information/email/course work and word processing. What you need to look are also the other factors, such as battery life, weight, and what you are going to use it for. Netbooks : Great for portability, great battery life (up to 7-10 hours in same cases), all in one unit. Negatives : Small keyboard, Small screen, No CD/DVD drive. Laptops: all around great, however they can be a bit larger and heavier. I would look for a $500 laptop from either HP, Dell, or toshiba try to get : Core 2 duo 3 gigs memory good luck

What is a good new notebook to buy for creating digital art and watching movies?

I'm guessing you'll be doing light Photoshopping. Anything really heavy on a laptop isn't smart- they really aren't meant for photo/video editing. Regarding the screen, I think any laptop you get now will have fairly true colors. LCDs (especially TFT panels, like in laptops) have come really far, and their quality is very good, even on low-end computers. So if in your laptop hunt, you don't see specific mention of a spectacular screen, don't rule that computer out of your possibilities. Most likely it will be fine anyway. Now, some technical specifications I'd recommend for you: Processor: Dual-core RAM: at least 3GB Hard Drive: at least 250GB, preferably 320GB Screen Size: Not less than 15" DVD Drive: speed isn't gonna differ terribly, as long as it's included, it'll work Video: If you can, get a laptop with dedicated graphics memory (it may say 512MB graphics, or 256MB is fine too. If it doesn't mention any graphics card, it means it's an integrated stock card, which may slow down your image editing. So, I've looked at some models for you: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16834200028 http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16834117990 And, the more expensive (but best) option: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16834127003 I am fond of the Sony VAIO series. They're seriously good-looking laptops, and they perform really well.I think any brand should be fine though. Regards, Lucien Briscoe

How do I get my notebook and desk top monitor to turn on together at the start up?

Are you talking about something like making the desktop monitor the primary input source for the notebook? You should be able to connect the cable from the desktop to the notebook. You may need a specialty cable, depending on the model of the notebook and type of monitor.

What is the best notebook I could buy for under $2100 for graphics editing capabilities?

Hi there, You should check out the Toshiba Satellite A665-3DV. It is great for photo editing because it has NVIDIA® GeForce® GTS 350M graphics and an 1.73 GHz Intel Core i7-740QM processor. It also has 640 GB of hard drive space. Check out the link below for more specs. Cheers, Isabella MSFT Windows Outreach Team

Whats the difference between notebook and netbook?

the primary difference is the net-book will be missing the optical drive. (ie. no dvd or cd drive) but you can use a usb dvd drive with that, and also the spec's will be lower. and the screen size also will be smaller ( less than 14inch). but net books are good for internet browsing and home applications ( no heavy games, but it can play flash games) its better to take ur mom while going to purchase, due to the smaller size some ppl don't like it. hope this helps. happy holidays.

How can I network my notebook to print wireless?

you need a wireless print server attached to your printer. you can connect the wireless print server to your printer via USB. Once the Print server is attached and powered on your laptop should be able to pick up you printer as a wireless device. Look at the diagram in this link http://www.usr-emea.com/images/popups/5436a/5436a-unkg.gif WHY DOESN'T ANYONE UNDERSTAND, THE QUESTIONER WANTS TO PRINT WIRELESSLY

Do Dell notebook computers automatically shut off when they overheat?

yes they do, but you should get laptop cool mat

How can you connect notebook with a broken screen to and external moniter?

All notebook PC have 15-pin VGA (and DVI in some) connector for external monitor. Start the notebook with external monitor connected and power on. If there is no signal to the external monitor then check your notebook manual for how to switch to external monitor. For an example, Toshiba notebooks use Fn + F5 for switching monitor. Don't hurry, wait few seconds before you try again if external monitor still has no signal. Option could be internal -> internal + external -> external -> TV.... not necessarily in this sequence and each switching takes some time.


For The notebook, i liked the movie better but the book was good too. I'm actually reading Atonement now!! The beginning is seriously very close to the book. it's almost exactly the same but the book has a lot of detail and more character development. the movie Atonement is long and sometimes hard to understand but really good. The end, well i won't spoil it for you, but it makes sense. well to me it did. my sister is still mad over it! lol i really like the book Atonement but its a different kind of writing. Very very detailed and the character Briony is very developed. Also, in the movie, many scenes are shown from different POVs so just watch out for that!! But i strongly suggest The Notebook book and movie and Atonement book and movie!!