Anyone catch the Paul Newman Interview on Nightline tonight (May 24th)?

No.......but did you know he has his own line of cookies?? They're called "Newman-o's" They look like oreos. HAHA I'm not joking....

who believes that kirk cameron proved the existence of god on the nightline debate?

As a Christian, I'm ashamed and embarrassed by Kirk Cameron. I'm going to convert to Atheism.

I was watching nightline yesterday and they said that chest hair is back in, is that true,ladies?

what was the program called last night on nightline that they were two girls somewhere in the panana and frank

it was 20/20 hun...

Scientology: How Do You Feel About Last Night's, Nightline Broadcast On Your Crimes?

Scientology is the most corrupt, ridiculous, money-hungry "religion" I have ever heard of. It makes me sick.

Who watched Nightline tonight on the hospitals super-bugs?

I work in a small hospital and I have 2 patients that have infections that are Resistant to every antibiotic we have tried..It is one of the toughest MRSA strains I have ever seen....We seem to be getting more and more MRSA's like these in last six months... ...It would be great to let the public know only...Usually we have had the patient 3 days before we even know the extent of how resitant their infection is....and we are all usually exposed by then,,,, I hate it...Just the reality of healthcare.... I deo think most Hospitals need to let people know that it is Respiratory season and you are taking a risk when you visit sick people...

ABC Nightline last night with the infowars conspiracy guy!?

You're entitled to believe a lot of what he says. ABC made him look like a kook because media these days have to take an angle. It's sad, but that's just the way it's going. I don't agree with most of what Jones says. Still, I do acknowledge that ABC's presentation of him was rushed and insubstantial, as well as slanted against his view. The big thing I picked up on here was that Jones is only 36???? Man alive, if he wants to keep sharing his message with people, he's gonna have to eat some greens and get a gym membership or he'll not make it to 45. He looks like he's pushing 50. The problem with world govts. etc is the weight of contradictory material being spread by people who believe in conspiracy. See link below.

What is the theme song for "Nightline"?

Windsong by Dennis Coffey and The Detroit Guitar Band.

Nightline Twin show? What do you think?

i have a twin and were not alike at all,and theres no telepathy between us either

Will we be seeing Antony Weiner on NightLine soon, to catch a predator?

have a seat...

Have Anyone managed to watch Nightline Show online?

When Rhianna was on Nightline last week, what is the name of the song that she sang..the new video?

Russian Roulette this the viid?! ^

ABC Nightline story from 2 or 3 weeks ago?

Try going to and look up in their archives maybe there is something there!

What is music/singing playing on Nightline: Mexico's Monarch Butterflies Under Threat - ABC News?

I know that music and have heard it gazillions of times--can't remember the name. I'll call the local classical station and see if I can hum a few bars...if I have any luck I will update! Additional information: I've left a message at the radio station, and played the intro to the monarch butterfly piece, which has just a snippet of the song. Hopefully they will get back to me... If the time to respond runs out ,I'll leave a comment or email you (if you have email contact) as soon as I hear back.

Nightline told of a hospital in Florida using deep brain stimulators to fight brain disorders. Where is it?

They are in FL. That i know. But the implant is only used for major depressive dx, and OCD. When all other treaments have failed! I wil get you the name of the Dr that is doing this.. Y Dr went to a conference..

In 1984 Nightline ran a broadcast of D-Day as if it just happened. Where can I view this?

Any possibility it could have been PBS and not Nightline? Whichever it might have been, just google it or type it in whichever internet browser you use. You can probably try the following: D-Day broad-casted on Nightline, 1984. Ted Koppel showcased D-Day broadcast. Original D-day, broad-casted on Nightline. TV programs narrating D-Day 1n 1984. 1984 NIghtline TV special on D-Day. Best D-Day specials on television. etc., etc. Good luck!

Alex Jones attacked by ABC Nightline News?

I think its funny how someone who questions the establishment, has irrefutable evidence of a corrupt scoiety, and also questions everything is considered "kooky"! I think we need more free thinkers like Alex ;) Keep up the good work Alex :)

I just missed Nightline. Can someone please tell me the resolve of the Jon Bene Ramsey case?

Yahoo front page!

Where can I find each night's ABC News Nightline story?

Try or You Tube--they may have the information you need. I'm surprised didn't have what you were looking for. good luck.

Terry Moran of NightLine asked Pres. Obama,why don't you just fire the CEO's the Ruined the economy?

The media doesn't understand was a President can and can't do?

Did you get my nightline question?

Well, I found out it aired Sept 13, 1988, and ACLU Series 6 Audiovisual has it somewhere, but I couldn't find it online. Sorry. I really tried to help.

Nightline tonight a business to lie? Show about the Alibi service? What reasons would you use this service?

1) I would NOT use this service. I will remain faithful to my future wife. 2) I don't think it really could be used for anything other than infidelity or lying your way out of work. It certainly couldn't be used in a court of law. I'm amazed at the lack of morals that this nation has, but people will do anything to make a dollar and/or get out of the mess they're in.

Being that Nightline is my favorite US show, what show is the British equivalent?

Does the ABC show "Nightline" still have instances where the show runs past its 12 a.m. (Eastern) end time?

Not that I am aware of... I haven't seen that happen in quite a while.

ABC news nightline Breaking Dawn concert in seattle?


ABC news & Nightline are having a special about Romney having millions in a post office box, what is this abou?

I don't see anything online about it. There were accusations in the King of Bain, but those were all false.

Does anyone know where to download a full version of the Nightline God debate with Kirk Cameron?

Yeah, I found it yesterday online - I'll see if I can get it. BRB... Sorry, it *was* on: but I can't see how to get it now that it's scrolled off their main window. Good Luck, it was *very* enlightening just how poorly educated the creationists were ("crockaduck" image shown to actually "make" a point?) ... Cheers.

Was there a segment on Nightline that mentions Bethesda, MD?

I saw that segment... although I don't know if it's on their site. It was mentioned. Might either be consignment shop or thrift store or bargain shopping. The closest I could find was

Is ABC news having a report about Romney I thought the ad said they were on the news & nightline?

Why did John Edwards decide to do Nightline with Bob Woodruff instead of a press conference or station.

I'd guess he knew the reporter and agreed to give him "an exclusive" with the understanding - explicit or not - that he'd have more of an opportunity to present the most favorable side of the story possible. A press conference with several reporters asking questions wouldn't allow the same control.

Is Ted Koppel (former anchor for American Broadcasting Company's Nightline) writing a book about Rory Emerald?

According to an article in TV Guide he is. I can't wait to read it.

Is there any way to find out if I can get a copy of an episode of Nightline from 1989?

email the network and ask.

Is Nightline on ABC politically biased?

Why do the morons on ABC Nightline have to use the holiday to attack GI's??

Since they have no morals it is easy for them to attack those that are not able to defend themselves. I wish those men would sue ABC and NIghtline for the broadcast tonight. The parents of those men and their families do not need their problems put out to the world before they are even convicted. Once they are and if they are then it is a different matter but putting their names on the air could endanger their families. Walt Disney is probably turning over is his grave at what His image has become because of the poor handling of the company he founded. He was a positive American and now ABC is demeaning his memory by being so antiamerican.

Did anyone see the woman talking about Safe Horizon on Nightline?

I believe that if you go to, you will find a link to Nightline. Although not all the Nightline videos seem to be there, there is a ________search box, where you can type in the name of the organization she represented. You may need to Google the "Penn State scandal" to get the correct name of the organization you are referring to. Then when you have her name, you can submit another question asking Yahoo members what they think of that person by name.

Can I get information about an episode of NightLine that aired in 1989?

call the network.

anyone remember a park ranger in africa shotgunning a wounded poacher on nightline or something in the 1990s?

sorry but no

After watching CNN MSNBC AND Nightline, I am being told the FT.Hood massacre was just a random act of violence?

It was a premeditated act of terrorism! A huge difference! How can people say it wasn't planned? He bought guns a month before, he gave away many pocessions before the shootings, he contacted Imam's explaining his plans. Just the buying of the hand gun last month should be a freakin clue!

anybody see the nightline story about the murdered marine?

I saw the last half.

What does everyone think about nightline reporting on Scientology tonight ?

The internet is much better than TV news shows at dealing with religion. It is too easy to pick and chose scenes and topics. Only caught the last 15 minutes last night. I thought of this reporter going into the Vatican and asking heads of the Catholic faith the same kind of questions. You can find passages in most religions that if that is what you focus on make it look "weird". Scientology basics are great, from drug rehab, study technology, pain relief, emotional relief, and tools to live by. Most of the crap they play on ABC and the other mega media is worse fthen taking a class in Scientology. In a Scientology class you will be learning how to deal with life better then before you took the class. Are there problems in Scientology? Sure. Is it a religion? Sure by every definition of the word. . We, in this current society, have much more to concern ourselves about. Really, Scientology justs wants to be respected for the good it does. John and Tom stand up for the religion because their lives were made much better by what they learned. Isn't that worth standing up for?

Is Weiner resigning as part of a plea deal not to air his NightLine to Catch a Predator appearance?

I don't care why he resigned, I'm just mighty happy that the pervert liar is resigning.

Was there a nightline show about dairy farms on recently?

Yes, it was really sad. It showed how they cut the cows' tails off with no anesthesia just because their tails get in the way of the milking machines.

Did anyone see the woman on Nightline talking about abuse regarding the Penn State Case?

I believe you are referring to the mother whose son was one of the alleged victims of sexual abuse at Penn State. If so, she certainly has every justification to be concerned about might have possibly happened to her son. What's needed now is a full investigation (which has started) to gather all the relevant facts. Almost certainly there will be court cases in which the facts are presented by both sides (the defense and the prosecution) before a jury, whose responsibility will be to decide the degree of guilt (culpability), if any on the part of anyone accused of having victimized boys sexually. Right now, there are too many wild allegations being leveled in sensational news stories, with little attention to the principle of "innocent until proven guilty." So everyone needs to calm down,shut up, and let the legal process take its course, with the interests and rights of all participants being protected.

Would you like to call Nightline and connect with other singles?

Just go to Omegle. Right, you don't know if the total stranger you connect with is, technically, a "single". Or if they're 80 years old. Or a pedo. Or for that matter, human. Hell, they could be a rhesus monkey for all you know. But it's free!

Did you see a Nightline Medical show that featured people that have a conditon where they cant trash anything?

Didn't see the show.... But are you talking about Hoarding Syndrome? check out They have articles about compulsive hoarding, and OCD in general.

Did anyone already see the second Palin interview on Nightline?

She appears to only repeat what was drilled on in her prep sessions over and over and over. -I have spoken

I want recipe for dish I saw on a nightline special on Spam. Conducted from the Aloha restaurant in Chicago?

Saimin (Noodle Soup) (pronounced "SI-mean" or "SI-min") Skinny-thin egg noodles in a warm broth with vegetables On the Aloha Restaurant web site they show their menu with Spam Saimin (soup) as one of their choices. You could use any ‘Chinese-Style’ soup recipe and add Spam. I’m sure there are several ways to make it, but here is one recipe. -- SPAM Saimin Ingredients: Ready to eat saimin/instant saimin SPAM (fried or out of the can) sliced into desired sized strips Chopped green onion, kamaboko (Japanese Fish Cake) sliced into strips, Fried egg sliced into strips Flavorings such as goma (sesame) oil, chili oil, tabasco, shoyu (soy sauce), mirin, etc Prepare saimin as indicated While preparing saimin, fry SPAM if you want to, otherwise out of the can is fine, and slice into desired sized strips Also prepare other desired ingredients for the saimin, such as chopped green onion, kamaboko slices, goma oil or other flavorings, etc Add all ingredients to prepared saimin. If desired, add hot sauce or other last minute "touches", eat hot and enjoy. Enjoy! ~-~

Recently I was watching Nightline and they showed people who enter sweepstakes for a living?

There are dozens, simply Google sweepstakes websites. Beware though, this is just another form of gambling. These people spend more money entering than they do winning anything and when you do win, you pay the taxes on those wins if you decide to claim them.

What time is Nightline running the Sarah Palin interview tonight?

They're only doing a teaser on tonight's news, 6:30 and 11, but the actual interview won't air until 20/20 tomorrow night at 10PM.

Why is Michelle Obama's picture briefly popping up after commercials during Nightline?

It's a network cutaway. Networks allow local stations or cable companies a certain amount of time (roughly 3 to 6 minutes out of the hour) to insert their own commercials so the stations can sell ad time to local sponsors during network shows. This is part of the agreement networks have with their local stations to carry their programs. The networks usually play either public service announcements or program promos during these times, so if the station hasn't sold the airtime they don't have to take the break (although in this case most stations will elect to take it anyway and insert a station ID and/or their own promos). The timing of this has to be exactly synchronized, and if the network and station's time clocks are off by a split-second, they can rejoin the network a hair too late or too early and clip the end of the last (or beginning of the next) network event. Although a lot of big stations and cable channels are computerized, many other stations still employ master control operators whose job it is to switch off the network and play the local spots at the exact times called for by the program log, so human error is always a (large!) possibility. In short, what you are seeing is an unintentional screw-up, not any deliberate propaganda or subliminal message.