Does anyone know where i can get an outfit lyke nicki minaj in hello good morning for halloween?

well she really just had on a black leather outfit : cropped black leather jacket, with black pants or leggings. Also check this site : There's Nicki wigs there

What can I wear to be Nicki Minaj for halloween?

heeh.. BINGO! Heres a Nicki Wig: And you'll totally need this: Probably a pink tank top, a leather black jacket, maybe. You can really wear whatever becuase Nicki Minaj wears... a lot of different things, from normal casual to pom pom's on her head... her clothes arent that hard. Shoes... I always see her wearing... WICKED tall heels.. but of course thats not good for walking around on halloween.. So wear like black boots with like, colorful tights.Wear somethings crazy like with black boots or something? HOPE U HAVE FUN! Oh and may cup, there are a lot of tutorials on youtube for her eyes and face and stuff.

How in the world did Nicki Minaj get a major record deal?

Her body is her only talent, but she has a great talent.

Where can I find a completely authentic Nicki Minaj autographed photo?

Try EBay...if you just type in what you want it should come up... If EBay doesn't work search on Google... I'm sure someone out there is selling what you are looking for

What are some stores that I can buy Nicki Minaj clothing?

Check Rue21 they have a ton of bright colored and funky clothing.

What can i do for a nicki minaj commercial?


How can i dress like nicki minaj but make it school approtiate?

Well she is a whοre so you can't really look like her without being a hοe

What official nicki minaj music videos are out?

By Minaj: *"Massive Attack" *"Your Love" (filmed, to be released June 24th) Feat. Minaj: *"5 Star (Remix)" by Yo Gotti *"Up Out My Face (Remix)" by Mariah Carey *"My Chick Bad" by Ludacris *"Lil Freak" by Usher *"Knockout" by Lil Wayne *"All I Do is Win (Remix)" by DJ Khaled (filmed, no scheduled release date) *"Hello Good Morning (Remix)" by Diddy-Dirty Money (filmed, no scheduled release date) Young Money: *"Roger That" w/ Lil Wayne & Tyga *"Bedrock" w/ Lil Wayne, Gudda Gudda, Lloyd, Drake, Tyga & Jae Millz

Nicki Minaj!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

Uhm, It's Called "Right thru me" And you can download it on itunes here: or wait til 11.22.2010 to buy pink friday Preorder The album here: Purchase the album/songs This is nicki's Album & if you're a fan you'd be willing to spend the 14/15 dollars & support her as an artist. Don't download them for free, you risk getting viruses. #itspinkfridayhoe!

nicki minaj ????????????????

no, pink friday is gonna be her first album, but she had three official mixtapes. playtime is over - 2007 sucka free - 2008 beam me up scotty - 2009