Help me Find this song Please?

Why Do People Make Out Like 30 is Old? Where is It Written That Because I'm 30 I Can't Like This/That?

Where is it written that you should care about what anyone else thinks about what you do or what you like?

Pink Friday vs. Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded?

dont get me wrong ive always loved nicki and i always will but i feel like she has sold out since her old mixtape songs but now shes just singing that turn me on crap. thats not the real nicki she is soo talented behind all of those ugly ass outfits and wigs and those stupid pop dance beats. but anyway to the real question.. 1) Pink friday 2) Beez in the trap 3) roman holiday 4) moment for life 5) pound the alarm 6) muny 7) your love 8) dear old nicki 9) va va voom 10) super bass 11) last chance and finally Nicki i feel like she is just putting this whole alter ego shit on for attention

Help me Find this song Please?

what you think of my singing guys?

The only question I have is, why the hell are you singing Rihanna and Nicki Minaj? I've only listened to Man Down, and I can tell you it's definitely not good. You tried your best, yeah, but please work on a song that fits your voice pitch.

What do you think of my singing?

What are some literary devices in the song "Super Bass" by Nicki Minaj?

Similie, metaphor, onomatopoeia.

Songs that Nicki Minaj sings?

what do you think of my Rihanna and Nicki Minaj cover?


Refill (elle varner) or Right by my side. (nicki minaj)?

a song for your ringtone? what are you like.... 6?