How does the NFL playoff bracket work?

Here's '08 - '09 for example :)

Does anyone know where I can find a printable NFL playoff bracket? Or, is there an Excel sheet that does it?

not yet b/c the playoffs arent finalized.........but after next week when the playoffs have been determined you can go to there you can go to nfl standings and it will have the playoff bracket for you and all you have to do then is press the print button

What do you think of my 2012 NFL Playoff Bracket?

1. Green Bay Packers
2. San Francisco 49ers
3. New Orleans Saints
4. New York Giants
5. Atlanta Falcons
6. Detroit Lions
1. New England Patriots
2. Baltimore Ravens
3. Houston Texans
4. Denver Broncos
5. Pittsburgh Steelers
6. Cincinnati Bengals
NFC Playoffs:
Wild Card:
Saints over Lions
Giants over Falcons
Divisional Round:
Packers over Giants
49ers over Saints
NFC Championship:
49ers over Packers
AFC Playoffs:
Wild Card:
Bengals over Texans
Steelers over Broncos
Divisional Round:
Patriots over Bengals
Steelers over Ravens
AFC Championship:
Patriots over Steelers
Super Bowl XLVI:
Patriots over 49ers, 24-21

NFL 2013 Playoff Brackets?

Im thinking someone random will win the Super Bowl like the panthers or Colts but ima do my brackets different
nfc wild card:
Niners over Cowboys
Bears over Panthers
Afc wild card
Ravens over Bengals
Chiefs over Colts
nfc divisional
Seahawks over Bears
Saints over niners
Afc divisional
Denver over Kansas City
New England over Baltimore
Nfc championship
Seahawks over Saints
Afc Champ
Broncos over Pats
Seahawks over Broncos
I base this on how the teams look now. But like I said it will be someone probably random who wins the sb. Maybe like the bears who no one is really thinking too much about.

How to make NFL Playoffs Bracket. Thanks.?

six teams from each conference
top two seeds get byes
3 vs. 6
4 vs. 5
lowest seed plays top seed in divisional games
highest seeded winner hosts Conference championship
Super Bowl is a neutral sight determined by the NFL

How does the NFL playoff bracket work? (Easy Points!!!)?

you have 2 conferences in the AFC and NFC and each conference has 16 teams within it. Each conference (NFC & AFC) is broken up into 4 divisions with 4 teams in each division.
Now the 8 division leaders (that is the teams with the best record in each of the 8 divisions) are in the playoffs. From there each conference has 2 spots referred to as wild card spots and those are given to two teams that didn't win their division but are still within the top 6 teams in that conference. So in the playoffs you will have 6 teams from the AFC and 6 teams from the NFC.
From there you are seeded from 1-6 where the team with the best record is 1st and the last wildcard team with 6th.

NFL Playoff bracket question?

I think that the colts win if they can get healthy.
The bracket is set up so that the best team available plays the worst team available for the playoffs. If 6 upsets 3, then 6 plays one. If 3 beats six, 3 plays #2. If 4 beats 5, they play 2 if and only if 3 beats six. Tell your husband that a man should know these things. Even if it takes a woman to tell him

1967-69 NFL playoff brackets and scores needed?
Scroll down on these sites, and you'll see the playoff brackets.
If you want the AFL playoffs there here:
hope this helps!

Statistics - 2006 NFL Playoff Brackets?

Dallas over Seattle in an overtime thriller
Philly over the Giants in a blowout
35- 17
Kansas City over Indy becuase LJ will crush Indy's weak run D
Jets over New England like earlier in the year
17-14 in a last minute field goal for th win
and just to get bold here's round 2 :
Dallas @ Bears
Bears win despite grossman throwing 3 int's but the bears still win the turnover margin by +2 and devin hester returns a punt for a td
score: 31-21
Philly @ Saints
Saints win in a close game but Garcia falls from his pedistall (he cant' stay hot forever.....he's jeff Garcia, come on...)
score : 24-17
KC @ Chargers (rematch from earlier in this year)
I'm feeling an upset here, the Chiefs are gonna be this years Steelers from last year....they keep LT out of the Endzone and Rivers has a horrible game because of the fact they must be one dimensional to catch up
LJ lights up the score board for 3 td's and 200+ yards while LT has only 150(ish) yards and about 40 recieving
score: 14-10
Jets @ Ravens
Ravens win....that D is Tough and Pennington leaves alot of recievers out to dry....i woudlnt' be surprised if he ends up getting someone killed...especially if Ray Lewis, Ed Reed and Chris McAllister are on the field...jeeze
Score: 28-10
Saints @ Bears
The 2 inexperienced playoff teams face off in the chilly Chicago Weather. Because of the weather Thomas Jones and Cedric benson will have huge games while bush/mcallister get froze in there tracks. The only person that won't be affected by the weather will be Colston only cause he's a beast and he'll be the only one with a td for the saints
Score: 20-13
KC @ Ravens
KC will be beat but they won't go down without a fight. close game decided by an overtime TD from McNair to Mason
score: 26-20
Bears vs Ravens
in this battle of high powered defense neither team will have an offensive TD. Both Teams will have one defensive td and the ravens will have 1 field goal, but Devin Hesters 99 SQUIB KICK RETURN FOR A TD will put th bears up by 3 as time expires
Key Stats: Grossman - 15/31 for 210 yards and 2 ints
McNair - 21/40 for 189 yards and 3 ints
Scoring Summary: Ed Reed 48 yd int return for TD
Brian Urlacher 27 yard fumble return caused by a sack from Mike Anderson the beast of a rookie with 12 sacks this year already
Matt Stover 37 yard field goal
Devin Hester 99 yard kick return (he's god :D)
score: 14-10
hope you were as entertained as i was by this, god i was bored lol GO BEARS!!! lets hope grossman can step up..or at least not blow the game :p

How is the NFL playoff bracket set up?

The NFL playoffs aren't set up in a bracket like the NCAA basketball tournament is since each match up depends on the teams' seeding going in. So you can't draw a chart at the beginning and fill in the teams names, then write the winner into the next round spot.
The AFC and NFC each have 6 playoff qualifying teams. They are seeded from #1 to #6.
Each conference has 4 divisions and the division winners automatically get into the playoffs.
Those 4 teams are seeded by their winning percentage for the #1 to #4 spots.
There are often teams with the same winning percentage so the league has a series of tie-breakers to determine which team has gets the highest seed number.
Then, the 2 teams with the highest winning percentage that didn't win a division are added as wild card teams, and seeded #5 and #6. Again, the tie-breaker process is often necessary in the selection and which of the 2 teams gets #5 and #6.
For the first round of the playoffs (called wild card games), the #1 and #2 seeds have byes. While the #6 seed plays at #3 and the #5 seed plays at the #4 seed.
So after week one of the playoffs, each conference has 4 teams remaining. The schedule for the 2nd round (called divisional playoff games) is where the brackets don't work because the seeds of the first round winners determine who plays who.
The lowest seeded team (highest number) plays at the #1 seed. And the other first round winner plays at the #2 seed.
Then for the conference championship games, the lowest remaining seeded team plays at the highest seeded team. So, getting the #1 seed is great since you get a bye the first round then have home games for the other rounds if you win and advance.
Then, of course the NFC champion plays the AFC champion in the Super Bowl.
The tie-breakers rules are explained on the website below.